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Rare coins are a great choice for investors who want to build numismatic value into their portfolios. Shop Hero Bullion’s full inventory of in-stock rare coins below! 

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35% Silver Wartime Nickels | $1 Face Value

While the U.S. fought in World War Two, nickel became one of the most strategic military metals on the planet. As a result, the U.S. Mint began producing a limited run of Nickels made with actual silver bullion. These coins are a unique product that offer investors an unparalleled insight into one of the most complex eras of modern American history. This package includes twenty different nickels from the time period. Each one contains 35% pure silver bullion. Our customers love to collect full sets of our 35% Silver Wartime Nickels – check them out at the link above! 

Full Date Buffalo Nickels – 100 Pc Bag

Buffalo Nickels are some of the most instantly recognizable coins in numismatics. For many investors, these coins are excellent representations of a bygone era of American history. On the obverse of each coin, you’ll find the portrait of a Native American chief. The reverse of each nickel is where the coins get their name. You’ll note a beautiful portrait of an American Bison, an endangered species which used to roam the plains of the Western and Midwestern United States before hunting depleted their numbers. This package includes 100 Buffalo Nickels. Most will come from the 1930s, but specific stock is subject to available inventory. 

Shop Rare Coins – Hero Bullion 

Rare coins are an American tradition. Numismatists are often introduced to rare U.S. Mint coins from a very early age. To some investors, these coins are nostalgic reminders of earlier American history. 

Even if you don’t have reverence for what rare American coins represent culturally, it’s undeniable that they’re a great way to diversify your portfolio with beautiful silver pieces. We find that our rare coins are some of Hero Bullion’s best selling silver products – and with good reason! 

Hero Bullion sells a wide range of rare coins from nearly every major period of American coinage history. Looking for some Buffalo Nickels? We’ve got you covered! Want to invest in 35% Wartime Nickels from World War 2? Absolutely! 

On this page, we’re explaining everything new and seasoned investors need to know about investing in rare coins for their precious metal portfolios. Scroll up to see our current in-stock inventory of rare coins for sale. Otherwise, strap in as we dive into the world of rare American coinage! 

Are Rare Coins a Good Investment?

Rare coins can be a great choice for investors looking to diversify their silver stacks. When you buy primarily bullion silver coins, rounds, and bars, your portfolio’s value is dependent on the current spot price of the precious metal. 

But when you add some rare coins to the mix, you can also capitalize on another source of value appreciation: numismatics. Numismatic value refers to an investment’s collectable value, which is added on top of its melt value in order to determine a total market cost. 

Pros and Cons of Investing in Rare Coins

Like any other investment class, rare coins come with advantages – and disadvantages. Below, we’ll take a look at the pros and cons of buying and selling rare coins to help you make a better decision for your portfolio. 

Pros of Buying Rare Numismatic Coins 

Investing in rare coins can help you build your stack with beautiful coins featuring high numismatic value and pure silver. However, these coins are also sold at a relatively high premium and include lower purity standards than modern bullion coins. 

Pure Silver Bullion 

One of the most important features of rare coins to many investors is their silver content. For a long period of time in American history, our coins were made using actual silver bullion. Nowadays, currency coins are made using an alloy of less expensive metals. 

As we’ll discuss in the “cons” section of this guide, most of our rare coins include lower silver purity than modern bullion coins and bars. However, the fact that these coins even contain silver at all helps make them a premier investment for numismatic coin stackers. 

Not all rare coins we sell include pure silver. Make sure to check out the product page for your favorite product to make sure that your coin has the right metal content for your needs. 

High Collectability 

It should go without saying that rare coins are highly collectable. For decades, silver stackers have loved adding these coins to their collections. Some numismatists who don’t even like pure silver bullion love to collect rare coins from throughout American history. 

Full Date Buffalo Nickels - 100 Pc Bag
Full Date Buffalo Nickels – 100 Pc Bag

Collecting an entire series of coins from different years can also be a good way to make money. Collectors tend to charge – and pay – more for full sets. If you’re able to amass a considerable collection of Buffalo Nickels, for example, you might make some profit by listing the full set online rather than individual nickels. 

Classic, Beautiful Designs

At their core, rare coins give us an unprecedented insight into the history of American coins. It’s exciting to take a look at how coins like the Silver Dollar changed over nearly a century of production. 

As you start building your collection of rare coins, we hope you’ll take a look at Hero Bullion’s current stock of silver rare coins from all eras of American history. We offer competitive prices, unmatched quality, and an easy-to-navigate checkout process. Buy bullion the easy way – shop Hero Bullion for rare coins. 

Cons to Investing in Rare Coins 

Two of the main downsides to investing in rare coins include their low silver purity and high premiums over spot price. Need some more info? Keep reading, and we’ll explain the major cons to building your portfolio using rare coins from Hero Bullion. 

Relatively Low Silver Purity

While most of our rare coins from the 1800s and 1900s do include pure silver, the fineness on this coin just can’t match up with modern bullion pieces like the American Silver Eagle. If you’re looking to maximize the amount of silver you get for your cash, rare coins might not be the best market for you. 

Some silver stackers like to find “rare coins” from common years. Sometimes, these coins make up for their low silver content with decreased premiums over spot price. 

Otherwise, expect to pay high premiums for a relatively lackluster silver content if you choose to invest primarily in rare coins. 

High Premiums Over Spot Price

Although you’d assume rare coins would be cheaper to buy than modern .9999 fine silver coins, the opposite is often true. When it comes to silver premiums, many dealers mark up prices on their rare coins to keep up with collector demand. This makes sense from a business standpoint, but it could be bad news if you’re an avid silver stacker. 

Silver bars are a good alternative to rare silver coins if you’re looking for more silver for your money, but they also don’t offer the collectability and numismatic value we find with rare coins. 

Are Rare Coins the Right Investment For You? 

Rare coins are a good investment for two classes of investors: numismatic coin collectors and investors who need to diversify their stacks. If you’re excited at the prospect of investing in some of the most historically significant, collectable, and interesting coins in American history, rare coins are for you. 

35% Silver Wartime Nickels | $1 Face Value
35% Silver Wartime Nickels | $1 Face Value

But even seasoned bullion stackers might benefit from adding rare coins to their portfolio. Despite a higher average premium over spot price than most bullion coins, rare coins help diversify your portfolio by giving it numismatic, or collectable, value. 

Final Thoughts: Rare Coins For Sale 

Hero Bullion is your one-stop shop for rare coins. We sell a wide range of coins from all eras of American history, and we’re happy to help you complete your ongoing coin collection. We offer competitive pricing on all rare coins, and our customers have nothing but good things to say about our team’s commitment to quality assurance and customer service.