Gold Libertads

The Mexican Gold Libertad is a certified classic from the Mexican Mint. The coin features an obverse depiction of the Angel of Independence, a statue created in Mexico City to celebrate the country’s independence from the Spanish Empire. On the reverse, the .999 fine gold coin highlights another important Mexican symbol: the country’s coat of arms. 

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1/10 oz Mexican Gold Libertad

We’ll start with the little guy. The 1/10 oz Mexican Gold Libertad is an extremely popular coin among collectors for a couple of reasons. First, the coin features the same beautiful obverse and reverse designs you’ll find on the full 1 oz Gold Libertad. But perhaps even more importantly to investors on a budget, this fractional coin allows you to invest in quality Mexican gold without spending thousands of dollars. 

½ oz Mexican Gold Libertad

Moving up from the lowest fractional denomination of the Mexican Gold Libertad, we have the ½ oz variant. For some collectors, half an ounce is the perfect amount of pure gold to purchase at one time. These coins, again, highlight the same obverse and reverse depictions that made the 1 oz Mexican Gold Libertad famous. But when you’re ready to liquidate part of your collection, it’s a good idea to have a few smaller coins to help soften the blow of parting with gold bullion. 

1 oz Mexican Gold Libertad

This is the original. For decades, our Mexican Gold Libertads have been the choice for gold stackers all over the planet. On the obverse, you’ll find a beautiful depiction of the Angel of Independence, a statue in Mexico City created to commemorate Mexico’s independence victory over the Spanish Empire. Flip the coin over, and you’ll note Mexico’s classic coat of arms, which is an eagle killing a snake. 

Buy Mexican Gold Libertads

The Mexican Mint isn’t often thrown around in conversations about the world’s leading gold coin distributors. This is a shame, considering the mint’s important role in the global trade of precious metals. While the Mexican Mint does distribute a number of popular gold and silver products, one stands above the rest: the Mexican Gold Libertad. 

Hero Bullion is proud to offer an extensive inventory of Mexican Gold Libertads to help you grow your gold stack with confidence. If you scroll up to the top of this page, you’ll find an updated list of our current stock of Libertads. But if you still need more information on how to buy Gold Libertad Coins, keep reading for an in-depth Hero Bullion guide. 

History of the Libertad

The history of the Libertad begins with La Casa de Moneda de México. In English, this is the Mexican Mint. Founded initially in 1535, it remains the oldest continually operating mint in the Americas. It would be several generations before La Casa de Moneda de México released the coin that would help them become one of the most formidable mints on the global gold coin scene. 

Our Gold Libertad was first released in 1981, and it was an instant success. We’ll spend more time talking about the unique obverse and reverse designs that make the coin popular later. As far as history is concerned, you should know that the Gold Libertad helped the Mexican Mint to transition into the international stage for gold bullion coins. 

The coin has been produced regularly since 1981, although some customers complain that the Mexican Mint can be slow at times to release their coins on a consistent schedule. 

Mexican Gold Libertad Designs 

Before we can discuss the history and cultural relevance of the Mexican Gold Libertad, let’s take a look at the coin’s obverse and reverse designs. By the end of this subsection, you should have a general idea of why these coins were such a resounding success, and why they continue to excite investors with each new release. 

Obverse Design

The static obverse of the Mexican Gold Libertad depicts the coat of arms of Mexico. You’ll note ten different portraits of eagles in various different positions. These eagles surround the central coat of arms of the country, which features a majestic eagle killing a snake. An homage to the country’s rich and beautiful wildlife, this coat of arms tells collectors everything they need to know about the culture and pride of the Mexican Mint. 

2023 1/2 oz Mexican Gold Libertad Coin Obverse
Gold Libertad Coin

Reverse Design 

Another popular Mexican cultural symbol appears on the reverse of the Mexican Gold Libertads. The Angel of Independence is a statue found in Mexico City, Mexico. A global destination for tourists, the statue was initially built in 1910 to celebrate Mexico’s victory in their war for independence against the Spanish Empire. 

The statue features a winged woman holding a crown above her head. Her chest is bare, and a flowing gown covers the lower half of her body. Mexico’s Angel of Independence has been reimagined on the Gold Libertad. Here, she holds nothing in her hand but gestures proudly into the distance. Instead of sitting in the middle of the city, the statue on the obverse of the Mexican Gold Libertad rests in the middle of untouched Mexican land. Several mountains sit in the background on this coin’s face, and cacti can be seen to her right side. 

Most Popular Mexican Gold Libertads

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular Mexican Gold Libertads we sell. One of the main advantages of investing in Mexican Gold Libertads is their fractional denominations. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on a single 1 oz coin, savvy investors can 

1/10 oz Gold Libertad Coin 

The 1/10 oz Gold Libertad is the smallest variation of the classic Mexican Gold Libertad. The coin is perfect for investors who want to cut down on cost while still stacking quality .999 fine Mexican gold. These pieces feature the same obverse and reverse depictions you’ll find on larger coins. Sometimes, great things come in small packages – and the Mexican Gold Libertad is no exception to the rule.

We’d be making a mistake if we failed to mention how smaller coins improve the liquidity of your collection. Liquidity refers to your ability to quickly turn your gold into usable fiat cash. Larger coins may take more time to sell. More importantly, relying on large coins means that you’ll need to part with thousands of dollars of gold in order to get some quick cash. Smaller coins are becoming increasingly popular for investors who want to keep their options open while stacking beautiful gold coins. 

½ oz Mexican Libertad Gold Coin

If the 1/10 Mexican Libertad Gold Coin is too small for your style, the ½ fractional variant may be a good choice. Again, this coin is struck using the same brilliant designs that made the original Mexican Gold Libertad a must-have for collectors everywhere. Our 2023 ½ Mexican Gold Libertads are an excellent choice for investors who want to build their stack without breaking the bank with $2,000 worth of gold at one time. 

2023 1/2 oz Mexican Gold Libertad Coin Reverse
1/2 oz Mexican Gold Libertad

The coin contains a gold fineness of .999, which is nearly the best you’re going to find on the open market. In fact, this purity makes the coin finer than America’s favorite coin, the American Gold Eagle. 

1 oz Mexican Gold Libertad 

The full 1 oz Mexican Gold Libertad is a classic for a reason. The coin features the same designs we’ve talked about throughout this page, so we won’t bore you with more details. Struck with an impressive gold fineness of .999, the 1 oz coin combines durability with the beauty of gold bullion to make an impressive collectable for investors around the world. 

Reasons to Buy Mexican Gold Libertad Coins

Why are Mexican Gold Libertad Coins so popular? We can pinpoint 3 main reasons why the coin has won such an impressive reputation with collectors from all around the world: beautiful artwork, historical inspiration, and consistent collectability. Read on for a more detailed look at the reasons behind the Mexican Gold Libertad’s resounding success. 

Beautiful Artwork 

One look at the reverse of the Mexican Gold Libertad should tell you everything you need to know about its exceptional craftsmanship. We find that the 2023 Mexican Gold Libertads represent some of the best work the Mexican Mint has ever done. The unprecedented level of detail on the Angel of Independence and the impressive beauty of Mexico’s coat of arms demonstrates a commitment to quality and artwork on these coins. 

Some collectors prefer the Mexican Gold Libertad to some of the world’s other most popular gold coins. Beautiful artwork makes all the difference for collectors of fine coins from the mints of the world, and the Mexican Gold Libertad has a lot to offer. 

Historical Inspiration 

Historical inspiration finds its way onto both the obverse and reverse of the Mexican Gold Libertad. Its reverse depiction of the Angel of Independence pays tribute to one of the country’s most enduring national symbols. The symbol itself invokes a powerful sense of Mexican pride and history, marking the year that Mexico finally gained independence from a brutally oppressive Spanish empire.

1981 1/2 oz Mexican Gold Libertad Coin Reverse
1981 Gold Libertad

Just because the obverse doesn’t include a statue doesn’t mean this side of the coin has nothing to offer historical coin collectors. Instead, it highlights another important aspect of Mexico’s culture and government: the coat of arms of Mexico. We find that the coin’s intricately detailed depiction of the coat of arms also emphasizes the country’s impressive selection of wildlife. You’ll find a majestic eagle winning its fight against a vicious snake. 

Consistent Collectability 

Decades of collectability have helped shape the Mexican Gold Libertad as a domineering force on the global coin market. Investors have collected the Gold Libertad for generations, and we certainly don’t anticipate that this trend will stop anytime soon. The coin’s beautiful artwork, historically relevant scenery, and expert craftsmanship keeps it an important part of any growing coin collection. 

When collectors decide on which coins to add to their gold or silver stack, it’s important to keep in mind historical trends. Some coins experience periods of popularity followed by decades of dormancy and minimal trading numbers. This isn’t the case for the Mexican Gold Libertads. These coins have been traded consistently for decades. 

This extended track record of excellence is good news for prospective Mexican Gold Libertad collectors. Instead of guessing whether or not your coin might become a collector favorite years down the road, Gold Libertad buyers can rest assured that they’re buying into a decades-old tradition of explosive coin popularity. 

Cons of Buying Gold Libertads 

The very last thing we want is for our readers to walk away from a guide without all the facts. While we consider the Mexican Gold Libertad to be one of the best coins North America has to offer, there are considerable downsides to investing in Gold Libertads. We’ll explain 2 disadvantages to Mexican Gold Libertads below: high premium costs and mint inconsistency. 

High Premium Costs

Like all gold coins, the Mexican Gold Libertad often comes with high premium costs. This is one reason why so many collectors tend to prefer gold bars to coins. Coins are minted by government manufacturers. For the mint, this means an extensive list of costs that you just don’t find at private mints. These costs are kicked back to the consumer. 

It’s possible to find Gold Libertads for closer to spot price. Hero Bullion sells a variety of Mexican Gold Libertads, and we work hard to cut prices down as far as possible. Still, expect to pay a higher premium for your Mexican Gold Libertads than you would for bars or other gold products. 

Mint Inconsistency 

Some investors complain that the Mexican Mint’s release of Gold Libertads and other yearly staples can be inconsistent. Some years, the mint doesn’t release key coins at all. Their shipping times can also sometimes be delayed. Luckily, buyers can avoid the struggle of dealing directly with the Gold Libertad Coin by working with a licensed bullion dealer. 

Hero Bullion offers an extensive inventory of Gold Libertads. At the top of this page, you’ll find a list of all our available Gold Libertads. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can also take a look at some of our other coins from the Mexican Mint. The Mexican Gold Peso is particularly popular among collectors, and numismatic rare coin investors might be interested in exploring our older collectable gold coins. 

Final Thoughts: Buy Gold Libertads with Hero Bullion!

For decades, the Mexican Gold Libertad has been the most exciting coin that the Mexican Mint has to offer. Collectors who appreciate history, culture, and intricate detail on their coins will find a friend in the Mexican Gold Libertad. Its obverse and reverse depictions remind us of everything there is to love about our neighbors to the South, and a history of collectability makes this coin a perfect addition to nearly any gold coin portfolio. 

Do you still have questions about investing in Mexican Gold Libertads? Our dedicated customer support team is always here to help you stack with confidence. Don’t be afraid to reach out!