American Gold Eagles

For several decades, American Gold Eagles have been a premier bullion investment vehicle for collectors all over the world. Minted with .9167 fine gold bullion, these coins pay homage to two of America’s most resounding cultural symbols. Shop American Gold Eagles with Hero Bullion – Gold and Silver Simply Delivered.™️

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1 oz American Gold Eagle

The full 1 oz American Gold Eagle is a stunning addition to any precious metal portfolio. On the obverse, you’ll note the classic “Walking Liberty” design that’s been a hallmark of American coinage for over one-hundred years. Lady Liberty walks forward from a rising sun with the U.S. Capitol in the background. Stars wrap around the entire circumference of the coin. Liberty herself wears her classic flowing gown and carries a torch, as well as an olive branch. On the reverse, modern editions of the American Gold Eagle feature the Type 2 eagle design; this highly detailed visage of an American bald eagle has quickly become popular. 

Fractional American Gold Eagles

Some collectors don’t want to spend $2,000 on the next piece of their gold portfolio. If this is you, fractional American Gold Eagles might be an ideal investment opportunity. Our 1/10 oz American Gold Eagles feature the same highly detailed and culturally resounding images that decorate the full 1 oz variants. The new Type 2 American Gold Eagles are flying off the shelves, and we don’t have any trouble understanding why. The same .9167 gold purity is featured on these coins, and the brilliant artistry of U.S. Mint designers is on full display within their smaller, more affordable frames. 

Buy American Gold Eagles

There are few coins as popular as the American Gold Eagle Coin. The American Gold Eagle has long been one of the most collectable and revered coins offered by the historic United States Mint. The coin series has been continuously minted since 1986. A recent update to the reverse-side design of the piece was released in 2021, adding an all-new series of coins for fans of the American Gold Eagle to collect. As the coin’s name suggests, the American Gold Eagle is marked by the design of an American Bald Eagle on its reverse; the classic American symbol has become a core icon associated with the United States, as well as the freedom the country represents. 

Like many classic coins from the U.S. Mint, the American Gold Eagle has an exciting history of production. Today, we’re walking readers through everything they should know about the American Gold Eagle as a bullion product category. At Hero Bullion, we offer a wide variety of American Gold Eagle Coins. We plan to distribute the Type 2 American Gold Eagle as soon as the coins are readily available. For now, Type 1 American Gold Eagles are available in nearly every weight and denomination. 

History of the American Gold Eagle

The United States Mint has actually published an introduction to the history of the American Gold Eagle on its website. As the write-up explains, the American Gold Eagle Coin came from humble beginnings. President Theodore Roosevelt wrote to Leslie Mortier Shaw, the Treasury Secretary at the time. In the letter, he explained that the current American coins available were “atrociously hideous.” He further requested that the Treasury hire a notable artist to design a series of beautiful coins that could better represent the resources available to the United States of America. 

The man chosen for the job was named Augustus Saint-Gaudens. Saint-Gaudens had studied under a number of great sculptors teaching at a major Paris school for the fine arts. Very few Americans had this opportunity, especially back in 1904. This made Saint-Gaudens one of the most talented sculptors in the country. Roosevelt’s dream was realized when Saint-Gaudens responded by drafting two separate designs for the American Gold Eagle. The most famous of his designs was originally made to be featured on a “$20 American Gold Eagle.” This depiction of Lady Liberty showed her walking in front of a setting sun.

2023 1 oz American Gold Eagle Coin Reverse
1 oz American Gold Eagle

As the U.S. Mint website elaborates, the original design for the American Gold Eagle Coin was a revolutionary shift in coinage, especially in the United States. As one example, consider the obverse depiction of Walking Lady Liberty featured on the American Gold Eagle. Traditionally, coins featured the head of some public figure. British, Australian, and Canadian coins often depict the head and shoulders of Queen Elizabeth II, for example. This coin is a unique design, as it features a full figure of Lady Liberty in motion. Behind Lady Liberty, viewers can spot a depiction of the United States Capitol building.

The reverse of the American Gold Eagle was first designed by Miley Busiek Frost. His design pays homage to the most classic American symbol, the Bald Eagle. Rather than the static bald eagle depicted on many modern American coins, such as the quarter-dollar, this coin shows a family of eagles. The father carries an olive branch in his talons and comes in for a landing, where the mother and children eagles are waiting in their nest. 

Little changed in the next 110 years for this American coin. It quickly became one of the world’s most revered gold coins, and 1/10 Oz, ¼ Oz, ½ Oz, and full 1 Oz denominations sold exceptionally well, both in the U.S. and abroad. 

The biggest shift in the history of the American Gold Eagle happened in 2021, when the U.S. Mint announced the official release of a new “Type 2” Gold Eagle design. This new design will primarily affect the reverse of the coin; the obverse is only being touched-up to add detail. The reverse side of the Type 2 Gold Eagle now depicts the facial profile of a single Bald Eagle. The exceptional detail of this depiction is already drawing interest from collectors all over the world. 

As with all coins distributed by the U.S. Mint, sales of American Gold Eagle Coins are used to pay off at least some of the growing U.S. national debt. 

Most Popular American Gold Eagles

While all of the Type 1 American Eagle Gold Coins bear the same designs, there are certainly a few stand-out coins, at least where popularity is concerned. There are multiple denominations available for the American Gold Eagle. The coin is minted in 1 Oz, ½ Oz, ¼ Oz, and 1/10 Oz variants. Here are just a few of the most popular American Gold Eagle Coins: 

1/10 Oz American Gold Eagle Type 1 Coin

The Type 1 Gold Eagle is the original design of this coin. It is being updated as we write this guide; the Type 2 coins will begin shipping in the next year or so. For now, the 1/10 Oz American Gold Eagle is likely the most popular variant of the coin available. This is due to a few different reasons. The most important reason is that the highly collectable 1/10 Oz American Gold Eagle Coin is much cheaper than other denominations, making it easier for collectors to get ahold of. 

1 oz American Gold Eagle Type 1 Coin

For consumers who are working with a bit more money, the full ounce variant of the Type 1 design is an exceptional option. As you already know, this piece includes the same designs as the 1/10 Oz denomination. While the full one ounce gold coin costs more upfront than smaller denominations, buying gold in bulk can drastically reduce the amount of money you pay in premiums over spot.

1/10 oz American Gold Eagle Type 2 Coin

It’s tough to call this one of the most popular American Gold Eagle Coins, considering that we don’t yet know how many Type 2 designs will sell in the upcoming years. But if this new design sells anything like the original, it is likely that the 1/10 Oz American Gold Eagle Type 2 Coin will be exceptionally popular among consumers all over the world. The main difference in the Type 2 design is the reverse image; this variant shows a still eagle’s head in exciting detail. 

Gold Eagle
Type 2 American Gold Eagle

1 oz American Gold Eagle Type 2 Coin

The Type 2 American Gold Eagle Coin will also likely be very popular as it continues to be distributed from the historic United States Mint. Like the one ounce Type 2 Coin, the largest available denomination of the American Gold Eagle Type 2 provides exceptional value for consumers who can spare the extra cash for a larger single purchase. 

Pros and Cons of American Gold Eagles 

There are both upsides and downsides to purchasing American Gold Eagle Coins. Our general recommendation is that gold coin collectors should attempt to diversify their investment portfolio whenever possible.

While coins from the U.S. Mint are crafted with an exceptional level of elegance, purity, and attention to detail, collecting coins from a wide variety of mints can drastically improve the strength and long-term value of your collection. 

In this section, we’ll discuss some of the pros and cons of buying American Gold Eagle Coins. 

Pros of Buying American Gold Eagles

Many of the advantages of collecting American Gold Eagles mirror the benefits of buying any kind of government-backed gold coin. Here are a couple of the biggest upsides to buying American Gold Eagle Coins: 

Beautiful Designs

The U.S. Mint’s website puts it best when they say that the original design for the American Gold Eagle represented a revolutionary shift in the American coinage tradition. Rather than a static portrait of the face of a public figure, this coin put Lady Liberty in motion, depicting her walking proudly while wearing a beautiful flowing gown.

This design remains unchanged, while the reverse-side of the American Gold Eagle varies, depending on whether you choose to go with the classic Type 1 or the new Type 2 versions. Regardless of which version you purchase, the American Gold Eagle features a beautiful depiction of an American Bald Eagle. 

Established Collectability

Some new bullion coins are functionally a gamble. While the price of the gold bullion these products contain always remains relatively static across the market, the long-term appreciation of a coin depends on many factors. The American Gold Eagle has remained a favorite of collectors for over one-hundred years. The long-term prognosis for the value of the American Gold Eagle is a great asset, and the release of the Type 2 design spells great things for the future of the coin series.

1999 1/10 oz American Gold Eagle Coin Obverse
1/10 oz American Gold Eagle

Government Backing

All American Gold Eagles are minted and supported with the seal of the United States government. This matters more to some consumers than it does to others. We’re generally fans of government support of a given gold asset.

Because American Gold Eagles are minted by a government instead of a private minting operation, counterfeiting concerns are minimized. It’s also important to note that all of these coins are given face values in USD, ensuring their backing by the federal U.S. government. 

Cons of Buying American Gold Eagles

Like with most coins, there are a few notable downsides to buying American Gold Eagles. Our biggest gripe with this coin has more to do with its high prices than anything else; you’ll likely be paying a pretty hefty premium to get ahold of one of the newer models of the American Gold Eagle Coin. 

High Premiums Over Spot

To be fair, this is a problem we end up having with most government-minted gold coins. Buying directly from the U.S. Mint can cut down on premium costs, and purchasing the largest 1 Oz denomination can guarantee that you get the most bang for your buck. However, it is important to note that most secondary distributors will charge relatively high premiums over spot for American Gold Eagle Coins. The U.S. Mint rarely sells series coins that are older than a year or two, so you’ll need to find the right gold coin dealer if you plan to buy an older American Gold Eagle. 

Limited Variety

Again, this is a problem you’re going to face with basically every government-minted coin series. For the American Gold Eagle, the release of the Type 2 design added some much-needed variety to the series. But even with the Type 2, you only really have two choices when it comes to reverse and obverse depictions.

This is certainly a plus for some people, especially collectors who have come to appreciate the uniquely American iconography that decorates these classic coins. One upside is that all American Gold Eagles are available in multiple denominations, including 1/10 Oz, ¼ Oz, ½ Oz, and 1 Oz. 

When we compare the American Gold Eagle to other nationally minted coins, it tends to stand out in a few different ways. Apart from a few exceptional examples, such as the Gold Britannia and the Gold Canadian Maple, the American Gold Eagle reigns supreme as the most revered coin coming out of a national mint.

The choice to make the obverse depiction a moving figure instead of a bust adds a layer of life to the coin that few alternatives can attain. Even the walking likeness of Britannia yields to a static depiction of Queen Elizabeth’s effigy on its obverse. This is one of several factors that makes the American Gold Eagle unique, even among its closest competitors in the government coin market. 

Are American Gold Eagles Real Gold?

American Gold Eagle Coins are absolutely real gold. First, you should know that American Gold Eagle Coins are minted using .9167 pure gold. This makes the coin distinct from some popular government-minted gold coin alternatives.

As an example, the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Coin minted by the Canadian Royal Mint includes a gold purity of .9999. However, this is actually a plus, according to some collectors and mint specialists. The coin is heavier than many of its competitors, coming in at a total weight of 1.0909 troy ounces for the 1 oz gold coin. The lower purity also functions to shield the coin from damage and wear; it offers increased durability, as well as hardness. 

So yes, American Gold Eagle Coins are real in the sense that they are minted using a high percentage of pure gold bullion. But some consumers want to know how American Gold Eagles are protected from counterfeits.

Hero Bullion has you covered. We order our American Gold Eagles directly from the U.S. Mint, guaranteeing their authenticity at every step of the process. Modern mint technology has made it harder than ever for malicious actors to counterfeit popular coins, and the American Gold Eagle is a high value target that the U.S. Mint has worked hard to protect. 

Our Hero Bullion Academy actually offers a guide on how to make sure you don’t get scammed with a fake bullion coin. There are numerous ways to check the authenticity of a gold bullion piece, including the “ping” test and the magnet test. But we’d like to calm your fears right away: Hero Bullion’s American Gold Eagles are 100% real. 

Types of American Gold Eagles

We like to say that you can’t go wrong with a classic American Gold Eagle. All of these coins come straight to us from the United States Mint, which has put a hundred years of resources into developing the most aesthetically pleasing Gold Eagle coins possible. However, we do realize that most bullion collectors aren’t interested in collecting every available version of the coin. 

If you’re trying to decide which American Gold Eagle is right for you, the first thing you need to consider is which version of the design you prefer. There are currently two American Gold Eagle designs available: Type 1 and Type 2. The main differences between these designs are listed below: 

Type 1 Gold Eagles

The Type 1 American Gold Eagle was first unveiled in 1985. It is the first design in the series and was the only design available for several decades. The obverse of this coin depicts Walking Lady Liberty.

She stands proudly, walking forward while wearing a flowing gown. Behind her is the U.S. Capitol building, and she holds both a torch and an olive branch in her arms. The reverse of this coin depicts a family of Bald Eagles; the patriarch brings an olive branch back to his mate and hatchling, which sit in a nest.

Type 2 Gold Eagles

This coin is brand new, having only been officially announced in 2020 and rolled out by the federal mint in 2021.The obverse of the Type 2 is largely the same as the Type 1. However, newer mint technology means that this version of the coin received a small touch-up to add detail and texture to the original design.

The reverse of the Type 2, however, offers a new take on the classic image of the American Bald Eagle. Here, a single eagle’s portrait is centered. He stares off into the distance; every feather on his neck is visible in the beautiful gold coin. 

Packaging Details For American Gold Eagles

American Gold Eagles are minted using only .9167 pure gold. This is actually a major benefit when it comes to durability; these alloyed coins are considered highly durable, especially when compared to higher purity government coins like the .9999 pure Canadian Gold Maple.

But we never like to take chances with your gold and silver investments. Hero Bullion has carefully developed a process to ensure that your coins are always properly packaged before they ship. With a package and shipment monitoring process and careful packaging, our goal is to make sure that your coins arrive at your doorstep just like they arrived at ours: in perfect condition. 

If you have questions about how we package our American Gold Eagle Coins, feel free to contact us anytime through our customer service team. We’d be happy to provide you with additional details about our packaging process or negotiate special packaging accommodations to better serve you. 

Final Thoughts: American Gold Eagles For Sale

For over a century, the American Gold Eagle has been a staple of the global bullion community. From its humble beginnings as the secondary ambition of President Roosevelt, the coin has eventually become one of the most revered and recognizable bullion series in the entire world.

Hero Bullion is proud to offer both the Type 1 and Type 2 versions of this classic coin. As the Type 2 continues to be distributed, collectors have an exceptional opportunity to begin collecting the first major new design in the series in 100 years. 

1/10 Oz, ¼ Oz, ½ Oz, and full 1 Oz denominations of the Type 1 and Type 2 American Gold Eagle Coins are available from Hero Bullion, and our convenient and careful shipping process means that your coins will always arrive in peak condition.