Mexican Silver Libertads

Mexican Silver Libertads are a fantastic choice for silver stackers. By putting your money on the beautiful coins from the Mexican Mint, you can collect pure silver while celebrating the history and culture of Mexico. 

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2023 1 oz Mexican Silver Libertad Coin 

This is the Mexican silver coin that started it all. The first 1 oz Mexican Silver Libertad was minted in 1982, and it was an immediate success. This tradition of excellence continues in 2023 with the release of the brand new 2023 1 oz Mexican Silver Libertad Coin. It features the Angel of Independence on the reverse. The bare-chested symbol of Mexican independence and freedom stands proudly in front of a desert mountain range. On the obverse, check out the coin’s updated design. It features 10 stylistic depictions of the Mexican coat of arms. In the middle, you’ll find the current version of the country’s coat of arms, an eagle fighting a snake. 

2023 5 oz Mexican Silver Libertad Coin

If you’re looking for more silver for your cash, it might be time to think bigger. The 2023 5 oz Mexican Silver Libertad Coin has you covered. Minted with .999 fine silver bullion, it features the same obverse and reverse designs as the original 1 oz Mexican Silver Libertad Coin. That’s right – celebrate Mexico’s incredible cultural and political history with one of the largest coins in the recent release of the Silver Libertad series. 

2023 ¼ oz Mexican Silver Libertad Coin 

Not all collectors are shopping for the largest coins possible. There are several benefits to investing in fractional silver coins. The 2023 ¼ oz Mexican Silver Libertad Coin is perfect for stackers who want to add a bit of liquidity and size variety to their portfolios. Despite the coin’s smaller frame, we find that the intricate obverse/reverse designs look incredible on the ¼ oz variant of this classic Mexican silver coin. We recommend investing in a variety of different coin sizes to complete your collection. 

Buy Mexican Silver Libertads – Hero Bullion

North America has long been the breeding ground for some of the world’s best silver coins. The Canadian Silver Maple and American Silver Eagle are hefty contenders for the most popular North American silver coins. But there’s another coin, one produced by the Mexican Mint, that has a lot to offer collectors. 

We’re talking about the Mexican Silver Libertad Coin, an instant classic produced by Mexico’s national Mint. For decades, the coin has been a favorite for investors all over the world. The coin’s impressive obverse and reverse designs invoke powerful imagery of the country’s history and culture. 

Hero Bullion helps customers buy Mexican Silver Libertads at low prices. Our vast inventory should offer everything you need to stack Mexican silver with confidence. 

History of the Mexican Silver Libertad

The history of this coin begins earlier than some of the other silver bullion coins we sell. It was first minted in 1982, just one year after the release of the Mexican Gold Libertad Coin. Both coins have enjoyed quite a bit of success, and they share the same brilliant obverse and reverse designs. 

The Mexican Mint’s reputation goes far further back. Before producing the Mexican Silver Libertad Coin, the federal government’s sovereign mint had been in operation since May of 1535. This makes it significantly older than the Canadian Royal Mint (1908) and the United States Mint (1792). 

Needless to say, the oldest mint in North America has had lots of time to establish itself as a premier producer of quality silver coins. 

Designs on the Mexican Silver Libertad

Let’s check out some of the designs that helped to make the Mexican Silver Libertad such a major force on the global coin market. We’ll take a closer look at both the reverse and obverse designs. Each side of this coin features a different artwork with cultural importance to the Mexican people and government. 

Obverse Artwork 

On the 2023 Mexican Silver Libertad, the reverse features a brilliant new design. You’ll be treated to the Mexican seal in the middle of the coin’s face. Encircling it are ten separate depictions of the eagle, which is Mexico’s national bird. On this coin, the beast is frequently seen eating or killing a snake. Sometimes, it simply flies through the air. 

These designs don’t change from year to year, so expect to find generally the same obverse and reverse artworks throughout the history of the series. 

Reverse-Side Designs 

Flipping the coin over, collectors are treated to another cultural symbol of Mexico: the Angel of Independence. This statue features an image that dates all the way back to Mexico’s fight for independence. Here, the angelic statue gestures proudly into the distance, her wings flowing in the arid Mexican desert climate. 

The angelic figure depicted on the statue is actually Winged Victoria, a Roman era goddess rumored to represent military victory and independence. 

In the background behind the Angel of Independence, you’ll note two volcanoes jutting out into the sky: Popocatepetl and Iztaccihuatl. A vast array of desert flora decorate the rest of the coin, placing onlookers right in the middle of one of the deserts Mexico is known for. 

Top Mexican Silver Libertads 

Because most Mexican Silver Libertads include the same obverse and reverse designs, your main choice in this series has to do with size. Whether you’re looking for fractional silver coins or a much larger 5 oz Mexican Silver Libertad, Hero Bullion’s got you covered with a fully stocked inventory of these beautiful coins from the Mexican Mint. 

1 oz Mexican Libertad 

The 1 oz Mexican Libertad is the coin that started it all. As the Mexican Mint’s best selling silver coin, the piece has been a favorite of silver stackers for decades. The coin’s designs pay homage to the culture and spirit of Mexico, and we have no doubt that this coin would fit well into your growing portfolio of silver coins from around the world. 

2023 1 oz Mexican Silver Libertad Coin Obverse
2023 1 oz Mexican Silver Libertad Coin

The obverse of this coin features the seal of the Estados Unidos Mexicanos. Surrounding the seal is a collection of ten different eagles in various positions. As you might have been able to figure out, the eagle is one of the many national symbols of Mexico. 

5 oz Mexican Silver Libertad

Looking for something a bit bigger? For seasoned silver stackers, the 5 oz Mexican Silver Libertad is a very solid option. The coin is minted with .999 fine silver bullion and is usually sold at a reasonable premium over spot price. 

Remember, silver bullion premiums tend to decrease as the size of your product increases. In other words, silver investors can save considerable money by going big with their next purchase. 

¼ oz Mexican Silver Libertads 

When it comes to investing in precious metals, bigger isn’t always better. There are several big advantages to investing in fractional silver coins. For new investors, remember that fractional coins are silver products that weigh less than one troy ounce each. 

If you’re looking for beautiful silver products, the ¼ oz Mexican Silver Libertad still features the same fantastic obverse and reverse designs included on the original 1 oz Mexican Silver Libertad. Investors who prefer divisible, easy-to-sell Mexican Silver Libertads will love our ¼ oz silver bullion coins. 

Why Buy Mexican Silver Libertad Coins?

There are three main reasons why our investors love collecting Mexican Silver Libertad Coins. Cultural artwork, historical context, and collectable/numismatic value are three major pros of investing in Mexican Silver Libertads for sale on the Hero Bullion website. 

Let’s take a closer look at all three of these benefits below. 

Cultural Artwork 

As we explained earlier on this page, both the obverse and reverse of the Mexican Silver Libertad feature beautiful, culturally relevant artwork. These coins pay homage to Mexico’s rich history – and its independence. 

On the obverse of the coin, note the Mexican coat of arms. Surrounding this centered coat of arms is ten past versions of the same symbol. Together, all of these symbols demonstrate the history of Mexico as an independent nation. 

The reverse of the Mexican Silver Libertad celebrates the independence struggle that helped to make Mexico the country that it is today. You’ll find the Angel of Independence, a popular statue commemorating the victory of Mexico in its war for independence. She stands on her pedestal, gesturing into the distance as her wings straighten toward the sky. 

No matter which side of the .999 fine silver coin you look at, you’re treated to an image that reminds us of the culture and history of the Mexican people. 

Historical Context 

The cultural symbolism on each side of the Mexican Silver Libertad gives onlookers a glimpse into the history and brilliance of the Mexican state. Take the coin’s obverse as an example. Instead of exclusively emphasizing the current coat of arms of Mexico, the coin’s designers decided to remind us of every past version of the coat of arms. 

The reverse’s historical symbolism doesn’t stop with Mexico itself. Instead, the coin’s depiction of the Angel of Independence goes all the way back to the days of Ancient Rome. Ancient Romans considered Victoria the goddess of victory. 

2023 2 oz Mexican Silver Libertad Coin Reverse
2023 2 oz Mexican Silver Libertad Coin

Victoria looks beautiful on this coin. Her statue commemorates Mexico’s hard-won victory in its fight for independence, and it also references one of the most important classical symbols in the history of the Western world. 

Collectable and Numismatic Value 

Mexican Silver Libertads have been an important part of silver stacker portfolios for decades. We’re not surprised that these coins have taken off in popularity. Each coin includes a high purity of pure silver bullion, exceptionally beautiful obverse and reverse designs, and more. 

We highly recommend paying attention to numismatics when you look for coins to diversify your silver collection. If you invest in collectable, numismatically valuable coins, you might have an easier time securing profit from your portfolio in the long run. Even if the value of silver decreases, your collectable coins may continue to keep you ‘in the green.’

Collectors love to build their silver stacks with Mexican Silver Libertads. In fact, we find that these coins often tend to increase in value over time. Collecting a full series of these coins can be a great way to build additional value into your portfolio. Take a look at our full inventory of pure silver Mexican Silver Libertads. 

We offer some of the most competitive prices in the industry on all Mexican Silver Libertad Coins. Feel free to browse our collection to find the perfect coin to add to your growing silver portfolio. 

Downsides of Buying Mexican Silver

Mexican Silver Libertads are by no means a perfect investment. In fact, there are two main cons to investing in Mexican Silver Libertads: limited design variety and inconsistent mintage schedules. 

These two downsides make it more difficult for some investors to put their money on Mexican Silver Coins like the Silver Libertad. We highly recommend adding Mexican silver to your collection, but take a look at these two downsides to make sure you’re making the right choice. 

Limited Design Variety 

As we mentioned earlier, the Mexican Silver Libertad tends to retain the same obverse and reverse designs from year to year. For some collectors, this is great. It does mean that you’re likely to receive the same beautiful artwork on each coin you buy – regardless of its mintage year. 

2023 5 oz Mexican Silver Libertad Coin (BU)
2023 5 oz Mexican Silver Libertad Coin

To other investors, variety is part of the fun in stacking silver. Coins from other countries, such as the Australian Silver Kangaroo, frequently include updated designs. This is part of why the Silver Kangaroo is one of the most collectable silver coins on the planet. 

Inconsistent Mintage Schedules 

Sometimes, the Mexican Mint is inconsistent in their release of Mexican Silver Libertads. This isn’t always the case, but we have noticed that some releases come a bit later in the year than popular coin series unveilings of other government mints. 

Final Thoughts: Mexican Silver from Hero Bullion!

Hero Bullion offers competitive pricing on a wide range of Mexican Silver Libertads. Feel free to browse our inventory to see if Mexican Silver Libertads are the right choice for your growing silver portfolio. 

As always, reach out to our customer service team with any questions you might have.