Valcambi Gold Bars

Valcambi Gold Bars merge elegance with pure gold content to provide investors with one of the best ways to bet on gold. If you’re a collector looking to stack more gold, Valcambi’s Gold Bars are a must-have. Shop the full selection of Valcambi Gold Bars from Hero Bullion below. 

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Valcambi 1 oz Gold Bar

The Valcambi 1 oz Gold Bar is a classic. Minted in Switzerland by one of the world’s most reputable refineries, this bar contains 1 troy ounce of .9999 fine gold bullion. On its obverse, you’ll find the bar’s weight, fineness, material, and an individualized serial number. Above that, note Valcambi’s logo. Flip the bar over, and you’ll find a stylized logo bearing the refinery’s name, Valcambi Suisse. This bar has been a classic for stackers for years, and we’re confident you’ll love it. 

Valcambi 10 x 1/10 oz CombiBar™️ Gold Bar

The CombiBar™️ is one of Valcambi’s most unique innovations. This gold product arrives in a large Assay package, which helps to certify the bar as a legitimate gold item from Valcambi Suisse. The standard information and designs minted on Valcambi’s 1 oz gold bar also finds its way onto these gold bars. Lettering on this product stretches across each of the 10 1/10 oz bars included in the Assay case. Interestingly enough, you can actually separate these gold bars, making it even easier for you when you’re prepared to sell. 

Buy Valcambi Gold Bars – Hero Bullion

Since their founding in 1961 by a group of Swiss entrepreneurs, Valcambi has become one of the world’s most respected manufacturers of quality gold bars. Offering a wide range of beautiful, pure gold bullion bars, Valcambi’s reputation is globally recognized. 

Hero Bullion sells some of the most popular Valcambi Gold Bars. The Swiss refinery’s work is unparalleled, so we’re excited to be able to offer Valcambi bars to our customers. As always, Hero Bullion’s competitive prices, cheap shipping fees, and dedicated customer service team have made us a premier choice for collectors who want to stack gold with Valcambi Gold Bars. 

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Still looking to research more about Valcambi Gold Bars? We’ve got you covered! Keep reading for a guide to everything you need to know about these gold bars – and the classic Swiss refinery that produces them. 

What is the Valcambi Refinery? 

Valcambi is a refinery based out of Switzerland. While the refinery also makes coins, rounds, and other casted precious metal products, it’s likely that they’re most well-known for their gold bars. Valcambi Gold Bars have become one of the most respected brands in the world. 

Among the most popular Valcambi Gold Bars include their 1 oz gold bar, 1 gram gold bar, and the Valcambi CombiBar. CombiBars are single gold products composed of a large number of smaller gold bars. To us, the CombiBar represents some of the best of Valcambi. Their innovative minting and refining techniques have made them one of the most unique gold bar producers on the planet. 

History of Valcambi Gold Bars

The history of Valcambi begins in 1961. A group of five Swiss entrepreneurs formed the refinery under another name, Valori & Cambi, in May of 1961. Since then, the refiner’s name has been shortened, combining the totality of its second name and the first syllable of its first. Valcambi! 

Their ownership of the refinery was short-lived, however. Credit Suisse, a Swiss investment bank, purchased half of the shares of the refinery in 1967, just a few months after the refiner changed its name to Valcambi. They continued buying shares until they finally obtained full ownership of Valcambi in 1980. 

The company changed hands one more time in the decades that followed. A jewelry company from India named Rajesh Exports Limited purchased 100% of the shares in Valcambi Suisse in 2015 and have remained its owners since then. 

Valcambi Gold Bars Reviewed 

Let’s take a few moments to review Valcambi Gold Bars. When you sit down to buy more gold bullion bars for your growing gold stack, you have many choices. It can be hard to figure out which mints are the best for your precious metals portfolio. 

To get a better idea of how Valcambi Suisse stacks up against the competition, we’ll need to check out the main pros of investing in Valcambi Gold Bars. 

Pros of Valcambi Gold Bars

There are three main advantages to buying gold bars from Valcambi. Classic and beautiful designs, a high gold purity, and intense recognizability help to make Valcambi Gold Bars the gold standard for stackers everywhere.

Valcambi 1 gram Gold Bar
Valcambi 1 Gram Gold Bar

Classic and Beautiful Designs 

Unlike some of the popular gold bar manufacturers, Valcambi likes to keep things relatively simple. Many of their gold bars feature minimalist designs on both the obverse and reverse. Usually, you’ll note some combination of the company’s logo and relevant bar details (weight, purity, etc.) on the obverse. A stylized version of Valcambi Suisse’s name frequently decorates the reverse of Valcambi Gold Bars. 

For many investors, the sleek simplicity and classic look of Valcambi Gold Bars is part of their appeal. These bars are easy to stack and look great in any home safe. 

High Gold Purity 

This should go without saying, but Valcambi bars feature pure gold bullion. For the most part, Valcambi Gold Bars include a gold fineness of .9999. This is about as pure as it gets, with the occasional gold coin getting up to a total purity of .99999. 

Recognizability and Reputation 

Recognizability is another reason why Valcambi Gold Bars are such an instant classic for investors. Eventually, all gold stackers prepare to liquidate their portfolio and cash out. When it’s time for you to sell your gold bars, you want something that will quickly find its way into the hands of a buyer. 

Because of the instant recognizability of Valcambi Gold Bars, they’re very easy to sell on the secondary market once it’s time for you to make some profit. 

Are Valcambi Gold Bars Cheap?

Gold bars are a cheap way to invest in gold. Compared to gold coins, the gold bars on the Hero Bullion website offer lower premiums and a deflated total cost. We highly recommend gold bars as a way to diversify your portfolio without overspending on premiums. 

Average Premium for Valcambi Gold Bars

Valcambi Gold Bars are relatively cheap. These bars come with lower premiums than some of the ‘fancier’ gold bars produced by the other popular mints of the world. We recommend shopping around to compare prices – especially if you’re investing on a budget. 

Valcambi 1 Gram Gold Bars are an extremely popular and cheap way to invest in gold bars. Although these bars come with higher premiums by percentage than most of the larger gold bars on our website, they do allow investors on a budget to obtain quality gold without breaking the bank. 

Most Popular Valcambi Gold Bars

Let’s end this guide with a brief look at three of the most popular Valcambi Gold Bars we sell. We try to keep premiums and shipping fees low to help you get the best deal possible on your next gold bullion bar. 

Valcambi 10 x 1/10 Gold CombiBar™
Valcambi 10 x 1/10 Gold CombiBar™

Our 3 favorite Valcambi Gold Bars are the 1 oz, 1 gram, and the revolutionary Valcambi 10 x 1/10 oz Gold CombiBar™️. 

Valcambi 1 oz Gold Bar

This is the most classic of our Valcambi Gold Bars. The troy ounce is considered the standard measurement system for gold bullion, so it’s no surprise that Valcambi’s most popular gold bar is the full 1 oz version. 

This bar, like the others in our Valcambi line, features the refinery’s logo, as well as the bar’s weight, purity, material, and individualized serial number on the front. The reverse is simple; Valcambi Suisse’s name is displayed against the pure gold background of the bar. 

Valcambi 1 Gram Gold Bar

Like the 1 oz bar, the Valcambi 1 Gram Gold Bar is minted using .9999 fine gold bullion and includes the same designs we outlined above. The main difference is that the 1 Gram Gold Bar is extremely cheap. Though percentage premiums for this bar are higher than on large gold bars, this bar’s total cost is extremely low. 

Valcambi 10 x 1/10 oz Gold CombiBar™️

The most interesting of our Valcambi Gold Bars is the Valcambi 10 x 1/10 oz Gold CombiBar™️. As the name suggests, this single gold product actually contains 10 individual gold bars. Together, they make up the equivalent of one troy ounce of .9999 pure gold bullion. 

However, the unique thing about the CombiBar™️ is that you can actually separate the individual gold bars that arrive in your large Valcambi assay card. For savvy gold stackers, this means one thing: liquidity. Over time, you might be able to sell each 1/10 oz gold bar on its own, which means you don’t have to part with a full troy ounce of pure gold at one time. 

Should You Buy Valcambi Gold Bars?

Valcambi 1 oz Gold Bar Serial Number
Valcambi 1 oz Gold Bar

We cannot recommend Valcambi Gold Bars enough. Since the refinery’s founding in 1961, Valcambi has been one of the world’s most reputable distributors of fine gold bullion bars. Hero Bullion’s competitive prices help you stack with confidence, and Valcambi’s quality control and beautiful gold bars can provide you with your new favorite gold product. 

Final Thoughts: Buying Valcambi Gold Bars With Hero Bullion 

Hero Bullion is happy to offer a wide range of Valcambi Gold Bars for sale. Whether you’re looking for a cheap gold bar or willing to splurge on a large gold bullion product, our competitive prices can help you build your stack without breaking the bank. 

Please scroll up to see our current in-stock inventory of Valcambi Gold Bars for sale, and don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions you may have.