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Top Bullion Deals

Welcome to Hero Bullion’s ‘deals’ page. Here, you’ll find some of the best offers on quality gold, silver, and platinum bullion we offer. Periodically, this page will include limited-time deals that you won’t find anywhere else. Be sure to bookmark this page, as our top gold and silver deals are always changing – you don’t want to miss out! 

As you look through our precious metals deals, we’ll provide a bit of information below that might help you make the most of your investment. As always, we’ll update this page to reflect the latest deals that Hero Bullion has to offer. 

Bullion Coin Deals

Gold and silver coins are some of the most popular products we sell. Collectors all over the world use coins to expand and diversify their portfolios. Because coins offer both melt and numismatic value, they offer multiple ways to profit. Still, not all gold and silver coins are winners. Some bullion dealers add outrageous premiums to the prices of their popular gold and silver coins. 

We’re happy to be able to bring you some of the best gold and silver coins from the world’s finest mints at fair, reasonable prices. Our weekly deals make it easy to invest in quality gold bullion coins, and stacking silver has never been simpler thanks to the wide variety offered by online dealers like Hero Bullion. 

Which Gold Coins are Best to Buy?

Gold coins have long been one of the most popular ways to invest in the world’s most coveted precious metal. The high collectability of gold coins makes them excellent additions to any portfolio, and their high gold purity allows investors to profit from the rapid price movements of gold bullion. 

But what are the best gold coins to buy? This is a common question we get from new investors who want to take advantage of our best gold and silver deals. Luckily, we’ve got you covered. Below, we’ll outline some of the top gold coins on the market. 

American Gold Eagle

The Gold Eagle is one of the world’s top gold coins for a reason. Although the coin often comes with an abnormally high premium over spot, getting a good deal on American Gold Eagles can quickly expand the value of your gold portfolio. The obverse of the Gold Eagle features ‘Walking Liberty,’ a depiction of America’s female personification. She walks away from a rising sun and carries both a torch and an olive branch.

Gold Eagle
Type 2 American Gold Eagle

The reverse of the American Gold Eagle actually changed in 2021, when the U.S. Mint introduced the Type 2 American Gold Eagle. This new design features the still image of a bald eagle’s head. The Type 1 featured a bald eagle in flight as it visited its family in their nest. 

American Gold Eagles aren’t minted with the purest gold available. Instead, these coins feature .9167 gold, also known as 22 karat. Its lower gold purity is actually an upside, according to some investors. Because of the alloy used to create Gold Eagles, these pieces are actually a bit more durable than .9999 pure bullion coins. 

Canadian Gold Maple

2023 1/4 oz Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Coin
Canadian Gold Maple Leaf

Turning to our neighbors to the North, we arrive at the Royal Canadian Mint. The mint’s best-selling gold coin is the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf. Unlike the American Gold Eagle, this coin is exceptionally fine, boasting .9999 pure gold bullion per troy ounce. The obverse of the piece features the monarch of Great Britain, an homage to the roots of the Canadian Mint as a subsidiary of the Royal British Mint.

The reverse is where this exceedingly popular coin gets its name – as well as its reputation. You’ll note an extremely detailed depiction of the Canadian Maple Leaf, Canada’s national symbol and cultural icon. 

South African Krugerrand

For fans of bullion history, few coins hold the appeal offered by the South African Krugerrand. This gold coin is minted with 22 karat gold, much like the American Gold Eagle. On the obverse, it pays respect to Paul Kruger, controversial South African leader and politician. The reverse includes South Africa’s national animal, the springbok antelope.

Gold Krugerrand Coin
Gold Krugerrand Coin

This coin’s history is filled with fascinating facts. For example, did you know that the coin made up 90% of all gold coin sales in its initial release year? Perhaps even more astounding is the fact that, for nearly a decade, the South African Krugerrand was banned in several Western countries because of its supposed connection to South Africa’s apartheid government. 

Even though the coin is no longer the dominating force it once was, the Gold Krugerrand remains an extremely popular investment vehicle with unprecedented historical significance. 

Choosing Silver Coins for Investing 

Silver coins are also a great way to invest in bullion, especially for investors who don’t quite have the capital to buy gold bullion coins. Hero Bullion offers some of the best silver coin deals on the market, and we’re happy to provide our readers with some tips on how to adequately choose the right silver coins for investment. 

When looking for the best silver coin deals, be sure to shop around between different dealers. Certain silver coins, like the American Silver Eagle, are sold at an extreme markup. Getting a deal on one of these coins might allow you to access one of the most desirable silver products without breaking the bank. This can mean major profit down the road when you capitalize on the high demand associated with Silver Eagles. 

Best Bullion Bar Deals

The best gold and silver deals can help your portfolio grow, but some investors don’t love the high premiums required to buy gold and silver coins like the Gold Maple or Silver Eagle. Gold and silver bars offer a high precious metal purity without the costs required from other gold/silver products. 

Why Buy Bullion Bars? 

Some of our best gold and silver deals involve bullion bars. Like we mentioned above, buying precious metals bars means investing directly in gold or silver without spending hundreds of dollars on pricey silver premiums. Both gold and silver bars are high purity – we primarily sell gold bars with .999 or .9999 fineness.

Gold Bullion PAMP Suisse Gold Bars
Gold Bars for Sale

There’s also something beautiful about the look and feel of a gold or silver bar. These products look excellent when stacked inside of a safe or vault, and they’ve been used as a premier symbol of wealth for thousands of years. 

Gold and silver bars are also highly divisible and liquid. While many popular gold coins are only sold in higher weights like 1/10 or 1 oz, some gold bars are sold in increments as low as five gram. 5 gram gold bar deals are frequent additions to our website, and we’re excited to allow investors to put their money on gold without overspending. 

Best Gold and Silver Bars to Buy 

The best gold and silver bar deals usually come from reputable mints. Perth Mint, the Asahi Mint, and the Royal British Mint are three popular choices. Usually, gold and silver bars include nothing on the reverse – this side of the coin is left intentionally blank. But on the obverse, designs can vary greatly from bar to bar. 

Some silver bars include intricate, beautiful obverse designs that might lead to higher premiums over spot. Other mints produce silver and gold bars with utilitarian, simplistic obverse designs, which means a lower production cost and total value over spot. These silver and gold bars are ideal for consumers who want to invest directly in bullion without paying high premium costs. 

How to Buy Precious Metals

How can consumers take advantage of the best gold and silver deals? Research is going to be your best friend as you navigate the world of precious metals, especially if you’re investing for the first time. 

Spot Price Vs. Premium Costs

All bullion stackers should have an understanding of how precious metal premiums work. Premiums are an additional price charged on the top of a coin, bar, or round’s baseline price. The baseline price of a precious metal product is determined primarily by its melt value. The spot price of precious metals can help you figure out the melt value of your gold or silver coin, bar, or round.

2023 1 oz American Platinum Eagle Coin Obverse
1 oz American Platinum Eagle

Reputable bullion dealers should always list the total price of a gold or silver coin. Hero Bullion never hides our premium costs, and we work hard to bring you the best gold and silver deals possible to help you keep stacking bullion.

Comparing Prices Across Dealers

Researching prices is a core part of the precious metals investment process. You should shop around between different bullion dealers to find the price that’s right for you. We recommend checking Hero Bullion’s deals page periodically to see what we offer. Occasionally, we might be able to bring you gold and silver deals that you can’t find anywhere else. 

Don’t take our word for it; cross-reference coins or bars against pricing catalogs to figure out if you’re really getting the best gold and silver deals possible. 

How to Store Precious Metals Properly

Storing precious metals is an important part of safe investing. If your coins, bars, or rounds become damaged during the shipping or storage process, you’ll likely lose quite a bit of value over time. We always recommend that consumers purchase some sort of safe to store their gold and silver bullion products. Keep your precious metals in a cool, dry place away from the prying hands of children or animals. 

For larger collections, it’s always wise to look into professional storage solutions. Bullion companies sometimes allow investors to store their precious metals products in an actual vault belonging to the dealer. While this would mean you’d be unable to physically hold your bullion in your hands, it might be a solid option for people who have amassed a sizable – and expensive – collection of gold, silver, and platinum.

Buying Gold and Silver with Hero Bullion

At the top of this page, you’ll find some of the best gold and silver deals anywhere in the bullion industry. But why should you choose to buy from Hero Bullion? We’re going to walk you through just a few of our policies below to help you decide if we should be your bullion Hero! 

How are Prices Determined? 

We try to keep premium costs as low as possible. Premiums are determined by a number of factors, including the volatility of the precious metals market and investor demand for the product in question. American Silver Eagles are a good example; high demand and low supply means that premiums are extremely high for this particular class of silver product. 

Even during volatile periods, our gold and silver deals are some of the best available. Our transparent pricing model also helps consumers know exactly how much they’ll be paying for a gold or silver coin, round, or bar. 

Shipping Procedures

Our shipping policies are specially tailored to keep your coins, bars, and rounds as safe as possible during transit. The last thing any investor wants is to have their expensive precious metal products damaged while they’re being shipped. We also offer free shipping for orders over $149 in value. 

We insure all of our shipments during transit for the full locked-in price of your products. Certain conditions apply. We ship products securely and discretely to eliminate the risk of theft or significant damage. Questions about our shipping policies can be directed to Hero Bullion’s customer support team. 

Avoiding Counterfeit Coins 

Hero Bullion takes careful steps to make sure all of our coins are 100% genuine. We source coins from the finest mints and distributors and personally vet them for authenticity before shipping them to your home. 

Best Deals on Gold and Silver

We update this page regularly, so please check back for some of the best deals on gold and silver. Our prices are competitive, our shipping policies are sound, and we’re happy to become your new precious metal dealer. 

Do you still have concerns about Hero Bullion precious metal deals? Contact our dedicated customer service team for more information.