5 oz Silver Bars

5 oz Silver Bars offer some of the lowest silver premiums you’ll find anywhere. Shop Hero Bullion’s full catalog of in-stock and competitively priced 5 oz Silver Bars below. 

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Germania Mint 5 oz Silver Bar (New)

Fresh from the Germania Mint is our brand new Germanis Mint 5 oz Silver Bar. These bars are minted with a standardized .9999 fine silver bullion and feature the same beautiful designs that Germania’s products are known for. On the obverse, you’ll find the Germania Mint logo, as well as this bar’s fineness, material, weight, and unique serial number. The reverse side is completely blank, except for a unique holographic Germania Mint logo. Start stacking with the gold standard of bullion – Germania Mint silver bars from Hero Bullion. 

Walking Liberty 5 oz Silver Bar (New)

The Florida-based Highland Mint has made quite the splash among precious metals stackers – and we understand why! Check out the Walking Liberty 5 oz Silver Bar. In addition to offering an exceptional purity of 99.9%, this silver bar pays homage to one of the most storied designs in American coinage history: Walking Liberty. Based on mint artist Adolph Weinman’s original design for the Walking Liberty Half Dollar, the obverse of this bar features a half-darkened design. On the lighter side of the bar, you’ll find the stamp of a Walking Liberty coin as we know it today, along with the bar’s weight, material, and purity. The reverse is textured and likewise darkened – but otherwise is left intentionally blank. 

Shop 5 oz Silver Bars – Hero Bullion!

Some investors prefer small silver bars because of their divisibility and affordability. Other silver stackers choose to go big by buying massive 1 kilo silver bars for their portfolios. If you’re somewhere in the middle, Hero Bullion’s wide selection of 5 oz Silver Bars might be a great choice for your growing silver stack. 

We’re excited to offer industry-leading prices on many of our 5 oz Silver Bars. Our bars come from several of the most popular private and government mints in the world, and we’re sure that they’ll look great in your home safe or depository box! 

If you’re interested in checking out our current in-stock inventory of 5 oz Gold Bars, scroll up at the top of this page to take a look at our selection. 

Otherwise, keep reading. We’ll walk new investors through everything they need to know about stacking 5 oz Silver Bars for investing. 

Why Invest in 5 oz Silver Bars? 

5 oz Silver Bars strike an excellent balance between too big and too small. Investors who want to save big on precious metal premiums should always opt to buy the biggest silver bars they can afford. After all, premium prices tend to go down as the size of your investment increases. 

But the sales pitch for stacking silver using 5 oz Silver Bars is a bit more complicated. Let’s take a look at some of the biggest pros and cons of buying 5 oz Silver Bars for your investment portfolio. 

Pros and Cons of Buying 5 oz Silver Bars

There are advantages – and disadvantages – to buying any silver bullion product, and our 5 oz Silver Bars are most definitely not an exception to this rule. Below, we’ll explain some of the main pros and cons of buying 5 oz Silver Bars. While 5 oz Silver Bars offer beautiful designs and a high silver purity at a relatively low price, these products also boast very little collectable/numismatic appeal. 

Pros to Purchasing 5 oz Silver Bars

The three main advantages to buying 5 oz Silver Bars include their low premiums, classic look and feel, and high silver purity. 

Relatively Low Premiums 

Like most silver bullion bars, 5 oz Silver Bars are usually sold at a much lower premium compared to other silver product categories. Silver coins, for instance, require quite a bit of production value and effort to manufacture. As a consequence, they’re sold at some of the highest premiums in the industry. 

Additionally, you’ll find that our 5 oz Silver Bars are often far cheaper than comparable brands of a lower weight. Because it’s easier for a mint to manufacture a single large bar than several smaller ones, it makes sense why 5 oz Silver Bars are considered a fantastic way for budget stackers to invest in cheap, pure silver. 

Classic Look and Feel 

We get it. For some silver stackers, intricate and beautiful designs are part of the appeal. However, many investors find that the classic look and feel of a silver bar just can’t be matched. With few exceptions, most of our 5 oz Silver Bars feature basic, minimalist designs. To one class of collector, this is a bug. To others? A feature! 

Germania Mint 5 oz Silver Bar
Germania Mint 5 oz Silver Bar (New)

Take a look at some of Hero Bullion’s competitively priced 5 oz Silver Bars at the top of this page. We want you to be proud of your silver bullion stack, so it’s important that you find and buy only the products that speak to your tastes and preferences. 

High Purity 

Ultimately, purity is what it’s all about for hardcore, dedicated silver stackers. You want the purest silver products possible for your collection. What’s the point of building a silver portfolio with a bunch of 40% pure silver coins? 

The good news: our 5 oz Silver Bars are either 99.9% or 99.99% pure. This means that you’re getting some of the purest silver bullion possible when you choose to work with Hero Bullion for your next investment. 

When we pair the high silver purity of our favorite silver bars with their beautiful, classic designs, the appeal is obvious. These bars feature some of the coolest designs ever to grace silver bullion, and these designs truly pop when set against the mesmerizingly pure silver bullion that these bars are minted with. 

Cons of Buying 5 oz Silver Bars

The one major downside to buying 5 oz Silver Bars is their limited numismatic appeal. While silver bars are beautiful and can sometimes be valuable to collectors, they just don’t offer the same kind of collectable premiums associated with silver coins. 

Let’s take a look at how numismatic appeal should play into your investment decision as you consider buying 5 oz Silver Bars for sale from Hero Bullion. 

Minimal Numismatic Value

While we think that silver bars offer their own unique brand of classic, refined beauty, it’s tough to deny that they just don’t have the same kind of intricate, groundbreaking designs we find on many silver coins. 

This translates into two things that investors should understand about buying (and selling) 5 oz Silver Bars. First, the diminished artistic appeal of a solid silver bar means that they’re generally sold at a lower premium than coins of the same weight. This is great for silver stackers, because it allows them to collect more pure silver without compromising on purity or overpaying on precious metal premiums. 

Second, 5 oz Silver Bars might not have the same numismatic value appreciation offered by quality silver coins from popular mints. Coins like the American Silver Eagle are always in demand – and not just for their high silver content. These coins are highly collectable, which makes it easy for stackers to liquidate their portfolios at a hefty premium when it comes time to sell. 

Walking Liberty 5 oz Silver Bar Obverse
Walking Liberty 5 oz Silver Bar (New)

While the low numismatic appeal of 5 oz Silver Bars makes them a cheaper alternative to silver coins, these bars might also be harder to sell for profit down the line. When the value of silver bullion increases, the potential resale value of your 5 oz Silver Bars will grow, of course. 

But when it comes to premiums attributable to collectability or numismatics, 5 oz Silver Bars are quite literally a tough sell. Still, there’s a reason why 5 oz Silver Bars are one of the most popular choices for stackers looking to buy cheap silver bullion for their money! 

Are 5 oz Silver Bars a Good Investment? 

If you’re a returning reader, you probably know how we’ll answer this question. At the end of the day, only you can decide whether or not 5 oz Silver Bars are a good choice for your collection. We’ve armed you with some of the major pros and cons of buying 5 oz Silver Bars. As a throughline, remember that 5 oz Silver Bars are a cheap way to invest in silver. However, they don’t really offer the numismatic or collectable value of silver coins. 

We find that most investors looking to stack cheap silver prefer 5 oz Silver Bars. Because these products don’t come with the bells and whistles of the world’s most popular silver coins, you can buy 5 oz Silver Bars from Hero Bullion at a fraction of the premium cost you’d pay for similarly large silver coins. 

Final Thoughts: Shop 5 oz Silver Bars For Sale

We couldn’t possibly be more excited about our current in-stock selection of 5 oz Silver Bars for sale. Hero Bullion has established itself as one of the most fair and reliable precious metals dealers online. 

Are you ready to take the next step and put your money into beautiful pure silver bars from around the world? Scroll up to check out our inventory, and remember to give us a call if you have any questions.