Mexican Gold Coins

Mexican gold coins are a popular investment choice for gold stackers around the world. Hero Bullion’s gold coins from Mexico highlight the very best that the mint has to offer. Check them out below!

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Mexican Gold Pesos

Mexican gold pesos feature a number of different designs, but they all have a couple of things in common. Most Mexican gold pesos feature an obverse depiction of Libertad, the feminine depiction of Liberty. On the 50 Peso Gold Coin, Libertad is depicted as a winged statue; she holds a crown as the mountains reach the sky behind her. The year, purity, and face value also appear on the obverse. On the reverse, the coin shows off an eagle carrying a snake in its beak – Mexico’s coat of arms. 

Mexican Gold Libertad Coin

The Mexican Gold Libertad is likely the Mexican national mint’s most popular gold coin. Featuring an even more intricate depiction of Libertad’s statue on the obverse and a close-up of Mexico’s coat of arms on the reverse side, the coin is exceedingly popular as an investment vehicle for a reason. The coin’s exceptional detail is one reason for its popularity, but it also highlights the mint’s ability to produce high purity bullion products. Struck with .999 pure gold bullion, the piece’s features really stand out in any collection. 

Buy Mexican Gold Coins

While the Mexican national mint might not boast the thousands years of excellence offered by historic producers like the British Royal Mint, Mexican gold coins are nevertheless a foundation of many gold bullion collections. If you like to fill your collection with culturally significant gold coins from around the world, it’s hard to beat the unique designs and beautiful artwork associated with the work of La Casa de Moneda de Mexico – Mexico’s national mint. 

Hero Bullion sells several of the most famous Mexican gold coins. We’re particularly impressed with the country’s Mexican Gold Pesos and the Mexican Gold Libertad Coins. To get a feel for how these coins fit into your own precious metals portfolio, you’ll need at least a bit of background information. Scroll up for our full inventory of Mexican gold coins, or keep reading for a guide to what Mexican coinage has to offer.  

La Casa de Moneda de México (Sovereign Mint of Mexico)

Compared to the British Royal Mint, La Casa de Moneda de México is pretty new. Calling the mint a baby, however, wouldn’t be fair. In fact, the sovereign Mint of Mexico was founded over 488 years ago in 1535. The location of the original Mexican mint is an important cultural icon as well. It sits at the top of a hill on the remains of Casa Denegrida, a house that once belonged to an Aztec emperor. 

File:Antigua Casa de Moneda o Museo Nacional de las Culturas 2.jpg -  Wikimedia Commons
Original Mexican National Mint

The mint’s extended and impressive cultural history is a major reason why so many collectors enjoy Mexican gold coins. 

History of Mexican Coinage

Some people might not know that the Mexican mint, La Casa de Moneda de México actually helped to introduce silver coinage to the rest of the world. The massive popularity of the early silver peso led to the coin being used and traded as late as the 19th century. Following its success, other countries, including the United States, China, and Japan, attempted to introduce their own silver coins for use as currency. 

The original mint built on Aztec ruins is no longer used to produce coins. That distinction instead goes to the mint location in San Luis Potosi. Instead, the historical location is now used as a museum to celebrate Mexican and Aztec cultural heritage. 

Popular Mexican Gold Coins 

What are the most popular Mexican gold coins? Our inventory includes two main coins from the Mexican mint’s catalog: the Mexican gold peso and the Mexican gold libertad. Both coins feature intricate designs, along with a high gold purity. We’ll take a closer look at these storied bullion coins below. 

Mexican Gold Pesos

Mexican 20 Peso Gold Coin
Mexican 20 Peso Gold Coin

Mexican gold pesos put a bullion spin on the classic look and feel of Mexico’s national currency. These Mexican gold coins feature various different obverse and reverse designs. For the purposes of this page, we’ll highlight the 20 peso gold coin. On the obverse, this Mexican gold coin highlights the Aztec calendar, a classic cultural symbol recognized all over the world. Its face value and purity are also listed below the artwork. 

On the reverse side of the Mexican gold peso, you’ll find Mexico’s coat of arms. Here, it’s shown in the form of an Eagle with a snake in its mouth. The intricate detail of the reverse on the Mexican gold peso is one reason why it’s been such a resounding success among gold coin collectors. 

Mexican Gold Libertad

1/10 oz Mexican Gold Libertad

While the gold peso is beautiful, few Mexican gold coins have ever even approached the smashing popularity of the Mexican Gold Libertad Coin. This piece is made using .999 pure gold bullion and features an obverse depiction of Libertad, the feminine depiction of liberty. She’s a statue in this photo, a far cry from the “Walking Liberty” included on many American gold coins. She gestures into the distance, her wings above her and mountains jutting out in the background. 

The Mexican coat of arms also appears on the Mexican Gold Libertad. Here, the eagle is rendered in even more detail. We get an up-close portrait of the animal as it grips a snake in its beak and talon. A cactus sits below the eagle, and even its determined face is shown in exceptional fineness against the pure gold of the piece. 

Why Buy Mexican Gold Coins? 

Why should collectors invest in Mexican gold coins? There’s a wide range of different gold coins available from the world’s mints, but we think that La Casa de Moneda de México is producing coins with unique cultural, gold, and numismatic value propositions. Sales numbers for the Mexican Gold Libertad provide evidence of the mint’s impressive attention to detail and commitment to producing high-quality numismatic gold coins. 

Advantages of Buying Mexican Gold Coins

Mexican gold coins aren’t perfect, but they do provide three distinct advantages to collectors. Whether you’re looking for coins with historical and cultural value or just trying to invest in as much pure gold as possible, there’s something for everyone within the storied vaults of Mexico’s national mint. High gold content, beautiful designs, and numismatic/historical value characterize modern Mexican gold coins and help make them some of the best investment vehicles for gold coin stackers. 

High Gold Content

Mexican gold coins don’t contain quite the high purity associated with coins like the Gold Britannia or Canadian Gold Maple, but they do offer a decent fineness. The Mexican 50 Peso Gold Coin includes a lower purity than the Mexican Gold Libertad. The gold Peso clocks in at .90, while the Libertad includes 99.9% pure gold. While the small difference between .999 and .9999 fineness may matter to some investors, it really makes only minimal difference when it comes to actual gold content. 

The high percentage of pure gold in Mexican gold coins allows investors to put their money directly on gold bullion. When the spot price of gold increases, the value of your Mexican gold coins will go up as well. But it isn’t just pure gold content that makes our Mexican gold coins valuable; investors should also consider beautiful designs and numismatic value before investing in these gold bullion coins. 

Beautiful Designs 

It’s impossible to deny the beauty that goes into designs from the Mexican national mint. Both coins in our catalog highlight some of Mexico’s most enduring cultural symbols. Libertad decorates the obverse of both coins, and each reverse pays homage to Mexico’s classic coat of arms. Despite a slightly lower purity than some of the other popular gold coins from around the world, the designs that decorate Mexican gold coins shine with a distinct brilliance against the .90/.999 bullion fineness they offer. 

Numismatic/Historical Value

The numismatic value of bullion coins is hard to overstate. For investors who want to diversify their precious metal portfolios, we highly recommend buying coins with at least some degree of numismatic value. Numismatic value refers to the value attributed to a coin aside from its gold content. In other words, coins with high collectability are worth more than coins that are merely struck with a high percentage of pure gold. To this end, Mexican gold coins are an excellent choice for your portfolio. 

When the gold market takes a nosedive, investors with numismatically valuable coins may be able to weather the storm and remain in the green. The historical significance of the Mexican national mint is also one reason why investors love these coins. Packed with hundreds of years of history, these coins come with unique designs that invoke some of the most vital symbols of Mexican culture and identity. 

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