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1 Gram Platinum Bar – Any Mint, Any Condition 

Can’t make up your mind? For collectors who are interested in stacking platinum for as cheap as possible, it’s tough to beat our Any Mint, Any Condition 1 Gram Platinum Bar. When you order this platinum product, you’ll receive a random 1 gram platinum bar from around the world. It won’t be in perfect condition, and the price reflects this. If you’re someone who wants to invest in platinum for the metal itself while paying a low premium over spot, check out our 1 Gram AMAC Platinum Bars. 

PAMP 25 x 1 Gram Platinum Multigram Bar

25 x 1 gram platinum bars are a fantastic way to invest in platinum bullion. This package comes with twenty-five 1 gram platinum bars from one of the world’s most famous platinum bar producers. The design on these bars is beautiful as well. Each bar features an intricate, artistic obverse depiction of Lady Fortuna, the female personification of fortune. She holds a cornucopia in her hands, and it spills over with coins. On the reverse, PAMP Suisse keeps things simple with their logo, as well as the bar’s purity, weight, and material. 

Argor-Heraeus 5 Gram Platinum Bar

In terms of classic design, the Argor-Heraeus 5 Gram Platinum Bar is tough to beat. Because it’s a fractional platinum bar, this piece is excellent for collectors who want to stack platinum without dropping thousands of dollars on a larger product. An added benefit of the Argor-Heraeus 5 Gram Platinum Bar is its design. The obverse features all the information you’d need about the bar, including its material, purity, weight, and the mint logo. The back keeps it simple as well, displaying a repeating Argor-Heraeus stamp. 

Buy Platinum Bars – Hero Bullion

For generations, platinum has been a tried and true way to invest in quality bullion. Offering an impressive balance of collectability and industrial demand, the precious metal is an important investment vehicle for stackers everywhere. 

Hero Bullion sells a wide variety of platinum products, including high quality platinum bars. On this page, you’ll find our full inventory of platinum bars, as well as some useful information that can help you stack with confidence. 

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History of Platinum Investing 

Platinum has been used for thousands of years, but it wasn’t until the past few centuries that the precious metal started to earn its reputation as a worthy investment choice. Initially, Ancient groups like the Ancient Egyptians viewed platinum as an impurity that naturally came along as part of some gold and silver ores. 

The process for making malleable platinum was a prerequisite for creating platinum coins and bars. In simpler terms, scientists hoping to make jewelry, coins, and other products out of platinum first needed to figure out how to soften it enough to be shaped. This discovery came in the 1700s, when a Spanish metalworker pioneered a process for isolating and melting platinum into a shapeable metal. 

The final development in platinum’s long road to becoming an investment happened in the 1970s. During the 70s, it was the Arab Oil Embargo that shoved precious metals – including platinum – into the global spotlight. As investors looked for alternatives to investing in Arab oil, it was platinum that really established itself as a viable investment choice. 

Why Buy Platinum Bars?

Platinum bars have become a staple for precious metals stackers all over the world. Platinum can add a much-needed layer of diversity to your precious metals portfolio. Even when metals like gold and silver decline in value, platinum’s unique combination of aesthetic appeal and industrial demand help it to remain valuable on the secondary market.

Argor-Heraeus 1 gram Platinum Bar
Argor-Heraeus 1 Gram Platinum Bar

But why should you buy platinum bars specifically? Platinum bars often present themselves as a good option for investors who want to put their money on platinum without paying extreme premiums. Additionally, platinum bars are beautiful and may retain numismatic value over time. 

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of investing in platinum bars. 

Pros and Cons of Platinum Bars

What are the advantages and disadvantages of investing in quality platinum bars? Below, we’ll discuss the pros and cons of one of the most popular precious metals investments: platinum bullion bars. 

Advantages to Buying Platinum Bars

We generally talk about 4 main benefits to investing in platinum bars: low premiums, beautiful designs, high collectability, and industrial demand. When combined, these four advantages make a compelling case for collectors interested in adding quality platinum bars to their portfolios. 

Low Premiums Compared to Coins 

For most stackers, premiums are the worst part about investing in precious metals. When you pay a premium, this fee doesn’t go toward the actual precious metal you’re purchasing. Premiums help cover the costs of designing, minting, and transporting gold, silver, and platinum products. 

While it’s pretty easy to understand why premiums are a thing, it’s usually tough for new investors to accept having to pay more money to receive less platinum bullion. 

That’s where platinum bars come in handy. Platinum bars usually require lower production and design costs than coins, and they can be minted either publicly or privately. 

This means that platinum bars are often sold with much lower premiums than platinum coins or other platinum products. If you’re looking to get as much pure platinum as you can for your money, platinum bars are an excellent low-premium choice. 

Beautiful Designs

Platinum bars sometimes get a bad rap because their designs aren’t quite as beautiful as the ones we find on classic platinum coins. This isn’t entirely untrue. After all, platinum coins are minted by government mints and usually feature some of the best designs in the industry. 

But the truth is that some platinum bars are extremely beautiful. Bars produced by government mints often pay homage to important cultural icons, and the same attention to detail found in platinum coins also makes its way onto popular platinum bars. 

We should also note that some consumers prefer the simpler, classic designs used on many modern platinum bars. In a way, these platinum products invoke the very image of wealth and status. Plus, it’s definitely an upside that they’re so easy (and pretty) to stack! 

High Collectability 

Another common comparison between platinum bars vs coins involves collectability. The traditional wisdom is that platinum coins are better for collectors, but bars are best for high quantity stackers. This is sometimes true, but we don’t want to imply that platinum bars aren’t highly collectable.

Some platinum bars become more collectable over time, which increases their value. This is especially true for bars with limited mintage. The fewer of a given bar minted, the more expensive it’ll probably be for collectors in years to come. 

Industrial Demand for Platinum 

This might very well be the biggest advantage to investing in platinum bars. Some precious metals are valued primarily for their collectable and intrinsic value. While platinum is intrinsically valuable, it also offers an exceptional level of industrial demand.

10 oz Platinum Bar - Any Mint, Any Condition
10 oz Platinum Bar – Any Mint, Any Condition

When we talk about industrial demand for platinum, we’re referring to the metal’s usage in actual industrial products. Platinum is used in cell phones, air conditioners, jewelry, and catalytic converters. 

While some investors mostly know about platinum because of platinum coins and bars, the main use of this precious metal has nothing to do with the precious metals market! For savvy collectors, this means that platinum investments hinge on more than just investor demand. Even when the entire precious metals market is unappealing to institutional investors, platinum’s actual use-cases keep it valuable. 

Disadvantages to Platinum Bars

If you come away from this guide thinking that platinum bars are perfect investments that can never go wrong, then we haven’t done our job. To be fully prepared for a new platinum investment, you also need to know some of the main disadvantages to buying platinum bars. 

Namely, platinum bars offer a limited design variety and might not appreciate in value as quickly as popular platinum coins. 

Limited Design Variety 

You already know our view on the claim that platinum bars aren’t beautiful to look at. However, it is fair to say that you just won’t find the same design variety on quality platinum bars as you’d find on platinum coins. Because platinum bars are relatively difficult to produce and come with lower demand than gold and silver bars, mints aren’t motivated to come up with groundbreaking designs for their newest offerings. 

Still, Hero Bullion does sell an impressive variety of impressive platinum bars. Feel free to check out our selection. Do you have a platinum bar you’ve had your eye on that we don’t sell? Contact our customer service, and we’ll see if we can hook you up! 

Lower Numismatic Value Appreciation 

This one is tricky. On one hand, platinum bars do appreciate in value. Sometimes, the value of platinum increases, and lower premiums on platinum bars means that your investment becomes more valuable quickly compared to high-premium items. Other times, limited mintage and high demand might mean that your platinum bars become more valuable to collectors. 

But when we compare platinum bars vs coins, coins are the clear winner where numismatic value appreciation is concerned. The intricate designs of many popular platinum coins keeps them valuable to collectors for decades, and it’s tough to find platinum bars that compete with that level of demand. 

Most Popular Platinum Bar Brands

What are the most popular platinum bar brands? Below, we’ll give you a sneak peak at some of the best platinum bullion bars sold on the Hero Bullion website. 

Any Mint, Any Condition Platinum Bars

1 Gram Platinum Bar - Any Mint, Any Condition
1 Gram Platinum Bar – Any Mint, Any Condition

Any Mint, Any Condition Platinum Bars (AMAC) are a great choice for investors who want to stack as much platinum as possible. When you buy AMAC platinum bars, you’re investing directly in the value of bullion. We keep premiums as low as possible with these bars, so you’re guaranteed to save money compared to name-brand BU platinum bars.

As the name suggests, AMAC platinum bars can arrive in any condition. Your bar may have signs of wear and circulation, but it’ll still be certified as genuine by the manufacturer and come with a high purity of pure platinum bullion. 

Argor-Heraeus 5 Gram Platinum Bar

Argor-Heraeus has been a leading manufacturer of beautiful platinum bars for years, and they don’t disappoint with their 5 gram platinum bar. This bar is minted using an industry-standard .9995 pure platinum bullion and features a beautiful, simple set of designs on the front and back. 

Argor-Heraeus 5 gram Platinum Bar
Argor-Heraeus 5 Gram Platinum Bar

We find that the Argor-Heraeus 5 Gram Platinum Bar is excellent for stackers who want to start investing in platinum but don’t quite have the cash to purchase an entire ounce at one time. 

On the obverse, you’ll find a stylized logo of the AG Mint, along with the bar’s weight, country of origin, precious metal (platinum), and fineness. The reverse includes a repeating design of the mint’s stamp, which invokes the classic design, look, and feel of quality platinum bars.

PAMP 25 x 1 Gram Platinum Multigram Bars

When we spoke earlier about the beautiful designs of many popular platinum bars, we were mostly talking about platinum bars like this one. The PAMP Fortuna Platinum Bar has been a collector favorite for years. On the obverse, you’ll find Lady Fortuna, the feminine depiction of fortune. She wears a blindfold and holds a cornucopia overflowing with coins in her hands.

PAMP 25 x 1 gram Platinum Multigram Bar Obverse
25 x 1 gram PAMP Platinum Bars

The reverse includes all of the information we’d expect to see on a platinum bar; the PAMP Suisse logo, weight, material, and purity of .9995 are displayed in full detail. 

The PAMP 25 x 1 Gram Platinum Multigram Bars package includes 25 1 gram bars. If you’re looking for a high quantity of pure platinum products at a low cost, look no further! 

How to Buy Quality Platinum Bullion Bars

We’d like to end this page with a quick guide to how to buy platinum bars. To buy platinum bars at reasonable prices, you’ll need to keep 3 tips in mind: track the market, consider proper storage, and compare prices across multiple dealers. 

Track the Market 

Keeping up to date with platinum’s spot price is the first step that every investor should learn. It can take decades to really learn to track supply and demand indicators. But at the very least, collectors can use trends in the spot price of platinum to learn when to buy the dip – and when to consider selling your platinum. 

Storage Considerations 

If you’re going to invest in platinum bars, you’ll need to put some thought into storage. For most products, a temperature controlled safe is sufficient. If your stack becomes worth several thousand dollars, you’ll also want to check with your insurance provider to make sure you’re covered in the case of an emergency. 

Remember: not all homeowners insurance providers will insure the full value of your platinum stack. You might need to purchase additional coverage, and it’s always better to be safe than sorry! 

Comparing Prices

This tip is pretty straightforward. Make sure to check multiple dealers before pulling the trigger on your next platinum bar purchase. Some dealers might charge outrageous premiums for their platinum bars. Luckily for you, Hero Bullion offers some of the most competitive prices on platinum bars on the market. 

Final Thoughts: Platinum Bars from Hero Bullion 

Platinum bars are a certified bullion classic. The high industrial demand of platinum combines with beautiful designs to make these products some of the most popular investment vehicles on the market. 

Scroll up to the top of this page to find a full list of our inventory of platinum bars. If you still have questions, our customer support team is always here to help you stack with confidence!