Palladium Bullion

Palladium Bullion Coins and Bars are a great choice for investors who want to diversify their portfolios. Hero Bullion sells a wide range of palladium bars and coins for sale. 

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Valcambi 1 oz Palladium Bar

The Valcambi 1 oz Palladium Bar is one of the best ways to invest in palladium bullion. The bar is minted in Switzerland and includes 99.95 percent pure palladium. On the obverse, you’ll find Valcambi Suisse’s logo, as well as the weight, material, purity, and individualized serial number of the bar. Flip it over, and you’re treated to the stylized company name of Valcambi. This bar is sold at a reasonably low price, which makes it a fantastic choice for budget palladium investors. 

Argor-Heraeus 1 oz Palladium Bar

Another bar minted in Switzerland is the Argor-Heraeus 1 oz Palladium Bar. This bar is also minted with .9995 fine palladium bullion and features a stylized company logo on the obverse. Here, the logo is displayed in the form of Argor-Heraeus’ seal. The location of minting, weight, purity, and fineness are located on the front of the bar. Investors love the reverse of this palladium bullion bar, which is a repeating design of the same AG seal we see on the reverse. For several years, the Argor-Heraeus 1 oz Palladium Bar has been one of the best ways to stack pure palladium bullion.

Shop Palladium Coins and Bars with Hero Bullion

Palladium is one of the most underrated precious metals on the market. In fact, many investors don’t even think of palladium when they consider the most popular bullion products. This is a shame, considering that palladium offers several benefits that make it one of the best precious metals to invest in. 

Hero Bullion offers a wide in-stock inventory of palladium coins and bars to help you improve your stacking game. This precious metal has it all. Industrial demand, beautiful products, high purity – you’re missing out if you’ve not started adding pure palladium coins and bars to your precious metals portfolio. 

Shop our full inventory of palladium products by scrolling to the top of this page. If you’re still not sure about whether or not you want to start investing in palladium bullion, keep reading for a comprehensive guide to one of the world’s top investment-grade precious metals, palladium. 

What is Palladium Bullion? 

Palladium is a silverish precious metal that belongs to the platinum family of elements. If you take a look at some of our palladium coins and bars, it might seem like palladium and platinum are almost identical. You’re not wrong – the metals are very similar to one another. However, palladium is a bit different than both silver and platinum. 

Palladium is slightly brighter and whiter than platinum and white gold. If you get platinum and palladium confused when you look at them, we don’t blame you. It happens to the best of us! 

The real difference that distinguishes palladium from other precious metals is its value proposition. When we talk about value propositions, we’re referring to the specific reasons why people feel motivated to buy and sell a given precious metal. Palladium’s value proposition has to do with its beauty, rarity, and industrial demand. 

Palladium is beautiful, but it’s also rare. According to metal experts, palladium is around 15 times rarer than the next rarest precious metal, which is platinum. This makes palladium one of the scarcest precious metals on the planet. 

This scarcity is important, considering that palladium is also highly useful for hundreds of industries across the market. When you combine the extremely high demand for palladium with its rarity, you have a recipe for a precious metal of unprecedented value and potential for investors. 

History of Palladium Bullion

Compared to other precious metals,the palladium market is still extremely new. Gold and silver were discovered thousands of years ago, and their value was almost immediately clear to people everywhere. 

Palladium’s discovery only happened in 1802. William Hyde Wollatson discovered palladium bullion. But even this renowned English chemist was unable to see the potential that the platinum-adjacent metal had to offer to humanity. 

The large-scale trade of palladium took several decades to develop. In the initial years following palladium’s discovery, the metal was used as part of a treatment for tuberculosis. As you might imagine, this didn’t last long, and medical experts determined that the metal wouldn’t be a useful medicine. 

Leading into the year 2000, the automotive industry began to use palladium for the construction of catalytic converters. These devices help to convert and create energy for consumption in vehicles. In fact, the presence of both platinum and palladium in catalytic converters is one reason why these car parts are so frequently stolen by thieves. 

Today, palladium is used in all sorts of industries. The automotive industry is estimated to make up around 86% of the global demand for palladium. But palladium is also used in medical devices, dentistry equipment, and even smartphones.

Canadian Palladium Maple 1 oz Coin - Random Date Reverse
Canadian 1 oz Palladium Maple Leaf Coin

The history of palladium demonstrates what makes palladium so unique compared to other precious metals. Palladium has been an incredibly useful precious metal in some of humanity’s most essential industries, which helps to justify its high price tag and demand among investors. 

Investing in Palladium 

Buying palladium coins and bars is a fantastic way to diversify your portfolio with a valuable, in-demand precious metal. New investors who want to start purchasing palladium products should read up on some of the metal’s main benefits. 

Below, we’ll explain some of the biggest reasons why people buy palladium bullion bars and coins. 

Reasons to Buy Palladium Bullion 

There are 3 main reasons why investors love palladium: beauty, scarcity, and industrial demand. These three benefits tell a compelling story about palladium’s mass appeal to precious metal investors. 


Palladium is incredibly beautiful. We realize that some of our readers have never actually seen a palladium coin or round in person. Palladium almost looks like platinum, it’s a bit whiter and much more durable. This is one reason why palladium has become one of the most popular band metals for engagement and wedding rings. 

This beauty is even more pronounced when you buy palladium coins and bars. These products often feature beautiful, intricate designs on the obverse and reverse. Investors love the look and feel of our quality palladium coins and bars. 


Like we mentioned earlier, palladium is one of the rarest metals on Earth. Palladium is around 15 times rarer than platinum, which is the second rarest metal in the world. We like to remind our readers that rarity itself doesn’t make something inherently valuable. 

Plenty of things are rare but not very valuable. However, some assets are both rare and in high demand. These assets are called “scarce.” When we use scarcity to describe a product or commodity, we mean that the item’s availability doesn’t meet its demand. 

Instead of just being rare, palladium is incredibly scarce. Palladium’s scarcity helps make it one of the most valuable precious metals on the market. In fact, scares surrounding palladium availability in the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine caused the metal’s price to skyrocket to a record breaking $3,400 per troy ounce. 

Industrial Demand

If you haven’t gotten the clue yet, we’re bullish on palladium because of its industrial demand. Each year, the lion’s share of palladium troy ounces produced go to the automotive industry. Even outside of our cars, we find palladium in a number of important industries. Each day, you walk past hundreds of examples of palladium’s applications in industry. 

Industrial demand was part of what drove Palladium’s record breaking year in 2022. When the global community was scared that palladium supplies would be disrupted in the wake of the Russia-Ukraine war, prices skyrocketed to provide a new all time high for the metal. 

Types of Palladium Products

You have two main options if you want to invest in palladium bullion: palladium bars and palladium coins. Both products offer their own advantages to investors. While palladium bars come with low premiums and classic designs, palladium coins are beautiful works of art with high numismatic value to collectors. 

Palladium Bars

Palladium bullion bars are a classic way to invest in cheap palladium. Hero Bullion sells a wide range of palladium bars that can help you build your precious metals stack. Let’s take a look at some of the main advantages of investing in palladium bars below. 

Advantages of Palladium Bars

Like most precious metal bars, palladium bars are known for low premiums over spot price and a classic appeal. For decades, bullion bars have been an easy way to invest in cheap precious metals. Because bullion bars don’t have the same intricate designs as most coins, they’re often sold at a lower premium over spot price. 

Of course, some investors do prefer the beautiful, detailed designs featured on palladium coins. Palladium bars, however, offer their own unique aesthetic appeal. These products remind us of the classic look and feel of bullion products. 

Palladium Coins 

Palladium coins are another choice for precious metal investors who want to diversify their precious metal stacks with high quality palladium products. Although they do come with higher premiums over spot price, palladium coins are beautiful – and they function as collectors’ items with numismatic value. 

Advantages of Buying Palladium Coins 

Palladium coins offer two distinct advantages over bars: beautiful designs and high numismatic value. Combined, these two benefits help make palladium coins one of the most popular products we sell. 

2021 1 oz American Palladium Eagle Coin Obverse
1 oz American Palladium Eagle Coin

First, palladium coins are beautiful products made by some of the world’s most talented mint artists and designers. Two of our most popular palladium coins include the American Palladium Eagle and the Canadian Palladium Maple. Both of these coins are minted with .9995 fine palladium and feature the same classic, beautiful designs that their manufacturers are known for. 

Our second benefit to buying palladium coins is especially important for investors who want to diversify the source of their profits. Because palladium coins are valuable to collectors for their limited mintage numbers and beauty, they offer numismatic value to investors. When you buy products with numismatic value, you can profit both from palladium price movements and the increasing collectability of your coins. 

Popular Palladium Products

Our two most popular palladium products are both palladium bars. The Valcambi 1 oz Palladium Bar and Argor-Heraeus 1 oz Palladium Bar are excellent ways to invest in pure palladium bullion without overspending on costly precious metal premiums. 

Let’s take a closer look at both of these products. 

Valcambi 1 oz Palladium Bar

Minted with the industry standard .9995 pure palladium bullion, Valcambi’s 1 oz Palladium Bar is an excellent choice for new palladium investors. The bar features an obverse design of the Valcambi Suisse logo, as well as the bar’s weight, material, fineness, and individualized serial number. 

On its reverse, you’ll find the refinery’s company name, as well as a beautiful repeating design. The bar showcases the fine work being produced by Valcambi, which itself has won a reputation as one of the top producers of palladium bars on the planet. 

Argor-Heraeus 1 oz Palladium Bar

Like Valcambi, Argor-Heraeus is a leading distributor of beautiful palladium bullion bars. This bar is also minted with 99.95% pure palladium bullion. On the obverse, you’ll find the seal of the Argor-Heraeus Mint, as well as the location of minting, weight, material, and purity. 

A smaller version of the Argor-Heraeus logo repeats on the reverse, which is otherwise left entirely blank. Like all of Argor-Heraeus’ bullion bars, the 1 oz Palladium Bar from this Swiss Mint has become a favorite for stackers who love beautiful, low premium precious metal products. 

Cons to Investing in Palladium 

Like with any other investment, there are a few notable cons to investing in palladium coins and bars. Limited product selection, volatility of the palladium market, and a limited number of palladium mines make palladium a relatively risky investment for some collectors. 

Let’s take a look at three of the main downsides to palladium bullion below. 

Limited Product Selection 

If you compare palladium to other popular precious metals, you’ll notice that palladium products don’t seem to be quite as common as gold, silver, or platinum coins and bars. There are a couple of reasons for this. 

First, palladium coins are relatively new. Some governments, such as Russia, have made palladium products for several decades. But for most government mints, the idea of producing coins and bars with palladium bullion is still pretty fresh. 

Second, palladium doesn’t quite have the demand of gold, silver, and platinum yet. These other precious metals have been traded all over the world for centuries, and it might take some time before numismatic demand for palladium coins and bars catches up to the metal’s peers. 

The good news is that palladium has hit the mainstream. Following its breakout price movements in 2022, a growing number of investors have added palladium to their wishlist for stackable precious metals. We anticipate that more government mints might begin producing quality palladium bars and coins in the coming years. 

Volatility of Palladium 

Palladium can be extremely volatile. Price shifts can happen at a moment’s notice. For evidence of the volatility of palladium markets, we just need to take a look at March of 2022. Palladium’s price skyrocketed to around $3,400 in just a month following the breakout of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. 

Valcambi 1 oz Palladium Bar Front
Valcambi 1 oz Palladium Bar

Volatility can be a good thing, but it can also be bad, depending on your risk tolerance for investing. If you’re a short term investor, a highly volatile market can help you potentially secure quick profits without holding onto your investment for several years. 

But if you have a low tolerance to risk, investors should steer clear of palladium. Because of its scarcity and high demand, prices for palladium can change quickly and with little warning. 

Few Dedicated Palladium Mines

This con to buying palladium has a lot to do with the material’s scarcity. As of 2024, Russia is by far the world’s largest producer of palladium. Most of the planet’s palladium mines are sourced from Russia, which means that supply disruptions are always possible. 

To investors, this means two things. First, palladium is more volatile as a result of the single source of most palladium products, which exists in a volatile area of the world. Second, investing in palladium can be difficult because of its high price. This high price is largely due to the low number of dedicated palladium mines on Earth. 

How to Buy Palladium Bullion

To buy palladium bullion bars and coins, you’ll need to do four things. Investors who want to start stacking palladium need to identify reputable dealers, time the market, research supply and demand, and understand spot versus premium costs. If you do these four things, you can quickly and effectively buy palladium bullion for your investment portfolio. 

Identifying Reputable Dealers

Reputable dealers are the key to investing in precious metals without overpaying. Dealers like Hero Bullion offer competitive, transparent prices on all of our bullion coins, bars, and rounds. Even if you don’t choose to work with us, we recommend that you take some time to compare prices across multiple dealers. 

If you establish a close relationship with an online retailer, you might be able to effectively build your stack while saving money. Taking advantage of precious metal sales at Hero Bullion can be a fantastic way to invest in palladium for cheap. 

We recommend that new investors take some time to compare prices and product availability by looking at some of the most popular palladium bullion distributors. 

Don’t neglect the local market, either. If you’re savvy and have a good idea of what products you’re looking for, you might save quite a bit of money by buying locally. Deciding between local and online bullion dealers is a tough decision for any investor. While local dealers might offer some specialty deals you might not find online, they don’t quite offer the variety provided by precious metal dealers on the internet. 

Take a look at some of Hero Bullion’s competitively priced palladium coins and bars to see if our products fit your budget. 

Timing the Market

Timing the market is everything for palladium investors. The good news is that surveying the news can give you small clues on where palladium prices may be heading. Gold and silver prices are also influenced by global geopolitical developments, but palladium’s history of high industrial demand makes it a uniquely good investment opportunity for people who understand the global political landscape. 

Argor-Heraeus 1 oz Palladium Bar Front
Argor-Heraeus 1 oz Palladium Bar

When Russia invaded Ukraine, palladium bullion prices shot through the roof. We don’t anticipate another major world event like that happening in the near future, but it does give us a good clue into the future of how palladium prices might be determined. When developments influence the supply chain for palladium or demand for the precious metal, expect that it might become more expensive in the future. 

Measuring Supply and Demand 

Supply and demand drives every market – including palladium bullion. Demand for this precious metal is always high. When global events increase demand for the metal or increase supply, expect that prices will shoot up. 

We highly recommend that palladium investors work hard to keep themselves up to date on the latest news developments regarding the automotive industry. When demand for car parts like catalytic converters increases, expect that your palladium investments will soon become more valuable to collectors. 

Understanding Spot vs. Premium Costs

Spot and premium costs help make up the total price of a given palladium investment. Spot price refers to the market value of a single ounce of palladium bullion. However, you’ll never actually be able to buy precious metal products at spot price. Instead, coins and bars are sold at a small (or large) markup called a premium. 

When you compare palladium prices across different dealers, you’ll want to keep an eye on how much of a premium your favorite dealers are charging. The lower the premium, the better your deal! 

How to Store and Maintain Palladium Bullion

Palladium bullion should be stored in a safe. We don’t generally believe that investors need to reserve a spot in a bank vault to store their palladium coins and bars, but having at least a home safe with temperature control is a good choice. 

We also tend to recommend purchasing additional insurance for your large precious metal portfolios. Some homeowners insurance plans don’t cover precious metals past a certain monetary value. If you have to purchase additional coverage, it might be worth it. The last thing any investor wants is to lose the value of their palladium coins and bars via theft or home disaster. 

Final Thoughts: Buy Palladium with Hero Bullion! 

Hero Bullion offers competitive pricing on a wide variety of palladium coins and bars. We’re always here to help you stack bullion with confidence. 

Shop our entire inventory by scrolling up to the top of this page. If you have any questions about investing in palladium products, don’t hesitate to reach out to our customer service team.