Easily Sell Your Gold and Silver Bullion

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Hero Bullion makes selling gold, silver, and platinum products easy. From start to finish, our buyback process is streamlined to make it as convenient and transparent as possible for you. You’ve got that right – there are no hidden fees, complex shipping requirements, or shady negotiation tactics here. You want a fair price for your bullion coins or bars, and we want to buy!

How It Works


Get a Quote and Lock In Your Price

Call us at (214) 210-9948 or email [email protected]

Speak directly with a real person and lock in your offer - right on the phone!


Ship Your Products

After locking in a quote, follow our shipping instructions to mail your product(s) to Hero Bullion.

Careful - make sure to read all of the instructions to
avoid damaging your products during shipment.


Receive Payment

We understand you want your money quickly - our team will release payment as soon as we inspect the products and finalize the sale.

We pay using an ACH check or bank wire transfer

Call Us (214) 210-9948 Mon - Fri 9:00am - 5:00pm Central Or email us: [email protected]

Why Should I Sell To Hero Bullion?

  • Years of experience

    Decades of combined experience make us experts in fairly and accurately pricing your bullion products

  • Transparent pricing

    We hide nothing – our quotes will help you get the most cash possible for your gold, silver, or platinum.

  • Take the stress out of selling

    Call us and speak to a real person about your items. Our trader will get a quote in your hands as quickly as possible.

  • Fast payment

    As soon as we inspect and verify your products, we’ll pay immediately using an ACH direct deposit, check, or bank wire transfer!

  • Easy trades

    Want to get rid of some older coins and upgrade to the hot new items? We’ll use your payment as credit to be used when purchasing any of our existing bullion products.

  • Low minimums

    We don’t ask sellers to part with thousands of ounces of bullion in order to access our industry leading buyback pricing. The offers displayed on our site are available at extremely low minimums. In other words, what you see is what you get!

See What We Pay

  • GOLD

Don’t see the products you have to sell?

Our experienced traders offer buyback pricing on thousands of different products. Give us a call at (214) 210-9948, M-F between 9AM and 5PM Central to get a quote on your bullion or coins.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I sell my items back to Hero Bullion?

    Yes! Hero Bullion buys gold items. Call us Monday through Friday at (214) 210-9948 to get an immediate quote from one of our experts. Find more information about the selling prices on our ‘Sell to Us’ page.

  • How much will I get when I sell to Hero Bullion?

    Most major products display a “Sell to Us” price.


    This price can be found on product page beneath the “Recommended Supplies” section.


    Some products products might not have a listed price, but you can always call us M-F from 9AM-5PM Central for a live quote to see what we’ll pay for your items!

  • How do I sell my items back to Hero Bullion?

    Hero Bullion makes it as easy as possible to sell your gold products. There are just three steps separating you from a fair price for your bullion products.


    Simply call us at (214) 210-9948 Monday through Friday between 9AM and 5PM Central. One of our metals traders will quote you pricing. Should you accept, we provide instructions for shipping to our facility.


    Upon arrival, your products will be inspected for quality, accuracy, and authenticity. You will be contacted with any adjustments to your order.


    Once your order is finalized, we will issue payment via ACH or bank wire.


    The time from receipt to payment is generally 1-3 business days but may increase during times of extreme demand.

  • How should I pack my items when I am shipping my items to Hero Bullion?

    Tightly pack your metals, along with a copy of your purchase order, and secure them using packing materials (bubble wrap, foam, paper, etc.)


    Seal each seam of the package with filament or packing tape, and then tape a copy of the shipping label to the outside of the inner box using clear packing tape.


    Place the inner box into a larger outer box before sealing each seam using tape and securing the shipping label to the outer box using clear tape.

  • What if I change my mind after selling and confirming a price with Hero Bullion?

    Should you choose to cancel your sale to Hero Bullion, please be advised there is a $50 cancellation fee. In addition, any Market Loss will be calculated and collected.

  • Once Hero Bullion has received my order, how long until I get paid?

    One to three business days is standard. After we receive your items and verify their authenticity, we work to get you your money as quickly as possible.


    Generally, this takes 1-3 business days, although processing times may be longer – especially during times of increased demand.

  • What methods of payment can I receive for my sell order?

    You can choose from 2 ways to receive funds from your finalized sale to us.


    ACH Direct Deposit- Free to you from us and usually arrives within 1 business day

    Bank Wire- $25 fee from us and usually arrives same day

    Check USPS Priority- $35

    Check USPS Express- $50

  • Is my sale to hero Bullion reported to the government?

    The short answer is that Hero Bullion reports bullion sales we receive on certain items


    Please consult one of our traders M-F between 9AM and 5PM Central for details.

  • Can I sell bullion items from my IRA to Hero Bullion?

    Absolutely! We make it easy to sell items out of your IRA, and we always pay the fairest prices possible.