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Asahi 1 oz Silver Round (New)

Asahi has established itself as one of the world’s best producers of quality silver rounds and bars. The classic Asahi 1 oz Silver Round puts the mint’s beautiful designs on full display. On the obverse, the .999 fine silver round features the Asahi Refining logo. The reverse of the round also emphasizes the design quality that Asahi is known for; you’ll find a repeating Asahi logo complete with a unique darkening effect on the middle 1/3rd of the round’s reverse. Asahi’s 1 oz Silver Round is an excellent way to stack silver while saving on premiums. 

Radial Buffalo 1 oz Silver Round (New)

The Cut Saw Mint is one of the most prolific producers of quality silver rounds. Their Radial Buffalo 1 oz Silver Round is likely the most popular silver round to come out of the growing mint refinery. This round is minted with .999 fine silver bullion and features a depiction of a Native American leader on the obverse. On the reverse, you’ll find the buffalo artwork that the round is named after. On this side of the round, you’ll also note the silver piece’s weight, fineness, and material. 

Shop 1 oz Silver Rounds – Hero Bullion

When most consumers consider investing in silver, coins are the first thing that comes to mind. Government-minted pieces are certainly some of the most popular gold coins on the market, and it’s hard to deny the exceptional collectability of a coin distributed directly from the Royal Mint, U.S. Mint, or other government bullion manufacturers. 

Silver rounds tend to take a backseat in the minds of many collectors. This is shocking, considering that silver rounds offer a number of unique benefits that traditional silver coins and bars just don’t offer. 

The primary difference between rounds and silver coins is the organization manufacturing them. While collectable silver coins are minted by government mints and distributed on behalf of a country, silver rounds are typically created and sold by private mints. 

Mint size for silver rounds can range from very small to very large, which helps contribute to the wide variety of highly collectable silver rounds on the market today. 

Hero Bullion offers a number of different unique 1 oz silver rounds from around the world. These silver pieces provide a personal touch and collectability that few other bullion products possess. This page should provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision about whether or not to buy 1 ounce silver rounds. 

What are Silver Rounds? 

To the untrained eye, silver rounds are likely to look just like silver coins. Rounds, as the name suggests, are flat silver disks – just like silver coins. There are a few notable differences between silver rounds and silver coins, however. 

To start with, silver rounds are minted by private mints. Some private mints are very large, allowing them to mint tens of thousands of a given silver round per year. Others are far smaller; some silver rounds are minted in extremely low quantities, making them highly collectable items for silver investors.

Golden State Mint 1 oz Round

Silver rounds might also come packed with more imperfections than silver coins. Traditionally, government mints are motivated to make all of their silver coins as uniform as possible. After all, the value of an American Silver Eagle goes down significantly if it’s shipped with noticeable imperfections.

When you buy silver rounds, however, you’re investing in the personal touch offered by private manufacturers. 

Silver rounds also don’t hold value as currency. This is another major difference between silver rounds and coins; silver coins are backed by government entities, so they almost always have a denomination linked to them.

Silver rounds do not include a denomination and they hold no value if used to purchase goods or services – except, of course, for the value they hold as silver bullion. 

Many silver rounds also come minted with extremely unique or interesting art; we’ve seen Illuminati-themed silver rounds, and even silver rounds meant to commemorate specific U.S. presidential campaigns! 

Silver rounds offer investors the opportunity to buy unique, often limited-distribution coins that might gain significant collectable value over time. In this way, highly pure silver rounds provide many of the same benefits of silver coins while also offering a new degree of uniqueness and collectability. Additionally, the spot price of silver’s price action can help you profit from silver itself as you stack silver rounds. 

Types of Silver Rounds

There are too many different silver rounds to discuss in one article alone. Silver rounds can be distributed from nearly any private mint in the world, meaning that there are thousands of different rounds available for purchase at any given moment. Silver round selections from a mint often vary from year to year, so it’s hard to provide a consistent, evergreen list of silver rounds available for purchase.

But just like with silver coins, there are a few notable leaders producing high-quality silver rounds year in and year out. In the following subsections, we’ll discuss the offerings of some of the heaviest-hitting silver bullion round mint manufacturers on the market today. Our offerings are always expanding, so be sure to check back to see what beautiful silver rounds we have available!

Asahi Silver Rounds

Asahi Refining is a leading private mint offering a long list of different bullion products. Aside from silver rounds, Asahi Refining distributes silver and gold bars. Their silver rounds often feature key icons in American history and culture. The 1 Oz Buffalo Round, for example, pays homage to the mighty American Bison; Asahi also produces a reverse version of this coin, which we find to be especially beautifully designed.

Asahi 1 oz Silver Round Obverse
Asahi 1 oz Silver Round

The 1 Oz Freedom Liberty Round also offers a unique take on a classic American symbol. Lady Liberty is rendered on this round with a near-minimalist design; she holds her torch high and wears her traditional crown.

This round, like all silver rounds from the Utah-based Asahi Refining, is minted using .999 pure silver bullion. This is contrasted with most silver coins, which are usually minted with an industry standard .9999 pure silver. 

Asahi also promotes their logo on the company’s signature Asahi Refining silver bullion round. This piece includes Asahi’s logo, as well as the purity, bullion material, and weight on its obverse side. The Asahi Silver Round has been a popular choice for bullion collectors all over the world for years. 

Golden State Mint Silver Rounds

Based out of Sanford, Florida, Golden State Mint has become one of the leading private mints in the United States. It isn’t hard to see why they’ve been so successful when you take a look at their selection of unique silver rounds they offer. Like Asahi Refining, the Golden State Mint primarily produces American-themed rounds meant to evoke the unique cultural history of the country out of which they operate. 

GSM Buffalo 1 oz Silver Round Reverse
Golden State Mint Buffalo Round

Rounds like the Buffalo Silver Round, the Indian Silver Round, the Walking Liberty Silver Round, and the Eagle Silver Round are hallmarks of Golden State Mint’s contributions to the American silver round market.

We’re impressed with the quality and design of Golden State Mint’s rounds, but we also really appreciate the extensive selection they offer. Fans of American iconography and high-purity silver rounds tend to love all that the Golden State Mint has to offer. 

Cut Saw Silver Rounds

Cut Saw is a smaller mint compared to some of the ones we’ve covered so far. However, this silver bullion round distributor remains one of the most impressive in terms of quality of design. Their Buffalo Nickel is likely the biggest seller coming out of the Cut Saw Mint. On the obverse side, we see the classic visage of a Native American – the same one that appears on the original American Buffalo Nickel. 

The reverse side again pays homage to the older American coin; the highly detailed buffalo on the reverse side is rendered in exceptional detail. 

This round also includes a wavelike background on both the obverse and reverse sides that we rarely see in silver rounds, making it an exceptionally unique piece for fans of high-quality and highly detailed silver rounds. It is minted with the industry-standard .999 pure silver bullion at a weight of one troy ounce. 

Highland Mint Silver Rounds

Buffalo 1 oz Silver Round - HM
Highland Mint Buffalo Round

Another Florida-based bullion manufacturer, Highland Mint is a smaller distributor who has quickly gained a reputation over the years as a producer of high-quality silver rounds.

This mint produces some of the same rounds offered by other mints on our list, including the Buffalo Silver Nickel and the Indian Nickel designs. They go one step further, however, offering a long list of different coins that pay homage to the most famous coins and rounds in American history.

The 1 Oz Walking Liberty Silver Round is especially beautiful. It highlights the ‘Walking Liberty’ image as her gown flows and she walks toward a rising sun.

We also appreciate some of the more unique old coins offered by the Highland Mint, including the Morgan Silver Dollar and the Saint Silver Round. All of these coins allow investors to tap into a high-purity round version of some of America’s most beautiful historical silver coins. 

Silver Rounds: Pros and Cons

Silver rounds are unique silver investments. Most consumers already understand the main advantages of classic silver coins or silver bars. Silver rounds, however, come with their own advantages and disadvantages.

Silver Rounds 999 Fine
Silver Rounds 999 Fine

Because silver rounds are produced by smaller private mints instead of the government manufacturers that distribute silver coins and rounds, consumers should think carefully about their investment and collectable strategies before deciding which silver product they’d like to invest in. 

In this section, we’ll discuss some of the pros and cons of deciding to buy silver rounds. If you have any questions about silver rounds and their advantages, don’t hesitate to speak with one of our customer service representatives. 

Advantages to Buying Silver Rounds

There are several major advantages to buying silver rounds, especially when we compare silver rounds to their government-produced coin counterparts. Most of the advantages associated with silver rounds come from their status as non-government bullion products.

Because silver rounds are produced by private instead of public mints, they come with unique designs, as well as a lower premium over spot. Two main advantages to buying silver rounds include lower premiums and unique designs. 

Lower Premiums

Silver rounds are often sold with a lower premium over spot than government-produced coins. Because silver rounds are manufactured and distributed by private mints instead of governments, they offer substantial savings. If you’re someone who wants to maximize the amount of silver you get for your money, rounds might be an excellent choice. 

Unique Designs

While government-minted coins are often created with an exceptional level of detail, government offerings are generally relatively limited. The U.S. Mint, for example, traditionally offers only a handful of different silver coins, which are cycled in and out each year. Silver rounds, however, come with a variety of unique designs, which can often change from year to year. 

Disadvantages to Buying Silver Rounds

Silver rounds often come with disadvantages as well. After all, buying a silver round means that you aren’t paying for the tradition, backing, and production value that comes from government-produced coins. Some of the major disadvantages to buying silver rounds include lower production value and a lack of government backing.

Unique Designs

We’re a huge fan of the rustic and personalized look of silver rounds, not all people feel the same way. After all, the production quality and value of government mint coins is one big reason why these bullion products are so popular.

You’re not going to get the same level of detail and quality on a silver round that you would with a Silver Britannia or a Canadian Silver Maple, for example. Still, some consumers still appreciate the unique feel and look of the silver round, even if most rounds can’t compete with the detailed intricacy of government mints. 

No Government Backing

This point matters more to some consumers than others. While silver rounds are often beautiful and highly collectable, they don’t offer the same degree of security provided by government-produced silver coins. Silver bullion rounds are not supported by governments, which is one reason why they don’t come with a denomination of currency value. This also means that many silver rounds are missing the kind of security features that you’d find on a government coin like the Silver Britannia. 

Final Thoughts: Silver Rounds For Sale

Silver rounds are a unique way to invest in silver bullion. There are several important differences between silver rounds and silver coins, and both bullion products offer their own advantages and disadvantages. 

Silver rounds from mints like Asahi and the Golden State Mint are uniquely designed and allow consumers to pay a lower premium over spot for .999 pure silver bullion, but these rounds also don’t come with the kind of government backing and production value offered by collectable coins of the same weight/denomination. 

Hero Bullion offers a number of different silver rounds for sale online. We’re always expanding our offerings to provide consumers with some of the most interesting unique silver rounds from around the world. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions you might have about purchasing silver rounds.