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Platinum bullion products help you diversify and expand your precious metals portfolio. We offer a number of quality platinum coins and bars at reasonable premium prices. Check out our inventory below!

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Canadian Platinum Maple Leaf

Minted with .9995 pure platinum bullion, the Canadian Platinum Maple Leaf is a premier investment vehicle for collectors around the world. Its obverse depicts Britain’s current monarch, while the reverse includes a highly detailed homage to the Maple Leaf, Canada’s national symbol and an important cultural icon in the country. There’s a reason that this remains one of our best-selling platinum bullion coins! 

Valcambi 1 oz Platinum Bar

Offering an unprecedented .9999 fine platinum bullion, Valcambi’s platinum bars come with an exceptional reputation within the bullion market. On the obverse, the mint’s logo is included. Flip the bar over, and you’ll note a stylized version of the mint’s mark, as well as the bar’s weight, purity, and material. Each Valcambi platinum bar also includes its own individual serial number to help buyers ensure that they’ve received an authentic Valcambi product. 

American Platinum Eagle

For decades, the American Eagle has been one of the world’s most popular coins. While the platinum edition of this exceptional product is relatively new, it has established an unmatched reputation within the platinum collection market. Both sides of this coin pay their respects to a core American symbol. On the obverse, note the visage of the Statue of Liberty as she dons her crown and stares forward proudly. The reverse shows an eagle in flight, the details of America’s national animal shining brightly against the .9995 purity of the piece. 

Platinum Britannia Coin

Until very recently, the Britannia featured an obverse depiction of Queen Elizabeth II. Following her death, the British Royal Mint unveiled the King Type Britannia Coin. Each Platinum Britannia is minted using .9995 pure platinum bullion and features King Charles II’s bust on the obverse. Flip the coin over, and you’ll find why the coin has gained its name – and its unprecedented reputation. Britannia, the female personification of Great Britain, strides proudly forward while holding the shield of Britain and a trident. It’s hard to imagine a coin with more historical, cultural, and numismatic significance than the Platinum Britannia Coin.

Platinum Bullion 

Platinum is now known as one of the world’s most beautiful and valuable metals. But this was not always the case. As many long-term investors know, platinum is one of the newest investment-grade precious metals. While platinum usage dates back to 1,200 BCE or before, the metal wasn’t introduced to the Western world until 1557 CE. It took over 200 years for someone to figure out how to make platinum bullion malleable enough for use in jewelry and other products. 

Today, platinum bullion continues to be used as a way for collectors to invest in precious metals. The intense beauty of the metal has wowed investors for decades, and various industrial applications make platinum bullion one of the most stable and consistent investment vehicles on the planet. 

Hero Bullion sells a number of high quality platinum products. At the top of this page, you’ll see all of the platinum bullion we have in stock. Scroll down for a more complete guide to the history, popular products, and how to buy platinum bullion. 

What is Platinum Bullion?

Platinum is a precious metal known for its silverish-white appearance and rarity. Although gold is typically the material that comes to mind when consumers think about precious metals, platinum is actually far rarer. This makes it a valuable commodity, as well as an excellent asset for people who want to diversify their precious metal portfolios with high quality and exceptionally rare bullion. 

Most platinum bullion is mined in South Africa. The country, in fact, mines around 80 percent of the total world’s production of platinum. Productions of platinum are quickly gobbled up, both by the bullion market and ravenous industrial demand. We consider platinum’s industrial importance to be one of the big reasons behind its popularity as an investment vehicle. 

History of Platinum Bullion

The real history of platinum begins in Ancient Egypt. Some historians have noted the use of platinum to decorate Egyptian burial sites in 1200 BCE. Native Americans in modern-day Ecuador also used platinum-gold alloys to create religiously significant artifacts. 

But platinum bullion wasn’t introduced to the European world until 1557, when an Italian writer referenced the mysterious metal found by explorers near Mexico. In his notes, he pointed out that no chemical process has been successful in liquifying the metal. The mystery of how to liquify platinum continued for over 200 years until metal expert Karl von Sickingen managed to execute a complicated process which resulted in a malleable version of the precious metal. 

Spain’s “platinum age” helped to popularize bullion platinum products all over the Western world. Since then, hundreds of important technological innovations have made platinum a valuable industrial commodity as well. 

Investing in Platinum

If you think platinum might be right for your investment needs, we have some good news. You aren’t alone in considering the precious metal to be one of the best ways to diversify and expand your precious metal portfolio. How do you invest in platinum? We’re going to cover some of the best ways to buy platinum bullion on this page. 

Reasons to Buy Platinum Bullion

There are several reasons why collectors love to buy platinum bullion. 

To start, the precious metal is beautiful to look at and hold. It shines brighter than silver, and coins and rounds minted using platinum are known for an exceptional level of brilliance and detail. 

Because of its high scarcity, platinum is also both extremely rare and valuable. Until recently, platinum was traded at a price close to gold. While recent substitutions in core manufacturing processes have led to palladium taking platinum’s place as America’s “white gold,” the precious metal still occupies an important place in the bullion industry – and with good reason.

But the real reason so many investors love platinum has less to do with its beauty and more to do with the plethora of industrial applications that the material offers. Platinum is used to make technologies like iPhones and computers, and it’s also frequently used to strengthen catalytic converters. Have you ever wondered why catalytic converters are popular targets for thieves? The trace amount of platinum bullion in every catalytic converter is one reason why these objects are frequently stolen. 

Types of Platinum Bullion

What are the different types of platinum bullion products? Hero Bullion is excited to offer a wide selection of platinum products, which you can explore at the top of this page. Below, we’ll break down two of the most popular platinum bullion items: platinum coins and platinum bars

Platinum Coins 

Platinum coins from around the world have been an ideal investment vehicle for decades. Hero Bullion sells platinum coinage from some of the world’s most famous and respectable mints. Below, we’ll cover four of the most popular platinum coins: Australian Platinum Kangaroos, American Platinum Eagles, Canadian Platinum Maples, and the ever-valuable British Platinum Britannia. 

Australian Platinum Kangaroo

The Australian Platinum Kangaroo remains one of the world’s best-selling coins. Like other coins from the Australian Kangaroo series, this coin features an effigy of Britain’s current monarch on the obverse. Before the passing of Queen Elizbeth II, it was her image that appeared on the front of the Platinum Kangaroo. Future editions will likely include King Charles III, who assumed control of Great Britain’s royal family officially in 2023. 

platinum bullion for sale
1 oz platinum kangaroo

Australian Platinum Kangaroos get their name, of course, from the reverse. You’ll note a brilliantly detailed rendition of the Australian Red Kangaroo, which is understandably one of the country’s most famous native animals. A wave-textured background decorates the border of the coin, which explains the piece’s year, weight, purity (.9995), and material. 

American Platinum Eagle

A recent addition to the line of American Eagles from the United States Mint, the American Platinum Eagle has become a hallmark of the mint’s offerings. The coin celebrates the proud heritage of the United States, as well as the history of its national bird, the American bald eagle. On the obverse, you’ll note a classic American symbol – Lady Liberty. On this coin, she appears as the Statue of Liberty; her head and crown are shown, struck brilliantly into .9995 pure platinum bullion. 

2023 1 oz American Platinum Eagle Coin Obverse
1 oz American Platinum Eagle

Like the Australian Platinum Kangaroo, this coin pays homage to a national symbol on its reverse. Here, it’s the American bald eagle, which is shown flying away from a rising sun and screeching. Offering a face value of $100, the coin’s reverse also depicts its high purity, platinum composition, and weight. 

Canadian Platinum Maple

Far North of the United States Mint, the Royal Canadian Mint continues to produce its own impressive and ever-popular national platinum coin. This coin happens to be one of our best-selling platinum products, and we don’t have any trouble understanding why. Its face value is $50 CAD, and the coin features .9995 pure platinum bullion. 

2023 1 oz Canadian Platinum Maple Leaf Coin
1 oz Canadian Platinum Maple

Because Canada was once a subsidiary of the British Royal Mint, the obverses of its coins frequently feature Britain’s monarch. Until 2023, this was Queen Elizbeth II. As of this year, all coins feature Queen Elizabeth, who is depicted in various stages of her aging. She’s frequently shown wearing her pearl necklace and earrings but with no crown. 

It’s almost impossible to think of Canada without thinking of the Canadian Maple Leaf. This classic Canadian symbol makes an appearance on the reverse of the Canadian Platinum Maple. The Maple Leaf is centered on this side of the coin, with each vein rendered in exceptional detail by the artisans at the Royal Canadian Mint. 

British Platinum Britannia

This is the first coin on our list to already feature the new King effigy of King Charles II. On the obverse of the British Platinum Britannia, he’s shown without jewelry, and he wears no crown. His official title as King is prominently displayed above his head, along with the coin’s face value (100 GBP). 

The reverse of the British Platinum Britannia celebrates one of the most important symbols in the history of Great Britain. Britannia has been used to represent the British Empire for well over one-thousand years, and her classic likeness has been featured on bullion Britannias for over thirty years. Here, she’s shown in her gown and wears her war helmet. She carries both the Shield of Britain and a trident. 

2023 British 110 oz Platinum Britannia King Type Reverse
1/10 oz Platinum Britannia

The wave pattern background of the Platinum Britannia combines with a micro-engraved security feature to make it one of the most counterfeit-proof coins in the world. The British Platinum Britannia is a premier platinum coin for several reasons, and the exceptional design philosophy offered by the British Royal Mint is one major justification for its enduring popularity among investors. 

Why Buy Platinum Coins? 

Why should you buy platinum bullion coins? Platinum bullion coinage represents just one of several ways to invest in platinum. Compared to platinum bars, coins come saddled with especially high premiums. But the exceptional design beauty and numismatic value of platinum coins makes them unprecedented opportunities for investors who need more diversity in their portfolios. 

Advantages of Platinum Coins

We find two main advantages to investing in platinum bullion coins: high numismatic value and beautiful designs. 

For collectors who are interested in adding high quality, intricate artwork to their collections, it’s hard to beat what platinum coins have to offer. Our platinum bullion coins feature some of the most brilliant artwork to ever come from the world’s famous mints. Coins have long been considered, however, the world’s preferred method of investing in precious metals. Who could turn down the opportunity to celebrate the bald eagle, red kangaroo, or Canadian Maple Leaf, after all? 

Platinum bullion coins also offer a higher degree of numismatic value than other platinum bullion investments. This isn’t always the case; some platinum bars are also highly valued for their collectability and might appreciate over time. But for platinum coins, the cultural significance of their designs take center stage and lend the products an unprecedented level of numismatic value. 

Downsides of Platinum Coins

Platinum coins come with their own downsides. We’ll highlight two: high premiums and liquidity issues. 

First, platinum coins come with very high premiums. Because coins can only be produced by government mints, they’re crafted with an exceptional level of detail and production value. This means costs are kicked back to the consumer, leading to high premium costs. In addition to other justifications, this is one reason why these coins are not generally preferred by investors with low budgets. 

Platinum coins generally sell well on the secondary market, but this isn’t always the case. During some market periods, it might be much easier for collectors to sell their platinum bars than their platinum bullion coins. To properly time your platinum bullion coin investment, closely survey the market. 

Platinum Bars

Like we mentioned above, platinum bars are also an exceedingly popular way to invest in platinum bullion. Platinum coins are beautiful, but they also come saddled with extreme premium costs. If you’re interested in investing directly in the value of platinum, then platinum bullion bars might be a better choice for your portfolio. 

The good news is that Hero Bullion sells several of the world’s most popular platinum bullion bars on our website. We’ll consider three specific brands below: Valcambi, Argos-Heraeus, and PAMP Suisse. We will also discuss “Any Mint, Any Condition” platinum bullion bars, which are another way to invest in platinum while cutting down on premium costs. 

Valcambi Platinum Bar

Swiss-mint Valcambi has established a reputation for being one of the world’s best producers of high-quality bullion bars. Their platinum bullion bars are some of the most popular in the world, and this enduring legacy is largely due to the mint’s beautiful designs and the high purity of their platinum bullion products. 

Valcambi 1 oz Platinum Bar Reverse
Valcambi 1 oz Platinum Bar

On the obverse of the Valcambi Platinum Bar, you’ll find The Valcambi Suisse logo, as well as the coins weight, purity, and material. Rather than offering a blank reverse, Valcambi chose to include a stylized version of their logo, as well as the name of their mint. The coin’s detail, exceptional purity, and beautiful design philosophy makes it an excellent choice for platinum bullion investors. 

Argor-Heraeus Platinum Bar

The Argor-Heraeus Platinum Bar is popular for a couple of reasons. The coin’s obverse resembles the obverse we see on many platinum bars. The mint’s stamp, as well as location, weight, purity, and material all make an appearance on the Argor-Heraeus Platinum Bar’s obverse. 

1 oz Argor-Heraeus Platinum Bar
1 oz Argor Heraeus Platinum Bar

Its reverse shows off a repeating design of the mint’s logo. Struck with .9995 pure platinum bullion, these platinum bars offer fine platinum at an exceptionally low premium. For investors working with minimal capital, this is great news and helps justify the extreme popularity of this particular silver bar. 

PAMP Suisse Platinum Bar

PAMP is another Swiss mint to appear on our list, but we’re excited to offer the highly detailed PAMP Suisse Platinum Bar. Its purity is the same as the other platinum bars on our list; it’s struck with the standard .9995 fineness. On the reverse, the coin shows another standard in the platinum bullion bar industry. It shows holders the mint logo, weight, material, and fineness of the platinum bar. 

PAMP 25 x 1 gram Platinum Multigram Bar Obverse
25 x 1 gram PAMP Platinum Bars

The obverse is where this platinum bullion bar really shines. You’ll note Lady Fortuna, who is the goddess of prosperity in Ancient Roman mythology. She wears a blindfold and bonnet and holds coins and a cornucopia in her hands. The unprecedented detail on this side of the bar makes it unique, even among the other massively popular platinum bars on our list. 

Any Mint, Any Condition Platinum Bar

Some investors just aren’t interested in paying extra for the beautiful designs on the obverse/reverse of some of our popular platinum bullion bars. For these collectors, we offer another option, Any Mint, Any Condition Platinum Bars. As the name suggests, these platinum bars come with no guarantee of a specific mint or condition. Instead, we can promise a high purity .9995 platinum bar at specified weight. 

5 Gram Platinum Bar - Any Mint, Any Condition - Reverse
5 Gram Platinum Bar – Any Mint, Any Condition

Investors who prefer AMAC Platinum Bars generally want to invest directly into platinum bullion, so the appearance and condition of their bars don’t matter much. But if you’re interested in platinum bars of excellent condition and specific brands, AMAC probably isn’t the best option for your growing portfolio. 

Pros and Cons of Buying Platinum Bars

Like platinum coins, platinum bullion bars have both advantages and disadvantages. Our pure platinum bars include high purity and offer a low entry fee for new investors, but they don’t come with the extreme numismatic value and design intricacy that are hallmarks of famous platinum coins. 

Advantages of Platinum Bars

We’ve already spoken about one of the main benefits of investing in platinum bars. These bullion products come with low premiums, which can help investors build their stack of platinum bullion without breaking the bank on unnecessary fees. It’s hard to imagine a more cost effective way to invest in platinum bullion. 

Believe it or not, some collectors also prefer the classic look of a platinum bar. Platinum bullion bars are easy to stack and look beautiful in any collection. And some platinum bullion bars actually include impressive, beautiful obverse and reverse designs. Take, for example, the PAMP Suisse Platinum Bar, which features a beautifully artistic depiction of Roman Goddess Lady Fortuna. 

Finally, platinum bars are highly liquid. Especially if your platinum bar is kept in exceptional condition, finding a suitable buyer when it’s time to sell your platinum shouldn’t be difficult. Compared to rare and numismatically valuable platinum coins, these platinum bars are easy to liquidate down the line when you’re ready to take some profit. 

Disadvantages of Buying Platinum Bars

The low premiums associated with platinum bullion bars do come with a price, however. We’ll highlight two main downsides to buying platinum bars: limited design selection and minimal numismatic value. 

If you take a look at some of our platinum bullion bars, you’ll notice that they typically don’t include the intricate, beautiful designs that characterize most platinum coins. This is a feature of platinum bar design – not a bug. For collectors of platinum bars, part of the appeal is that these objects are simple and emphasize their pure bullion content over fancy designs and logos. 

Platinum bars also offer very little numismatic value – most of the time. Occasionally, rare platinum bars or bars with exceptionally beautiful designs might be worth quite a lot, especially if you hold onto your bar for a while. But for the most part, platinum bars are valued primarily for their pure platinum content. This is both a gift and a burden, according to most investors. 

How to Buy Platinum Bullion

How do you buy platinum bullion products? Hero Bullion offers a wide selection of platinum products with some of the lowest premium prices on the market. We’re excited to be able to offer this section to our customers, and we hope you’ll take a look at what we have to offer. But you don’t want a sales pitch – you want to know how to find and purchase quality platinum products at fair prices. 

Below, we’ll take a deep dive into four main considerations for buying and investing in platinum bullion: finding reputable dealers, assessing market and price trends, understanding spot versus premium costs, and considering storage and preservation. 

Research is going to be your best friend as you navigate the world of platinum bullion products. It can be difficult to choose the right items for your portfolio, but it doesn’t have to be. By referencing reputable resources and carefully vetting dealers and products, you can begin to stack platinum bullion with confidence. As always, feel free to lean on the Bullion Academy for help as you discover all the things that platinum can do for your platinum portfolio – we’re here to make buying bullion easy! 

Finding Reputable Dealers

Finding a reputable dealer is paramount, especially for first-time platinum bullion buyers. If you’re trying to navigate the complex world of precious metal investments, doing business with a dealer you trust can help you feel more confident in your investment and collecting efforts. Reputable dealers will always clearly explain their pricing models; stay away from bullion distributors who don’t list the total cost of their products on their website. 

Local dealers are an underrated option for buying platinum. You likely have hundreds of platinum dealers in your state. It might take some traveling and quite a bit of research, but you might be able to find a better price buying locally than you would from a large online dealer. Still, some local dealers might mark prices up for their platinum products to maximize profits. 

Many consumers choose to buy platinum online for a few different reasons. First, online dealers offer a wider variety of available products than local distributors. Additionally, low shipping costs from dealers like Hero Bullion make it easy to invest in high quality platinum without breaking the bank on additional, unnecessary fees. 

How can you find the dealer that’s right for your needs? Again, research is step number one. Take a look at some of the verified reviews of popular bullion dealers, and compare prices to see who offers the most competitive rates on platinum bars and coins. 

Assessing Market and Price Trends

You’ll want to closely watch the market as you plan your next platinum bullion purchase. Some investors mistakenly believe that market analysis is only necessary before they buy bullion. To the contrary, it’s necessary that smart investors always look closely at platinum price trends throughout the lifespan of their investment. If platinum’s price skyrockets, it might be a good idea to consider selling your stock of platinum before buying once prices fall. 

The opposite is also true. Intelligent precious metal investors are always playing the market to secure profits for themselves. If you notice a major dip in the market, buying more platinum before prices skyrocket might be a good move. There are a number of resources online that can help new investors learn to follow the market. 

Our platinum price charts page provides a comprehensive guide to how to gauge, time, and play the platinum market. This skill can take a lifetime to learn; some investors still don’t understand how to properly analyze the platinum market, even after amassing considerable hoards of pure platinum bullion products. 

We recommend that new investors take some time to familiarize themselves with key trends and terms in the platinum market. Platinum is a historically volatile market, so price swings in the short term are common. The good news, however, is that the long-term outlook for precious metals remains strong. Some investment experts predict that platinum will grow in value over the next few years, so investing in platinum coins and bars now might help you build your portfolio for the future. 

Understanding Spot Vs. Premium Costs

How do you determine the total cost of a platinum product? As you likely already know, platinum products are primarily valued based on their precious metal content. The spot price of platinum determines how valuable a single troy ounce of the bullion is at any given time. When platinum’s spot price increases, the value of a platinum product will grow as well. And when the market looks bearish and prices decline, the sale value of your item goes down. 

But spot price is not the only consideration to keep in mind when buying pure platinum bullion products. All platinum products are sold with additional fees called premiums, which are added to the spot price of platinum in order to determine the total cost of a product. Premiums can vary based on the popularity of a product, the volatility of the platinum market, and general market factors like demand and investor interest. 

Platinum coins offer the highest platinum premiums in the industry. For consumers who want to cut down on premiums and invest directly in the value of platinum, cull condition platinum bars are a good option. These products come with virtually no premiums and are easy to sell for their value in pure platinum. But if you’re interested in beautiful designs and numismatic value, consider buying platinum coins. And when you buy your first platinum coin, always shop around and compare premiums to try to save as much money as possible. 

Hero Bullion sells platinum coins and bars at reasonably low premiums to help introduce platinum bullion to a whole new generation of investors. 

Storage and Preservation Considerations

Properly storing your platinum products is extremely important. Some consumers fail to account for storage considerations when buying platinum, which can be disastrous for the long-term value of their investment portfolios. Always store your platinum products in a cool, dry place, and try to keep them away from the prying hands of children or animals. 

If your platinum collection becomes extremely valuable, a basic home safe may no longer do the trick. For investors with larger platinum portfolios, we generally recommend looking into alternative storage solutions. You can purchase large safes online, and your insurance provider may be willing to sell you additional coverage that can help protect the total value of your bullion collection. 

Finally, consider storing your large platinum coin/round collection at a bank or mint vault. Some major online mints will allow you to keep your investments safe in their mints, which are both protected and insured far better than any home safe setup. Remember: platinum coins lose value significantly if they aren’t in perfect condition. So make sure that you take steps to retain your investment profitability by properly storing your collectable platinum bars and coins. 

Buy Platinum with Hero Bullion!

Hero Bullion offers one of the widest selections of platinum bullion products available. We work hard to establish strategic relationships with mints and provide you with a long list of high quality platinum products from around the world. 

Our secure shipping procedures also ensure that your coins or bars will never arrive damaged. We know all too well that your financial future might depend on quality coins delivered in perfect condition. 

Take a look at our stock of platinum bullion products at the top of this page, and feel free to reach out to our customer service team with any questions you might have.