Gold CombiBars

Gold CombiBars™️ are a unique way that investors can put their money on gold. Each package comes with 20 connected gold bars, and each bar is easy to remove for individual sale. Shop Hero Bullion’s full inventory of Gold CombiBars™️ below! 

Valcambi 20 x 1 Gram Gold CombiBar™️

The 20 x 1 Gram Gold CombiBar™️ is a fantastic choice for gold stackers looking for something new. This product comes new in its own large Assay package and features 20 1 gram .9999 fine gold bullion bars. You can actually take these individual bars apart, which allows you to individually sell twenty separate gold bars. This unique product is a great choice for investors who value highly liquid, small gold bars. 

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Gold bars have always been a popular way to invest in pure gold bullion. With their relatively low premiums, high gold purity, and beautiful designs, Hero Bullion’s inventory of gold bars can help you stack fine gold without breaking the bank. 

If you’re looking for a new way to put your money into gold, Gold CombiBars™️ are a fantastic option. These gold bars don’t look like most of our popular gold bullion bars. Instead of just one gold bar, Gold CombiBars™️ feature up to twenty different gold bars. They’re minted using the same .9999 fineness that characterizes all Valcambi gold bars, but with a twist. 

Shop our entire in-stock inventory of Gold CombiBars™️ by scrolling up to the top of this page. Below, you’ll find a comprehensive guide on everything investors should know about buying (and selling) Gold CombiBars™️ from Valcambi Refinery. 

What Are Valcambi Gold CombiBars™️?

Valcambi Gold CombiBars™️ are exactly what they sound like. These gold bars are large investments that contain up to 20 smaller gold bullion bars. For savvy stackers, this is an unprecedented opportunity. 

Gold CombiBars™️ allow investors to buy several smaller gold bars at one time. When you’re ready to start selling your gold bullion bars, this is a fantastic feature. Instead of having to sell nearly an entire ounce of gold at one time, Gold CombiBar™️ investors can slowly liquidate their stock using the small gold bars that make up their CombiBar™️. 

History of the Valcambi Refinery 

Valcambi is a Swiss refinery based out of Balerna, Switzerland. The company has been in operation for 62 years; it was first founded in 1961. In that time, Valcambi has become one of the most popular gold bar producers on the planet. 

Part of this popularity is due to their revolutionary fractional gold line, the Gold CombiBars™️. These bars allow investors to buy multiple smaller gold bars without paying the high premiums per bar generally associated with fractional gold bullion bars. 

These bars have been in production for a few years now, and they’ve become extremely popular among gold stackers. 

Are Valcambi Gold CombiBars™️ a Good Investment? 

Are Gold CombiBars™️ a good investment for your growing precious metals portfolio? Below, we’re doing a comprehensive analysis of Gold CombiBars™️ from the Valcambi Refinery, as well as the role they play in modern investment portfolios. 

Valcambi 50 x 1 Gram Gold CombiBar

Pros of Buying Gold CombiBars™️

We’ll start with the positives. Gold CombiBars™️ offer four main pros: high collectability, divisibility and liquidity, beautiful designs, and high gold purity. Combined, these benefits make CombiBars one of the best ways to invest in fractional gold without overpaying on individual gold bar premiums. 

Highly Collectable 

Gold CombiBars™️ come packaged in an individual Assay card. These Assay cards are larger than the ones we normally see for 1 gram gold bars – and with good reason. When you open the Gold CombiBars™️ Assay card, you’ll find the Valcambi logo, as well as 20 connected 1 gram gold bars. 

We cannot overstate it enough: this is a uniquely collectable gold product. You won’t find Gold CombiBars™️ from any other company, and they’re only released every so often. When they are available, they’re a favorite among collectors.

BBut Gold CombiBars™️ aren’t just popular because of their uniqueness. These gold bars offer another major benefit: divisibility and liquidity. 

Divisibility and Liquidity 

Liquidity is an important part of any investment strategy. Gold CombiBars™️ from the Valcambi Refinery are minted using .9999 fine gold and include up to 20 individual gold bars. While the gold bars are connected, they can also be easily separated. 

Valcambi 20 x 1 gram Gold CombiBar™
Valcambi 20 x 1 Gram Gold CombiBar

This is important, because it improves the liquidity of your investment. When we refer to liquidity, we’re referring to how easy it is to sell your investment once you’re ready to cash out. Liquid investments sell quickly and don’t require you to part with an ounce of pure gold at one time. 

This liquidity is a direct product of the divisibility of Valcambi’s Gold CombiBars™️. Because these unique gold products are composed of a number of smaller gold bars, they can be divided for easier selling in the future. 

Beautiful Designs 

Like all of the gold bars from the Valcambi line, these gold bars are extremely beautiful. They feature intricate designs on both the obverse and reverse. Interestingly enough, all twenty bars in the Valcambi 20 x 1 Gram Gold CombiBar™️ share the same obverse design. In other words, the Valcambi logo and all relevant information about the bars is split among the gold bars. If you broke them into multiple gold bars, each one would have a different individual obverse design. 

The reverse sides of these gold bars are individualized. Each one includes the Valcambi company name, logo, and the bar’s purity, weight, and material. This means that the reverse of the bars displays information about each individual bar, while the obverse shares just a small portion of the details concerning the entire package. 

High Gold Purity 

High gold purity is the most important element of a gold bar. Investors love gold bars because of their high purity and low premiums over spot price. Each individual gold bar in the Gold CombiBar™️ contains .9999 fine gold bullion, which is just about as pure as it gets for bullion bars. 

Cons to Buying Gold CombiBars™️

There’s only one major con to investing in Gold CombiBars™️: high premiums over spot price. Let’s take a look at how this downside to Gold CombiBars™️ plays out in the next subsection. 

Valcambi 10 x 1/10 Gold CombiBar™
Valcambi 10 x 1/10 Gold CombiBar™

High Premiums 

Valcambi Gold CombiBars™️ might come with higher premiums than you’d find for normal gold bars of the same weight. We say this with one important caveat, however. If you were to buy each individual 1 gram gold bar on its own, these gold bars would probably cost a higher premium over spot price. 

For investors who are highly concerned about spot price, buying larger gold bars is always a good choice. Still, it’s hard to beat the collectability and liquidity benefits of buying Valcambi’s impressive Gold CombiBars™️. 

Review: Valcambi Gold CombiBars™️

Overall, we consider Valcambi Gold CombiBars™️ an excellent choice for gold stackers. These products contain pure gold bullion and brilliant designs. Perhaps even more importantly, they’re highly divisible. These gold bars can be easily broken down into smaller units, which is a great tool for investors who are ready to sell sometime down the line. 

Final Thoughts: In-Stock Gold CombiBars™️ For Sale

Gold CombiBars™️ are a unique way to invest in gold bullion. Gold bars are incredibly popular among investors because of their low premiums and high gold content. However, it can be hard for collectors to part with a full ounce of gold bullion when they’re ready to sell. 

With Gold CombiBars™️, you can invest in a divisible, cheap form of gold bullion from one of the world’s most renowned refineries. 

Shop our full inventory of Gold CombiBars™️ at the top of this page, and don’t hesitate to reach out to the Hero Bullion customer service team if you have any additional questions.