Copper Bars

Copper bars are a premier investment vehicle for a reason. Minted using high quality, pure copper bullion, these products give investors the chance to invest in the future of mankind. Copper itself boasts a number of industrial applications, and demand continues to be high for copper bullion. Check out some of Hero Bullion’s copper bars below!

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Don’t Tread On Me Copper Bar

The United States of America has always been known for its commitment to freedom from oppression. Celebrate the classic phrase that epitomizes our values with the “Don’t Tread On Me” Copper Bar. This bar is minted using .999 fine copper bullion and includes a beautiful matte finish; the finish helps emphasize the incredible design that this bar is fitted with. On the center of the obverse, you’ll find the snake in the grass used on the original “Don’t Tread On Me” flag. The phrase itself is inscribed right above the snake, while the bar’s weight, fineness, and purity rest below it. 

Germania Mint Cast Copper Bar

Unlike the Don’t Tread On Me Copper Bar, Germania Mint’s contribution to the world of quality copper bars features a cast finish instead of matte. We love the look and feel of this bar, which includes an even higher copper purity (.9999). The mint’s reputation goes without saying; they’ve been premier distributors of silver, gold, and platinum bars for several years. Here, the mint’s commitment to quality copper bar designs is on full display. Their stylized logo is at the top of the obverse, and purity, material, and weight are also listed here. The serial number sits at the bottom of the Germania Mint Cast Copper Bar. On the reverse side, take a look at Germania Mint’s classic holographic logo. 

Hero Bullion Copper Bar

Hero Bullion appreciates the intricate matte finish used on some of the world’s most popular copper bars – so we decided to make our own! The Hero Bullion Copper Bar is made right at home in the United States, and the obverse side of our bar makes this perfectly clear. Additionally, we fitted the bar with our own logo and mint name, along with its weight, material, and purity. Aside from the detail used on the copper bar, we wanted to keep things simple. The reverse of our Hero Bullion Copper Bar is left completely blank – it’s perfect for stacking in your personal safe! 

Element Copper Bar

The other copper bars on our list celebrate history, culture, or beauty. This bar is a little bit different. The Element Copper Bar chooses to commemorate copper itself. And why wouldn’t it? Copper has been one of humanity’s most pivotal discoveries for tens of thousands of years, and it still remains an incredibly important investment vehicle. The periodic table symbol for Copper (Cu) takes center stage on the obverse of this bar. Like the Hero Bullion Copper Bar, this piece is made in the United States, and its design makes it an excellent American-made choice to expand your collection and enrich your portfolio. The reverse is left intentionally blank. Again, perfect for stacking! 

Buy Copper Bullion Bars

Copper might not be what most investors think of when they consider precious metals, but it has quickly become one of the world’s most worthwhile bullion investments. Why is copper becoming a popular way to invest in bullion? There are several reasons why we consider copper a premier investment vehicle. For the most part, we contend that copper offers collectors an unparalleled opportunity to invest in the future of global infrastructural development. 

Because copper premiums are so high, investors are always looking for a way to invest in copper without overspending. Copper bars from Hero Bullion give you this chance. Our bars are made using high quality, fine copper bullion and are vetted for authenticity. Most importantly, we take several steps to ensure that our copper bullion bars come with the lowest possible premiums over spot price. 

Today, we’re going to walk readers through everything they need to know about buying copper bars with Hero Bullion. At the top of this page, you’ll find some of our most popular copper bullion bars. But if you’d like more information about this unique investment vehicle, keep reading. 

Buy Copper Bullion Bars from Hero Bullion

We’re very happy with the wide range of copper bullion products in our inventory, and these quality copper bars are no exception. Hero Bullion offers reasonable premiums and several beautiful copper bars from some of the world’s most prestigious private mints. Before we jump into the pros and cons of copper bars, let’s take a brief look at the history of copper bars as an investment tool. 

History of Copper Bar Investment

Copper is likely the world’s oldest precious metal. Humans have used copper to make tools and new technologies for over 10,000 years. Copper was even responsible for some of the most pivotal inventions in the history of mankind; rudimentary cooking and hunting tools revolutionized the modern world, and copper was at least partly behind them. 

Today, copper might serve an even more important purpose in global development. Copper is one of the most conductive metals on the planet, meaning that it can be used to transfer electricity. Electrical systems, air conditioning units, and all sorts of essential developmental technologies rely on copper bullion to function. Perhaps even more importantly, copper is used to manufacture green tech, which will continue to be essential to the future of humanity’s tenure on Earth. 

As we’ll explain below, copper bullion is known for its industrial applications. People buy copper because they believe that the material will become increasingly necessary to global infrastructural development. If you’re bullish on the future of the developing world, copper might be the right material for you – and its history proves this. 

Why Buy Copper Bars? 

So why do people buy copper bullion, despite its considerable premiums and seemingly endless global supply? We’ll cover both the advantages and disadvantages of buying copper bullion in the next couple of sections. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Copper Bars

There are pros and cons to buying copper generally – and copper bars specifically. We like to look at the positives, so let’s begin with some of the main benefits of buying copper bullion bars. Copper bars offer high premiums, but some investors consider the industrial demand for copper to justify paying a bit more for quality copper bars. 

Pros of Buying Copper Bullion Bars

Copper bars have several distinct advantages. We’ll cover three pros of buying copper bullion bars below: copper purity, copper’s industrial value, and the numismatic and collectable value of popular copper bars. 

Pure Copper Bullion

If you’re looking to invest in copper as an investment-grade commodity, copper bars are an excellent option. Copper bars include highly pure copper – usually either .999 or .9999 fine. While copper rounds also include a high level of fineness, copper bars are a more cost effective way to secure pure copper bullion. 

When you buy copper bars, you’re investing directly in the metal. You’re never going to get copper bullion for its spot price. In order to pay the low spot price of copper per troy ounce, you’d have to buy thousands and thousands of ounces at once. For most investors, this just isn’t an option. Anticipate to pay high premiums when buying any copper product. But if your goal is to cut down on unnecessary costs as much as possible, copper bars are the way to go. 

Copper’s Industrial Value

The industrial value attributed to copper is an essential part of its importance to the global investment community. In addition to being used in electrical wiring, green energy sources, and a number of other infrastructure objects, copper is foundational for some of the common technologies that we all love. Air conditioning units, cars, and even some phones use copper. 

Hero Bullion Copper Bars

Global demand for copper is expected to grow in the next few years. At this point, the high demand for copper bullion is outstripping global production trends. As copper becomes more and more necessary in the industrial sector, the precious metal is likely to appreciate in value. The industrial importance of copper makes copper bars an excellent choice for investors who are looking to put their money on emerging technologies and development. 

Numismatic and Collectable Value

One common misconception is that copper bars don’t have collectable value. To the contrary, copper bullion products are sometimes very numismatically valuable. Collectors love the look and feel of a classic bullion bar, and several of Hero Bullion’s copper bars come fitted with brilliant finishes, unique designs, and highly pure copper. 

This makes them the perfect numismatic investment option for people who enjoy the color and texture of one of the world’s up-and-coming investment-grade precious metals. 

Disadvantages of Copper Bullion Bars

If you’ve scrolled this far onto the page, you already know that copper bars aren’t without their downsides. There are two main disadvantages to investing in copper bullion bars: minimal value appreciation and high premiums over spot. While these cons to copper bars are possible to overcome if you’re smart about investing, collectors should be aware of them before adding copper bars to their portfolios. 

Minimal Value Appreciation

Copper’s price trends have been favorable. Over the past decade, copper has continued to appreciate in value. Don’t expect this trend to hold forever. Global bans on copper mining might eventually make the material more difficult to obtain, and substitution metals could gradually diminish the explosive demand associated with pure copper bullion. 

Still, the value of copper could appreciate over time. And as we addressed in the section above, the numismatic value of some copper bars gives investors one more major way to profit from investing in copper. 

High Premiums Over Spot

Copper’s premiums are some of the highest in the entire bullion sector. Why are copper premiums so high? There are a couple of main reasons why this is the case. First, copper’s demand is extreme. Industrial need for copper bullion grows each year, while production has largely stagnated. When we combine this stable supply chain with the expanding efforts of governments to curb mining efforts, the result is a precious metal with high premiums. 

Top Hero Bullion Copper Bars

Now that you have a better understanding of the pros and cons of buying copper, let’s take a look at some of Hero Bullion’s most popular copper bars. We have too many copper bars to cover in such a short page, so feel free to browse our wider selection of high quality copper bullion bars by scrolling up. The Don’t Tread on Me, Germania Mint Cast, Hero Bullion, and Element Copper Bars are some of our most popular copper products. 

Don’t Tread On Me Copper Bar

Don't Tread On Me 1 Kilo Copper Bar
Don’t Tread On Me 1 Kilo Copper Bar

Our Don’t Tread On Me Copper Bars celebrate America’s long tradition of freedom and autonomy. The obverse is given a beautiful matte finish and features the classic snake associated with the “Don’t Tread On Me” flag. The famous phrase is inscribed above the snake’s head, while the weight, purity (.999), and material of the copper bar is included below. The reverse of these copper bars are left intentionally blank, invoking the classic look that many investors have come to expect from copper bullion bars. 

Germania Mint Cast Copper Bar

Germania Mint 1 Kilo Cast Copper Bar Obverse
Germania Mint 1 Kilo Cast Copper Bar

While some copper distributors are relatively small and unknown, Germania Mint backs all of its copper bar products with an impressive history and reputation. The Germania Mint has distributed several of the world’s most popular bullion bars, and their Germania Mint Cast Copper Bar is no exception. On the obverse, you’ll find their stylized logo, along with its purity, weight, and fineness (.9999). Flip the copper bar over, and you’ll note one of the things Germania Mint is known for – their patented holographic logo provides both security and visual appeal. 

Hero Bullion Copper Bar

Hero Bullion 1 Pound Copper Bar
Hero Bullion 1 Pound Copper Bar

We also produce our own copper bars. The Hero Bullion Copper Bar is minted with .999 pure copper bullion and includes a similar matte finish to the Don’t Tread On Me Copper Bar that we discussed earlier. Its obverse features the Hero Bullion logo, as well as the name of our mint. We also inscribed the phrase “Made in USA,” reminding consumers that our copper bars are poured – and finished – right here at our facility in Texas. The weight and purity of the bar are included on the obverse, and we opted for an intentionally blank reverse side on this copper bar. 

Element Copper Bar

Element 1 Pound Copper Bar
Element 1 Pound Copper Bar

Rather than focusing its artistic energy on a cultural symbol, the Element Copper Bar celebrates copper itself. Minted with .999 fine copper bullion locally in the United States, the bar emphasizes the beauty and chemical importance of copper. As we outlined in the first sections of our guide, copper is one of the world’s most essential precious metals. Like two of the other bars on our list, the Element Copper Bar drives home its beautiful artwork with a matte finish. The reverse for this bar is completely blank, invoking the strong history of simplistic finishes associated with copper bars. 

How to Buy Copper Bars

So how do you buy copper bars at a fair price? Working with Hero Bullion can help you cut through extreme premiums and secure quality copper bars for your growing precious metals portfolio. But even if you don’t choose to buy from us, we want you to be very prepared for your first copper bar purchase. We’ll provide three tips for buying copper bars below: evaluating market conditions, considering spot price and premiums, and planning for storage and security. 

Evaluate Market Conditions 

First, you’ll want to evaluate the copper market. This step can be tough, and even seasoned investors often struggle to properly time the complex and multinational copper bar market. In addition to taking a look at copper’s spot price, you’ll also want to track global trends of supply and demand. When demand grows, the price of copper is likely to react by exploding in value. 

Consider Spot Price and Premiums

The spot price of copper is the first place you should check before evaluating copper bars for investment. But spot price is not the only consideration that matters in the overall value of a copper bar. Premiums are exceptionally high for all copper products. While it is true that buying copper bars instead of rounds can cut down on these elevated premiums, you should still read up on copper premiums before making a large purchase. 

Storage and Security Considerations 

For most collectors, storing basic copper bars isn’t a huge deal. But when your collection begins to grow and becomes worth thousands of dollars, you might want to think about investing in some sort of safe to store your investment portfolio. The most expensive collections in the country aren’t even stored in a home at all; working with an actual bank vault can safeguard your investment against all sorts of threats. 

Final Thoughts: Buy Copper Bars with Hero Bullion

Hero Bullion is a premier distributor of some of the world’s best and most beautiful copper bars. Copper’s industrial usage makes it an excellent choice for investors, especially those who are bullish on the development of global infrastructures. We’re excited to offer such a wide selection of copper bullion bars, and we hope you’ll work with us as you build your future on one of humanity’s most useful commodities.