Silver Coins

Silver coins are predominantly available from sovereign mints around the world. They hold legal tender status, are assigned a face value in its national currency, and government assured. Silver was one of the first five metals discovered by man, along with copper, gold, lead, and iron. It has anti-microbial properties – but don’t eat it, word on the street is, it turns you blue, is used in technology, batteries, and photography. Most importantly for us, it makes a beautiful canvas for a collectors coin and excellent investment or addition to your portfolio

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Silver coins are easy to trade, and sizes afford a significant selection nearest your price point. Key features to keep in mind when looking for your silver coins are purity, weight, and program/series. We take the guesswork out by only offering the best in silver coins from the best mints. Should you choose to trade or liquidate, an exceptional silver coin from esteemed manufacturers makes your piece highly desired. Silver is a hard asset in either form offered, but quality, purity, and assurance matter. These are a given with Hero Bullion.  

Silver Coins, Bars, or Rounds?

Coins typically fall to the side of the collector while bars attract the investors. Silver coins are coveted worldwide for their beauty, design, and historical value; they hold tremendous significance among collectors. 

Silver bullion is typically most affordable in bars, versus coins or rounds because you can get the most silver ounces for your money – a priority for investors. Both are IRA eligible. 

Rounds are privately minted, contain investment-grade silver, high value, low premium, but no guarantee for purity and weight from a private mint. It’s not as tricky as it seems, and we can help.


Mints, and their hallmark coins

The United States Mint – Silver coins issued by the United States are coveted all over the world for their beauty, design, and historical value, and hold tremendous significance among collectors. 

The American Silver Eagle is a silver bullion coin released annually by the U.S. mint; that many consider the “most beautiful modern silver coins.” The obverse of each coin an homage to a particular location in the U.S., the reverse side featuring imagery from various national parks, national forests, or monuments in the same region as the obverse location. 

Starting in 2010 and still going, the America the Beautiful 5-ounce silver bullion coins comprise a series. Its initial release wasn’t well-received; however, they’ve become increasingly popular with their low mintage and new design on each year’s release (with near-immediate sell-out) often holding high market values above melt value.  The “ATB” is Five Troy ounces of .999 pure silver – the largest silver coin issued by the U.S. Mint. 

90% silver coins

Before 1965, Dimes, Quarters, Half Dollars, and Dollar coins were struck in 90% pure silver – commonly cherished collector’s (and investor’s) pieces that elicit trust in authenticity. If there were coins reminiscent of wisdom, 90% silver coins might fit the bill. 

Current circulating coinage is a copper-nickel alloy. 

The Royal Canadian Mint

Founded in Ottawa during 1908, exceptional purity and exquisite design are the catalysts for their impeccable reputation. Innovators in bullion security features speak to our initiative in offering genuine, high quality, secure, and protected products. 

Canadian Maple Leaf coins garner worldwide popularity for their beauty and purity. Quantities are limited, which increases desirability for collectors. Each 1-ounce Silver Maple Leaf is .9999 pure silver in Brilliant Uncirculated condition. The Canadian Government assures the weight, purity, and content of all Silver Maples. 

Security features of RCM Choice: Serialized coin, visible security markings, “Bullion DNA,” “Mintshield”

PAMP Suisse

Recognized as the world’s leading bullion brand, Pamp Suisse is a World-Renowned Refinery placing the highest of integrity on its business practices, the sourcing of materials, ethics, and supply chain. 

Their hallmark coin (and refinery staple) is the Fortuna. The obverse design depicts the Roman goddess of fortune. .999 fine silver shipped in sealed Assay. 

Security features of Pampe Suisse Choice: Assay Card, Serialized Bar, Veriscan®

Sunshine Minting

A newer, but trusted prominent, private American mint producing silver coins for foreign reserve banks, silver bullion bars for investors, and silver blanks for sovereign mints for the production of coins.

Security features of Sunshine Minting choice: Mintmark SI

Why Buy Silver Coins?

There are too many uncertainties in life, and your silver investment doesn’t have to be one of them. Questions about a product, quality, or government guarantees? Please reach out. We’d love to chat. 

We don’t just sell gold and silver (we sell the finest gold and silver) – it’s our passion. As a precious metal retailer with 20+ years of industry experience, we’re committed to making sure our customers have the knowledge they need to make an investment choice just right for