Australian Gold Coins

Australia’s mint system has a reputation as one of the best in the world. Celebrate the history of Australian bullion with some of our quality Australian Gold Coins. 

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Australian Gold Lunar Series

The Gold Lunar Series from the Perth Mint pays homage to one of the world’s most enduring cultural traditions: the Chinese Lunar Calendar. Each coin in the series celebrates a different animal from the series. Historically, people from around the world have celebrated the Chinese Lunar New Year. And every year, another animal is commemorated. People born in the year of a given animal are said to have certain characteristics, including bravery, compassion, and strength. Our Australian Gold Lunar Series Coins are minted with .9999 pure silver and come in a variety of denominational weights. We love the intricate beauty of these coins – and you will, too. 

Australian Gold Kangaroo Coin

Also known as the Gold Nugget, the Gold Kangaroo remains one of Australia’s most recognizable coins. It isn’t hard to see why this coin has become a popular bulwark on the international bullion market. The classic depiction of a Kangaroo on the reverse-side of the Gold Kangaroo is rendered in exceptional detail and with .9999 fineness. Its intricacy is unparalleled in the precious metal market. Like the Lunar Series, our Australian Gold Kangaroo Coins are available in multiple denominations, which can make it easy for collectors to build their stacks without breaking the bank. On the obverse, note the universally recognized artwork of Queen Elizabeth II, Britain’s storied monarch. 

Gold Kookaburra Coin

The Gold Kookaburra Coin celebrates yet another famous animal native to the wilds of Australia. The tiny Kookaburra is beautiful, and modern variations of the Gold Kookaburra Coin feature two adorable creatures sitting on branches. Just like the Australian Gold Kangaroo, the coin is made using the highest possible gold fineness found on non-special coins. The .9999 purity of our Gold Kookaburras helps the master minters at the Perth Mint to render each Kookaburra in unprecedented detail. The obverse includes a depiction of Queen Elizabeth II, paying respects to the monarchal roots of the Australian government. In the future, the coins will feature King Charles III; this very well might be your last chance to grab ahold of a Queen-type Kookaburra. 

Australian Gold Koala Coin 

We’ll round off our list of the best Australian Gold Coins with a certified classic. Aside from the Kangaroo, the Koala remains the most easily recognizable animal to come out of Australia. The 2023 version of the Australian Gold Koala depicts not one, but two adorable Koalas as they climb on the branch of a Eucalyptus tree. With the same .9999 pure gold bullion that characterizes all of our Australian Gold Coins, the detail on each of the Koalas is beautiful to see. Turn the coin over and you’ll see the familiar face of Queen Elizabeth II.

Buy Australian Gold Coins

Australia’s mint system has become one of the world’s most respected producers of gold coins, bars, and other precious metal products. Offering innovative minting technology and an unmatched reputation of excellence, the Perth Mint is a dominating force in the global bullion trade for a few major reasons. 

Hero Bullion offers a wide inventory of quality Australian Gold Coins. Our competitive prices and discreet shipping procedures have helped to make us a premier dealer of Australian Gold Coins. To get a closer look at our collection of impressive gold coins from Australia’s respected mint system, scroll up. Below, you’ll find a guide to everything you need to know about investing in Australian Gold Coins. 

Quality Gold Coins from Hero Bullion 

As of right now, we offer four main Australian Gold Coins: Kangaroos, the Lunar Series, Kookaburras, and Koalas. If you haven’t noticed it yet, Australian Gold Coins frequently depict adorable Australian animals. We’ll take a closer look at them later on this page. For now, you should know that Hero Bullion sells some of the most popular Australian Gold Coins on the market. 

History of Australian Coinage

Australian coinage is closely related to the history of the country itself. As many readers already know, Australia began as a prison colony run by Great Britain. The British Empire’s own mint is one of the oldest in the world. Eventually, the country established a subsidiary mint system within Australia. This explains why modern Australian Gold Coins feature the current monarch of England on their obverse. 

2023 1/10 oz Australian Gold Koala Effigy
Queen Elizabeth II’s Effigy

Don’t worry; the Australian mint system isn’t still a subsidiary of the British Royal Mint. Now, the Mint is run locally by the Australian government, and their popular Australian Gold Coins both pay homage to the mint’s history and capitalize on modern bullion coin standards. 

Why Buy Australian Gold Coins?

Why should you buy Australian Gold Coins? There are a few reasons why Australian bullion coins have garnered such an impressive reputation within the precious metal collector community. The coins feature beautiful designs, high liquidity, and intrinsic value because of their gold content. On the other hand, disadvantages to buying Australian Gold Coins include both the natural volatility of gold bullion and high premium costs. Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of Australian Gold Coins. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Australian Gold Coins 

Any discussion of Australian Gold Coins is incomplete without outlining the pros and cons of these important bullion collectables. We’ll address below. 

Pros of Buying Australian Gold Coins

There are numerous reasons why so many collectors prefer to buy Australian Gold Coins. We could spend all day talking about the benefits associated with specific gold coins, but we’ll relegate our discussion to three main advantages of Australian Gold Coins: beautiful designs, high recognizability and liquidity, and the intrinsic melt value of gold. 

Beautiful Designs 

This advantage to doing business with the Perth Mint is low-hanging fruit. Each of the Australian Gold Coins on our list are minted by expert craftsmen in Australia and feature some of the most beautiful designs we’ve seen on any gold coins. The Australian Gold Kangaroo, the adorable animals of the Gold Lunar Series, the cute little Koalas, and the tiny Kookaburras – all of our Australian Gold Coins put the beauty of Australian wildlife on full display. 

2019 Australian 1 oz Gold Lunar Pig Coin Reverse
Australian Gold Lunar Series

Beauty of design isn’t everything for some collectors, but we know that some of our customers appreciate the intricate attention to detail offered by the Perth Mint and their Australian Gold Coins. 

High Recognizability/Liquidity

It should go without saying that Australian Gold Coins are highly recognizable. Even if you aren’t a fan of gold bullion coins, the animals that decorate the reverse of our Australian Gold Coins are surely easy to clock. This recognizability is a major reason why the coins offer such high liquidity. It’s generally very easy to resell Australian Gold Coins, because any collector with experience trading gold coins should know what they look like. 

Intrinsic Gold Melt Value

Even without the impressive designs and high liquidity that they offer, each Australian Gold Coin on our site features an impressive .9999 pure gold bullion. This means that they hold intrinsic gold value. Imagine a world where the Australian Gold Kangaroo becomes unpopular among collectors. The high gold content of Australian Gold Coins helps them to retain value, even when numismatic resale value takes a nosedive. 

Disadvantages of Buying Australian Gold Coins

We don’t ever want our customers to leave a guide thinking that a set of coins is completely perfect. Investing in precious metals is always an inherent risk, and there are downsides to buying Australian Gold Coins. We’ll cover two of the main disadvantages below: high premium costs and gold’s price volatility. 

High Premium Costs

Like all gold coins, Australian Gold Coins come with high premium costs. While some investors balk at the concept of paying extra for gold bullion, others consider the price a small one to pay in exchange for the beautiful designs and impressive reputation associated with Australia’s most popular gold coins. 

Gold Price Volatility

Gold is volatile. Almost all gold bullion investments are risky for precisely this reason. From week to week, gold’s spot price can vary considerably. This is not unique to gold bullion; silver, platinum, and other precious metals are also associated with unpredictable price action. You can take steps to mitigate the risk of your investment by diversifying your precious metals portfolio. 

Best Hero Bullion Australian Gold Coins 

We’re extremely proud of our selection of Australian Gold Coins. We’ll highlight four of our favorites below: Australian Gold Lunar Series, Australian Gold Kangaroos, Gold Kookaburras, and Gold Koalas. 

Australian Gold Lunar Series

The Gold Lunar Series is an ongoing coin collection by the Australian Mint. These Australian Gold Coins each celebrate a different animal from the Chinese Lunar Calendar. The Chinese New Year is celebrated by millions of people around the world. Every year, another animal is celebrated by the calendar, and people born in the year of an animal are said to possess its same qualities. The coin features a familiar obverse depiction of Queen Elizabeth II. 

2023 Year of the Rabbit Gold Coin

Australian Gold Kangaroo Coin

Minted with the standard .9999 pure gold, the Australian Gold Kangaroo Coin is a classic for a reason. Interestingly enough, the coin features a different reverse-side depiction each year. Regardless of the specific year of the Gold Kangaroo Coin you choose to buy, you’re sure to get a beautiful, intricately detailed depiction of one of Australia’s most noteworthy animals. 

2023 Australian Gold Kangaroo Coin

As always, the obverse side of the Australian Gold Kangaroo highlights Britain’s monarch, Queen Elizabeth II. 

Gold Kookaburra Coin

The Kookaburra is a tiny bird native to Australia. While designs change yearly for this coin, the 2023 Gold Kookaburra Coin might feature the Australian mint system’s best coin yet. Two Kookaburras, a parent and child, sit atop branches and look at one another lovingly. The coin’s obverse once again highlights the regal history of Australia with Queen Elizabeth’s visage. 

2023 110 oz Australian Gold Kookaburra Reverse
2023 Australian Kookaburra Gold Coin

Kookaburras have been popular for a number of years, and we’re especially excited about the 2023 1/10 oz Gold Kookaburra Coins. 

Australian Gold Koala Coin 

We’ll round out our list with the Australian Gold Koala. Do you want to take a guess about what person decorates the obverse of this ever-popular coin? It’s Queen Elizabeth II, of course. And as the Australian Gold Coin’s name suggests, the Australian Gold Koala highlights the Koala, an animal native to Australia and known all around the world. 

2023 1/10 oz Australian Gold Koala
1/10 Australian Gold Kangaroo Coin

On the latest edition of this storied coin series, the Australian Gold Koala features two of the country’s adorable animals. A parent and a child climb slowly up a eucalyptus tree, eager to eat one of their favorite meals. As always, the coin is minted with .9999 pure gold bullion.

How to Buy Australian Gold Coins 

Buying Australian Gold Coins has never been easier. Hero Bullion makes it simple for collectors to secure the Australian Gold Coins they love without paying outrageous premiums over spot. Below, we’ll give you two big tips for how to make the most of your Australian Gold Coins investment. 

Timing the Market

Timing the market is always an essential part of investing in gold bullion, and Australian Gold Coins are no exception. You’ll want to carefully track the spot price of gold in order to make sure you’re buying at the right time. Don’t worry if you don’t get it right the first time; this skill can take decades to learn. 

Developing a strategy for tracking and timing the gold market is your biggest tool as you navigate the world of Australian Gold Coins. 

Properly Storing and Maintaining Australian Gold Coins 

Investment doesn’t stop with your first purchase. If you want to make as much profit as possible from your Australian Gold Coin investments, you’ll also need to develop a method to properly store and maintain your coins. Because Australian Gold Coins are so expensive, it might benefit you to secure a home safe – or look to alternative, insured storage methods. 

Final Thoughts: Buy Quality Australian Gold Coins 

Hero Bullion offers a wide selection of Australian Gold Coins. For decades, the Perth Mint has established its reputation as one of the premier distributors of high quality, beautiful gold bullion coins. Please check out the top of this page for more information about some of our favorite Australian Gold Coins, and never hesitate to reach out to our team with any questions you might have.