Copper Bullion

Copper bullion is a fantastic way for you to expand your precious metals portfolio. Copper has been used for tens of thousands of years and provides some of the most versatile industrial use-cases in the bullion sector. Hero Bullion is excited to bring you an extensive inventory of some of the best copper bullion products on the market. 

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Cannabis Nature’s Holiday 1 oz Copper Round

The Cannabis Nature’s Holiday 1 oz Copper Round focuses on one of the most famous substances in the history of the United States. On the .999 pure copper round’s obverse, you’ll see the marijuana leaf itself surrounded by many different names for cannabis. The exceptional detail of the leaf demonstrates this private mint’s unprecedented commitment to intricacy in their copper round designs. The reverse is equally appealing. The staff of Hermes, most commonly associated with medicine, appears on this side of the round. On either side of the staff, you’ll note the chemical representation of cannabis, and the relevant details of the round can be found at the bottom of the round’s reverse. 

Area 51 “We’ll Be Back” 1 oz Copper Round

Nobody can deny the public’s fascination with aliens. From extraterrestrials to Area 51, everybody loves a good alien story. This .999 fine copper round celebrates this fantastic history that has captivated imaginations for generations. The round’s obverse focuses on America. It includes an American flag above a shield and wings, as well as a city skyline. The banner of the “USA” wraps around a city skyline, and there are three stars on either side of the artistic depiction. On the obverse, the round turns its attention to the aliens that inspire its names. Two aliens look toward the round’s holder from inside a spaceship. Planet Earth is visible in the background through the ship’s window. 

Germania Mint 1 Kilo Cast Copper Bar

Whether it’s gold, silver, platinum, or copper, Germania Mint has become one of the most respected bullion manufacturers of the past couple decades. They do not disappoint with their latest copper product, a 1 Kilo Cast Copper Bar. The obverse of the copper bar is fitted with a beautiful cast finish and decorated with a stylized version of the Germania Mint. The bar’s purity, weight, material, and serial number are all listed below the logo as well. Germania Mint kept things simple and classic on the reverse, which is left intentionally blank except for the holographic logo of the Germania Mint, a hallmark of their popular products. 

Hero Bullion 1 Kilo Copper Bar

We put a lot of work into making our own quality 1 Kilo Copper Bar. The Hero Bullion 1 Kilo Copper Bar is made at our own manufacturing office in Texas and includes .9999 fine silver bullion. Investors love the matte finish we applied to this copper product, which includes our logo and mint name on the obverse, as well as an affirmation that the copper bar was “made in the USA.” We’re a fan of the classic look of copper bullion bars, so the reverse has been left intentionally blank. Perfect for stacking! 

Copper Bullion

It’s a shame that more investors don’t understand the unique benefits of investing in copper bullion. Gold, silver, and platinum generally overshadow the commodity on the global market. We can’t blame consumers for loving the look and feel of a genuine gold or silver coin. But copper is different from these more popular precious metals in several key ways, and some investors actually prefer to put their money on copper for a number of reasons. 

The truth is that copper allows investors to put their money on global development and industrial usage. In a sense, copper avoids the pitfalls of other intrinsically valuable precious metals because its value is linked primarily to industrial applications and use in actual, physical products. For collectors who want to bet on global infrastructural development using precious metals, it’s hard to beat copper. 

Still, the high upsides of copper mean a couple of key disadvantages for buyers. Namely, copper bullion products are saddled with high premiums – often several multitudes higher than the spot price of copper itself. 

Hero Bullion is very excited to offer an extensive inventory of copper bullion products for sale. We sell copper rounds, bars, and even bullets to help you complete your investment portfolio with high quality products with tremendous potential for numismatic and bullion value appreciation. 

Scroll up to see some of our most popular copper items, or keep reading for a more detailed guide on the basics of investing in copper bullion. 

What is Copper Bullion?

An exceptionally conductive metal, copper offers more industrial use-cases than nearly any other metal on the planet. While gold, silver, and platinum are often traded for their beautiful looks and rarities, copper adds something new to your investment portfolio. Used in electrical wiring, infrastructural technologies, and a number of high-tech innovations, copper is always in extremely high demand. 

Copper can be mined and minted into rounds, bars, and other unique products. The cost of refining copper is high, which leads to extreme premiums. But copper product distributors also sell wide ranges of different copper round and bar designs. You’ll note that we sell a large inventory of unique, unmatched copper products with beautiful designs on our site. Simply put, the low actual value of copper means that private mints put a lot of time into creating highly collectable copper bullion rounds. 

History of Copper Bullion

Copper is one of the world’s oldest precious metals. It has been used by human beings for over 11,000 years. Even ancient humans in the prehistoric era used copper to create tools; copper made an excellent blade tip, according to some archeological evidence. During the Bronze Age, copper was refined even further to create a material called “natural bronze.” This is an alloy of copper and tin. The result is a beautiful metal that civilizations in the Balkans used to make tools and pottery dating back to as early as 5500 BCE. 

Copper was also extensively used in Europe during a long period from the 10th to 20th centuries. The explosive popularity of copper has persisted until today, but most copper is now used for industrial purposes, rather than for the jewelry and household items that once characterized its primary use-cases. 

Investing in Copper

There are several reasons why people love investing in copper bullion. The material has been popular among humans for over ten-thousand years, and the rise of industrialism in the Western world has made copper even more valuable as a commodity. 

But not everything is perfect in the world of copper bullion investment. We want our investors to be as prepared as possible before investing in copper for the first time. There are advantages to buying copper, but the precious metal also comes with considerable downsides. We’re going to discuss both below. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of investing in copper bullion. 

Reasons to Buy Copper Bullion

We already know that there are a great number of reasons why copper bullion is so popular among modern investors. We don’t have time to discuss them all, so let’s talk about three reasons to buy copper: intrinsic value and scarcity, industrial applications, and the uniqueness of many copper products. 

Intrinsic Value and Scarcity

Believe it or not, copper does have at least some intrinsic value. It’s certainly not as rare as gold. Gold is mined at a rate of around 2,500-3,000 tons per year. By contrast, copper mines churn out nearly 21 million tons every year. With so much copper produced, it’s actually difficult to imagine that it would be valuable at all. But in reality, demand for copper outpaces its total supply. 

That’s right – copper demand is expected to hit about 28 million tons this year. As the world continues to develop its infrastructure and technologies are frequently produced, demand for copper grows each year. This means that, while copper isn’t technically scarce, it’s still not as abundant as the global economic sector prefers it to be. 

1 Kilo Copper Bar - Any Mint, Any Condition
1 Kilo Copper Bar – Any Mint, Any Condition

This influences prices and keeps copper premiums high. Because industrial demand for copper bullion is so extreme, it’s hard for bullion product producers to get enough copper to make the products that investors love to buy. The result? Higher costs and impressive investment material for collectors. 

Industrial Applications

We’ve mentioned industrial applications a few times already on this page, and there’s a good reason why. Copper is valuable and prices for copper bullion products are high primarily because of the important function copper serves in the industrial marketplace. Copper is used to make a number of essential technology products, but it is also important to the infrastructure-building process. 

When countries set out to build their infrastructure, they need quite a lot of copper. Copper bullion is highly conductive and relatively cost-effective, so it’s perfect to use in electrical systems. These systems, of course, are extremely important to infrastructure-boosting efforts. While the world scrambles to account for an increasing population and dwindling resources, copper will play an important role in global development. 

Unique Copper Products

Copper products are also frequently very unique. Companies that make copper items like to get creative, and this can help numismatic investors turn a profit in the long term. A good example of this trend is our Cannabis Nature Copper Round, which is made of pure copper bullion and depicts the marijuana leaf, as well as a number of phrases referencing cannabis and marijuana culture. 

Some companies also produce copper bullets, which are unique bullion products that resemble actual bullets you’d find in the real world. We believe that the uniqueness of copper products is one reason that they continue to be popular among consumers. 

Disadvantages of Investing in Copper Bullion

There is no investment vehicle that is completely free of downsides. Copper isn’t an exception here. We’ll highlight two separate cons to investing in copper bullion products below: high premium costs and environmental concerns. Both of these factors deter some collectors from investing in high quality copper rounds, bars, and even bullets. We want investors to have all the facts, so let’s take a look at the disadvantages of copper. 

High Premium Costs

Copper comes with high premiums. For investors, this is just a fact of life, and it’s easy to take for granted just how expensive it is to buy copper products. Copper’s spot price is very low, but you’ll find that actual minted copper products cost quite a bit more than the actual metal itself. After all, you’re only ever going to get copper at its base spot price if you buy several thousand pounds at one time. We’re sure you don’t want to top off your precious metal portfolio with ten tons of copper bullion! 

Don't Tread On Me 1 Kilo Copper Bar Angle
Don’t Tread on Me 1 Kilo Copper Bar

Premium costs are high in the copper industry for a number of reasons. To start with, copper is difficult and costly to mine, produce, and refine. The chemical process is expensive, and the costs of running a copper mine are extensive. Adding to premium costs for copper is the fact that some governments are targeting the copper mining industry. While it’s true that copper can be used to make green energy technologies, copper mines are disastrous for the environment. 

The high premium costs might make you balk at investing in copper, but you should also know that copper collectable items might have high numismatic value appreciation. Over time, collector interest in certain rounds, bars, or copper bullets might improve in value. 

Environmental Concerns

Growing environmental concerns are another risk associated with investing in copper bullion. While the copper industry is still very large and demand is projected to grow over the next few years, some government leaders have actually banned copper mining in certain areas. In addition to ruining large chunks of the environment around them, some copper mines might have negative impacts on the health and wellness of people who live near them. 

Bans on copper mining might negatively impact the value – and investor interest – associated with copper bullion items. Luckily, some analysts believe that the green tech applications offered by copper bullion might help to offset the environmental costs of mining it. We’ll leave the final decision up to you. Copper might be a good long-term investment, but the environmental risks associated with the copper mining sector are something to keep in mind as you put your money on copper bullion. 

Types of Copper Bullion

We sell two main types of copper bullion on the Hero Bullion website: copper rounds and copper bars. These are by far the most popular and best-selling copper items available, so we think it’s a good idea for you to become familiar with the benefits – and downsides – of both. 

Copper Rounds

Copper rounds are produced by private mints, just like all bullion rounds. Because they come from private distributors and not national government mints, copper rounds often feature unique and creative designs. Furthermore, copper rounds sometimes come with extremely low mintage numbers. The numismatic value of copper rounds is tough to beat, even considering the high premiums that these products require. 

Hero Bullion sells several popular copper rounds on our websites, and we work hard to keep premiums as low as we possibly can to help you build your stack without breaking the bank. We’ll only focus on two below, but we also encourage you to take a look at our other copper rounds. With such a large inventory of quality pure copper rounds, it’s likely that we have something that fits your personal taste and investment objectives. 

Cannabis Nature’s Copper Round

Minted with .999 pure copper bullion, the Cannabis Nature’s Holiday Copper Round is a popular seller. It celebrates one of the most popular substances on Earth and utilizes a beautiful design philosophy while doing it. On the obverse, you’ll note the marijuana leaf, which is centered. Around it, you can see almost every colloquial name for cannabis on the planet. 

Cannabis Nature's Holiday 1 oz Copper Round
Cannabis Nature’s Holiday 1 oz Copper Round

The reverse of this copper round is really something special. On the center of the round, we find the staff of Hermes, also frequently associated with the practice of medicine. The chemical sign for marijuana is displayed on either side of the staff, and the weight and material of the round sits below. 

Area 51 “We’ll Be Back” Copper Round

Celebrate the world’s long history of a belief in extraterrestrials with the Area 51 “We’ll Be Back” Copper Round. The reverse is exceptionally detailed and illustrates the uniquely intricate designs offered by this manufacturing mint. Two aliens stand inside of a spaceship; Earth is visible through the window behind them. “We’ll Be Back” is inscribed between the two otherworldly beings, invoking one of the most classic sayings associated with aliens. 

Area 51 We'll Be Back 1 oz Copper Round
1 oz “We’ll Be Back” Copper Round

The obverse of this round celebrates the United States, the country where the Area 51 Copper Round’s mint is based. It includes the shield and wings of the United States and comes complete with an American flag in the background. “USA” is shown on a banner in front of the shield and wings. 

Pros and Cons of Buying Copper Rounds

Copper rounds are unique bullion products that often come with beautiful designs, but there are downsides to putting your money on this category of copper item. Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of buying copper rounds below. 

Advantages of Buying Copper Rounds

As you might already know from reading the rest of this page, we consider copper rounds one of the best ways to invest in copper bullion. The high premiums are one downside to copper rounds, but we tend to believe the beautiful designs and low mintage numbers of copper rounds justify the additional price. 

Copper rounds feature some of the most intricate and beautiful designs we’ve ever seen, but copper round artwork is also very unique. Unlike the American Silver Eagle or Silver Britannia, which maintain functionally the same designs each year, copper rounds are minted to be as unique and collectable as possible. 

It should go without saying, but copper rounds also include quite a bit of pure copper bullion. Most of our copper rounds include a fineness of .999 copper. If you’re looking to invest in the precious metal while also getting rare, exceptionally unique rounds at a reasonable price, consider putting some cash into quality copper rounds. 

Disadvantages of Buying Copper Bullion Rounds

There are considerable downsides to buying copper rounds. First, we should mention the high premiums associated with copper. While all copper products come with extremely high premium costs, copper rounds are some of the most expensive investment vehicles for collectors looking to invest in copper bullion. 

Additionally, rounds are only minted by private mints. This means that the quality level of copper rounds might not be as high as more traditional investment vehicles, such as silver coins or gold bars. 

Copper Bars

If your goal is to invest directly in copper bullion and get as much of the precious metal as possible for your money, copper bars are nearly impossible to beat. We sell several popular copper bullion bars on our website, but there’s only two that we’ve chosen to highlight below. The two most popular copper bars at Hero Bullion are the Germania Mint 1 Kilo Cast Copper Bar and the Hero Bullion 1 Kilo Copper Bar. 

Germania Mint 1 Kilo Cast Copper Bar

Germania Mint has a solid reputation within the bullion sector – and with good reason. Their attention to detail and beautiful artwork has made them a staple among precious metal collectors. Germania’s 1 Kilo Cast Copper Bar is minted using .9999 pure copper bullion and includes both obverse and reverse artwork. 

Germania Mint 1 Kilo Cast Copper Bar Obverse
Germania Mint 1 Kilo Cast Copper Bar

On the front of this bar, you’ll find a stylized version of the Mint’s logo, as well as the bar’s purity, fineness, and weight. Germania also includes a unique serial number for all of its cast copper bars, including this one. As always, having a personalized serial number helps keep your investment secure and allows you to sidestep the risk of counterfeiting.

The reverse of the Germania Mint 1 Kilo Cast Copper Bar is largely blank, but with one notable exception. A hologram logo has become one of the hallmarks of Germania Mint’s silver, gold, and platinum bullion bars. This bar is no exception, and we can understand why so many consumers love the look and feel of Germania Mint’s 1 Kilo Cast Copper Bars. 

As the name suggests, the Germania Mint 1 Kilo Cast Copper Bar also features a beautiful cast finish, giving it an even more exceptionally beautiful and classic bullion bar look. 

Hero Bullion 1 Kilo Copper Bar

Finally, we’ve made it to our own copper product. Our 1 Kilo Copper Bars are minted right here at our facility in Texas and represent a long line of Hero Bullion-exclusive products. We added a matte finish to these bars to give them a unique look, even when you compare them to other copper bars on the market. 

On the obverse, the bar features the Hero Bullion mint name, logo, weight (one kilo), and purity. This high purity (.999) copper bar is made right in the United States, so we included the American flag and the inscription “Made in USA” at the bottom of the piece. 

Hero Bullion 1 Kilo Copper Bar
Hero Bullion 1 Kilo Copper Bar

We left the reverse of our Hero Bullion 1 Kilo Copper Bar completely blank. Some investors prefer to have something to look at on the reverse of their copper bars. However, we felt that these bars are meant to be stacked, and we also love the look and feel of a blank reverse copper bar. These are classic silver bars we’re talking about, after all. Nothing wrong with keeping tradition! 

Pros and Cons of Buying Copper Bars

Why do investors buy copper bullion bars in the first place? They certainly offer a lower premium over spot than the copper rounds we discussed above. Additionally, the intricate designs featured on copper rounds also find their way onto some copper bars. Overall, we consider copper bars to be the most efficient way to invest in copper bullion without breaking the bank on unnecessary premiums over spot. 

Advantages of Buying Copper Bars

If you want to get copper for a price as close to spot as possible, then copper bars might be the right investment option for your growing copper bullion portfolio. Copper bars are sold at a price relatively close to spot. Premiums still exist, particularly because of the reasons we outlined toward the beginning of this guide. Copper is in high demand, and industrial usage means that investor interest in copper bullion isn’t going away any time soon. 

This is just a personal view, but we also think the looks of some popular bars are great. The Germania Mint 1 Kilo Cast Copper Bar is extremely beautiful, and the reverse side’s hologram logo is a favorite among copper stackers for a reason. 

Disadvantages of Buying Copper Bullion Bars

First, you should remember that copper bullion bars do come saddled with high premiums. It’s extremely expensive to invest in copper bullion, especially if you plan to buy quite a bit at one time. While copper bars are one of the easiest ways to invest in cheap copper, their high premiums might cut into your profits when it comes time to sell. 

Copper also isn’t as valuable as gold, silver, or platinum. For stackers who like to study the market, it’s important to remember that copper doesn’t sell quite as well as some of the more popular precious metals. 

How to Buy Copper Bullion

So how can you build your precious metals portfolio with copper bullion products? Buying your first high quality copper products can be a daunting task. To help you along on your investment journey, we’ve prepared a list of four tips to help you buy copper bullion at a reasonable price. 

Finding Reputable Copper Dealers

Finding a reputable dealer should be your first, and most important, step when searching for copper bullion. Compare prices across different dealers, and never be afraid to go local. Local copper dealers might be able to cut deals you wouldn’t get from massive online distributors, and they might also have access to more unique copper products. 

Online dealers are also a good bet, especially if you’re interested in purchasing rare or low mintage copper rounds and bars. Hero Bullion sells a wide range of different copper bullion items, including bars, rounds, and even copper bullets, to help you buy copper at a reasonable price. We put a considerable amount of effort into lowering premiums as much as possible for our consumers. 

Timing the Copper Market

Timing the copper market can be difficult. Unlike gold and silver price charts, the price action experienced by copper investors can be erratic and is tied to a number of complex real-world factors. When new technologies are invented that require copper bullion, the price of copper products will increase. On the other hand, limitations imposed by governments on copper products and mining could negatively impact long term price appreciation for the precious metal. 

To properly time the market, closely follow price trends and read the news. There are a number of different factors that influence the overall value of copper bullion, and failing to track developments in the global economy can be disastrous for the effectiveness of your copper bullion investment. 

Spot Vs. Copper Premium Costs

The difficult truth is that you’re never going to be able to buy copper bullion at its spot price. The spot price you see listed on most websites is only possible to get if you’re buying extreme quantities of pure copper. For non-industrial purchasers, buying copper means paying substantial premiums over spot price. Premium costs can vary from distributor to distributor, so it’s important for investors to shop around to find the best deal possible for their copper products. 

Hero Bullion sells several copper products at extremely low prices. We work hard to secure these prices, and guaranteeing close relationships with private mints is only part of our efforts to keep costs low for our valued customers. 

How to Store and Maintain Copper Bullion

Copper bullion should be stored properly. Storing your copper without taking precautions to keep it safe can wreck the total value of your investment. We’re generally less concerned about fancy storage procedures for copper than we are for more expensive precious metals, such as gold, silver, or platinum. Still, large copper collections can quickly become very expensive, and keeping your portfolio away from children, animals, or harsh elements is a healthy part of any investment. 

Buy Cheap Copper from Hero Bullion!

Please take some time to familiarize yourself with our copper inventory. Hero Bullion is constantly adding new copper bullion products to our selection, and we’re excited to continue expanding our offerings to help you build your copper stack. After all, copper bullion is one of the world’s most exciting investment opportunities for a reason. Copper’s long list of industrial applications helps make it a good way to diversify and expand your precious metal holdings. 

Do you still have questions about copper bullion? We’re always happy to help new and seasoned investors learn more about this precious metal. Please feel free to contact us at any time for more information about copper bars, rounds, and bullets.