PAMP Gold Bars

Trying to choose between beautiful designs and low-premium gold? PAMP Gold Bars offer the best of both worlds. Shop PAMP Gold Bars at competitive prices with Hero Bullion!

PAMP Fortuna 1 oz Gold Bar (New in Assay)

This is the most popular of our PAMP Gold Bars. Minted with an impressive fineness of .9999, the piece showcases everything we love about PAMP Suisse’s craftsmanship. On the obverse, you’ll find an extremely detailed depiction of Lady Fortuna, the Roman Goddess of fortune and good luck. The reverse keeps things relatively simple; note the refinery’s logo, as well as the material, weight, fineness, and individualized serial number of the bar. 

PAMP Fortuna 1 Gram Gold Bar (New in Assay)

If you’re not ready to go big, the affordable PAMP Fortuna 1 Gram Gold Bar might be an excellent option. This bar features the same beautiful designs that made the original Fortuna Gold Bar so popular. But instead of costing thousands of dollars, you can get your hands on a PAMP Fortuna 1 Gram Gold Bar in its original Assay packaging for a fraction of the cost. For budget stackers, PAMP Fortuna is an unprecedented value.

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Gold bars are a fantastic way to invest in pure gold bullion. While gold coins generally come saddled with high premiums, gold bars are cheap and feature a high percentage of actual gold. There are hundreds of different gold bars on the market, and it can be tough to figure out which bars are right for your growing gold stack. 

PAMP Gold Bars are a great choice if you’re looking for cheap, quality gold bullion. Hero Bullion sells a wide range of PAMP’s most popular gold bar series, PAMP Fortuna. At the top of this webpage, you’ll find our full inventory of PAMP Fortuna Gold Bars. 

If you’re still on the fence, keep reading for an in-depth guide to PAMP Gold Bars. On this page, we’ll explain the pros and cons of buying PAMP Gold Bars, as well as how to find these classic gold bars for cheap. 

What is PAMP Suisse? 

PAMP Suisse is a gold refinery and mint located in Switzerland. PAMP is an acronym that stands for “Produits Artistiques Métaux Précieux.” Although PAMP is a private mint, they also occasionally provide their own minting services for both government mints and other private companies. 

Over the course of its history since being founded in 1977, the PAMP Suisse refinery has become one of the world’s most respected private refineries. Their gold bars are particularly popular among gold stackers. The PAMP Fortuna series merges a high gold purity with one of the most beautiful gold bars we’ve ever seen. 

PAMP Gold Bars are beloved, and the company’s history helps shed some light on what makes these gold bars so special. 

History of PAMP Gold Bars

PAMP Gold Bars have been a core part of PAMP Suisse’s inventory for decades. The company itself was founded in 1977 by entrepreneurs in Ticino, Switzerland. Initially, the refinery’s main objective was to produce fractional gold bars weighing 100 grams or less. Additionally, the first few years of PAMP’s operations specialized in creating alloys for use in jewelry and luxury watches. 

Since then, PAMP Gold Bars have become quite a bit more versatile. Today, some PAMP Gold Bars weigh more than 10 kilograms! 

In addition to consumer-grade investment gold bars, PAMP still works with government mints and companies to produce high quality gold coins and bars. Because of the wide variety of gold bar weights they produce, PAMP has become the preferred choice for investors all over the world. 

Review – PAMP Gold Bars

Are PAMP Gold Bars a good choice for you? Let’s take a closer look at what PAMP Suisse has to offer the average stacker. Below, you’ll find a detailed explanation of the pros of buying PAMP Gold Bars. 

Pros of Buying PAMP Gold Bars

There are several advantages to buying PAMP Gold Bars. Most gold bars are traded primarily for their gold content. Anytime we review gold bars from a new company, we like to first focus on the basic design elements that characterize any gold bullion bar. 

PAMP Fortuna 1 oz Gold Bar
PAMP Fortuna 1 oz Gold Bar

But PAMP Gold Bars also have something else to offer. The company produces some of the most intricate, high quality, beautiful designs on the market. The company’s most popular PAMP Gold Bars come from the PAMP Fortuna series and feature a highly detailed depiction of the Roman Goddess of fortune, Fortuna. 

Three main pros of buying PAMP Gold Bars include their beautiful, recognizable designs, high gold purity, and weight variety, 

Beautiful, Recognizable Designs 

We often talk about the utilitarian benefits of buying gold bars. While gold coins are often traded for a combination of numismatic and pure gold content, most gold bars are valued primarily because of their gold purity. 

In fact, this is one reason why so many stackers invest in gold using gold bars. Gold bars allow the savvy investor to cut down on precious metal premiums. Since gold bars usually don’t feature the intricate, detailed designs found on government-minted gold coins, they’re often sold at a fraction of the premium over spot price. 

But PAMP Gold Bars are an exception to this rule. The PAMP Fortuna series is incredibly popular and features a beautiful, detailed design of Lady Fortuna on the obverse. 

.9999 Gold Fineness

Despite their intricate designs, PAMP Gold Bars also offer investors the classic, high purity gold that they love. Each of our PAMP Gold Bars include a gold fineness of .9999, which is just about as pure as it gets. 

It’s important to note that this purity is consistent across all PAMP Gold Bars – regardless of weight or denomination. This is important, considering that both a high purity and various available weights are two of the big pros of investing in PAMP Gold Bars. 

PAMP Fortuna 5 gram Gold Bar
PAMP Fortuna 5 Gram Gold Bar

Various Weights

Finding a gold bar brand with various available weights is a good way to diversify your gold collection. If you only stack full 1 oz gold bars, you might have trouble selling your gold in the future without sacrificing too much of your collection at one time. This is a liquidity issue; we recommend diversifying with multiple different weights to make sure you have more control over how much gold you sell at one time later down the road. 

PAMP Gold Bars come in all shapes and sizes. 1 gram, 2.5 gram, 5 gram, and 10 gram fractional PAMP Gold Bars are all for sale on the Hero Bullion website. If you’re looking for a gold bar that’s a bit bigger, the full 1 oz PAMP Fortuna Gold Bar is always a classic. 

Are PAMP Gold Bars a Good Investment? 

So are PAMP bars the right investment for you and your growing gold stack? Ultimately, only you can decide that. Our job is to arm you with the information you need to make an informed decision. 

PAMP Gold Bars are some of the most popular gold bullion bars on the market. Over the past several decades, the artistry and production value of PAMP’s bullion bars have helped to make them a fierce competitor for the business of gold stackers everywhere. 

It is worth noting that some PAMP Gold Bars may come with higher premiums than other gold products on the market. This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, considering the impressive detail and production value behind these bars. Still, investors who are trying to stack on a budget should consider looking elsewhere to find cheap gold. 

Popular PAMP Gold Bars

Usually, we’d spend this part of our guide explaining some of the most popular gold bars from this brand. For PAMP Gold Bars, however, one design seems to dominate. We’re talking, of course, about the PAMP Fortuna Gold Bar. 

PAMP Fortuna 1 gram Gold Bar Front
PAMP Fortuna 1 Gram Gold Bar

Below, we’ll take a closer look at the PAMP Fortuna 1 oz Gold Bar, which is the gold bullion bar that helped to propel PAMP Suisse into the international spotlight as a producer of beautiful, fine gold bullion bars. 

PAMP Fortuna 1 oz Gold Bar (New in Assay)

This is one of the most popular PAMP Gold Bars – and with good reason. The bar is made using .9999 fine gold bullion and features intricate designs on both the obverse and reverse. We’ll start with the front side of the bar. Here, you’ll find Lady Fortuna, the Roman goddess of luck and fortune. 

She wears her bonnet on this bar, as well as a blindfold. In her hands, she holds a cornucopia overflowing with small gold coins. The reverse of the bar looks darker compared to the obverse and features the PAMP logo. Below the logo, you’ll note the company’s name, as well as the bar’s weight, material, purity, and individualized serial number. 

Final Thoughts: Buy PAMP Gold Bars from Hero Bullion!

For several decades, PAMP Suisse has been one of the most celebrated gold bar producers. Their PAMP Fortuna Gold Bar series is incredibly popular among collectors, and we most definitely understand why. 

Check out our full inventory of certified PAMP Gold Bars at the top of this page. As always, Hero Bullion’s competitive prices and low cost shipping make us an excellent choice for gold stackers who want to put their money into PAMP Gold Bars.