10 oz Silver Bars

Larger silver bars are a great way to stack silver without overspending on spot price premiums. Shop Hero Bullion’s full selection of 10 oz Silver Bars below, and keep reading for more information on our current stock. 

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Germania Mint 10 oz Silver Bar

Germania Mint is Poland’s most respected precious metals distributor. If you’re in the market for a large silver bar, our Germania Mint 10 oz Silver Bar is an unparalleled option. These silver bars feature .9999 fine silver bullion and an intricately detailed obverse. On the front of the bar, you’ll find the Germania Mint logo, as well as the company’s name. Below the logo, note the bar’s purity, material, weight, and unique serial number. The reverse of this 10 oz Silver Bar is left intentionally blank, except for Germania’s beautiful holographic logo. 

Royal Canadian Mint 10 oz Silver Bar

The Royal Canadian Mint’s most popular product is their Silver Maple Leaf Coin. However, we find a growing number of investors turning toward the Royal Canadian Mint 10 oz Silver Bar to build their silver stacks. And why wouldn’t they? The bar features 99.99% pure silver bullion and comes with the same design intricacy that characterizes all of the RCM’s offerings. The obverse of this bar includes the seal of the Royal Canadian Mint, as well as its name in both English and French. Below this seal, you’ll find the weight, purity, material, and serial number of the silver bar. On the reverse, note the repeating image of the RCM’s maple leaf logo. 

Shop 10 oz Silver Bars With Hero Bullion!

There are several reasons why silver bars have long been a premier bullion investment vehicle. Offering both high potential numismatic value and exceptional purity levels, 10 oz silver bars are an excellent way to diversify your portfolio using quality silver bullion items. Because of the explosive popularity of silver bars, you have quite a few options to choose from. 

Luckily, Hero Bullion is proud to provide our customers with an extensive selection of the world’s finest 10 oz silver bars from around the world. We curate our silver bars for quality and value and source them from some of the world’s leading silver mints. 

Scroll up on this page to take a look at the different silver bars we sell. Below, you’ll find quite a bit of helpful information that new silver investors should know about buying – and properly storing – 10 oz silver bars. We’ll also include breakdowns for some of our best-selling silver bars, including Royal Canadian Mint 10 oz Silver Bars, Germania Silver Bars, and more! 

History of 10 oz Silver Bars

Silver has been used as an investment tool for thousands of years. Because of the high amount of gold found in Ancient Egypt, Egyptians in the BCE area actually considered silver to be more valuable than gold bullion. Even primitive cultures that predate modern history might have used silver as a type of informal currency. 

Today, silver is still the symbol of wealth, power, and security. Like the Ancient Egyptians, bullion investors see silver as a good way to demonstrate their financial status and preparedness. Modern silver bullion trade really began in 1979, when two brothers functionally cornered the market by buying over 100,000,000 troy ounces of silver bullion. Following this price spike, demand and public interest in silver skyrocketed. 

Silver bars are a favorite of silver stackers for a couple of reasons. In addition to the beauty of a pure silver bar, silver bars offer fine silver at a lower premium than other bullion products, like silver rounds or coins. 

Carrying over 10,000 years of history, silver bars are one of the world’s most enduring investment tools. We’re happy to be able to help so many new investors see the beautiful strategy of stacking quality silver bars. 

Why Buy 10 oz Silver Bars? 

Why should you invest in 10 oz silver bars? These products aren’t for everyone. Some investors prefer the intricately detailed look of silver coins, and others love the variety of design offered by silver rounds. You might even be better suited buying different precious metal products, such as American Gold Eagles or Canadian Gold Maples

Below, we’ll outline some of the advantages – and disadvantages – of buying 10 oz silver bars from Hero Bullion. 

Advantages of Buying 10 oz Silver Bars

Like we mentioned above, silver bars offer pure silver at a lower premium over spot than most other bullion products. Silver coins come with notoriously high premiums, which mean less silver for your money. Bars are different. Most silver bars require a lower cost of production than coins like the American Silver Eagle, and demand generally isn’t quite as high for pure silver bars as it is for numismatically valuable silver coins or rounds. 

To add even more efficiency to your silver stacking strategy, consider buying 10 oz silver bars. The more silver you buy at one time, the bigger discount you’ll get from most dealers. Hero Bullion is able to offer a lower premium over spot for 10 oz bars than our smaller variants, such as 1 oz silver bars

It wouldn’t be fair to end our discussion of silver bar benefits without addressing the beauty of this unique class of silver investment. It’s impossible to deny the appeal of classic silver bars stacked on top of one another, after all. 

Disadvantages of 10 oz Silver Bars

While the simplicity of design is one reason investors can secure 10 oz silver bars at such a reasonable price, this is also the product’s main disadvantage. Some silver bars come with beautiful, impressive designs on the obverse. But some collectors prefer silver coins because of their higher cost of production. 

It might also be harder to vet the legitimacy of a silver bar, especially compared to a highly recognizable silver coin. Buying silver bars that come with assay certificates is one way to sidestep this problem, and professional coin grading services can help you bridge the gap and evaluate the authenticity of your 10 oz silver bars. 

Popular Hero Bullion 10 oz Silver Bars

We’re pretty proud of the variety of 10 oz silver bars we are able to offer. Below, you’ll find four of the best 10 oz silver bars on the market. As always, each of these products are available from Hero Bullion at the fairest possible prices. 

Royal Canadian Mint Silver Bars

The Royal Canadian Mint is one of the world’s most famous silver bar manufacturers for a reason. The intricate obverse and reverse depictions on this bar are stunning, and the .9999 pureness is about as fine as it gets. 

Design Specifications 

RCM 10 oz Silver Bar
10 oz RCM Silver Bar

On its obverse, the Royal Canadian Mint 10 oz Silver Bar features a detailed image of the RCM seal. It includes both the English and French names for the mint, which encircle the mint’s logo. You’ll also note the weight, purity, material, and serial number of your bar on this side.

While most silver bar reverses are left intentionally blank, the innovative Royal Canadian Mint decided to change things up with their popular 10 oz silver bar. The mint logo of the Royal Canadian Mint is depicted on the reverse in an alternating pattern. We love the reverse-side look of these bars! 

Purity and Details

Each bar comes with its own serial number, which helps consumers to verify the uniqueness and authenticity of their piece. In addition, these bars are eligible for any precious metals IRA account, making them excellent additions to your retirement plan. 

.9999 purity is the standard for silver bars distributed by the Royal Canadian Mint. This is the highest purity possible using current minting technologies, and we’re excited to see how the intricate obverse/reverse designs shine against the highly fine silver bullion used to mint this extremely collectable bar. 

Germania 10 oz Silver Bar

Located in Poland, the Germania Mint has established itself as a leading manufacturer of high-quality silver bars. The Germania 10 oz Silver Bar is one of our best-selling silver bars for a reason. The beautiful finish on the obverse pairs well with the simplistic reverse-side design, which is equipped with a beautiful holographic logo. 

Reverse and Obverse Designs 

Germania 10 oz Silver Bar

The Germania 10 oz Silver Bar’s obverse shows off a highly detailed depiction of the mint’s logo and name. We’re impressed with the quality of this image; the wings of the eagle are clearly visible on the stamp. Purity, material, weight, and the unique serial number of your bar are noticeable below the mint name.

The textured reverse of the Germania 10 oz Silver Bar includes an antique-like finish. Investors also love the holographic mint logo at the bottom of the Germania bar’s reverse, which gives it a unique look and feel. 

Popularity and Resale Potential

Collectors frequently stack Germania 10 oz Silver Bars because of their beautiful designs and exceptional silver purity. People all over the world love the look, feel, and numismatic value of these Polish silver bars. 

Longhorn 10 oz Silver Bar

The Longhorn 10 oz Silver Bar is a Hero Bullion exclusive. We hand-pour these rounds on site in Texas before delivering them to your door. We’re excited to be able to offer our own 10 oz silver bar, and we feel that the design gives it a unique look that you won’t find anywhere else. These bars have been a resounding success, and we sell them at reasonable prices to help keep you stacking! 

Unique Design Specifications 

We designed these bars ourselves. On the obverse, you’ll note the outline of a Longhorn, one of Texas’ most famous animals. This classic Texas symbol is centered on our silver bar, and it’s surrounded by the purity (.999), material, and weight of the bar.

Longhorn 10 oz Hand-Poured Silver Bar
Longhorn 10 oz Silver Bar

We wanted to keep the reverse of the Longhorn 10 oz Bar simple while still reminding customers of our identity as a bullion dealer. A small Hero Bullion logo is featured on the bottom-left side of the reverse on this 10 oz silver bar. 

Details and Sales Appeal

Highly collectable and unique to Hero Bullion, we’re excited to bring our customers an instant Texas bullion classic with our Longhorn 10 oz Poured Silver Bars. 

Unity Liberty Silver Bar

CutSaw is a smaller private mint than some of the mints we featured above. But the manufacturers really stepped-up their game with the Unity and Liberty 10 oz Silver Bar. In fact, we’d say that the unique beauty and detail of this bar is one of the reasons why the CutSaw Mint continues to gain popularity among collectors. 

Obverse and Reverse Depictions

Unity In Liberty 10 oz Silver Bar
Unity and Liberty 10 oz Silver Bar

The obverse and reverse of this bar feature some of the most brilliant, intricate designs we’ve ever seen on ten ounce silver bars. Female personification of Liberty decorates the obverse. She is draped in the American flag and holds a sword as her gown flows in the wind. Even the background of the obverse is highly detailed; it includes bald eagle feathers that surround Lady Liberty as she stands proudly.

Unlike most simplistic 10 oz silver bars, the Unity and Liberty 10 oz Silver Bar features an equally ambitious reverse. You’ll see a highly detailed depiction of a fasces with a snake encircling it. The weight and purity (.999) of your silver bar are also featured on this side. 

Popularity Among Investors

We can’t blame investors for falling in love with the Unity and Liberty 10 oz Silver Bar. The bar pays homage to classic American iconography while providing collectors with a beautiful and highly pure silver bar. We can’t predict resale values, but sales numbers suggest that CutSaw’s most famous silver bar is likely to become an extremely coveted collectable item in the future.

How to Buy Silver Bars

We wanted to end our guide by giving investors just a couple of tips about how to safely buy and store silver bars. We hope you’ll choose to do business with Hero Bullion, but we aren’t the only seller out there. Smart investors do their research to find the best 10 oz silver bar prices for their investment portfolios. 

Shopping for Recognizable 10 oz Silver Bars

Take advantage of online pricing guides to find out how much you should be paying for your 10 oz silver bars. Silver bars are generally sold relatively close to their melt value, which is determined by the current spot price of silver. You can expect to pay at least some premium on top of spot price for your 10 oz silver bars, but buying larger denominations can help to cut down on these costly premiums. 

Proper Storage for Silver Bullion 

Properly storing your silver bars is a good way to preserve the value of your investment over time. Store your 10 oz silver bars in a cool, dry place. A safe is always a solid investment to keep your precious metals safe, although larger investors with substantial collections should strongly consider storing them inside of a bank vault or a mint’s private vault. 

Hero Bullion’s Bullion Academy provides helpful resources to assist you as you keep your investments safe from harm. 

Final Thoughts: Hero Bullion 10 oz Silver Bars 

Hero Bullion is proud to offer some of the world’s best 10 oz Silver Bars. We have a large list of available products, and we’re working to expand our offerings every day. In addition, our secure shipping process and competitive prices make it easy for investors to start stacking silver. 

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about buying 10 oz Silver Bars from Hero Bullion, please contact our customer support team for more information.