Gold Bars

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What is Gold? And how will it help me? 

Gold is a precious metal of patient virtue. “On average, it takes 10-20 years before a gold mine is ready to produce material that can be refined.” It’s high in demand and low in supply, virtually indestructible, recyclable (but don’t toss it with your soda cans). The demand for Gold since the early 2000s has quadrupled worldwide. 

Gold is not only high in demand, but diverse in its uses. The association with jewelry, and other value propositions, somewhat keep it an underrated investment option. It’s IRA approved and a common alternative among those not in favor of stock markets. Deciding how to invest in gold involves appraisal of product, risk, return, and liquidity.  

Investment gold is often free of Value Added Tax (VAT), and Goods and Services Tax (GST).

Gold Bars

Simply put, Gold Bars meet specific purity standards. A minted gold bar has gone through a more rigorous process than bars that are cast. Sizes are meticulously cut, yielding precise dimensions, and purity. 

Cast bars are poured into molds to harden. They’re often uneven in comparison to minted bars and vary in color and appearance. 

The preferred choices for gold bullion are gold coins and gold bars. Small sizes account for roughly two-thirds of the demand for investment gold each year. It’s easy to “track, stack, and store.”

If you’re more of an investor versus collector, Gold Bars might be for you. Typically, the goal is to get the most gold ounces for your money. Similar to diamonds, its purity and weight influence it’s value. The manufacturer and reputation from which it came will impact your ability [and the bar’s desirability] to sell if you decide to liquidate.

Gold Bar Sizes

Bigger doesn’t always mean better.

The variety of sizes and weights you can choose far exceeds other precious metals giving you a little more control over the selection and purchase. Too, they hold a  lower premium than other gold options.

A  gold bar can weigh as little as 1 gram or as much as 400 ounces. 

Bars weighing between 1 and 10 ounces are often the most appealing, with many investors settling on the 1 Troy ounce or 10 Troy ounce bars. Typical sizes you’ll find: 

½ Gram – 1 Gram – 2 Grams – 5 Grams – 10 Grams – 20 Grams – 50 Grams – 100 Grams

Composition of Gold Bars

The majority of gold today is refined with .9999 gold content; weight and type notwithstanding. It’s measured by Troy ounces – only used to weigh precious metals and gemstones – a Troy Ounce is 10% heavier than a typical ounce. 

Gold Bar Packaging

Minted Gold Bars arrive in sealed, tamper-evident packaging with Assay Card. 

Mints and Security Features


Choice Mints offering Gold Bars: 

  • The Royal Canadian Mint – A 100-year-old refinery offering “the most secure bullion in the world” with their trademarked “Bullion DNA” security feature – one of many safeguards provided. They are the leading experts in security, storage, and production. 
  • Pamp Suisse – A World Renowned Refinery from the start of inception 30 years ago. 

Pamp Security Features: Serialized Assay Card, Serialized Bar

“Prior to any refining process, PAMP undertakes stringent verification of a supplier’s legitimacy, ethics, responsible business conduct, and practices, as well as the origin of material and integrity of the transportation chain.” 

  • Credit Suisse – Not in the limelight but, founded in 1856 and one the most distinguished metal refineries in the world with 150+ years of financial and fine metal experience. 

Security features of Credit Suisse choice: Assay card, Serialized Bar

  • Argor Heraeus – What they lack in brand power, they make up for in highly sought after 1-ounce bars and a loyal following of investors and enthusiasts. Founded in 1951, its a fairly new refinery in comparison however, they keep pace with production, refining 350-400 tonnes of gold annually.

Security features of Argor Heraeus choice: Assay Card, Serialized Bar

Each mint has its own approach to security, fraud prevention, safe handling, and protective measures to preserve the physical integrity of the bullion itself. Security measures vary between mints and their products. 

Assay Cards, Serialized Assay Cards, and Serialized Bars are typical security features for Gold Bars. Additional security measures are available, but relative to each mint and their individual products (also included in the quick-reference comparison chart below). 

Why You Should Consider Buying Gold Bars

We don’t just sell Gold and Silver. Bullion is our passion. We like to teach, inform, and provide interested customers with the information they need [however great or small] that empowers them to make the investment choice just right for them. Hero Bullion has 20+ years of industry knowledge and experience. We want to create a community of enthusiasts where you can be your own HERO as you plan for your future.