Copper Rounds

Copper is one of the world’s most storied and historically important precious metals. Today, copper rounds offer an unprecedented way for you to invest in an asset with exceptional industrial demand and massive potential appreciation. 

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Buffalo Copper Round

Minted with .999 copper and emphasizing the original designs that made the Buffalo Nickel a famous piece of American bullion, the Buffalo Copper Round celebrates America’s rich history of coinage. On the obverse, you’ll note a Native American, whose visage was determined by combining the faces of three prominent Native American leaders. The round’s reverse depicts the American buffalo, a classic American animal and symbol of our country’s wildlife. 

Morgan Copper Round

The Morgan Copper Round emphasizes the history of another amazing American coin. The obverse of this .999 pure copper round features Lady Liberty as she wears her bonnet and “Liberty” headband. Her original beauty and stunning design is on full display. Along with her visage, you’ll notice thirteen stars that invoke the thirteen colonies that founded the United States. Turn the coin over, and you’ll notice a similarly classic American symbol: the American flag and shield. Celebrate America’s history and image with the Morgan Copper Round. 

Incuse Indian Copper Round

Like the other two pieces listed above, the Incuse Indian Copper Round revives one of the best coins to come out of the United States. The original Incuse Indian Coin, minted way back in 1908, featured a Native American in traditional headgear on the obverse and a bald eagle holding a bundle of arrows and an olive branch on its reverse. The modern copper bullion round in our inventory takes very few liberties with this original, beloved design from the United States Mint. Instead, the .999 pure copper round brings it into the modern age with stunning detail and a beautiful copper finish. 

Buy Copper Bullion Rounds

While copper bullion might boast quite the reputation afforded to gold, silver, and platinum, it serves an important place in any diversified precious metal portfolio. After all, copper offers something that most other bullion asset classes don’t: extreme industrial application. Copper is used in hundreds of essential technologies, and the role it plays in global infrastructure development makes it a unique commodity to own and trade. 

Copper rounds are an excellent way for you to expand your copper portfolio. Our copper bullion rounds are made by some of the world’s most respected private mints, and their versatile designs remain beautiful to hold and collect. Despite high premiums over spot, copper is a preferred investment vehicle for a number of reasons. Our wide selection of copper rounds allows you to bet not just on the value of the precious metal itself, but also on the long-term trend of global development. 

Scroll up to see descriptions of some of Hero Bullion’s top copper rounds. Want more information about how to invest in copper bullion rounds? We’ve got you covered with the guide to copper rounds below. 

Buy Copper Rounds from Hero Bullion

Hero Bullion’s competitively priced, expertly sourced copper rounds can help you expand your collection. We have an extensive inventory of copper bullion products from mints all over the world, including copper bars, rounds, and bullets. It’s clear that the wide variety of different types of copper products is one reason why the metal remains such a popular investment vehicle. 

1 oz Copper Round - Any Mint, Any Condition
Copper Rounds from Hero Bullion

Let’s take a closer look at the history of copper rounds below. We think collectors should understand the background of their favorite metals before making their first purchases. 

History of Copper Round Investments

Copper boasts one of the oldest histories of any precious metal. Evidence from some archeological sites suggests that civilizations as early as 9,000 BCE used copper to fashion basic tools. While copper tools eventually faded from use in favor of sturdier metals, it remains one of humanity’s most important metals. Copper today is used in air conditioning units, metallic wiring for electrical systems, and thousands of other small but mighty technologies. 

Copper’s industrial use-cases make up quite a bit of its investment value. With materials like gold, speculation on intrinsic value price-action is a major component behind total spot price. People certainly speculate on the value of copper in order to secure profits, but much of this particular metal’s value is actually determined by industrial demand. For investors who want to diversify their portfolios with use-driven commodities, copper rounds remain a premier investment opportunity that has persisted for thousands of years in human history. 

Why Buy Copper Rounds?

We’ve already spent a bit of time talking about why copper is a valuable investment vehicle. But why do so many collectors prefer to buy copper rounds over other quality copper products? To answer this question, we’ll need to take a closer look at both the advantages and disadvantages of buying copper rounds. We’ll dedicate equal time to both; smart investors should understand the upsides – and the downsides – of this important investment class. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Copper Rounds

Copper rounds have been popular among investors for decades, and we don’t have any trouble understanding why. The wide variety of designs offered by copper rounds, as well as copper’s intrinsic industrial value, makes rounds a fantastic way to include some much-needed diversity in your growing portfolio. There are downsides to purchasing copper, too. Most notably, some collectors complain that premiums over spot for copper are higher than they should be. 

Let’s consider the pros and cons of collecting copper rounds below. 

Pros of Buying Copper Rounds

You’re going to hear it again and again on this page: copper bullion benefits from an impressive number of industrial use-cases. Demand for copper rounds is high, so prices have remained steady and price-action has been relatively positive in the past few decades. But this isn’t the only benefit associated with copper rounds – their unique designs and numismatic investment value help to make copper rounds one of the most important modern investment options. 

Unique Designs 

Copper rounds are minted privately. Because of their private mintage, many rounds bear obverse and reverse signs that are unique and difficult to find in more traditional precious metals, like gold and silver. Consider the hundreds of marijuana-themes copper rounds, for example. Copper rounds allow investors to explore bullion artwork depicting some of their favorite interests; you won’t find marijuana or Norse coins coming out of the United States Mint. 

Cannabis Nature's Holiday 1 oz Copper Round
Cannabis Nature’s Holiday 1 oz Copper Round

Numismatic Investment Value

This benefit also has to do with the low mintage numbers of many popular copper rounds. Compared to larger government mints, many private copper round mints lack the resources to produce hundreds of thousands of a given round. At times, private mints might only make a couple thousand of a given product. For savvy investors, this can mean massive investment potential. 

Over time, the collectible (numismatic) value appreciation potential of copper rounds can be extreme. Certain copper rounds with high popularity have become much more valuable over time, and smart investors might be able to significantly increase the appreciation potential of their portfolios by investing in quality, unique copper rounds. 

Industrial Value of Copper 

The industrial necessity of copper bullion is a major reason behind its popularity. Copper rounds benefit from copper’s use-cases, just as any other copper product does. Copper rounds offer distinct advantages compared to bars, bullets, or other items, but the product is ultimately an extension of the same ever-popular industrial material that collectors know and love. 

By buying copper rounds, investors aren’t just betting on potential value appreciation, scarcity, or unique designs. Copper rounds also allow you to invest in the future of emerging technologies that utilize copper, including environmental tech and global development infrastructures. 

Downsides of Copper Rounds

If you leave this page thinking that copper is an unbeatable and perfect investment opportunity, then we haven’t done our job. You should also know that copper bullion coins come with a number of disadvantages. Weighing these negatives against the benefits of buying copper rounds can help you make the best investment choice possible for the future of your precious metal portfolio. 

We’ll discuss two main downsides to copper rounds below: limited appreciation potential and high premium costs. 

Limited Appreciation Potential

While copper rounds can appreciate in value considerably over time, copper itself is a more consistent metal than the volatile gold, silver, and platinum. These markets are prone to wild price swings. Silver can lose several percentage points in value in a single day, and platinum isn’t much better. But these price swings mean that the appreciation value for gold and silver coins is consistently high. 

On the other hand, copper round values are determined both by the scarcity of the metal and by industrial demand for it. This means that copper’s price-action is typically characterized by fewer massive spikes than other precious metals, including gold, silver, and platinum. The lower anticipated price appreciation makes copper a trickier sell for investors who are hyper-focused on quick profits and massive portfolio improvement over time. 

High Premium Costs

Copper premiums are notoriously high. There are a few reasons why this might be the case, and we’ve discussed them extensively in our blogs about copper premiums, but this disadvantage of buying copper rounds is worth discussing on this category page. Copper comes with high premiums primarily because of exceptional industrial demand for the asset. As the global economy and infrastructure continues to grow and develop, we anticipate that demand – and thus premiums – will remain inflated. 

Best Hero Bullion Copper Rounds

What are the best copper rounds to buy? Hero Bullion is very happy to offer our customers some of the top copper rounds from all corners of the planet. Below, we’ll discuss three of our favorites: the Buffalo Copper Round, Morgan Copper Round, and Incuse Indian Copper Round. Let’s take a closer look at these historically valuable copper rounds below. 

Buffalo Copper Round

The Buffalo Nickel is a classic piece of American bullion history. Modern precious metal enthusiasts can capitalize on this famous coin with a copper bullion round. The Buffalo Copper Round is minted with .999 pure copper bullion and pays homage to the original Buffalo Nickel design associated with the classic coin. On the obverse, you’ll note a Native American, who was created using a combination of three major Native American leaders. 

Buffalo Nickel Copper Round
Buffalo Nickel 1 oz Copper Round

The Buffalo Copper Round is minted right here in the United States by the private Osborne Mint. Its reverse depicts the highly symbolic American buffalo, with each detail of its fur and face clearly visible against the highly pure copper bullion. 

Morgan Copper Round

Following in the Buffalo Copper Nickel’s footsteps, the Morgan Dollar Copper Round again celebrates one of America’s most famous silver dollars. The round features Lady Liberty; she decorates the obverse and wears her bonnet and hair band. Thirteen stars decorate the round on either side of Liberty’s head. 

Morgan Dollar 1 oz Copper Round
Morgan Dollar 1 oz Copper Round

On the reverse, you’ll notice the American shield surrounded by wings, as well as the American flag, which waves in the wind. Three stars one each side cap off the copper round, providing a nice symmetry with the obverse of the piece. The high .999 purity of this copper round makes it an excellent way to expand your copper collection while also celebrating the history of American coinage. 

Incuse Indian Copper Round

Have you noticed a theme that all of our favorite copper rounds have in common? Each of the copper rounds featured on this list commemorate classic American coins. The Incuse Indian Copper Round puts a modern, .999 copper bullion spin on the old American gold coin. Its obverse takes few liberties on the original design, instead celebrating the classic look and feel of the Incuse Indian dollar coin. 

Incuse Indian 1 oz Copper Round
Incuse Indian 1 oz Copper Round

A Native American proudly stares forward while wearing his cultural headdress. Thirteen stars surrounding his head remind onlookers of the thirteen original American colonies. Flip the coin over, and you’ll find another important symbol of Americana: the American bald eagle. It stands on a bundle of arrows and grasps an olive branch tight within his talons. 

How to Buy Copper Rounds

If you’ve already made the decision that copper rounds are the right choice for your portfolio, then read on for a couple of tips on how to buy the best copper rounds. We’ll focus on two main tips for buying copper bullion: tracking market conditions and storing/maintaining your copper rounds properly. 

Track Market Conditions 

When you invest in any type of precious metal, it is essential that you track market conditions. Generally, investors in gold and silver focus primarily on spot prices and global supply. These key indicators can help collectors track the overall value of their assets over time. But for copper, there’s more at play than just speculation and general market trends. 

Smart copper round investors will watch the market, as well as the global development and industrial sectors. These factors help determine the total value of copper bullion. Copper rounds increase in resale potential as global demand for pure copper increases, and this increase is directly correlated with industrial market developments. 

Proper Storage and Maintenance Strategies

You should always work to properly maintain, clean, and store your copper rounds. Copper rounds aren’t as expensive as pure silver, gold, or platinum coins. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take steps to keep them safe over time. If you have a large collection of rare, valuable copper rounds, it might be wise to secure your investments in a small safe. 

Final Thoughts: Hero Bullion High Quality Copper Rounds

Hero Bullion is proud to sell some of the best copper rounds in the industry. We source all of our copper rounds from the world’s finest private mints and ship them using a secure, safe, and discreet shipping process. 


Do you still have questions about buying copper rounds? We’re always happy to answer any questions you might have. Contact our customer service team for more personalized information.