Gram-Kilo Gold Bars

Gram-Kilo Gold Bars are a fantastic way to build your gold portfolio. We’re excited to offer a wide variety of weights, brands, and designs on our Gram-Kilo Gold Bars. Check out our full inventory below, and scroll down on this page for a complete guide to our catalog. 

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Argor-Heraeus 1 Gram Gold Bar (New in Assay) 

Argos-Heraeus is one of the world’s premier producers of gold bullion bars. Their 1 Gram Gold Bar is an excellent choice for investors who’d like to start a gold collection without breaking the bank. Although this gold bar is affordable, it also offers a look into the impeccable design and quality that Argor-Heraeus has become known for. On the obverse, note their mint logo, as well as the bar’s country of minting, weight, material, and fineness. Finally, the obverse of this bar features an individualized serial number for added security. The reverse of the Argor-Heraeus 1 Gram Gold Bar is left intentionally blank. 

2024 Argor-Heraeus Dragon 10 Gram Gold Bar (New in Assay)

Moving up in weight but sticking with the Argor-Heraeus Mint, take a look at their newest gold bar: the Dragon 10 Gram Gold Bar. Shipped in its original assay card, this gold bar celebrates 2024 – the Year of the Dragon. For a gold bar, this piece offers some of the most impressive designs we’ve ever seen. On the reverse, you’ll find the portrait of a powerful dragon that takes up the entire bar. The reverse includes standard fare for gold bullion bars – the mint’s logo, country of minting, weight, material, fineness, and a unique serial number for added security. 

1 Kilo Gold Bar – Any Mint, Any Condition 

If your main concern is getting as much gold as possible for cheap, then you might as well go big. Hero Bullion now offers the 1 Kilo Bar in Any Mint, Any Condition. When you order this bar, we’ll ship you a bar of our choice from our expansive inventory. It will arrive in any condition and will not include any kind of assay card. Don’t be fooled, though. This is one of the best values we offer on the Hero Bullion website. Each gold bar includes 1 full kilo of .9999 fine gold bullion. If you’re fully committed to building a gold stack for your future, the 1 Kilo Gold Bar – Any Mint, Any Condition might be your best bet. 

Buy Gram-Kilo Gold Bars with Hero Bullion! 

Featuring the widest selection of gold bars on our site, the Gram-Kilo Gold Bars page is one of the most valuable tools for new investors looking to put their money into pure gold bullion. Whether you’re working on a shoestring budget or you want to build your stack with massive 1 Kilo Gold Bars, we’ve got something for you. 

Scroll up to the top of this page to find our complete selection of Gram-Kilo Gold Bars. If you’re still unsure if these gold bars fit into your investment goals, no worries! Keep reading, and we’ll teach you everything you need to know about Hero Bullion’s cheap Gram-Kilo Gold Bars for sale. 

What Are Gold Bars? 

Most investors know what a gold bar is. If you’ve been around the precious metals space for even a few minutes, you should know that there are two main ways to invest in gold. First is the gold coin. Gold coins are a certified tradition among investors. For thousands of years, gold coins with brilliant, intricate designs have been traded and used to display status and safeguard wealth. 

History of Gold Bars

Gold bars aren’t a new invention. Like gold coins, gold bars have been used for generations to help display wealth and protect assets against uncertain economic climates. But for the average investor, gold bars as an investable commodity aren’t really all that old. 

Valcambi 20 x 1 gram Gold CombiBar™
Valcambi 20 x 1 Gram Gold CombiBar

For most of human history, the concept of a standardized version of a gold bullion bar was nonexistent. According to gold bullion scholars, the very first standard gold bars came from the Bank of England at the onset of the 18th century. 

Gold bars were most commonly used for large bank transactions, either between corporations or extremely wealthy individuals, for the 18th and 19th centuries. But in the 20th century, gold bars began to take off as an investment that even the average consumer might be able to afford. 

Why Invest in Gram-Kilo Gold Bars? 

Today, Gram-Kilo Gold Bars are a staple of the bullion industry. For gold collectors, these gold bars offer a litany of advantages. Namely, gold bars are cheaper than gold coins and might offer a higher percentage of pure gold bullion. 

We wouldn’t want our readers to walk away from this page with the perception that gold bars are a perfect, infallible investment. Instead, we’ve chosen to outline some of the pros and cons associated with investing in Hero Bullion’s Gram-Kilo Gold Bars. 

Wondering if you should buy gold bars for your precious metals portfolio? Read on for some tips on how to make your next investing decision.

Pros of Investing in Gram-Kilo Gold Bars

There are a number of major advantages to investing in gold bars. For the most part, investors gravitate toward Gram-Kilo Gold Bars because these products offer lower premiums, higher purity gold, and look great when stacked in a safe. 

I Kilo 9999 Fine Gold Bars
1 Kilo Gold Bar – Any Mint, Any Condition

However, we find that there are a few underrated benefits to buying gold bars that some investors don’t even know about. Let’s take a look at 4 main advantages to buying gold bars: weight variety, gold purity, historical returns, and low premium costs. 

Weight Variety

The variety of weights offered by Gram-Kilo Gold Bars is a major advantage to collectors investing on a low budget. 

Compared to gold coins, gold bars offer an impressive weight variety. This might not seem like a huge deal – until you check out the current spot price of gold. Right now, buying a full one ounce gold coin is going to cost $2,000 or more. Even a 1/10 oz gold coin, the lowest fractional weight offered in most coin series, will likely run you over $200. 

Gold bars are available in all shapes and sizes. In fact, Hero Bullion even sells 1 Gram Gold Bars. These tiny gold bars are still minted with .9999 fine gold bullion and feature the same designs you’d find on large gold bars. The advantage? They cost a small fraction of the price of a 1 oz gold bar. 

Gold Purity 

Gold purity is another benefit to buying gold bars. 

Most gold coins minted in the modern era feature an impressive gold purity. However, we find that gold bars offer even more consistency where fineness is concerned. Almost all of the Gram-Kilo Gold Bars we sell include .9999 fine gold, making them some of the purest gold products on the market. 

It’s worth noting that this increased purity might make your Gram-Kilo Gold Bars easy to scratch or damage. While the high purity of gold bars is a big reason to invest in this time-honored investment tradition, investors should be careful when handling their bars to avoid damage. 

Time-Honored Investing Returns 

Another massive benefit to investing in gold bars is this asset’s history of consistent price appreciation. 

Valcambi 1 oz Gold Bar
Valcambi 1 oz Gold Bar

For several generations, gold bars have been considered an excellent way to invest in gold. Because of their low premium costs, gold bars might make it easier for you to invest directly in the value of gold. 

Especially in the past few decades, gold has separated itself from the pack as an unmatched option for investors who want to profit without worrying about troubling signs in the traditional economy. By investing in low premium gold bars, you can safeguard your portfolio while putting cash into one of the oldest investment traditions on Earth. 

Low Premium Costs

Any discussion of the benefits of buying gold bars would be incomplete without mentioning the obvious: premium costs. 

Gold bars don’t offer the intricate, detailed designs associated with the world’s most popular coins. Many gold bars are, for this reason, cheaper to produce. As a result, gold bars are usually sold at a lower premium over melt value than their circular coin counterparts. 

What does this mean for you? By lowering the premium cost you pay per troy ounce of gold, you can realize more profit when the price of gold increases. Your goal should always be to get as much gold as you can for as little money as possible. For this strategy, Gram-Kilo Gold Bars are unbeatable. 

Cons of Buying Gold Bars

Gold bars aren’t without their detractors, though. Some investors prefer gold coins because they offer numismatic value and more beautiful designs. We don’t fault them! There are pros and cons to any precious metal investment, and gold bars are no exception. 

1 oz Gold Bar In Assay Card
1 oz Gold Bar in Assay Card

Let’s take a look at 2 of the biggest downsides of investing in Gram-Kilo Gold Bars: minimal numismatic value and less beautiful designs compared to gold coins. 

Minimal Numismatic Value 

Compared to gold coins, gold bars don’t offer much numismatic value. For new investors, numismatic value means that a coin is valued for more than just its underlying precious metal content. Gold coins are often beautiful and minted in limited numbers, which means that they offer additional value to collectors. 

This isn’t always a fair comparison. Certain gold bars, such as the Argor-Heraeus Year of the Dragon Gold Bar, include intricate designs and a limited mintage. These bars might come with numismatic value. 

But for the most part, numismatic collectors tend to prefer gold bullion coins to bars. 

Less Beautiful Designs Compared to Gold Coins 

Again, this is the norm and not necessarily the rule. Some gold bars do include beautiful, intricate designs that would look beautiful in any collection. More importantly, some investors actually prefer the simple, classic look of a Gram-Kilo Gold Bar. 

However, gold bars are mostly minted in order to allow investors to buy gold without paying high premium fees. This means that they’re not designed with beauty of design as a primary consideration. Just take a look at some of our most popular gold bars, and you’ll see what we mean. 

If you like buying cheap, extremely fine gold bullion, gold bars are a fantastic choice. But if you’re someone who cares more about the designs on the obverse and reverse of your gold investments, we’d recommend sticking with gold coins. 

How to Buy Gram-Kilo Gold Bars

If you’re starting to see the benefits of buying gold bars, we’d like to leave you with just a few tips on how to buy gold bars for cheap without sacrificing quality. 

2024 Argor-Heraeus Dragon 1 oz Gold Bar
2024 Argor-Heraeus Dragon Gold Bar

We believe that a good investment always starts with picking the right dealer. Some gold dealers will charge outrageous premium prices on their Gram-Kilo Gold Bars. Doing a little bit of research can go a long way toward helping you build your portfolio with confidence. 

Choosing a Dealer

When you research Gram-Kilo Gold Bars for sale, your dealer is extremely important. There are always hidden costs to investing. Premium fees are one thing. Premiums are added onto almost every gold investment you make. Ultimately, it’s just not possible to buy gold bullion without paying some sort of premium. 

But shipping costs are another important factor that helps determine the total cost of your gold bar investment. Make sure you understand exactly how much you’ll pay to have your gold bars shipped before checking out. 

Keeping these additional cost factors in mind can save you quite a bit of money in the long run. When the price of gold goes up, you want to claim as much profit as possible – especially if you plan to sell. 

Local Vs. Online Gold Bar Sellers

Local gold bar dealers can also be a good option for budget investors. We tend to recommend online dealers, especially since online bullion shops can afford to offer a much larger inventory compared to local dealers. 

But if you’re lucky, do your research, and negotiate with dealers, you might find a great deal on Gram-Kilo Gold Bars by shopping locally. 

How to Find Cheap Gold Bars

How do you find cheap gold bars? The best way to buy cheap gold bars is to shop around. Certain brands are always sold at high premiums. This can be due to several reasons, but we most commonly see beautiful gold bars from popular brands sold at higher premiums than basic, no-nonsense gold bars. 

If you want to buy gold bars for as cheap as possible, you’ll want to go big. The larger your gold bar, the lower premiums you’ll be expected to pay. Additionally, looking for smaller private mints can also help you save a bit of money. 

The big mints usually include intricate, complicated designs on their Gram-Kilo Gold Bars, which drives production costs higher. And when production costs increase, this price is kicked back to the consumer in the form of additional premiums. 

Final Thoughts: Cheap Gram-Kilo Gold Bars for Sale! 

Hero Bullion is excited to offer an extensive inventory of cheap Gram-Kilo Gold Bars for sale. Our gold bars come from mints all over the world, and we’re very happy to be able to offer competitive pricing on all of our pure gold bars. 

Do you still have questions about how to buy cheap gold bars? Scroll up to the top of this page to find our current selection of Gram-Kilo Gold Bars, and never hesitate to reach out to our team if you have any concerns about your next gold bar investment!