As one of the most in-demand metals in the world, titanium is an excellent way to diversify your precious metal portfolio. Shop our full inventory below, or scroll down for a full guide on buying titanium bullion bars and rounds. 

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Elemental 1 Pound Titanium Bar

The Elemental Mint is known for their production of beautiful bars and rounds for little-known precious metals. Their Elemental 1 Pound Titanium Bar is a great place to start if you’re looking to break into the titanium market. The obverse of the bar features the periodic table entry for titanium, as well as the bar’s weight, material, grade, and country of production (USA). For investors who want to start investing in titanium, this quality titanium bullion bar is a fantastic choice! 

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Titanium isn’t exactly what comes to mind when most investors think about precious metals. As one of the world’s cheapest precious metals, titanium bullion is a great way for investors to diversify their portfolios. 

Aside from being far more affordable than gold or silver, titanium is also one of the world’s most in-demand metals. Titanium is used in a wide range of products, including applications in both the civilian and military sectors. 

Are you ready to start stacking titanium for your precious metal collection? Scroll up to the top of this page to find our entire selection of in-stock titanium bars and rounds. If you’re still on the fence –  no worries! Keep reading, and we’ll introduce you to everything that titanium bullion has to offer the modern investor. 

Is Titanium a Good Investment? 

Is titanium the right investment for your growing precious metal portfolio? Some investors like the look of titanium bars and rounds. Other stackers appreciate the low total cost of investing in titanium bullion. 

Ultimately, the choice is yours. Only you know your investment objectives and preferences. Below, we’ll take a look at the pros and cons of investing in titanium bars and rounds to help you make a more informed decision. 

Pros and Cons of Buying Titanium Bars and Rounds

There are both advantages and disadvantages to investing in titanium bullion bars and rounds. While titanium is cheap, durable, and in-demand, it also comes saddled with high premium costs and a limited variety of available products. 

Pros of Investing in Titanium Bullion

There are three main reasons why investors love adding titanium to their portfolios: low prices, high durability, and skyrocketing industrial demand. Together, these three benefits help make titanium bullion one of the best options for budget investors looking for cheap precious metals to buy. 

Relatively Cheap Price

Compared to other precious metals like gold, silver, and platinum, titanium is extremely cheap. This doesn’t come without a cost, though. High premiums for processed titanium bars and rounds mean that you’re never going to be able to buy the metal at its low spot price. 

Even when we factor premiums into the equation, though, titanium just can’t be beat in terms of affordability. Right now, you can buy a 1 Pound Titanium Bar from Hero Bullion for less than fifty dollars. 

For investors who are working on a shoestring budget, titanium is a great choice. Many titanium products are beautiful and feature exceptionally stunning designs. The low price associated with titanium allows investors to stack large amounts of the metal without paying outrageous prices. 

You can maximize your savings on titanium bullion by opting for simple, minimalist titanium bars instead of processed, intricately detailed rounds. Because titanium bars are cheaper to produce, they’re generally sold at a fraction of the premium you’d pay for a round of a similar size/weight. 

High Durability 

Titanium is one of Earth’s most durable metals. When you buy high purity gold or silver bullion, the risk of scratching your bars and coins is relatively high. This isn’t the case with titanium. The metal generally isn’t purchased as a collectible, so it’s not particularly common for investors to take great care to protect their titanium bars and rounds from being damaged. 

1 Pound Elemental Titanium Bar
1 Pound Elemental Titanium Bar

Still, titanium is a beautiful metal with an unmatched level of durability. When you buy titanium bars and rounds from Hero Bullion, you can be sure that your bar will never break, scratch heavily, or get damaged from simple movement or handling. 

Exceptional Industrial Demand 

The biggest benefit to investing in titanium is the metal’s industrial demand. Titanium is used in hundreds of sectors, and global demand for the precious metal seems to grow exponentially every year. 

Perhaps titanium’s most important industrial application comes from the military sector. Armor, weapons, and ammunition often use titanium because of the metal’s famous durability. When you invest in titanium, you aren’t just paying for the beauty of titanium products or the metal’s scarcity. 

In a sense, you’re betting on the future of both warfare and industrialization. Some investors love to diversify their portfolio using metals with high demand from industry. If this appeals to you, then you should most definitely consider putting your money on cheap titanium bars and rounds. 

Cons to Buying Titanium Bars and Rounds

There are two main downsides to betting on titanium bullion bars and rounds. High premium costs and a limited variety of different products turns some investors off of the exciting precious metal that is titanium. 

High Premium Costs 

Compared to more expensive precious metals, premiums for titanium are high. This can be a bit confusing, so let’s take a look at how titanium premiums work. 

Titanium is a pretty common precious metal, but the process for refining it into bars and rounds is rather difficult. This means that companies who make these products have to spend more money in order to make them. This cost is kicked back onto the consumer (you), which means higher premiums over spot price. 

Even if you buy bulk titanium without the designs found on popular titanium bars or rounds, you still won’t be able to get titanium without paying some sort of premium. 

Is a high premium enough to deter you from buying quality titanium bars and rounds? That’s for you to decide. We do know that titanium products can be resold at a premium, so you don’t automatically lose that money as soon as you make a purchase. 

Ultimately, investors need to decide if they’re willing to pay a higher premium over spot price in order to secure cheap titanium bullion for their portfolios. 

Minimal Product Variety 

The bottom line: titanium products just aren’t as popular as gold, silver, or platinum coins and rounds. We do find that a growing number of investors are interested in adding titanium to their collections, so this trend may change as dealers begin adding more titanium to their product offerings. 

Elemental 1 Pound Titanium Round
Elemental 1 Pound Titanium Round

For now, you should know that there aren’t as many different types of titanium products as you’d find in more traditional precious metal markets. This could be good news for some investors; getting on the ground floor of a growing market is a sound financial strategy. 

For other stackers, the limited variety of titanium products is a major con to investing in titanium bullion. 

Are You Ready to Add Titanium to Your Portfolio? 

That’s all the information we have! Now, it’s your turn to think about whether or not you want to start adding titanium to your precious metal stack. Titanium is an abundant metal, but it’s also one of the most in-demand precious metals in the world. 

As the global community continues to industrialize and military conflict looms around the corner, titanium might very well be the precious metal investment of the future. 

Final Thoughts: Cheap Titanium Bars and Rounds For Sale

Hero Bullion stocks a full inventory of titanium bars and rounds. Produced by some of the most respected mints in the world, these products are an affordable way for investors to start putting their money on one of the most in-demand metals on the market. 

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