1 oz Silver Bars

1 oz Silver Bars are one of our favorite ways to invest in silver. Shop our full inventory of competitively prices 1 oz Silver Bars below, or scroll down for a full guide to stacking silver bars with Hero Bullion. 

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Asahi 1 oz Silver Bar

Asahi is a household name among silver stackers for a reason. The Asahi Refining 1 oz Silver Bar is likely their most popular silver bar. Minted with .999 fine silver bullion, the bar features the sleek Asahi logo and company name on the obverse. On the front of the bar, you’ll also find its material, purity, and weight. The reverse of the bar is a masterclass on creative bullion design; it features the repeating Asahi logo with an impressive darkened coloration in the middle. 

1 oz Silver Bar – Any Mint, Any Condition 

If you can’t decide on a particular brand or want to save money on premiums, Hero Bullion’s Any Mint, Any Condition (AMAC) 1 oz Silver Bars are a fantastic deal. These bars will come in a variety of conditions and can be minted by any company. Because these bars are shipped based on availability, we can’t guarantee you’ll be able to obtain any particular brand. Still, the low premiums associated with AMAC silver bars make this a great deal for silver stackers. 

Walking Liberty 1 oz Silver Bar 

Made right here in the USA at Florida’s Highland Mint, this 1 oz Silver Bar is really something special. It’s featured with a standardized fineness of .999 or higher and pays homage to the classic “Walking Liberty” design on its obverse. Below the circular depiction of a walking Lady Liberty, you’ll find the bar’s weight, material, and purity, as well as a stamp certifying that the bar was made in the United States. The reverse includes a fascinating, textured design. This is a great bar if you’re looking to cut down on premiums with a beautiful silver product. 

Shop 1 oz Silver Bars – Hero Bullion

Silver stacking is a great way to invest in precious metals. Despite silver’s volatility, investors who search for cheap silver can build a sizable hoard without overspending on high silver premiums. 

Silver bars are one of the best product categories for silver stackers. In addition to offering classic, beautiful artwork and highly pure silver bullion, silver bars are often sold at lower premiums over spot price compared to silver coins and rounds. 

Hero Bullion’s expansive inventory of 1 oz Silver Bars for sale can help you stack silver bullion without breaking the bank. We’re excited to sell silver bars from several of the most renowned mints in the world, and our competitive prices make us the dealer of choice for silver stackers everywhere. 

Why Buy 1 oz Silver Bars? 

1 oz Silver Bars are one of the best ways to buy low premium silver. There are several reasons why investors love 1 oz Silver Bars. Their beautiful designs and high silver content are important parts of what makes a silver bar great for stackers. However, the real beauty in a silver bar is its value. 

Because 1 oz Silver Bars are easier and cost less to produce than silver coins, they’re often sold at a much smaller premium. This makes them an exceptional choice if you’re looking for cheap silver to buy. 

Are 1 oz Silver Bars Expensive? 

1 oz Silver Bars are relatively cheap. Compared to silver coins, they’re an easy way to invest in discounted silver bullion. However, silver bar premiums become smaller as you purchase larger bars. In other words, the best way to buy cheap silver might be to think big. 

Still, 1 oz Silver Bars are an affordable way to invest in silver. Compared to coins and rounds, 1 oz Silver Bars are one of the cheapest forms of silver bullion on the market. We highly recommend buying silver bars from some of the world’s most reputable mints. 

That way, you’re able to capitalize both on the value of your silver investment and the reputation of its manufacture once you’re ready to sell. 

Pros and Cons of 1 oz Silver Bars

Like every other investment-grade bullion product Hero Bullion sells, 1 oz Silver Bars come with both pros and cons. To help you make a more informed decision about your next portfolio addition, let’s take a look at the upsides – and the downsides – of 1 oz Silver Bars. 

Pros to Investing in 1 oz Silver Bullion Bars

There are 3 main advantages to investing in 1 oz Silver Bars: low premiums compared to silver coins, classic and beautiful designs, and a wide variety of available options. We’ll outline the top three reasons why investors love 1 oz Silver Bars below. 

Low Premiums Compared to Silver Coins

We’ve talked about this a bit already, but investors should know that 1 oz Silver Bars are one of the best ways to invest in affordable silver. While kilo silver bars are even cheaper than these silver products, 1 oz Silver Bars come highly recommended by many silver stackers around the world. 

We don’t blame them, either. Buying silver bars can help you cut down on premiums. Premiums are a necessary evil in the precious metals industry. Whether you go with a silver bar, coin, or round, expect that you’ll be paying more than the melt value of your new silver investment. 

Walking Liberty 1 oz Silver Bar
Walking Liberty 1 oz Silver Bar

But not all premiums are created equal. 1 oz Silver Bars offer much lower premiums than silver coins of the same size. This isn’t surprising, considering that silver bars are easier (and cheaper) to make than the popular silver coins some stackers love to trade. 

Classic and Beautiful Designs 

Some investors prefer the intricate, artistic designs that decorate most popular silver coins. However, a certain class of stacker just can’t get enough of the classic look of silver bars. Hero Bullion’s in-stock 1 oz Silver Bars feature some of the most beautiful designs we’ve ever seen on silver bars. 

The most popular private and public mints in the world have revolutionized the process of designing beautiful silver bullion bars. Whether you go with a private mint or a government refinery, 1 oz Silver Bars can be a beautiful way to build your bullion stack. 

Wide Variety 

Another pro of buying 1 oz Silver Bars is their extensive variety. 1 oz Silver Bars are made from mints all around the world, so you won’t find any shortage of different designs to enjoy when you choose to invest in silver bullion bars. 

We actually note a wider variety of available 1 oz Silver Bars than we see for larger products like kilo and 100 oz silver bars. Regardless of your personal preferences for silver bar designs, our collection certainly has something for everyone. 

Cons of Buying 1 oz Silver Bars

There’s only one major downside to buying 1 oz Silver Bars: high premiums compared to larger bars. This might seem a bit counterintuitive. After all, we recently discussed how 1 oz Silver Bars are a good way to invest in discounted silver bullion. 

Let’s take a look at the biggest disadvantage to buying 1 oz Silver Bars below. 

Higher Premiums Than Large Silver Bars

Premiums are a natural part of buying and selling silver. But as silver bars get larger, their premiums actually decrease. This makes sense when you think about it. When a dealer sells a larger bullion bar, they’re able to offer a bigger discount on spot price because of the size of their sale. After all, manufacturers save money by making one large silver bar instead of twenty smaller ones. 

If your goal is to spend the smallest amount of money possible on silver bar premiums, think big. Kilo silver bars from Hero Bullion offer some of the lowest precious metal premiums in the industry, and they’re a popular choice for seasoned stackers. 

Asahi 1 oz Silver Bar Front
Asahi 1 oz Silver Bar

Are 1 oz Silver Bars a Good Investment? 

Overall, the pros seem to outweigh the cons. 1 oz Silver Bars are an excellent choice for investors who want to save money on precious metal premiums while stacking high purity, beautiful silver bullion. 

Our wide range of 1 oz Silver Bars can help you build your silver portfolio without breaking the bank. For decades, silver collectors have used silver bars to save money on premiums. It’s also important to note that Hero Bullion’s in-stock 1 oz Silver Bars feature brilliant, intricate designs that show off some of the very best that the world’s mints have to offer. 

But if your goal is to stack products with high numismatic value, coins and rounds may be the better call. 

Final Thoughts: Cheap 1 oz Silver Bars For Sale

Hero Bullion sells a wide inventory of in-stock 1 oz Silver Bars. We’re excited to offer silver bars from several of the world’s most respected mints. If you’re looking to save money while stacking beautiful, high purity silver bullion, 1 oz Silver Bars are an excellent choice. 

Our customer service team works hard to offer investors some of the most affordable silver bullion products on the market. Whether this is your first silver purchase or your hundredth, we’re here to help you make the most of your journey toward a silver hoard. 

Please don’t hesitate to contact customer service for more information, and check out our current inventory of 1 oz Silver Bars at the top of this page!