South African Silver Coins

South African silver coins are a certified precious metals tradition. The South African Silver Krugerrand has long been one of the most popular ways to invest in silver. Scroll down for our current stock of South African Silver Krugerrands! 

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1 oz South African Silver Krugerrand Coin – Off Quality 

Some investors make it their personal mission to purchase as much pure silver as they possibly can for their money. If you care less about the beauty of a coin than its precious metal content, then the 1 oz Off Quality Silver Krugerrand is an exceptionally solid choice. This coin will contain considerable errors, damage, or other blemishes. They might not look perfect, but these Silver Krugerrands are certified as having come from the Rand Refinery in South Africa and will contain .999 fine silver. They also come from a random year, which adds a bit of chance to your investment! 

2020 South African Silver Krugerrand Coin 

2020 is the third year in the South African Silver Krugerrand series. The coins were extremely popular with investors – and we don’t have trouble understanding why. Featuring Paul Kruger, a controversial but important figure in South Africa’s history, on the obverse, the coins pay homage to an essential period in the development of the South Africa we know today. On the reverse, you’ll find another South African cultural symbol: the Springbok Antelope. The adorable, proud national animal of South Africa walks through a grassland as South African fauna sits below its hooves. 

2021 1 oz South African Silver Krugerrand Coin

This is the latest South African Silver Krugerrand that we currently have for sale. This coin is the fourth iteration of the Silver Krugerrands series, which continues to become more popular among silver stackers. Like the other coins in this series, the 2021 Silver Krugerrand offers .999 fine silver at a lower premium than some of the other popular silver coins from around the world. If you’re a fan of the Gold Krugerrand but can’t stand to spend several thousand dollars on one coin, the Silver Krugerrand might very well be the coin for you. Hero Bullion’s competitive pricing on all Silver Krugerrands helps you build your stack without breaking the bank. 

Buy Silver Krugerrands!

A new arrival on the silver coin scene, the Silver Krugerrand exploded into the precious metals market in 2017. Since then, the coins have become an important part of gold collections all over the world. 

Almost everyone in the world of precious metals knows about the Gold Krugerrand. The Gold Krugerrand was produced by the South African Mint starting in 1967. By 1980, the coin had exploded in popularity, eventually making up a whopping 90% of global gold coin sales. An embargo from prominent world governments tanked the global supply of the coin, but it has since rebounded to once again become a favorite for investors everywhere. 

But some collectors might not know about the Krugerrand’s underrated little brother, the Silver Krugerrand. Silver Krugerrands have been produced by the Rand Refinery in South Africa since 2017, and they’ve already become a core part of many collections around the world. 

On this page, you’ll find a collection of information about South Africa’s most popular silver coin, the Silver Krugerrand. If you scroll up, you can browse our current inventory of Silver Krugerrands from South Africa. 

History of Silver Krugerrand Coins 

The Silver Krugerrand follows in the footsteps of its predecessor, the Gold Krugerrand. The Gold Krugerrand was first released in 1967 by the South African Mint, and it experienced near-instant success. I mean, collectors were obsessed with the South African Krugerrand. In fact, the coin was so popular that it inspired many of the gold coins investors enjoy today. 

Reverse side of the Silver Krugerrand

The Canadian Gold Maple, American Gold Eagle, Chinese Gold Panda, and a long list of other famous coins were created in an effort to satisfy investor demand after embargos made it hard to get ahold of Gold Krugerrands in the 1980s. 

By comparison, Silver Krugerrands are still newbies on the bullion scene. These coins were minted for the first time in 2017 by the Rand Refinery as part of a larger project with the South African Mint. Like the Gold Krugerrand, Silver Krugerrands were quickly gobbled up by collectors. While we’ve yet to see Silver Krugerrands enjoy the same explosive popularity of the Gold Krugerrand, these coins are quickly becoming a staple for silver stackers across the world. 

Silver Krugerrand Designs

Good news for fans of the classic Gold Krugerrand: South African Silver Krugerrands feature the same designs as their golden predecessors. Let’s take a look! 

On the obverse, Silver Krugerrands include a portrait of Paul Kruger. The portrait was designed by mint artist Otto Schultz and features Kruger, an important South African political figure. He wears a long beard and his hair is combed back. 

The reverse is where this coin really shines. South Africa’s national animal, the Springbok Antelope, walks along the grasslands. On this side of the coin, you’ll also note the coin’s purity, weight, and year. 

Silver Vs. Gold Krugerrand Coins 

Silver and Gold Krugerrand Coins have a number of similarities. Like the gold coin, the Silver Krugerrand features an obverse depiction of Paul Kruger and a reverse of the Springbok Antelope. Unlike Gold Krugerrands, however, these coins are minted with near-perfect fineness. The Gold Krugerrand contains .9167 fine gold. The silver version of the coin, however, is minted with an impressive .999 fine silver. 

Cull 1 oz South African Silver Krugerrand Coin Obverse
Off Quality Silver Krugerrand – 1 oz

Why Buy Silver Krugerrands? 

Silver Krugerrands can’t boast the market dominance once offered by Gold Krugerrand Coins. But that doesn’t mean that these coins haven’t made a reputation as some of the most impressive silver pieces on the market. 

Below, we’ll take a closer look at both the pros and cons of investing in Silver Krugerrands from South Africa. 

Pros and Cons of Silver Krugerrand Coins 

There are advantages and disadvantages to any precious metals investment. The most well-prepared investors understand this and buy bullion with pros and cons in mind. To keep you 

Advantages of Buying Silver Krugerrands 

While Silver Krugerrands lack the historical dominance of the Gold Krugerrands that preceded them, they still come with a few considerable benefits for stackers. The 3 main advantages to buying Silver Krugerrands include their easy stackability, high demand and collectability, and historically relevant designs. 

Extremely Stackable 

Like the Gold Krugerrands that came before them, Silver Krugerrands are extremely easy to stack. The coins are often sold at a reasonable price with minimal premiums, especially if you’re willing to sacrifice a bit when it comes to the condition of your coin. These coins also come with a history of collector interest, which helps investors hedge their bets against the threat of depreciation in the total value of silver bullion. 

High Demand and Collectability 

Investors have always loved Krugerrand coins. While it’s the Gold Krugerrand that first shoved the South African Mint into the spotlight, the new silver series from South Africa’s Rand Refinery has made a splash in the stacking community. All too often, we see investors who only buy one or two popular coin types – usually coins from the Americas or Britain. 

The South African Silver Krugerrand series is an excellent way to add diversity and collectability to your growing collection. By investing early in this ongoing release from South Africa, you can put your money on a coin with historical interest and a massive upside of demand from ravenous collectors. 

Historically Relevant Designs 

Much like the original Gold Krugerrand, Silver Krugerrands celebrate a long history of beauty and culture within South Africa. The obverse design of these coins depicts a controversial and tragic figure in South African politics – Paul Kruger. During the 1980s, the Gold Krugerrand that came before our Silver Krugerrands was actually the subject of embargoes due to Kruger’s complacency in the racist South African Apartheid system. 

On the reverse, the coin pays homage to a classic South African symbol – the Springbok Antelope. The design featured on these coins has changed little since the initial release of the Gold Krugerrand in 1967. For collectors who appreciate the history behind their favorite coins, this is fantastic news. 

Downsides of South African Silver Krugerrands 

These coins aren’t perfect. We’ll highlight 2 main downsides to investing in South African Silver Krugerrands below: limited design variation and a silver fineness of only .999. 

Limited Design Variation 

For some collectors, the lack of change from 1967 to 2023 is a design feature of the Krugerrand rather than a bug. Still, we thought it may be worth mentioning. Some coins, like the Australian Gold Kangaroo and the Chinese Gold Panda, change their designs frequently. When a new design comes out, it can be fun (and profitable) to invest and try to complete a full collection. 

2018 1 oz South African Silver Krugerrand

But the Krugerrand’s obverse and reverse designs have remained static in the nearly fifty years of the series. This is good news for people who like the stability of a constant design, and we don’t anticipate many changes in the near future for this famous silver coin. Still, if you like to see your coins evolve and change over time, collecting Silver Krugerrands may not be your best choice. 

Three-Nines Fineness

Like the static designs, the .999 purity of Silver Krugerrands is a downside for some collectors and an upside for others. On one hand, the Silver Krugerrand’s .999 fineness means that your coin will be a bit more durable than the .9999 purity you’ll find on coins like the Canadian Silver Maple. 

If you’re a stacker obsessed with finding the purest possible coins for your collection, South African Silver Krugerrands don’t quite fit the bill. We tend to find that there’s very little difference between three-nines and four-nines, but some investors are picky. 

How to Buy South African Silver Krugerrands 

Wondering how to buy cheap Silver Krugerrands? We’ve got you covered. Hero Bullion sells competitively priced Silver Krugerrands for cheap to help you build your collection with confidence without breaking the bank. 

Below, we’ll walk you through 3 main things to know before investing in these coins: researching the market, timing your investment, and taking care of your Silver Krugerrand stack. 

Researching the Market

Researching the market should be the first step in any investment. Tracking auction prices, the spot price of silver, and other key indicators can help you figure out how the current market for Silver Krugerrands looks. We won’t spend too much time on the issue in this guide; Hero Bullion provides a number of resources to help you learn more about the silver market on our blog. For now, understand that researching the Silver Krugerrand market is an important step in investing for the first (or the hundredth) time. 

Timing Your Investment 

When silver prices are low, many investors want to buy the dip. Buying the dip refers to purchasing silver products at a low before prices shoot up again. Although timing the market properly can take years to really learn, investors should have a good idea of when to buy or sell Silver Krugerrands by monitoring silver bullion prices. 

Taking Care of Your Silver Stack 

Investing doesn’t stop once you have those pure silver bars or coins in your hands. Take care of your investments by learning how to display coins, how to store them properly, and how to add silver to your retirement investment savings accounts. 

Final Thoughts: Silver Krugerrands from Hero Bullion

Silver Krugerrands are the newest iteration of the classic Krugerrand design. The first Krugerrands were made from .9167 gold and produced by the South African Mint. Their explosive success inspired the mint to partner with the Rand Refinery to produce .999 fine Silver Krugerrands. 

As these coins continue to become more popular, they present themselves as an excellent opportunity for silver stackers who want to build their portfolios with beautiful silver coins from around the world. 

Scroll up to find Hero Bullion’s current inventory of silver coins, and please don’t hesitate to contact our customer service team for more information!