Royal Mint Gold Bars

Royal Mint Gold Bars are some of our favorite ways to invest in gold bullion. These bars come with brilliant design, exceptionally fine gold, and the stellar reputation of the centuries-old Royal Mint. 

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Royal Mint Britannia 10 Gram Gold Bar

The Royal Mint Britannia 10 Gram Gold Bar is an extraordinarily popular gold bar. The bar features brilliantly detailed obverse and reverse designs. On the front, note Lady Britannia, the feminine personification of Great Britain. She holds both the shield of Britain and a trident in her arms and wears her traditional armor. On the reverse, this bar includes the standard information: a mint logo, as well as the weight, purity, and material of the gold bar. You’ll also find a wave pattern on the bottom, which is an homage to the modern wave-textured features that characterize British Britannia Coins. 

Royal Mint Britannia 20 Gram Gold Bar

If you’re looking to go a bit bigger with your next Royal Mint Gold Bars, check out our in-stock Royal Mint Britannia 20 Gram Gold Bar. This bar offers the same purity and designs as our 10 gram bar, but double the actual gold content. We’re highly impressed with the quality put on all of the Royal Mint’s gold bullion bars. Investors who want to put their money on a certified gold stacking tradition should consider the Royal Mint Britannia 20 Gram Gold Bar

Shop Royal Mint Gold Bars With Hero Bullion

As the second oldest mint on the planet, Britain’s Royal Mint has worked hard to win their reputation as a leading producer of gold, silver, and platinum products. The British Gold Britannia is the most popular product distributed by the London-based mint. But that doesn’t mean the Royal Mint doesn’t have more to offer. 

We’re highly impressed with Royal Mint Gold Bars. Hero Bullion offers an in-stock inventory of Royal Mint Gold Bars for sale. We’re excited to sell these gold bars to our consumers. In addition to containing .9999 fine gold bullion, these bars are some of the most beautiful gold products sold by the storied Royal Mint. 

Shop our full inventory of low premium Royal Mint Gold Bars above. If you’re still on the fence about whether or not these gold bars are right for your needs, keep reading for an in-depth guide to everything you need to know about Royal Mint Gold Bars. 

The Royal Mint Explained

The Royal Mint holds a number of distinctions. In addition to being the second oldest mint in the world, the government mint of Great Britain is also known for producing one of the most popular gold coin series on the market. We’re talking, of course, about the British Gold Britannia. For stackers, this coin is in a league of its own. 

Operating out of London, the Royal Mint is in charge of producing all circulation coins for Great Britain. Additionally, the mint creates unique bullion coins for sale to collectors, as well as gold, silver, and platinum investors. 

British Royal Mint – The World’s Second Oldest

It took over a thousand years for the modern Royal Mint to be developed. The mint originated in 886, but it wasn’t officially unified as a singular institution until 1279, nearly 400 years later. Interestingly enough, British physicist and mathematician Isaac Newton served as the Master of the Mint in 1699. 

Newton was obsessed with coinage. He approached the Royal Mint in the 1600s after noting the dire condition of British coinage. According to the Royal Mint itself, ten percent of all circulating British coins were likely forged

Under his guidance, the Royal Mint entered an entirely new era. He developed a new method for assaying, the process of verifying a coin’s quality. Additionally, Newton’s commitment to preserving coin authenticity helped him to discover and prosecute notable counterfeiting operations in Britain. 

In the history of the British Royal Mint, it’s unlikely that any single individual has been as impactful as Newton. His meticulous efforts helped make the Royal Mint one of the most consistently accurate mints on the planet. 

Reviewing Royal Mint Gold Bars

Aside from their famous coins, the mint also produces quality gold bullion bars. The Royal Mint Gold Bars on our website have become favorites for gold stackers all around the world. The meticulous quality pioneered by Mint Masters like Isaac Newton are clear – even today – on these beautiful, high purity gold bars. 

To review Royal Mint Gold Bars, we’ll need to take a look at both the pros and cons of this famous gold bar series. By the end of these subsections, you should have a better idea of whether or not Royal Mint Gold Bars are a good choice for your growing gold stack. 

Royal Mint Britannia 20 gram Gold Bar Obverse
Royal Mint Britannia 20 Gram Gold Bar

Pros of Buying Royal Mint Gold Bars

We note 3 main advantages to stacking gold using Royal Mint Gold Bars: 

  • Beautiful Artwork
  • High Purity Standards; and 
  • Impressive Mint Reputation

We’ll take a closer look at the three major pros of buying Royal Mint Gold Bars below. 

Beautiful Artwork 

It’s hard to discuss Royal Mint Gold Bars without considering the incredible artwork that they’re endowed with. As we discussed earlier, the Royal Mint has had literal centuries to improve the quality of their artwork – and the Royal Mint Britannia Gold Bar certainly does not disappoint on this front. 

Many gold bars focus on simple, classic designs. This isn’t surprising, considering how many gold stackers buy gold bars for their low premiums over spot price. But for fans of Royal Mint Gold Bars, it’s possible to enjoy both beautiful artwork and affordable, cheap gold bullion. 

On the obverse of this gold bar, you’ll find a classic British symbol: Lady Britannia. Britannia is the same feminine personification of the British Empire that we find on Gold Britannia coins. On this bar, she sits on top of a wavelike background and wears her classic war helmet and armor. Additionally, she carries both the shield of Great Britain and a trident in her arms. 

On the reverse of the bar, note the Royal Mint logo, as well as the gold bar’s weight, purity, and material. On the bottom, you’ll also find a wave design, mirroring the beautiful security features now included in modern Gold Britannia coins. 

High Purity Standards

We spoke earlier about the role that Sir Isaac Newton played in the development of the British Royal Mint’s impeccable reputation among gold coin and bar collectors. This comes into play in a big way on Royal Mint Gold Bars. 

Royal Mint Britannia 10 gram Gold Bar Reverse
Royal Mint Britannia 10 Gram Gold Bar

Thanks to advanced assaying technologies and a commitment to quality standards, Royal Mint Gold Bars are minted using a standard gold fineness of .9999. This is the case for all Royal Mint Gold Bars – regardless of their size or design. 

Impressive Mint Reputation 

Impressive mint reputation is one more pro to investing in Royal Mint Gold Bars. The reputation of a mint is important for gold stackers for a couple of reasons. First, purchasing gold bars is easier when you trust the authenticity of the products produced by your favorite mint or manufacturer. 

Second, and more importantly, the Royal Mint’s reputation may make it easier for you to sell Royal Mint Gold Bars in the future. Eventually, you’re going to want to liquidate your gold portfolio for cash. And when you make that decision, you want recognizable gold bars from a respected, reputable mint. 

Cons of Buying Royal Mint Gold Bars

There’s only one major downside to buying Royal Mint Gold Bars: minimal design variety. Let’s take a look at how this downside plays into the investment potential of Royal Mint Gold Bars. 

Minimal Design Variety 

We currently only sell one variation of Royal Mint Gold Bars: the Royal Mint Britannia Gold Bar. While these bars are available in multiple weights, their design remains the same throughout every denomination. 

The brilliant, beautiful designs on Royal Mint Gold Bars have helped make them a staple for many gold stackers around the world. Investors who want a bit more variety, however, might want to consider doing business with another mint. 

Are Royal Mint Gold Bars a Smart Investment? 

Royal Mint Gold Bars are a great choice for people who want to stack beautiful gold products without paying unnecessarily high premiums over spot price. We recommend these gold bars to nearly everyone. From their impressively high gold purity percentage to the impressive designs on their obverses and reverses, Royal Mint Gold Bars are a certified classic for anyone who wants to buy great gold bars. 

Royal Mint Britannia 5 gram Gold Bar Obverse
Royal Mint Britannia 5 Gram Gold Bar

If Royal Mint Gold Bars don’t meet your expectations, take a look at some of the other in-stock gold bars Hero Bullion has to offer. We work hard to provide our customers with affordable gold bullion from private and government mints across the world. 

Final Thoughts: Buy Royal Mint Gold Bars!

Hero Bullion is excited to offer an expansive inventory of gold bullion bars to help you build your stack with confidence while saving money where you can. Royal Mint Gold Bars leverage a thousand years of Royal Mint history to provide investors with an unparalleled pure gold product. 

Shop our entire inventory of Royal Mint Gold Bars at the top of this page, and always feel free to contact our customer service team for more information.