British Silver Queen's Beasts

British Silver Queen’s Beasts celebrate the best craftsmanship the Royal British Mint has to offer. Minted with .9999 fine silver, the coins commemorate the royal history and lineage of Queen Elizabeth II. 

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British Silver Queen’s Beasts

Queen Elizabeth’s coronation in 1953 was one of the most important events in the 20th century. To commemorate the change in Britain’s leadership, sculptor James Woodford was commissioned to create ten heraldic statues. These statues, still on display at the Canadian Museum of History, celebrated the royal history and lineage of Queen Elizabeth and her family. 

In 2016, the historic British Royal Mint established the Silver Queen’s Beasts Series. This collection of British silver coins represented the ten original “heraldic beasts.” Featuring intricate designs that remain true to the original vision of Woodford, each piece is struck with .9999 fine silver and represents the beautiful artwork that has helped make the Royal British Mint a global leader in bullion coins. 

Hero Bullion currently only sells one British Silver Queen’s Beasts coin. The series was discontinued in 2021 with the release of its completer coin. Today, collectors can celebrate British royalty and silver coinage with the ongoing British Silver Tudor Beasts Series. At the top of this page, you’ll find our current inventory of Silver Queen’s Beasts Coins. Scroll down for a complete guide on this popular and historically relevant collection. 

Buy Silver Queen’s Beasts with Hero Bullion! 

We offer a limited selection of coins from the Queen’s Beasts Series. Most investors have now turned their attention to the Tudor Beasts Silver Coin Series, which began shortly after the official conclusion of the previous series. The Tudor Beasts Series features a similarly historical set of designs, this time celebrating the royal lineage of the powerful British Tudor family. 

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British Royal Mint

The British Royal Mint

The Royal British Mint is the second oldest mint on the planet. The distinction of the world’s oldest continuously running mint goes instead to France’s national mint, the Monnaie de Paris. Still, 1,100 years of history makes the British Royal Mint one of the most storied institutions on the planet. And for all of these 1,100 years, the mint has won a reputation as a reputable producer of some of the world’s most desirable coins. 

History of the Queen’s Beasts Series

This series is relatively new. The Silver Queen’s Beasts Series first appeared in 2016 with the Silver Queen’s Beasts Lion of England Coin. Investors quickly flocked to the piece, hoping to cash in on a completed set. The completion finally came in 2021, when the Mint released their British Silver Queen’s Beasts Completer Coin. This final piece in the set featured the familiar obverse depiction of Queen Elizabeth II. But on its reverse, the coin featured all ten of the heraldic beast designs that appeared on the other coins in the series. 

Celebrate Queen Elizabeth’s Royal Legacy 

With the recent death of Queen Elizabeth II, it’s no wonder why so many collectors look fondly on the beautiful British Silver Queen’s Beasts Series. The series celebrated the royal history and lineage of one of Britain’s most famous rulers, and her legacy lives on in these brilliant and shining pieces of British coinage. Even before her death, the series was a smashing hit with investors all over the world.

2017 British 2 oz Silver Queen's Beast Griffin Reverse
2017 British Silver Queen’s Beasts Griffin Coin

The obverse of each coin is nearly identical and features Queen Elizabeth as depicted by legendary mint artist Jody Clark. As you might expect, the reverse of each coin is where the magic happens. Each coin in the series features a different one of the heraldic beasts. Just as sculptor James Woodford intended, the beasts symbolize the spirit of the houses that they represent.

Excluding the completer coin released to finish the series in 2021, the British Silver Queen’s Beasts Series includes the following heraldic beasts: 

  • Lion of England
  • Unicorn of Scotland
  • Red Dragon of Wales
  • Black Bull of Clarence
  • Falcon of the Plantagenets 
  • Yale of Beaufort
  • White Lion of Mortimer
  • White Horse of Hanover
  • White Greyhound of Richmond
  • Griffin of Edward III

Benefits of the British Silver Queen’s Beasts Series

Why do collectors love the British Silver Queen’s Beasts Series? The collection is popular for a few reasons: historical significance, intricate designs, and numismatic/collectable value help to make this one of the most popular silver coin series on the planet. As the British Royal Mint moves forward with its new British Silver Tudor Beasts Series, we anticipate that the new collection will retain a lot of the popularity of its predecessor. 

Historical Significance

These coins are popular primarily because of their historical significance. The history of the British monarchy is long and complicated, and collectors all over the world relish the chance to celebrate Britain’s rich history with quality silver coins. In addition to a high silver fineness of .9999, the coins feature some of the most historically and culturally significant designs the British Royal Mint has ever produced. Each coin features a different aspect of British royal history, celebrating a new part of Queen Elizabeth’s impressive pedigree. 

With her death in 2021, these coins have become even more valuable to collectors. We’ll likely never see another series like this one after the conclusion of the Silver Tudor Beasts series. Over time, it’s likely that coins from both the Silver Queen’s Beasts and Tudor Beasts collections will appreciate in numismatic value. 

Intricate Designs 

The success of this series isn’t just due to its unprecedented historical significance. Each coin features an impressive level of detail, which collectors have come to expect from the highly recommended British Royal Mint. State-of-the-art anti-counterfeiting technologies help to protect your investment against fakes, and the legendary mint artists in Britain have taken careful steps to keep their coins as detailed and beautiful as possible. 

Numismatic/Collectable Value

We mentioned earlier in this guide that the death of Queen Elizabeth II adds an unprecedented level of numismatic value to this popular series. Since this series is now discontinued, collectors who want to celebrate British royal history are turning toward the British Silver Tudor Beasts Series. Complete collections might also sell for more than their individual pieces, which incentivizes savvy collectors to build a full portfolio of British Silver Queen’s Beasts Coins. 

Is the British Silver Queen’s Beasts Series Ongoing? 

Unfortunately for new collectors, the British Silver Queen’s Beasts Series concluded in 2021. The British Royal Mint released a new coin to commemorate the conclusion of the series. Known as the Queen’s Beasts Silver Completer Coin, the collectible coin paid tribute to the ten heraldic beasts featured on coins in the regular series. 

Silver Tudor Beasts Series

If you’ve been excited about the prospect of an ongoing royal series from the world-famous British Mint, we’ve got some good news. Hero Bullion sells a variety of Tudor Beasts Silver Coins, which is the newest ongoing series being produced by the British Royal Mint. These coins are likely to enjoy at least some of the popularity offered by its predecessor, and we anticipate that the coins will become more valuable over time. 

2023 1 oz Tudor Beasts Bull of Clarence Platinum Reverse
1 oz Platinum Bull of Clarence

It’s worth investing in quality British coins if you’re a fan of British history and culture. Queen Elizabeth II died in 2022, but her legacy lives on in the brilliant .9999 fine silver coins being manufactured by one of the world’s oldest mints. 

Quality British Silver Queen’s Beasts Coins!

Hero Bullion might not have a large inventory of the discontinued British Silver Queen’s Beasts Series coins. But we are happy to introduce a whole new generation of investors to British history with the ongoing British Silver Tudor Beasts Series. Take a look at some of these popular coins, and please let us know if you have any questions.