Palladium Coins

Palladium coins can help you diversify your portfolio with a truly unique precious metal. At the bottom of this page, you’ll find a complete guide on how to buy palladium coins. 

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Canadian 1 oz Palladium Maple Leaf Coin 

Keeping true to the classic designs that made the Canadian Maple Leaf Coin famous, the 1 oz Palladium Maple Leaf Coin is a new take on a beloved bullion product. It’s minted using .9995 fine palladium, which makes this coin eligible for inclusion in a precious metals IRA. On the obverse, a familiar sight: Queen Elizabeth II. Her portrait decorated the Maple Leaf series for several decades; future coins will instead include King Charles II. On the reverse, we find the classic Canadian maple leaf. The intricate detail on this side of the coin plays well with the fine palladium used to strike it. This is one of our favorite – and most popular – palladium coins. 

1 oz American Palladium Eagle Coin 

The American Palladium Eagle Coin merges the past with present to provide investors an entirely new collectable coin. On the obverse, you’ll find a unique depiction of Lady Liberty. She wears a stylish bonnet and keeps her hair in curls. The reverse is yet another spin on a classic American icon: the American bald eagle. On this .9995 pure palladium coin, the eagle crouches over, pulling a plant out of the ground. 

Buy Palladium Coins with Hero Bullion! 

Palladium is one of the fastest growing precious metals markets in the world. Most investors know all about gold, silver, and platinum. But as industrial demand for palladium increases, palladium bullion coins are becoming one of the best ways to diversify your portfolio and invest in your future. 

Hero Bullion is beyond proud to offer an extensive inventory of palladium coins to help you build your first palladium stack. As palladium continues to grow in popularity, we plan to add even more beautiful palladium coins to our stock. 

Scroll up to see all of our currently in-stock palladium coins. Continue reading, and we’ll give you a complete guide to everything you need to know about buying and selling palladium coins. By the end of this page, you should understand the basics of how to buy and invest in quality palladium coins. 

Palladium Explained

What is palladium? To explain palladium, we have to learn a little bit about the family of precious metals it belongs to. Palladium is a member of the platinum family of elements. This helps to explain its appearance. To new investors, palladium might look almost identical to platinum. But when we take a closer look, we notice a couple of differences. 

Palladium Eagle Coin

First, palladium is harder than platinum. According to some investors, this makes palladium harder to scratch or damage. Over time, palladium might actually maintain its luster better than platinum. 

Although they do look very similar, palladium coins might also appear just a bit darker than platinum coins of the same weight and design. Ultimately, the choice between platinum and palladium should come down to your personal preferences. Platinum is certainly the older metal, but palladium’s recent history suggests that it might continue to grow in global popularity. 

History of Palladium 

The first mention of palladium in a formal setting came in 1802. Palladium’s history is relatively short, especially when we compare it to gold and silver. Both gold and silver have been studied, researched, and melted down for thousands of years. 

But for palladium, actual demand for the metal didn’t begin peaking until the 2000s. This rise in popularity had a lot to do with the automotive industry. As you probably already know, many vehicles use catalytic converters made with platinum bullion. In the 2000s, palladium became another major component of these important car parts. 

This brings us to the modern era. Today, palladium is used for jewelry, coins, bars, and all sorts of technologies. To some investors, palladium’s variety of use-cases is part of what makes it an excellent option for a diversified portfolio. 

Industrial Demand for Palladium 

Clearly, the industrial demand for palladium has been a major component behind its rise in popularity – and value. In the past few years, palladium has actually sometimes been more expensive than gold! 

Gold is also used in industrial settings; certain medical technologies use gold. But for palladium, a long list of industrial applications helps make the precious metal even more valuable than its peers. 

Palladium isn’t just used in car parts, either. The industries that use palladium include dentistry, jewelry, automobiles, and even electronics! Over the past few decades, palladium has established itself as one of the most useful precious metals on the planet. 

Why Invest in Palladium Coins?

Why do people invest in palladium? Given palladium’s industrial uses, it should be pretty clear why major companies need palladium to function. But for the average consumer, buying precious metals is about more than just a metal’s industrial demand. 

We find that investors who prefer palladium coins enjoy the combination of industrial application and beauty that these products provide. Palladium coins are undeniably beautiful. They offer a sturdier frame than platinum because of their increased durability, which is great news for stackers. 

Additionally, collectors investing in palladium might be able to profit from more than just the numismatic and spot value of their investments. As global demand for vehicle parts climbs, the value of palladium is expected to increase as well. 

In the simplest terms, people invest in palladium because it offers them multiple paths to profit. 

Are Palladium Coins a Smart Investment? 

Are palladium coins a good investment? We tend to think that smart investments are those that provide several different benefits to investors. Gold, silver, and platinum are all valuable investment choices. As safe haven assets, these commodities might help your portfolio stay in the green – even during a bear or inflationary market. 

Canadian Palladium Maple 1 oz Coin - Random Date Reverse
Canadian 1 oz Palladium Maple Leaf Coin

Palladium, though, is something special. The precious metal is certainly intrinsically valuable. Because of its scarcity and beauty, palladium has been valuable for its entire history since its discovery in 1802. 

However, what palladium really offers is the ability for collectors to speculate on industry as well as supply and demand. Palladium’s price is dependent on more than the traditional indicators we use to judge the value proposition of precious metals. Investors in palladium coins can anticipate that their assets will become more valuable if the industries that use palladium grow in size or consumer demand. 

Pros and Cons of Palladium Coins 

If you can’t already tell, we’re bullish on palladium coins. In addition to being extremely beautiful, this particular precious metal might very well offer the highest industrial demand in the entire world of bullion. 

However, there are both advantages and disadvantages to investing in palladium coins. In order to help our customers better understand the risks and benefits of buying this unique precious metal, we’ve prepared a list of pros and cons to investing in palladium coins. 

Pros of Palladium Coins 

Let’s start with the positive. Investing in palladium coins can be a great way to diversify and expand your existing precious metals portfolio. We find three main benefits to investing in palladium coins: beauty, industrial demand, and numismatic value potential. 

Unique, Beautiful Appearance 

No matter which precious metal you choose to invest in, beauty is always an important factor. Everybody wants to put their money into beautiful, attractive coins. Palladium coins are a great way to add a unique kind of beauty to your stack. 

Palladium looks similar to platinum, but there are some visual differences that you should know about. Palladium might be able to hold its shine for longer than platinum, a trait it owes to the precious metal’s exceptional durability. To the discerning collector’s eye, palladium also appears just a bit darker than the family of metals it belongs to (platinum). 

The palladium coins we sell on our website are exceedingly beautiful. For a few decades, palladium coins from the world’s best mints were hard to find. But as this precious metal has grown in popularity, we noted an increase in the number of sovereign mints releasing quality palladium bullion coins. 

Exceptional Industrial Demand

Palladium coins aren’t all that useful for industry. You’ll never see a catalytic converter made out of American Palladium Eagles, obviously. However, the precious metal that these coins are made from is one of the most in-demand metals on the market. 

Vehicle manufacturers, dentistry equipment makers, and all sorts of other industries rely on palladium for the products their customers need. In 2021, palladium prices hit nearly $3,000 per troy ounce. At the time, this made it the most valuable precious metal we sell. 

Prices won’t always stay this high. As with every other investment-grade precious metal, palladium prices change frequently. However, the high degree of industrial demand for palladium helps stabilize its prices and ensure that this particular investment will always offer some amount of value to collectors and industrialists alike. 

Numismatic Value Potential 

Let’s take a brief moment to compare palladium coins to palladium bars. Both of these options allow investors to put their money on a valuable, industrially useful precious metal. However, only one of these investment choices carry an impressive numismatic value potential. 

When we talk about numismatics, we’re referring to the collectable value of a precious metal product. Products like the Palladium American Eagle and Palladium Canadian Maple are extremely valuable to collectors. Over time, the beautiful designs and scarcity that characterize these coins might make them become even more expensive. 

Numismatic value potential is a great way to diversify your portfolio. Traditional investments like stocks and bonds don’t have collectable value. When the market tanks, their price will go down as well. But palladium coins might still be valuable – even during a bear market. 

Cons of Palladium Coins 

Palladium coins are not the perfect investment choice. Like any other choice you could make as a precious metal collector, palladium coins also come with a few downsides that you should know about. 

Notably, high premium costs and minimal variety might deter some would-be investors from putting their cash into palladium coins. 

High Premium Costs

Like all bullion coins, palladium coins come saddled with high premium costs. This is one of the biggest reasons why some investors avoid investing in palladium coins. Unlike rounds, coins are only ever minted by sovereign government mints. Mints like the United States Mint spend quite a bit of money to bring consumers the palladium coins they love. 

Canadian Palladium Maple 1 oz Coin - Random Date
Palladium Maple Leaf Coin – Obverse

Although this results in beautiful coins with exceptionally high costs of production, it also means that you’ll spend more to buy palladium coins than bars or rounds. 

You can minimize premium costs for palladium coins by looking for dealers who offer competitive pricing. Hero Bullion offers some of the lowest prices you’ll find on quality palladium coins for sale. 

Minimal Variety 

Like we mentioned earlier on this page, palladium coinage has become more popular than it used to be. Over the past couple of decades, famous mints around the world have started to take notice and produce their own palladium coins for sale. 

However, it’s worth mentioning that palladium coins still don’t offer quite the variety that gold, silver, and platinum coins do. To date, only a few of the world’s most popular mints offer robust selections of palladium coins for sale. 

This lack of variety could be a problem for some investors who like multiple different designs on their palladium coins. Scroll up to check out Hero Bullion’s current selection of in-stock palladium coins – do we have your favorite coin available in palladium? 

How to Buy Good Palladium Coins 

If you’re finally convinced that palladium coins might be the right choice for your collection, let’s run through a couple tips on how to buy the best palladium coins. Below, we’ll outline how to buy cheap palladium coins – and how to store your investments properly. 

Buying Cheap Palladium Coins 

To find cheap palladium coins for sale, be sure to compare prices using multiple different dealers. Hero Bullion offers competitive prices on cheap palladium coins. Our in-stock inventory is available at the top of this page, so scroll up and check out what we’ve got available! 

How to Store Palladium Coins 

Storing palladium coins shouldn’t be all that different than securing any other precious metal product. We tend to recommend investing in a temperature controlled safe. You’ll want to keep your coins away from wet, hot climates. For the most part, palladium coins shouldn’t rust or tarnish over time. 

2021 1 oz American Palladium Eagle Coin Reverse
American Palladium Eagle Reverse

A major benefit of palladium coins is that this precious metal is more durable than metals like platinum or gold. This makes it less likely that your palladium coins will get scratched or damaged while you move them. Our recommendation is to store your palladium coins just like you would gold, silver, or platinum coins. 

Final Thoughts: Palladium Coins for Sale! 

Palladium is one of the newest precious metals to be discovered. While it initially wasn’t considered a good investment, the past few decades have been fantastic for the palladium market. Palladium coins combine the impressive industrial demand for palladium with beautiful, intricate designs that fit into any bullion collection. 

At the top of this page, you’ll find a list of our in-stock palladium coins. Offering competitive pricing, secure shipping, and a dedicated customer support team, we’d love to be your favorite palladium coin dealer!