Australian Platinum Coins

Australian Platinum Coins have long been a favorite for collectors who value beautiful, culturally significant coinage from one of the world’s most reputable mints. Hero Bullion sells several of Australia’s most famous platinum coins at the fairest possible prices. Scroll to the end of this page for a more detailed guide to Australian Platinum Coins. 

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Australian Platinum Kookaburra Coin

The Australian Kookaburra pays homage to one of Australia’s most famous animals. Two tiny Kookaburra birds decorate the reverse of the coin, which is made with .9995 pure platinum bullion. Here, we note a mother and child Kookaburra locking eyes from atop two separate branches. Below them, you’ll see several Australian plants, and a stylized script of the word “Kookaburra” rests above their heads. The reverse of the coin pays homage to Queen Elizabeth II; she wears a crown, pearl earrings, and a pearl necklace. 

Australian Platinum Lunar Rabbit

Part of the larger Australian Lunar Series, the 2023 Australian Platinum Lunar Rabbit commemorates the incredible cultural history of the Chinese Lunar Calendar. Each coin in the series celebrates a different animal from the Chinese Calendar. For 2023, it’s the ‘Year of the Rabbit.’ The small rabbit jumps out from a patch of tall grass and looks backward slyly. The Mandarin script for ‘Rabbit’ is below his head, as well as the English word and the year of minting. Queen Elizabeth II once again decorates the obverse on this coin and wears her trademark jewelry. 

Australian Platinum Kangaroo

Is there an animal more closely associated with Australian culture than the Kangaroo? We don’t think so, and neither do the thousands of collectors who buy Australian Platinum Kangaroos every year. The coin features an Australian Kangaroo in flight; it jumps forward and is rendered in exceptional detail against the .9995 platinum bullion of the piece. A wave pattern on the borders of the coin gives it a unique texture, and a series of spiky designs encircle the jumping kangaroo. The obverse is our classic depiction of the regal Queen Elizabeth II. 

Like many of the world’s most popular sovereign mints, the mint system of Australia has a long history and an impressive reputation among collectors. First founded as a subsidiary of Britain’s Royal Mint in 1899, the Perth Mint has been Australia’s official distributor of bullion coinage for over 120 years. Because of the intense level of detail, production costs, and beautiful designs behind Perth Mint products, it should come as no surprise that this mint has become one of the world’s most famous bullion dealers. 

Hero Bullion is proud to offer several of the best Australian Platinum Coins. Our platinum coins are sold at competitive prices and delivered right to your door using our safe, secure, and discreet shipping policies.  

Learn more about some of the most popular Australian Platinum Coins below, as well as a little bit of history behind this fascinating and highly respected government mint. 

Buy Australian Platinum Coins with Hero Bullion

At the top of our page, you’ll find all of the Australian Platinum Coins we currently sell. Hero Bullion is constantly working to expand our selection, so be sure to bookmark this page and check back frequently for new Australian Platinum Coins. 

Platinum coins from Australia have been extremely popular sellers. We can definitely understand why; these bullion pieces include .9995 pure platinum and some of the most beautiful designs we’ve ever seen. The artistry at work within the Perth Mint is really something special. Some Australian Platinum Coins have appreciated considerably in value over the years, and this is especially true for coins with limited mintage. 

History of Australian Platinum Coinage

In 1899, the Australian mint system opened. It was originally a subsidiary of the British Royal Mint, which is based in London. This is also the case with the Canadian Royal Mint. Both the Perth Mint and the Royal Canadian Mint include obverse depictions of Britain’s current monarchs on their most popular coins, an homage to their history as parts of the larger British imperial mint family. 

File:Perth Mint (23939754235).jpg - Wikimedia Commons
Perth Mint Headquarters

Today, the Perth Mint is wholly owned by the Australian government. Australian Platinum Coins carry a face value in Australian Dollars (AUD) and can be used as legal tender within the country. Like many government-issued coins, coins from the Perth Mint come with an added layer of security that only an official government can offer. 

Why Buy Australian Platinum Coins? 

There are several reasons why collectors love to buy Australian Platinum Coins. First, these coins are minted and released by the official government of Australia. As such, they often include both beautiful designs and impressive security features. Compared to platinum bars from private mints, Australian Platinum Coins are easy to vet for legitimacy and authenticity, making them an exceptionally safe investment vehicle. 

We tend to believe that part of the appeal of Perth Mint’s coinage is the intricacy of their designs. Australian Platinum Coins like the ones listed at the top of this category page are beautiful works of art. The cultural significance behind many Australian Platinum Coins also gives this asset class a unique collector’s appeal. This is, of course, another way to say that Australian Platinum Coins hold impressive numismatic value. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Australian Platinum Coins 

While we certainly love the look and feel of our Australian Platinum Coins, there are both pros and cons to any bullion investment. Below, we’ll discuss the advantages and disadvantages of investing in Australian Platinum Coins. If you want a short summary, coins from the Perth Mint are beautiful and highly collectable but come with high premium costs and a limited selection. We’ll take a closer look in the next section. 

Pros of Buying Platinum Australian Coins 

There are three main reasons to buy Australian Platinum Coins: beautiful designs, an impressive mint reputation, and high numismatic value. Let’s take a deeper dive into all three of these advantages. 

Beautiful Artwork and Designs 

Most government mint coins are going to be beautiful. If you ask us, even a blank platinum coin is still pretty beautiful. But Australian Platinum Coins are a different kind of visually appealing. Coins like the Australian Platinum Kangaroo use the latest mint technology to bring collectors a highly detailed and intricate cultural depiction on every coin. Even the obverse of Australian Platinum Coins tends to be beautiful; the detailed visage of Britain’s monarch invokes powerful imagery of both Australia and the country that helped shape it. 

Mint Reputation and Recognizability

The reputation of the Perth Mint is an undeniable reason why their coins remain so valuable to collectors. Even compared to other government mints, Perth has established itself as a reliable producer of some of the world’s most impressive platinum coins. Operating for over 120 years, Perth has most definitely had enough time to solidify their reputation among investors. 

Mint reputation is more than an abstract concept – it’s also a major reason to buy from the Perth Mint. The extensive reputation of Australia’s mint system makes their coins highly recognizable. There isn’t a serious bullion collector in the world who wouldn’t recognize a genuine Platinum Kangaroo Coin if they saw one. When it comes time to sell your platinum investment in the future, you want to have a stack made up of recognizable coins that will be easy to liquidate. Because of the Perth Mint’s recognizability and reputation, Australian Platinum Coins from Hero Bullion are a perfect asset for platinum collectors. 

Numismatic/Collectable Value

Because of both the beauty of Australian Perth Mint designs and the limited mintage of some popular coins from their catalog, many Australian Platinum Coins are highly collectable. The numismatic value of these coins provides investors with an additional protection against the renowned volatility of the overall platinum market. 

Even when platinum’s price suffers, the collectable value of Australian Platinum Coins can help your portfolio remain profitable and in the green. 

Cons of Australian Platinum Coins 

Two main disadvantages help steer some buyers away from Australian Platinum Coins. A limited selection and high premiums over spot are two downsides to Perth Mint platinum coinage. We’ll discuss both of these cons below. 

Limited Selection 

While platinum coins are extremely popular with collectors, Perth Mint hasn’t released nearly as many platinum coins as they have for gold and silver coins. The limited selection of Australian Platinum Coins might make it hard for some investors to justify spending their money on platinum instead of gold or silver. 

Hero Bullion does offer several popular Australian Platinum Coins for sale at competitive prices. We also have non-platinum coins, including Australian Gold Coins and silver coins for you to consider. 

High Premiums Over Spot Price

Like all precious metal coins, Australian Platinum Coins come with an inflated premium. This is at least partially attributable to the high production cost associated with Australian coinage. These coins include intricate, beautiful designs that evoke imagery and symbolism from Australia’s proud history, so it shouldn’t be surprising that they come at an added price. 

You can cut down on premium costs by buying larger platinum coins. Small coins are going to have the highest premiums, but bullion dealers might be able to minimize your total price if you choose to buy larger denominations. Buyers working on a low budget who want to invest in platinum should consider buying platinum bullion bars, which offer some of the lowest premiums over spot in the industry. 

Best Hero Bullion Australian Platinum Coins

Hero Bullion offers a solid range of quality platinum coins from the Perth Mint. Below, we’ll discuss three of our most popular sellers: the Australian Platinum Kookaburra, Australian Platinum Lunar Series, and Australian Platinum Kangaroos. 

Australian Platinum Kookaburra

Boasting beautiful obverse/reverse designs and a limited mintage of only 15,000 coins worldwide, the Australian Platinum Kookaburra remains one of Australia’s most popular platinum products. .9995 fine platinum bullion makes up the coin, which has a face value of $15 AUD.

2023 1/10 oz Australian Platinum Kookaburra Reverse
2023 1/10 oz Platinum Kookaburra

The reverse of the 2023 Platinum Kookaburra shows off two of the tiny birds, one mother and one child. They each sit on a branch and look at one another. A stylized script of the word “Kookaburra” is struck above their heads, as native Australian flora rest beneath them. 

On the obverse, you’ll note Queen Elizabeth II, who decorates the front sides of most Australian coins. She wears her crown, pearl earrings, and pearl necklace. 

Historically, Australian Platinum Kookaburras have been exceptionally fast sellers, which is undoubtedly a result of their low mintage numbers and excellent artwork. 

Australian Platinum Lunar Rabbit

Platinum coin collectors should already know how important series coins can be for a well-rounded and profitable portfolio. The Australian Platinum Lunar Series remains one of the most popular in the world. Commemorating the Chinese Lunar Calendar, each coin in the series pays homage to one of the animals used to celebrate the Chinese New Year. 

The 2023 release is the Platinum Lunar Rabbit. Your obverse is going to look similar to the Platinum Kookaburra; you’ll see Queen Elizabeth II wearing her classic jewelry and crown. We haven’t seen King Charles III on the Australian Platinum Lunar Series yet, but the ‘king type’ coins are likely to be released in the next couple of years. 

2023 Australian 1 oz Platinum Lunar Rabbit Reverse
1 oz Australian Platinum Lunar Rabbit

As the coin’s name suggests, the reverse of the Lunar Rabbit Coin depicts a rabbit. The lean creature is jumping out of a patch of grass and looking backward cautiously. Its fur is rendered in impressive detail, and the Chinese symbol for ‘rabbit’ and the minting year are shown behind its head. 

Australian Platinum Kangaroos/Nuggets

The Australian Kangaroo Coin is, without a doubt, the most famous coin to come out of Australia. It isn’t hard to see why, given the coin’s unique cultural imagery, fascinating history, and beautiful design. The obverse of this piece shouldn’t be surprising, especially if you’ve read the descriptions above. Queen Elizabeth once again appears wearing her earrings, necklace, and crown. 

While Australian Kangaroos have been minted for decades, the 2023 Australian Platinum Kangaroo is actually only the sixth release in the platinum series of the coin. Despite the series being in its relative infancy, it has nevertheless proven a resounding success among investors. 

2023 1 oz Australian Platinum Kangaroo Coin Reverse
            1 oz Platinum Kangaroo

On the reverse, investors can get a look at one of Australia’s most famous animals – the kangaroo. The animal is mid-jump and depicted in fine detail. A wave pattern decorates the circle around the kangaroo, and a spiky design juts out toward the kangaroo during its jump. Collectors have loved the Australian Kangaroo for decades, the new platinum version of the classic coin is sure to fit into any collection. 

How to Buy Australian Platinum Coins 

If you’re ready to add pure platinum Australian Coins to your collection, we’ve got you covered. There are three things investors need to know when they plan to buy Australian Platinum Coins: premium costs, market conditions, and storage considerations. 

Premium Costs

Premiums for Australian Platinum Coins are going to be high, and this is likely to be the case with most government-issued coins. Buying larger Australian Platinum Coins can help to minimize premium costs, but coins usually aren’t the most financially sound investment vehicle for investors who want to invest in the value of platinum alone. 

Typically, collectors working on a low budget can capitalize on the lower premiums offered by platinum bars to get more silver for their money. 

Market Conditions

Timing the market is a skill that can take a lifetime to learn, but smart investors develop a system to consistently evaluate the platinum market. Closely watching the spot price of platinum can help you to figure out when it might be a good time to buy Australian Platinum Coins. 

Storage and Precious Metal Insurance

Always be sure to store your platinum coins properly. Platinum is an expensive investment, and improper storage can quickly destroy the value of your collection. Store coins within their original pouches or cases and leave them in a cool, dry place. We recommend a home safe for smaller investments. For larger collections, buying additional homeowners’ insurance might be necessary, as most insurance plans only cover a certain amount of platinum bullion. 

Final Thoughts: Purchase Australian Platinum Coins with Hero Bullion

We’re excited to bring our customers the best Australian Platinum Coins at low prices and premiums. Do you have questions about how to buy or sell Australian Platinum Coins? Please reach out to our team to discuss all that Hero Bullion has to offer.