US Gold Commemorative Coins

US gold commemorative coins offer investors both pure gold content and high numismatic value. Celebrating some of the most important moments and people in United States history, Hero Bullion’s inventory of commemorative coins can help you take your portfolio to the next level. 

$5 US Mint Commemorative Gold Coin

Sporting a face value of $5 USD and a total gold content of .24187 troy oz, these US Mint Commemorative Gold Coins feature a variety of possible designs associated with American history and culture. When you order this coin, you’ll receive a random obverse design. Some coins celebrate special moments in American government history, such as the signing of the declaration of independence. Others focus on important sporting events, like the Olympics. On the reverse, you’ll always spot the familiar heraldic eagle of the United States. 

$10 US Mint Commemorative Gold Coin 

Boasting even more pure gold (.4823 troy oz) and a higher face value of $10 USD, the $10 US Mint Commemorative Gold Coin offers an even more diverse and exciting set of commemorative obverse designs. We chose to highlight the 1984 US Mint Commemorative Gold Coin at the top of this page. While the reverse features the familiar heraldic eagle, which carries both an olive branch and a bundle of arrows, the obverse celebrates the 23rd olympic games, which were hosted by Los Angeles in 1984. 

½ oz Gold Spouse Coin

Compared to the previous two coins, the Gold Spouse coin offers an exceptional amount of pure gold bullion. Containing a modern .9999 fineness, these coins celebrate the First Ladies that helped to shape the United States and its history. When you buy this coin, you’ll receive a random coin from the collection; it could be any one of the First Ladies that served the United States throughout its history. On the reverse, you’ll find various different designs. Each reverse celebrates one of the important issues that the First Lady addressed during her time in the White House. These coins are valuable collectable items and commemorate some of the most influential American women of all time. 

Buy US Gold Commemorative Coins 

Bullion stackers tend to focus on some of the world’s most popular gold coins when deciding which new gold, silver, or platinum coin to add to their growing collection. While coins like the American Gold Eagle are tough to compete with, we find that US commemorative coins are a strong and explosively popular category of precious metal product. As the name suggests, US commemorative coins help to commemorate some of the greatest moments, people, and periods in American history. 

What can buying US gold commemorative coins do for your precious metals portfolio? Hero Bullion is proud to offer a wide inventory of some of the best United States gold commemorative coins. On this page, we plan to walk readers through everything they need to know about investing in this fascinating and numismatically valuable asset class. 

What are Gold Commemorative Coins? 

You may hear the term “commemorative coins” thrown around quite a bit, especially if you’ve been in the bullion market for a long time. But what does it actually mean for a coin to be considered “commemorative?” To start, commemorative coins generally highlight a specific person, place, or thing that is important to the country in which the coin is minted. In the United States, for example, popular US gold commemorative coins celebrate important politicians or battles from the country’s history. 

History of Gold Commemorative Coins 

In the United States, commemorative coins have been minted for hundreds of years. Even toward the beginning of the USA as a burgeoning republic, mint advocates considered coinage an important tool for celebrating and commemorating our shared cultural heritage. According to the United States Mint, the first commemorative coin authorized by the United States Congress was the 1892 Columbian Exposition half dollar.

Spouse Gold US Mint 1_2 Ounce Coin
Spouse Gold US Mint 1/2 oz Coin

Since then, producing quality commemorative coins has been one of the chief duties of the U.S. Mint. US gold commemorative coin programs have been a consistent source of investment interest for collectors around the world. In particular, coins celebrating essential military victories tend to fly off the shelves whenever they’re authorized and released. 

Why Buy US Gold Commemorative Coins? 

Why should the average investor add US gold commemorative coins to their portfolios? It’s tough to turn our attention from American Gold Eagles, especially given their historical price performance and reputation among collectors. But there are a few different upsides – and downsides – to investing in US gold commemorative coins that you should understand. We’ll take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of US gold commemorative coins below. 

Advantages of Commemorative Coins

We find three main advantages to investing in US gold commemorative coins: collectable and numismatic value, pure gold content, and potential value appreciation. Collectors who prefer commemorative coins generally understand that these investments are highly interesting to a wide variety of investors and might offer an alternative to the gold price-dependent appreciation trends of .9999 bullion gold coins. 

Collectable/Numismatic Value

The collectable value of a quality US gold commemorative coin is almost impossible to deny. The coins are generally minted in very limited quantities, and editions kept in pristine condition can eventually be worth several thousands of dollars. If you plan to buy US gold commemorative coins, make sure to take steps to keep your coins as clean and highly graded as possible over the next few years.

$5 US Mint Commemorative Gold Coin
$5 US Mint Commemorative Gold Coin

Numismatic value also provides protection against the volatility of gold. While gold is an intrinsically valuable commodity, collectors are often forced to deal with wild price swings, especially after major news breaks impact the value of precious metals like gold. Coins with numismatic value might still become more valuable over time, even when their underlying precious metal content becomes cheaper. 

Pure Gold Content

Even if you’re just buying US gold commemorative coins for their precious metal content, the high gold percentage of many of our products makes them an excellent choice for almost any investment portfolio. Old US gold commemorative coins are generally minted using .90 fine gold bullion, but newer coins might contain up to .9167-.9999 pure gold. Calculating the total amount of gold in a US gold commemorative coin is relatively easy, too. Take the total weight of the coin and multiply it by the piece’s decimal purity in order to determine how much gold you’re holding. 

Potential Value Appreciation 

Both of the advantages above contribute to one big benefit to investing in US gold commemorative coins: potential value appreciation. Commemorative coins from early American history have skyrocketed in value; some are worth tens of thousands of dollars. Commemorative gold coins are often distributed with exceptionally low mintage numbers, which means that your coins are particularly rare. Over time, scarcity increases and could seriously drive up the value of your US gold commemorative coins. 

Downsides of US Commemorative Coins

We never want readers to walk away from one of our pages thinking that a given investment is guaranteed to appreciate in value. Like any other investment, US gold commemorative coins come with their own downsides that wise investors should be aware of. We’ll cover two disadvantages to investing in US gold commemorative coins below: limited mintage and high premiums over spot. 

Limited Mintage

As we mentioned above, US gold commemorative coins are typically minted in extremely low numbers. This is definitely an advantage when it comes to numismatic value; coins limited in circulation are typically worth more to collectors than coins minted in the tens of millions. But this limited mintage makes it tough for new buyers to enter the market. The prohibitively high price of some of the rarest US gold commemorative coins is a major downside that collectors should consider before investing. 

High Premiums Over Spot

Gold coins come with some of the highest premiums anywhere in the precious metals market, and commemorative coins are certainly not an exception to this rule. Because of their historical value and limited mintage, many commemorative gold coins are actually even more expensive than traditional gold bullion products like the Canadian Gold Maple. These high premiums can eat into your profits, so they should be taken into account before you put your money on numismatically valuable and highly collectable US gold commemorative coins. 

$10 US Mint Commemorative Gold Coin
$10 US Mint Commemorative Gold Coin

How to Buy US Commemorative Coins 

If you’ve already decided that buying US gold commemorative coins is the best way to improve your portfolio and diversify your numismatic gold coin collection, you’ve come to the right section. We’ll leave you with just a few tips for how to safely buy US gold commemorative coins below. Surveying the market, vetting dealers, and storing your coins properly are all hallmarks of a smart investment plan. 

Surveying the Gold Market

Because of the high premiums associated with US gold commemorative coins, it’s important that collectors carefully evaluate the gold market before putting their money on this unique gold product. When gold prices are high, buying may not be your best move. But when prices hit the floor, buying the dip is almost always a sound strategy. Learning to time the market is difficult, and even seasoned traders sometimes struggle to properly manage their collection while tracking gold prices. 

We recommend checking back on our gold spot price page to make sure you’re timing your investments properly. Remember: buy the dip, and sell the peak! 

Vetting Dealers

Always check prices across multiple dealers before buying a gold product. At Hero Bullion, we try to keep our premiums as low as possible to help you get the gold, silver, and platinum you need for your investment portfolio. We recommend checking with both online dealers and local numismatic shops, especially if you’ve got a specific coin in mind. When you try to buy some of the rarest US gold commemorative coins on the market, overpaying can mean losing thousands of dollars. 

Storing US Commemorative Coins Properly 

We don’t always emphasize the importance of proper storage with bullion products. For cheaper items like copper bars and rounds, there’s no need to spend hundreds of dollars on a fancy home safe to protect your investment. But when it comes to expensive commemorative gold coins, the total value of your portfolio can quickly jump into the thousands of dollars – or more. If this is you, then investing in a temperature controlled, secure safe is a good way to keep your investments in pristine condition and out of the hands of thieves. 

Buy US Gold Commemorative Coins from Hero Bullion!

We’re pretty proud of our selection of US gold commemorative coins. Celebrating the history and shared culture of the United States, these bullion pieces provide collectors around the world with numismatically valuable, beautiful gold products at a reasonable price. 

If you’re still wondering about how to secure gold commemorative coins at a reasonable price, never hesitate to contact our team. We’re here to help you invest with confidence!