Kilo Silver Bars

Silver coins, rounds, and bars all offer benefits to investors who want to expand their portfolio. Precious metal collectors and stackers can benefit from diversifying their holdings as much as possible. Kilo silver bars allow collectors to stock up on high quantities of silver without shelling out a ton of extra cash for high premiums. Because silver bars are designed more with quantity than design quality in mind, savvy buyers can save quite a bit of money by buying a large silver bar instead of a smaller coin.

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Kilo silver bars also offer something for every type of investor. Some kilo silver bars are minted with beautiful designs and logos, while others are made to be as simple and straightforward as possible. Whether you’re looking for the next centerpiece of your silver bar collection or just trying to get as much silver as possible for your money, Hero Bullion offers several 1 kilo silver bars to choose from.

On this page, you’ll find helpful information about the history of silver bars, the advantages of buying 1 kilo silver bars, and some of the most popular 1 kilo silver bars Hero Bullion has to offer.

History of Silver Bars

Kilo Silver Bars

Most silver collectors don’t know that silver has sometimes been more valuable than gold. Historians believe that the first instances of silver being used as a sign of wealth go all the way back to 2,000 BC. Egyptian leaders actually valued silver higher than gold; gold was much easier to find in that part of the world during this time period. It wasn’t until around 300 B.C. that Egyptians standardized silver as a usable currency.

Silver bars have been used to store wealth for over 4,000 years, and the precious metal is still a favorite for millions of investors today. Silver as an investment is a bit newer. During the 1980s, silver bars became one of the preferred investments in the commodities market. Today, most major mints produce their own pure silver bars. It’s never been easier for the average investor to buy pure silver in the form of silver bars.

Kilo silver bars might have been around for a long time, but they haven’t always been a commodity available to non-bank purchasers. We’re proud to carry on a thousand-year tradition of silver bars by offering a wide variety of 1 kilo silver bars from around the world to our customers.

Why Buy 1 Kilo Silver Bars?

Many silver stackers prefer 1 kilo silver bars because of their relatively low premium over spot. While these large silver bars don’t offer the aesthetic appeal of a coin like the Silver Eagle, they allow investors to acquire a large amount of pure silver without paying an additional premium on top of the actual price of the metal. Because silver bars offer such a classic look, some investors also prefer to stack using silver bars. After all, it’s always been a sign of impressive wealth to have a safe full of pure silver bars!

Hero Bullion offers reasonable prices on all of our silver bars. We prefer to keep the premium over spot as low as possible on these products, because we understand how they’re used to stack silver by savvy investors.

Advantages of Buying 1 Kilo Silver Bars

Kilo Silver Bars

There are several reasons why so many investors prefer to buy 1 Kilo Silver Bars. In this section, we’ll primarily be comparing silver bars to silver coins. After all, new investors often wonder: is it better to buy silver bars or silver coins? Here are a few reasons why seasoned investors all over the world like to spend their money on 1 kilo silver bars: 

  • Low Premium Over Spot. This is the main reason why investors prefer 1 kilo silver bars. The total cost to purchase a silver bar is significantly lower than the cost of purchasing most government-backed silver coins. Especially if you’re purchasing a lot of silver at once, this can mean hundreds or thousands of dollars in total savings when compared to coins or rounds.
  • Convenient Storage. Silver bars often require less up-front investment when it comes to storage costs. Bars can be stacked on top of one another and held in a safe. Coins are generally valued for their condition as well as their silver content, which means spending more money and time arranging them to avoid damage. Many dealers also offer silver storage services, which takes the guesswork out of the silver storage process.
  • Classic Look. Silver bars aren’t visually appealing to everyone. But for many investors, it’s beautiful to see a large stack of 1 kilo silver bars sitting in the vault.

Disadvantages of Buying 1 Kilo Silver Bars

While 1 kilo silver bars are very popular among silver stackers, this investment model still comes with its inconveniences. For most people, buying silver bars means sacrificing design and beauty for value. Here are a couple of the main disadvantages to buying 1 kilo silver bars:

  • Difficult Resale. It can sometimes be harder to find buyers for your silver bars than for popular silver coins, such as the Britannia or the Silver Maple. Depending on which silver bars you purchase, it may also be more difficult to prove the legitimacy of your silver bar. Silver coins are highly recognizable; every coin dealer knows what an authentic Britannia looks like, for example. Still, many investors liquidate their 1 kilo silver bars every year, and many mints (including Hero Bullion) have generous buyback systems to help you liquidate your stock of silver bars.
  • Quality Concerns. This is a disadvantage that hinges on the reputation of the mint investors choose to do business with. It can often be harder to spot fake silver bars than to clock a counterfeit popular silver coin. Some mints also cut corners when minting their silver bars, which can lead to an ugly or impure final product. Hero Bullion only offers the highest quality 1 kilo silver bars possible, which takes some of the risk out of this process.

Popular Silver Bars

Because of the long history of silver bars being used to store wealth, almost every major mint offers 1 kilo silver bars. It would take all day for us to walk readers through every silver bar currently on the market. We’ve selected just a few of the most popular 1 kilo silver bars sold by Hero Bullion.

The silver bars on our list represent a wide range of different design models. Some of the silver bars below are exclusively concerned with silver purity and offer few frills in terms of design. Others strike a fun balance between beauty and value. Please reach out to us if you have questions about any of these in-stock 1 kilo silver bars.

Valcambi Cast 1 Kilo Silver Bar

Valcambi is a Swiss bullion mint known for its stellar quality reputation. The Valcambi-Suisse name is familiar to most bullion collectors, and the company has won a solid following of investors. This is due in no small part to their high-quality silver and gold bars. Valcambi makes a 1 kilo silver bar, and it comes with one of the prettiest designs we’ve seen on a silver bar of this size.

The textured reverse side of the Valcambi 1 kilo silver bar isn’t anything special. It’s completely blank – which makes it easy to stack on top of other silver bars!

Valcambi’s obverse on the 1 kilo silver bar is where the company’s eye for design really shines. We note the Valcambi-Suisse company name and logo, which is struck in fine lettering and rendered in impressive detail. The obverse also includes the weight, material, and purity (.999) of Valcambi’s 1 kilo silver bar. While silver bars aren’t generally known for their beautiful designs, silver collectors are consistently impressed with the sleek markings of the Valcambi 1 kilo silver bar.

This silver bar also comes with a Valcambi assay certificate, which helps to verify legitimacy and secure your investment.

Argor-Heraeus 1 Kilo Silver Bar

Another very popular mint operating out of Switzerland, Argor-Heraeus offers their own spin on the classic 1 kilo silver bar. Like their Swiss competitor, Argos-Heraeus leaves the reverse side of their silver bar purposely blank. Compared to the Valcambi silver bar, this silver product’s reverse side has a bit more going on. The text is centered underneath a detailed company logo and includes the minting location, weight, material, and purity of the bar. Underneath these details we can see a stamp of authenticity, as well as a serial number.

While these 1 kilo silver bars certainly aren’t designed to be the beauty of a silver collection, they do offer a certain rustic charm. They almost appear to have been hand-crafted, which is certainly an advantage for many bullion buyers. The low premium over spot offered by 1 kilo silver bars is on full display with the Argor-Heraeus silver bar. Consumers can save considerable money by investing in a no-frills 1 kilo silver bar like the one Argor-Heraeus offers.

Any Mint, Any Condition 1 Kilo Silver Bar

If you’re an investor who really just wants to accumulate as much pure silver as possible, Hero Bullion’s Any Mint, Any Condition 1 Kilo Silver Bar might be your best bet. As the name suggests, we choose the mint and condition of your bar. Regardless of which bar you get, Hero Bullion certifies that your AMAC 1 kilo silver bar will contain 1 kilo (32.15 Troy Oz) of .999 pure silver bullion. The obverse of your 1 kilo silver bar will generally include a mint mark, as well as the details of the bar (material, purity, weight, etc.)

Hero Bullion has established close relationships with some of the top silver mints in the world. We’re proud to be able to offer an ‘Any Mint, Any Condition’ 1 kilo silver bar that is guaranteed to satisfy any customer. By investing in AMAC silver, you stand to save considerable money on premiums while still getting a high-quality, high-purity 1 kilo silver bar.

Asahi 1 Kilo Silver Bar

Asahi 1 Kilo Silver Bar

The first 1 kilo silver bar on our list that’s based in the United States, Asahi has quickly established a reputation as one of the highest quality silver mints in the United States. Their 1 kilo silver bars are extremely popular among investors. Asahi manages to combine the efficiency of silver bars with an exceptional attention to detail. The result is a silver bar with fine, detailed lettering and a high level of purity.

On the obverse, you’ll find the Asahi logo, as well as the mint location (USA). Below that, you’ll note the weight, material, and purity of the silver bar. The serial number for your 1 kilo silver bar can be found at the bottom of the obverse side of the Asahi 1 kilo silver bar. The reverse-side is left purposely blank.

Asahi has a reputation as an impressive American mint that produces high-quality silver products, and their 1 kilo silver bar is no exception. We find that Asahi strikes a unique balance between value and beauty, and thousands of investors around the world have added the Asahi 1 kilo silver bar to their portfolio.

Final Thoughts: Investing in 1 Kilo Silver Bars

Silver bars have been used to store wealth for thousands of years, and their popularity is unlikely to dwindle in the coming decades. Hero Bullion offers a wide variety of high-quality 1 kilo silver bars. By investing in a silver bar instead of a coin or round, investors stand to save quite a bit of money. Lower production costs mean smaller premiums over spot, which means more money in your pocket. Whether you want to buy a refined, elegant Asahi 1 kilo silver bar or a simple silver bar in any condition, we’ve got you covered.

Hero Bullion makes it easy for collectors of all experience levels to build a silver portfolio they can be proud of. If you have questions or concerns about buying silver bars from Hero Bullion, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our customer service team.