British Silver Coins

The British Royal Mint has been one of the world’s most popular distributors of quality silver coins for generations. Take advantage of our competitive pricing on British silver coins below. 

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2024 1 oz British Silver Britannia Coin

For decades, the British Silver Britannia Coin has been one of the most popular and collectable silver coins on the market. The 2024 Britannia includes the first ever change on the coin’s obverse. Each Britannia release includes a depiction of the current monarch of Great Britain. After Queen Elizabeth’s death, the crown of Britain was passed to King Charles III. The 2024 1 oz British Silver Britannia Coin features Britain’s new King. He wears no crown and looks off into the left side of the coin. On the reverse, you’ll find the classic Britannia artwork that investors have loved for decades. This coin is, as always, minted with .999 fine silver bullion.

2023 10 oz Tudor Beast Bull of Clarence Silver

Following the stunning success of the Queen’s Beasts series, the Royal Mint began producing a brand new series to celebrate the royal lineage of the Tudor family. Each year, the mint releases one coin meant to commemorate the family’s ties to the throne. In 2023, they sold the 10 oz Tudor Beast Bull of Clarence Silver Coin. This coin is minted with .9999 fine silver bullion and depicts the beastly Bull of Clarence on the reverse. On the obverse, we see one of the first depictions of newly crowned King Charles III. His portrait is simple; he wears no jewelry and looks toward the left side of the coin. 

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For centuries, the British Royal Mint has been one of the most significant sources of quality gold, silver, and platinum bullion products. In addition to laying claim to the title of the second oldest mint in the world, the British Royal Mint offers unparalleled customer service, attention to detail, and innovation within the bullion sector. It should come as no surprise that the mint frequently breaks records with the number of coins it sells in a given calendar year. In the past decade, the Royal Mint has outdone itself, too. Coming out with several exceptionally collectable and valuable coins, the British Royal Mint’s product line is among the most coveted by collectors all over the world. 

Unlike many mints, the British Royal Mint’s most popular coins are not always gold. Britain’s Silver Britannia, for example, is a high-purity silver coin with both an impressive history and a loyal fan base within the bullion collector community. In other words, Great Britain’s national mint thrives in the world of silver in a way that few other government mints do. 

Hero Bullion is excited to offer a wide variety of British Silver Coins. Our main product line includes the British Silver Britannia, the British Myths and Legends Series, and the explosively popular coins from the now-concluded British Silver Queen’s Beasts series. Following the popularity of the Queen’s Beasts Series, we now carry the Tudor Beasts Series, which have already become favorites for British Silver Coin collectors all over the world. While it’s tough to beat the look and feel of the American Silver Eagle, a growing number of bullion enthusiasts are expanding their silver holdings with quality British coins from the world’s second oldest mint. 

This category page will walk you through everything that an informed investor should know about British silver coinage. 

The British Royal Mint

Like we explained above, the British Royal Mint is almost the oldest mint in the world. The title for the oldest mint actually goes to the Monnaie de Paris, which was established in 864. The inception date between these competitors is remarkably close; the British Royal Mint was established just twenty-two years later in 886. This makes the British Royal Mint not only the second oldest mint in the world, but also the tenth oldest company in history. Talk about a mint with a long track-record! 

The British Royal Mint’s influence is evident all over the world. The Canadian Royal Mint, the Perth Mint, and several other mints founded in British colonies during the colonial period, bear the image of the Queen as an homage to their history of involvement with the flagship British Royal Mint. Today, most of these subsidiary mints are independent, but their design process and artistic inspiration still heavily reference the British Royal Mint that started it all. 

In recent years, the Royal Mint has expanded its offerings to respond to the decline in physical cash use. Before the recent advent of electronic payment methods, major mints like the British Royal Mint made quite a bit of their money manufacturing physical currency for their governments. Now, as more and more consumers turn away from cash and precious metal products to pay for goods and services, mints like the British Royal Mint have been forced to diversify their offerings to remain profitable. 

To do this, the British Royal Mint has created a number of new luxury and collectable coin collections over the past decade. Bullion collectors are the real winners as the mint industry continues to evolve; collectable editions of the Silver Britannia, the British Silver Queen’s Beasts series, and the British Silver Robin Hood Series are all coin collections that have been strengthened as the mint moves toward a newer business model. 

British Silver Coins

While the British Royal Mint’s offerings continue to expand, there are a few British Silver Coins that reign supreme in the eyes of many consumers. The British Silver Britannia, the Silver Queen’s Beasts series, and the British Myths and Legends are three of our biggest sellers – and with good reason. Each coin carries with it a tremendous amount of British history and evokes the likeness of some of the country’s most powerful symbols and imagery. 

In this section, we’ll cover three of our most popular British Silver Coins to give readers an idea of what the British Royal Mint has to offer their silver coin collections. 

British Silver Britannia

There’s no contest: The Silver Britannia is the most recognizable British coin, and it may well be the most recognizable silver coin in history. This brilliant coin is minted using .999 pure silver bullion, which is as pure as it gets for a silver coin. The obverse features the familiar likeness of Queen Elizabeth II, who is shown wearing her pearl earrings and crown. Mileage may vary; different yearly editions of the Silver Britannia feature different artistic renderings of the late Queen. Hero Bullion actually offers a ‘random year’ Silver Britannia, which allows collectors a bit of a surprise as they open their coin to find one of several different depictions of Britain’s late monarch. 

2024 1 oz British Silver Britannia Coin

The reverse side of the coin is where things get interesting. You’ll find a depiction of Britannia, the female personification of Great Britain. Britannia has been used to signify the people of Great Britain for over a thousand years, and the modern version of Britannia began to take shape in 1825. Britannia is a woman who wears a flowing gown and dons a war helmet, as well as a shield and a trident. On the Silver Britannia, her beauty is on full display; we love the intricate design of Britannia on the reverse of this classic coin. 

The British Silver Britannia is available in the one-ounce denomination. Over the years, the 1 oz Silver Britannia has been a staple of the global silver coin trade. 

British Tudor Beasts

The Silver Queen’s Beasts series was remarkably popular. The series featured each of the ten ‘Queen’s Beasts,’ statues created by James Woodford to honor the lineage of Queen Elizabeth at her coronation. While the Queen’s Beasts Series retired last year as one of the most popular product lines ever created by the British Royal Mint, the legacy of this incredible series continues with the new Silver Tudor Beasts Series. 

The British Tudor Beasts series is still ongoing, with new designs being released yearly. So far, the Seymour Panther, Lion of England, and Yale of Beaufort have been unveiled. While it’s impossible to overstate how revolutionary the designs of the original Queen’s Beasts Series were, we tend to think that the Tudor Beasts have even more to offer collectors. 

The obverse of these coins features the likeness of the late Queen Elizabeth II. Here, she is shown wearing her crown and pearl earrings and her smooth portrait is set against a textured background. The reverse of each coin features a different ‘beast’ meant to represent an element of the Queen’s royal lineage. The beasts carry shields bearing the crests of the families they represent, and we are extremely excited about the level of detail and intricacy of these historically fascinating creatures in the Tudor Beasts series. 

Like the exceedingly in-demand Queen’s Beasts, the Silver Tudor Beasts Series allows investors to collect a beautiful artistic homage to the history and culture of one of England’s longest-reigning and most beloved monarchs. 

British Myths and Legends Series

Robin Hood remains one of the most classic fairy tales in history, and Britain lays claim to this cultural icon. The Silver British Robin Hood coin commemorates this unmistakable hero of the people. The Robin Hood Coin is part of a larger collection of silver coins, each of which commemorates a classic British folk hero. We’ve chosen to highlight this particular coin in our guide, but it might be worth looking into the other coins in the British Myths and Legends Series. 

The obverse of this coin, like all silver British coins, features the image of Queen Elizabeth. Here, she wears both her pearl earrings and her recognizable crown. The reverse of each coin depicts a classic British mythical hero in a characteristic pose. On the Robin Hood coin, we note an action shot of the classic British hero as he aims his bow and arrow from atop a tree. The staggering amount of detail on this side of the coin is worth mentioning. Under the textured backdrop of pure silver, even the individual leaves on the tree and the arrows in Robin Hood’s quill are easily identifiable. 

For fans of British culture and history, it’s hard to beat the level of detail and historical collectable value offered by the British Robin Hood, as well as all of the coins in the British Myths and Legends series. We’d also recommend using the British Robin Hood as a collectable complement to the British Britannia; together, the coins paint a picture of both the history and the cultural significance of Great Britain. 

The following coins are available in the culturally significant British Myths and Legends Series: 

  • Robin Hood
  • King Arthur 

Investing in British Silver Coins

British Silver Coins offer some of the best investment opportunities on the marker for collectors who want to expand their silver holdings. While we do anticipate that you’ll pay a higher premium for a BU British Silver Britannia than you would for a pure silver bullion bar, the collectable value of coins from the British Royal Mint is hard to beat. It’s challenging to make predictions about how these coins will be valued years – or decades – from now, but it does seem safe to say that demand for British silver coinage isn’t going anywhere soon. 

2023 10 oz Tudor Beast Bull of Clarence Silver Reverse
2023 10 oz Tudor Beast Bull of Clarence Silver Coin

Of particular note is the British Silver Queen’s Beasts coins. Following the passing of the beloved Queen Elizabeth II, investors have flocked to these coins, which provide an exceptional testament to her legacy and her impact on British society and culture. The 1 Oz Silver Britannia is another classic coin that celebrates the history of both Britain and her monarch, making both coin series excellent options for consumers who want to expand their collections during this unprecedented moment in modern British history. 

Hero Bullion sells all of the coins mentioned in this guide, and we’re always happy to help you understand your options as you dive into the exciting world of British silver coinage. 

Where to Buy British Silver Coins

There is no shortage of British silver coins on the market. The 1 oz BU Silver Britannia is a particularly popular option for consumers who are trying to dip their toes in the water of British coinage. Hero Bullion offers a wide variety of different British silver coins, including the Silver Britannia, the Silver Robin Hood, and the entire Silver Queen’s Beasts Series. 

It’s possible to buy the current year’s coinage directly from the British Royal Mint, but many consumers choose to purchase from a secondary dealer like Hero Bullion to save on shipping and premium costs. We generally recommend caution when dealing with individual sellers, such as pawn shops or eBay dealers. While many distributors are selling real British silver coins, it’s harder to vet coin legitimacy or receive refunds if you deal with small sellers. 

If you have any questions about the British Silver Coins listed above, feel free to contact our customer support team. As always, you deserve to be completely informed before you make a bullion coin purchase from Hero Bullion. 

Final Thoughts: Investing in British Silver Coins

British silver coins carry with them the history of one of the oldest empires on the planet. Produced by the second-oldest mint in the world, the British Royal Mint, these coins are struck with the kind of attention to detail and intricacy you’d expect from a titan of the government mint sector. Whether you choose to go with the tried-and-true 1 oz Silver Britannia or you take a gamble on the up-and-coming Silver Queen’s Beasts series, we’re sure that you’ll stare in awe at the unique and beautiful designs offered by all of the British Royal Mint’s classic coins. 

We ship all of our Silver Britannia and other British Silver Coins using the safest possible precautions to make sure that your package arrives without any kind of damage.