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Silver coins have been a popular way to stack silver bullion for decades. Despite higher premiums than gold bars, the numismatic value of a quality silver coin can help you diversify your growing precious metal collection. Shop low premium silver coins with Hero Bullion below!

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2024 American Silver Eagle Coin 

In 2021, the U.S. Mint released a new series of reverse designs for all of their American Eagles. The 2024 American Silver Eagle Coin is the newest release in the coin series, which has been a popular way to stack silver bullion for decades. Minted with a silver fineness of .999, the obverse of this coin features a classic American symbol: Lady Liberty. She walks toward a brilliant rising sun while wearing her trademark gown and draped in the American flag. The reverse of the coin shows off the U.S. Mint’s newest eagle design; the bird flies through the air, carrying an olive branch. 

2024 Canadian Silver Maple Leaf Coin 

Like the American Silver Eagle, the Canadian Silver Maple got its own redesign in the past few years. After the death of England’s previous Queen, Elizabeth II, newly crowned King Charles III took the throne. His portrait now decorates the obverse of the .9999 pure silver bullion Canadian Silver Maple. On the reverse, find a familiar sight – the classic symbol of Canada, a Canadian maple leaf. This coin has been a great choice for silver stackers everywhere – and we’re sure it will fit well into your collection! 

2024 British Silver Britannia Coin

Rounding off our list of the most popular silver bullion coins is the 2024 British Silver Britannia Coin. Distributed from the Royal Mint in London, these .999 fine silver coins include some of the finest designs on the market. The obverse of this coin will always feature Britain’s current monarch. Because of the death of Queen Elizabeth II, the coin now highlights the portrait of King Charles III. On the reverse, note Lady Britannia, a feminine personification of Great Britain that has been used for over 1,000 years. Start stacking competitively priced 2024 British Silver Britannia Coins today. 

Shop Silver Coins With Hero Bullion

Historians tell us that silver is likely the oldest material used for currency in the world. Over thousands of years, cultures all over the world have minted tradable coins from this precious metal. At some points in time, silver has even been considered more valuable than gold! In the modern era, silver coins occupy a very special place in the bullion industry. 

The extensive history of these coins, paired with the unique and memorable designs on popular yearly releases, make them excellent investments for a number of reasons. 

Investment in silver takes many forms. Some people prefer to spend their cash on large silver bars, where the premium over spot is relatively low. But there’s surely something to be said for the unmatched feel of a genuine silver coin. 

The shine and collectability of these brilliant pieces of bullion aren’t just useful as investments, either. Collectors all over the world use silver coins as gifts for their friends, families, and loved ones. 

Keeping with the bullion industry’s tradition of selling silver coins from all over the world, Hero Bullion is proud to bring you an extensive collection of different silver coins. 

From the classic American Eagle to the Canadian Maple, our silver coins often contain .9999 pure silver and feature incredible cultural depictions from talented mint artists. 

The wide variety of silver coins being minted each year is a blessing, but it can also be a curse– especially for new investors. We realize that it can be difficult to pick the right coin, whether it’s for a gift or a long-term collectible investment. 

We’re glad to bring you this guide, which will tell you everything you need to know about silver coins, their history, and the best silver coins to buy in 2021 and beyond. 

Why buy silver coins? Are some coins more pure than others? You’ve got questions, and Hero Bullion’s got answers. 

History of Silver Coins

Why should you care about the history of silver coins? This is a question we get a lot. At Hero Bullion, we strongly believe that the history of a bullion product is an important consideration in its potential value, especially as a long-term investment. 

Part of the reason gold and silver are so popular among institutional investors is that these precious metals have been considered valuable stores of value for thousands of years. Unlike traditional stocks, bonds, and even fiat cash, the finite supply of these commodities means that they’re unlikely to ever completely depreciate in value. 

As far as historical value and application goes, it’s hard to beat silver. Silver coins as we know them, minted in high numbers by a centralized government, are only about five-hundred years old. The first mass minted silver coins were being struck by multiple governments in the 1500s, including Persia, India, and some European nations. 

These currencies set the standard for what we understand to be silver coinage today. These were sovereign countries minting large numbers of silver coins to be used for commerce and trade. 

But to chart the real history of silver coins as currency, we need to step all the way back to ancient times. Some evidence suggests that silver coins were used in prehistoric cultures in order to facilitate trade. 

We also know that the Ancient Greeks and Romans prized silver coinage and even developed sophisticated design and minting techniques. Ancient Spaniards also used silver coins for trade, creating the Silver 8 Real Coin, which is still prized today. 

From a modern perspective, the big turning point for silver coins came from the introduction of silver coins by the British Royal Mint. The Royal Mint was founded over 1,100 years ago and began minting government-backed coins out of .925 pure sterling silver in 1582. 

When the United States introduced the “Coinage Act of 1792,” the budding new country began to mint its own coins from the first U.S. national mint, which was located in Philadelphia. 

Since then, the United States has been one of the most popular producers of circulating silver coins in the world. Great Britain’s British Royal Mint has established a similarly stellar reputation. Hero Bullion now offers a wide selection of silver coins from both mints, including the American Silver Eagle, the Silver Britannia, and more. 

2024 1 oz Canadian Silver Maple Leaf Coin
2024 1 oz Canadian Silver Maple Leaf Coin

Our view is that the history of silver coinage is a bit of knowledge that every investor should have. This is about more than just fun facts. Understanding the history and historical context behind a given coin is a key element in determining its value as an investment, or even its usefulness as a gift. Historical context is especially important when it comes to the mintage of a silver coin. Coins with low mintage are often far more expensive than high mintage coins, due in no small part to their rarity. 

Pros and Cons of Buying Silver Coins

Frankly, we could talk all day about the incredible history of silver coins and silver bullion. But you’re probably more interested in how silver coins can help improve your investment portfolio. Keep reading to learn about the top benefits of buying silver coins from Hero Bullion. We’ll also explain the cons of buying silver coins in this guide to the pros and cons of investing in silver bullion coins.

Pros to Buying Silver Coins

Like we said above, there are many different ways to invest in silver bullion. If your goal is to buy into the silver market while paying the smallest possible premium, then silver coins might not be for you. Most investors who want to pay close to spot-price for their silver do so by collecting silver bars or scrap silver. But this doesn’t mean that silver coins are without their own unique benefits. 

A growing number of investors are turning to silver coins for their collectable value, as well as their uniquely beautiful designs. Although silver bars sometimes have their own obverse and reverse designs, the artists contracted by sovereign governments to create silver coins are often some of the best mint artists in the world. 

Their memorable yearly designs add an additional element to the value of a coin that goes beyond its pure silver content. A few of the main benefits of purchasing silver coins include: 

Long-term collectable value

A growing swathe of investors are spending money on silver coins in the hopes that these collectibles will one day appreciate in value. This has certainly sometimes been the case in the past. Some coin series are worth quite a bit more as a full collection than the individual coins that make them up. Collecting a full series of coins is a fantastic way to secure a profit, especially as the series age and their coins become short in supply. 

Incredible designs

Like we said above, there’s really nothing like the design of a government-minted silver coin. The look and feel of high-relief art etched into pure silver is tough to match. Especially if you’re interested in buying silver coins as a gift, these designs are often well worth the additional premium. 

Cons to Buying Silver Coins

If you’ve read this far, you probably have a pretty good idea of the main disadvantage associated with buying silver coins. Here’s the main con of silver coin investment: high premiums over spot price. 

High premiums 

Because silver coins are designed and minted at state-of-the-art facilities by federal governments, it’s hard to avoid paying a pretty hefty premium over spot price for high quality silver coins. This should come as no surprise; many investors assume that the premium is offset by the likelihood of long-term price appreciation of collectible silver coins. 

2024 1 oz American Silver Eagle Coin
2024 1 oz American Silver Eagle Coin (BU)

Popular Silver Coins

Like we explained above, the U.S. Mint and the Royal British Mint are two of the most popular producers of silver coins. But these two mints aren’t alone; the Canadian Royal Mint and a number of smaller mints also produce coveted yearly releases of popular silver coins. In this section, we’ll give you a brief overview of some of the most popular silver coins we sell on the Hero Bullion website. 

American Silver Eagle

It doesn’t get much more iconic than the American Silver Eagle coin. The piece gets its name from its reverse depiction, which includes a majestic American bald eagle as shown on the United States seal. On its obverse, the piece shows off Lady Liberty, who is draped in the American flag and gestures in front of a setting sun. This popular coin has been produced continually since 1986, and Hero Bullion is proud to bring you a presale for the 2021 American Silver Eagle. It is only ever minted as a 1 Oz .9999 pure silver coin. 

Canadian Silver Maple

In many ways, the sugar maple leaf is to Canada what the Bald Eagle is to the United States. This classic coin has been released over thirty-two consecutive times.On the obverse, Queen Elizabeth II is shown wearing her signature pearl necklace and earrings. The reverse is dedicated to the sugar maple leaf, which has long been considered a symbol for Canadian history and culture. The Royal Canadian Mint produces this coin once yearly, and it is always struck using exactly one Troy Ounce of .9999 pure silver.

Silver Britannia Coin

This coin is a bit newer than the other pieces on our list, but it has nevertheless quickly risen to extreme popularity among silver bullion collectors. The coin’s name comes from Brittania, a centuries-old female personification of Great Britain which adorns its reverse side. On the obverse, Queen Elizabeth’s regal portrait is featured. The original Silver Britannias, produced from 1997 to 2012, were struck with .598 pure silver. Since then, the coins have been yearly released using .999 pure silver. 

America the Beautiful Coins

There are few American coin series with the kind of collectability offered by the “America the Beautiful” collection. This series began in 2010 and is released yearly to commemorate the national and state parks of the United States. While these coins harbor the appearance of the American quarter-dollar, they actually are available in multiple different weights. All of these coins are struck with .9999 silver. Their beautiful designs are particularly popular among Americans, who appreciate their majestic representations of America’s unparalleled landmarks. 

90% Silver Junk Coins

 Investors who want a wider variety of circulated coins are likely to be interested in this offering by Hero Bullion. These coins are struck with 90% pure silver and have been heavily circulated. Some may come with heavy wear-and-tear, especially since many of these coins are several decades old. The big advantage to this method of purchasing silver coins is that collectors can obtain beautiful coins while paying a smaller premium over spot price. There’s also something to be said for the unique feel of an old circulated coin; it bears a unique impression of worn history that uncirculated coins just can’t match. 

2024 1 oz British Silver Britannia Coin
2024 1 oz Silver Britannia Coin

Silver Coins Vs Silver Rounds

Many new bullion investors wonder about the difference between coins and rounds. Whether you’re talking about silver pieces or gold, the distinction is generally the same. Silver coins are minted and distributed by a sovereign government. They almost invariably include a face value, which makes them legal tender in the country they were minted for. 

Silver rounds, on the other hand, are not minted to be used as circulating currency by a government. Many rounds are produced by private mints and can be struck with a wide variety of purities. In terms of design, silver coins often boast the artistic resources of entire governments, making them a more intricate and beautiful option. Hero Bullion sells both silver coins and silver rounds. 

Buy Silver Coins with Hero Bullion

Hero Bullion is excited to bring our customers an extended selection of high quality silver coins from around the world. Our silver pieces are shipped very carefully; the last thing we want is for your beautiful silver pieces to arrive damaged, scuffed, or even chipped. Our shipping process is meant to ensure that your coins arrive in protective sleeves and free of any kind of damage. Are you interested in investing in silver bullion using silver coins? We’re available to answer any questions you might have about this exciting investment process. Contact Hero Bullion today!