British Platinum Coins

Buy high quality British Platinum Coins with Hero Bullion. We offer competitive prices on some of Britain’s most popular platinum coins. Check out our full inventory below, or scroll to the bottom of this page for a full guide to buying British Platinum Coins. 

2023 1 oz Tudor Beasts Bull of Clarence Platinum

Minted with .9995 pure platinum, the latest edition in the Tudor Beasts Series depicts the strength and history of the noble Tudor family. It features the brand new King Type obverse with Charles III’s visage, as well as an intricately detailed bull holding the shield of Tudor on the reverse. Like the Queen’s Beasts series that preceded it, we anticipate high investor interest and numismatic value for the Platinum Tudor Beasts. 

1 oz Platinum Britannia Coin

The Britannia is a storied piece that occupies an important place in British bullion history. This coin’s reverse features Britannia, the beautiful and strong female personification of Great Britain. She holds a trident and the Shield of England as she gestures proudly forward. The obverse of the latest 1 oz Platinum Britannia Coins will feature the new King Charles III visage; older editions still depict Queen Elizabeth II. Intricate detail and state-of-the-art counterfeit protection technology characterize this coin, which includes 1 troy ounce of .9995 platinum bullion. 

1/10 oz Platinum Britannia Coin

A new release from the British Royal Mint, the 1/10 oz Platinum Britannia Coin features the new ‘King Type’ obverse design, which pays homage to Britain’s newest monarch, King Charles III. The reverse is largely the same as the full 1 oz variant; you’ll note a stunningly detailed image of Britannia as she strides forward, trident and shield in hand. This coin is especially perfect for collectors who want to invest in platinum without breaking the bank. Its lower denomination also may make it easier to sell down the line, which is excellent news for investors with shorter investment time horizons. 

Buy British Platinum Coins with Hero Bullion

For centuries, gold was king. But during the 19th and 20th centuries, emerging technologies made it possible for metal-workers to extract pure platinum, using it to create all sorts of beautiful collectable products. The high industrial value of platinum is also a major reason for its popularity; platinum is a core ingredient in several high-cost technological commodities. Thanks to these factors, platinum has become a core investment vehicle for collectors all over the world. 

The historic British Royal Mint produces several popular platinum coins. Hero Bullion is proud to bring its customers some of the best British Platinum Coins in the world. Today, we’re walking readers through everything they should know as they search for the best platinum coins from the world’s leading bullion mint. 

History of British Coinage

The history of British coinage spans thousands of years. Founded in 886, the British Royal Mint is one of the world’s oldest bullion dealers. You read that right – the British Royal Mint has been in operation for over 1,100 years. Even before the founding of their famous mint, British coins were used to feature trade. Many of these coins even featured the familiar likeness of Britannia, a female personification of the British Empire which still appears on British coins today. 

Platinum British coinage has a much newer history. The Silver Britannia has been minted since 1997, but the platinum edition of the piece has actually only been released yearly since 2018, making it one of the latest coin offerings of the Royal British Mint. 

The longstanding dominance of the British Royal Mint has had an unprecedented impact on the world of bullion coinage. Several popular world mints, including the Royal Canadian Mint and the Perth Mint, were originally founded as outposts for the Royal Mint. Even today, these mints include the current monarch of Britain on the obverse of some of their most popular bullion coins.

Platinum Britannia Coins

We feel that investors should understand the history of both British coinage and the British Royal Mints before they invest. After all, this storied history and reputation of excellence is one big reason that British Platinum Coins continue to be favorites for collectors around the world. 

Why Buy British Platinum Coins?

We mentioned one major reason why British Platinum Coins are so popular in the section above. The reputation of Britain’s landmark mint is unprecedented, and the recognizability of popular British coins makes them exceptionally popular and safe precious metal investment vehicles. 

We’ll take a closer look at the designs of popular British Platinum Coins below, but it’s important that investors understand the exceptional production quality associated with British coinage. These coins are designed to be brilliantly detailed and minted with the finest platinum possible. We love the look and feel of a classic British coin, and platinum variations of top-sellers are sure to wow any collector. 

Pros and Cons of British Platinum Coins

Like with any other bullion investment, there will always be both advantages and disadvantages to buying British Platinum Coins. We’ll discuss both in the two subsections below to give readers a better idea of what British Platinum Coins can do for their investment portfolios. 

Advantages of Buying British Platinum Coins 

Let’s pinpoint three specific advantages to buying British Platinum Coins: historical significance, numismatic value, and platinum as a non-correlated asset. 

Historical Significance

Almost all British Platinum Coins are equipped with exceptional historical significance. Modern coins are delivered in BU (Brilliant Uncirculated) condition from the British Royal Mint, so they’re not quite the same kind of historically significant as rare, old coins might be. However, coins like the Britannia and Tudor Beasts offer a different kind of significance. 

The cultural designs you’ll find on Hero Bullion’s British Platinum Coins invoke the spirit and history of Britain, one of the oldest countries in the history of mankind. Take the Britannia, for instance. The coin uses the female personification of the British Empire, Britannia, which is a symbol that has been used to represent Great Britain for over two-thousand years. 

Collectors can’t get enough of the historically significant and culturally inspired designs employed on the best British Platinum Coins – and we can’t either! 

Numismatic Value

The historical significance we mentioned above certainly influences the numismatic value of British Platinum Coins. These coins are valued for far more than their pure platinum bullion content. Beautiful designs, cultural significance, and an often limited mintage makes them exceptionally valuable as collectable pieces. 

Platinum as a Non-Correlated Asset

It wouldn’t be right to discuss the advantages of British Platinum Coins without taking a moment to mention the value of the material they’re minted with. Platinum is a non-correlated asset. During times of economic insecurity or a failing stock market, precious metals like platinum retain value unrelated to the status of the larger economic market. 

Platinum also offers something that some other precious metals don’t: industrial use-cases. Platinum is used to make catalytic converters, iPhones, and countless other valuable technologies. This means that platinum is valuable – even when investors aren’t all that interested in the precious metal itself. 

Buying British Platinum Coins is one way investors can capitalize on the high intrinsic value of platinum. 

Disadvantages of British Platinum Coins

British Platinum Coins are not perfect investment vehicles. In fact, some consumers might actually benefit from an investment strategy that focuses on different precious metals, including silver and gold. Furthermore, we find that some low-budget platinum stackers prefer the look, feel, and reasonable price of a platinum bar over platinum coins. 

High Premiums Over Spot

The high premiums associated with British Platinum Coinage is one reason some collectors stay away from British Platinum Coins. Like we mentioned above, coins made by the British Royal Mint come with an impressive production value. The intricate designs, innovative security features, and historical significance of these coins means that they’re often sold with a higher premium than other platinum products. 

Investors interested in cutting down on premium costs may want to take a look at silver, gold, or platinum bars. These items are sold at a far lower premium, although they certainly don’t offer the design beauty of historical significance that we note in British Platinum Coins. 

Limited Selection 

At least for now, the British Royal Mint doesn’t offer a wide selection of platinum coins. The mint only released the platinum version of the 1 oz Britannia in 2018, making it one of the newest coins to hit the shelves at our historic British Royal Mint. It’s unclear whether the mint is going to come out with new British Platinum Coins in the near future, but for now the options are limited. 

Popular Hero Bullion British Platinum Coins

Hero Bullion sells several of the most popular British Platinum Coins on the market. We offer competitive prices and are happy to help collectors find the right coins for their growing portfolios. Below, we’ll break down the details behind two of the most coveted British Platinum Coins on the market: the 1 oz Platinum Britannia and the 1 oz Platinum Tudor Beasts Series. 

1 oz Platinum Britannia Coin 

The Britannia is the British Royal Mint’s most famous coin. First released as a gold coin in 1987 before the 1997 unveiling of a silver edition, the coin has been popular for decades among collectors. The 1 oz Platinum Britannia Coin wasn’t released until 2018, and it’s been met with resounding success already.

2023 British 1 oz Platinum Britannia - King Type Reverse
1 oz Platinum Britannia

This coin features .9995 pure platinum bullion, which is just about as pure as platinum gets. Britannias released either in or after 2023 will feature an obverse depiction of King Charles III. He wears no crown and stares forward. 2023 will be the first year for the ‘King Type’ Platinum Britannias from the British Royal Mint. Before 2023, the coin’s obverse shows off Queen Elizabeth II; she wears her crown and pearl earrings. 

On the reverse of the Platinum Britannia Coin, onlookers are treated to an artistic depiction of Britannia, feminine personification of the British Empire. She wears a flowing gown and war hat and carries both a trident and the shield of Great Britain. The wavelike background of the image adds even more detail to this side of the coin. 

1 oz Platinum Tudor Beasts 

Seasoned bullion coin collectors know the value provided by a solid coin series. The Tudor Beasts series is an ongoing project by the British Royal Mint. The series seeks to commemorate the British royal family by celebrating the Tudor Beasts, ten heraldic beasts used to represent the lineage and history of Britain’s monarchs.

2023 1 oz Tudor Beasts Bull of Clarence Platinum Reverse
1 oz Platinum Bull of Clarence

The latest edition to the series is available from Hero Bullion. This coin is the Platinum Tudor Beasts Bull of Clarence. It is the first coin in the series to depict King Charles III instead of Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse. Flip the coin to the reverse to see why it’s named; the large Bull of Clarence appears, holding the shield of the House of Tudor. The textured background against which the bull is set gives it an added layer of detail.

We love the look and feel of this coin, but we also appreciate its place in a larger series. Like the Queen’s Beasts series, the Tudor Beasts Series is likely to remain an extremely popular series for investors to collect. Don’t miss out! 

Bonus: 1/10 oz Platinum Britannia 

As an added bonus, we wanted to speak briefly about the 1/10 oz Platinum Britannia Coin. This coin is a relatively new release, but it’s already becoming one of the most popular British Platinum Coins in the world.

2023 British 110 oz Platinum Britannia King Type Reverse
1/10 oz Platinum Britannia

We won’t bore you by going back over the design of this Platinum Britannia Coin. The piece includes largely the same obverse and reverse depictions as the full 1 oz variant. It tends to sell exceptionally well for a couple of reasons. Like its larger counterpart, the 1/10 oz Platinum Britannia hones in on a classic and culturally significant British icon. But unlike the 1 oz version, the 1/10 oz Platinum Britannia is easy to afford for budget investors. 

The introduction of this lower denominational Platinum Britannia has helped to make it one of the world’s most coveted British Platinum Coins. 

Factors to Consider When Buying Platinum British Coins

Have you decided that British Platinum Coins are right for your investment portfolio? We’re glad that you appreciate these exceptional investment vehicles. But your work isn’t over yet. To properly prepare to buy British Platinum Coins, you’ll need to develop an understanding of premiums, market fluctuations, and proper coin storage. 

Premium and Total Costs

The total cost of a platinum product is determined by adding its premium to the coin or bar’s platinum melt value. Premiums are higher for platinum coins than other products, such as bars or rounds. You’ll want to shop around before settling on one dealer if you want to secure the best deal possible for your British Platinum Coins. 

Market Fluctuations

The platinum market is historically very volatile. Price movements can be abrupt and significant. We recommend that collectors familiarize themselves with current platinum market conditions and trends before spending thousands of dollars on British Platinum Coins. 

Also keep in mind that the market for platinum can shift significantly over time. Can you tolerate losing some money in the short term as you hold onto your platinum coins? If not, then investing in precious metals may be too risky for you. 

Proper Storage and Cleaning

The last thing any collector should want is to lose value in their investment. And if you fail to properly secure, clean, and store your British Platinum Coins, you can expect significant value depreciation over time. For smaller collections, a home safe is a sufficient way to store platinum bullion products. As your investment portfolio grows in both size and value, however, considering more aggressive storage options may be wise. 

Storing your bullion with a dealer in their vault is one way to keep your coins valuable and safe from all sorts of disaster or theft. 

Final Thoughts: Buy British Platinum Coins with Hero Bullion 

Offering competitive prices, a safe and secure shipping process, and countless resources, Hero Bullion is happy to be the preferred bullion dealer for many of our customers. We sell high quality British Platinum Coins at fair prices, and our dedicated customer service team is always ready to help you with your next platinum purchase.