British Silver Coins

British Silver Coins (4)

  • 2020 British Silver Britannia Coin

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    As low as $2.69 Over Spot!
  • 2021 British Silver Britannia Coin

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    As low as $2.79 Over Spot! Where security and government backing are concerned, bullion collectors might never find a better mint than the British Royal Mint. This organization is the official mint of Great Britain, and it’s been in operation for over one thousand years. Since 886, the Royal Mint has been under the direct control of the treasury of the Queen of England. Needless to say, the Royal Mint provides an unparalleled level of legitimacy as a manufacturer of coins.
  • 2021 British 2 oz Silver Queen’s Beast Greyhound Coin

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    Get Your 20201 Greyhound coins for Just $3.49 Over Spot in ANY QUANTITY! When Queen Elizabeth II ascended to the British throne, her coronation was a major historical event. To commemorate the occasion, revered sculptor James Woodford crafted a series of ten unique sculptures. Each of the ‘Queen’s Beasts’ represented a portion of Queen Elizabeth II’s genealogy, which granted her the God-given right to the throne of England. Since their debut at the Royal Palace in 1953, the Queen’s Beasts have been a beloved part of British royal lore and history.
  • 2020 British 10 oz Silver Queen’s Beast Lion

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    as low as $268.07
    The histories of Great Britain and its monarchs are as rich as nearly any sovereign country on Earth. Coin collectors have long prized the deeply historical depictions crowning coins struck by the British Royal Mint. This mint itself comes with an impressive history; the state-run mint has been producing coins for over a thousand years. Images struck onto coins by the Royal Mint have come to symbolize historic moments in British Empire and its leading families.