1 Gram Gold Bars

Did you know you can invest in gold bars for less than $100? 1 Gram Gold Bars are extremely affordable. Check out our full selection of competitively priced, cheap 1 gram gold bars below! 

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Perth Mint 1 Gram Gold Bar

The 1 Perth Mint 1 Gram Gold Bar offers investors one of the world’s most beautiful gold bars packaged within an affordably small frame. This bar is minted with .9999 fine gold bullion and features the same familiar obverse and reverse designs you’ll find on all Perth Mint Gold Bars. On the obverse, the bar features its purity, material, and weight. Above this information, the bar includes a stylized version of the Perth Mint’s logo. The portrait of a swan is encircled by the mint’s name. On the reverse, the Perth Mint 1 Gram Gold Bar features a familiar sight: the Australian Kangaroo. The repeating pattern gives this bar a unique look and feel, making it one of our favorite fractional gold bars. 

Valcambi 1 Gram Gold Bar

Valcambi Suisse is a Swiss mint that has become one of the world’s greatest producers of quality gold, silver, and platinum bars. Their Valcambi 1 Gram Gold Bar is struck with a stunning .9999 fineness and includes an individualized serial number on its obverse. Above the serial number, you’ll find the standard fare: purity, material, and weight. Finally, the obverse of this gold bar features the logo for Valcambi. The reverse keeps things simple. You’ll find the mint’s name, Valcambi Suisse. 

Buy 1 Gram Gold Bars with Hero Bullion!

1 gram gold bars are a fantastic way for new investors to enter the gold market. Their affordability and small size makes it easy to stack smaller gold bars without breaking the bank. To top it off, most 1 gram gold bars feature the same beautiful designs people love on the full 1 oz sizes. 

Hero Bullion offers a wide selection of 1 gram gold bars to help you build your gold stack with confidence. Scroll up to see our current inventory, and keep reading for a bit more information about this popular gold product. 

What is Fractional Gold? 

Fractional gold refers to gold that weighs less than one ounce. The troy ounce is the standard measurement system for gold coins and bars, and it’s what we use to track spot price. When you see something advertised as fractional gold, this just means that it weighs a “fraction” of a full troy ounce. 

PAMP Fortuna 1 gram Gold Bar Front
PAMP Fortuna 1 Gram Gold Bar

Investing in fractional gold bars comes with a few distinct advantages – as well as two major downsides. We’ll take a look at the pros and cons of investing in 1 gram gold bars below. 

Benefits of Buying 1 Gram Gold Bars

We love the look and feel of a quality fractional gold bar. Our 1 gram gold bars don’t disappoint. Featuring low cost, high liquidity, and a fantastic degree of variety, these gold bars are a great choice for stackers who are building their gold portfolios on a budget. 

Low Cost

The low cost of investing in a gold bar is one thing that draws many investors to 1 gram gold bars. Buying a brand new 1 oz gold bar can be pricey. Given the current spot price for gold, a 1 oz bar can cost nearly $2,000. That might be walking money for some wealthy investors, but it’s quite a large expense for the rest of us! 

1 gram gold bars provide the same benefits of larger 1 oz gold bars, but with a much smaller price tag. We’ll address the notable catch to this advantage later (premiums!). But for now, you should just know that 1 gram gold bars are an excellent way to invest in cheap gold bullion. 

High Liquidity 

You might also be shocked to learn that 1 gram gold bars offer high liquidity. In other words, it shouldn’t be super hard to find a buyer for your 1 gram gold bars when you’re finally ready to part with your investment. 

This should come as no surprise, especially when you learn how cheap 1 gram gold bars really are. Because it doesn’t cost thousands of dollars to invest in these bars, many collectors will buy them up without feeling like they need to shop around for a sizable discount. 

Fantastic Variety 

We’ve been very impressed with the number of different 1 gram gold bars that have hit the market in the past few years. Decades ago, most gold bars were sold in large weights that the average investor could almost never afford. 

But in 2023, 1 gram gold bars are popular, and not just with investors. Their cheap price tag makes 1 gram gold bars an excellent gift of stocking stuffer to give to family members or friends. And the wide range of beautiful designs decorating our most popular 1 gram gold bars goes a long way to make these products a great choice for the holiday season. 

Cons to Buying 1 Gram Gold Bars

1 gram gold coins are not without their downsides, however. Namely, the smaller designs and inflated premiums associated with many 1 gram gold bars are two major cons to this type of gold investment. 

Higher Premiums 

Generally, premiums for gold products increase as each product gets smaller. Expect to pay a higher percentage premium on a 1/10 oz gold coin than you would for a full 1 oz coin. The same is true for gold bars. 

Because they’re so small, 1 gram gold bars come packed with some of the lowest premiums among all gold bars.

Smaller Designs 

1 gram gold bars are (obviously) much smaller than their 1 oz counterparts. But aside from a cheaper price and higher premiums, this comes with an additional consequence. Smaller frames mean that the details on your gold bar’s design might be harder to make out. 

Argor-Heraeus 1 gram Gold Bar
Argor-Heraeus 1 Gram Gold Bar

This isn’t a huge problem, especially if you plan on buying 1 gram gold bars from some of the world’s most reputable mints. The Perth Mint 1 Gram Gold Bar, for instance, balances an affordable, manageable size with impressive detail and design intricacy. 

Still, some investors find that the designs on 1 Gram Gold Bars are too small. If you want to buy cheap 1 Gram Gold Bars, we recommend looking into some famous mints like the Perth Mint and Argor-Heraeus. 

How to Buy 1 Gram Gold Bars

Buying 1 Gram Gold Bars shouldn’t be hard. Hero Bullion’s goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to build your gold stack with confidence. Our competitive prices, secure shipping procedures, and dedicated customer service team are always here to help you along any step of your investing journey. 

But even if you don’t buy from us, we want our readers to be as prepared as possible for their next bullion purchase. Check out a couple of tips below on how to make your next 1 Gram Gold Bar as affordable and perfect as possible. 

Comparing Prices

1 Gram Gold Bars are one of the cheapest ways to invest in gold. As the popularity of these small fractional bars continues to increase, they allow investors who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford precious metals to invest directly in gold bullion. 

Still, expect to pay a premium anytime you purchase 1 Gram Gold Bars. All gold investments come with premiums. As a general rule, you’ll pay a higher premium as the weight of your investment decreases. Larger gold bars, such as the 1 Kilo Gold Bar, are sold at some of the lowest premiums by percentage in the industry. 

Because of this, it’s important that 1 Gram Gold Bar investors compare prices across different dealers. By bargain shopping, you can save considerable money when it’s time to buy your next 1 Gram Gold Bar.

Valcambi 1 gram Gold Bar
Valcambi 1 Gram Gold Bar


Hero Bullion’s Guarantees

Hero Bullion’s competitive pricing model and secure, affordable shipping procedures make it easy to buy the gold you need without breaking the bank. We also work hard to provide the most comprehensive inventory of in-stock gold bars on the market. 

Scroll up to the top of this page, and you’ll find our current inventory of pure 1 Gram Gold Bars. 

Final Thoughts: Quality 1 Gram Gold Bars for Sale!

1 Gram Gold Bars are an excellent way to invest in pure gold bullion without spending thousands of dollars. Endlessly stackable and often beautiful, our favorite 1 Gram Gold Bars merge the collectable with the affordable to make themselves a premier option for gold collectors everywhere. 

Hero Bullion is always working to improve our selection of quality gold bars. If you have any questions or concerns, please never hesitate to contact our customer service representatives. 

And as always, keep on stacking!