Copper Bullets

Copper bullets are unique precious metal products that combine the aesthetic of shooting with the safety and investment security of high quality copper bullion. 

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8 oz Copper Bullet – 50 BMG

Our 50 BMG copper bullet is made using 8 ounces of .999 fine copper bullion. The bullet is a novelty and not a live round. It has been expertly crafted to closely resemble the look and feel of a .50 caliber Browning Machine Gun round. These guns were some of the first rapid-fire guns to enter the battlefield; these weapons were used to revolutionize the modern battlefield during the Civil War, and the Browning Machine Gun was pivotal to allied victory in World War One. We’ve brought the classic look of fifty caliber machine gun bullets to life with our 8 oz copper bullet. 

35 oz Copper Bullet – Autocannon 

Unlike the BMG machine gun, autocannon ammunition was not used by actual soldiers on the battlefield. Instead, these massive rounds were fired almost exclusively from planes, armored vehicles, and ships. Oftentimes, these bullets were designed to explode when they hit their target, exacting devastating damage on enemy armaments and fortifications. Our large 35 oz copper bullets are specially crafted to resemble both the look and weight of an original bullets used on the battlefield. Each of these bullets comes with 35 ounces of .999 fine silver and are given a rough, sand-blasted finish to complete the look. 

Buy Copper Bullets

Copper bullets are a unique type of bullion product. Hero Bullion sells two main copper bullets: the 8 oz BMP and the 35 oz Autocannon. Both copper items celebrate the history of warfare while offering consumers a high quantity of .999 pure copper bullion. If you’re looking to expand your precious metal portfolio using copper, these bullets are a great way to add some much-needed diversity to your collection. 

8 oz Copper Bullet - 50 BMG
8 oz Copper Bullet – 50 BMG

Please note: these are not live ammunition rounds. Using them in an actual weapon could result in catastrophic injury or damage to your firearm. Still, these copper bullets function well as diversifying investments. By adding copper bullets to your portfolio, you can invest in the industrial demand offered by copper while also capitalizing on some of the most fun copper products in the industry. 

Why Invest in Copper? 

Copper offers a wide range of benefits. Compared to the volatile silver and gold markets, copper’s extensive industrial use-cases make it a good way to diversify. Even when demand for gold, silver, and platinum go down, investors in copper might profit as the global community continues to invest in development and infrastructure. 

As any scientist will tell you, copper is one of the world’s most conductive metals. This is why copper is used in several important technologies, including electrical wiring, air conditioners, and even green tech. The price of copper, therefore, is more correlated with global economic development than some of the other precious metals we sell. 

Benefits of Copper Bullets

Copper bullets offer several distinct benefits for your growing portfolio. As we explained above, copper is one of the best ways to expand your collection with a metal in high industrial demand. When you purchase copper, you aren’t just putting your money on copper price-movement. You’re also able to profit from new technological innovations. When new technologies like green energy tools and phones are released, mass demand for copper is likely to increase. 

35 oz Copper Bullet - Autocannon Rear Angle
35 oz Copper Bullet – Autocannon

But copper bullets specifically are also valuable because of their numismatic importance and uniqueness. People all over the world enjoy the classic look of old bullets, including both the 50 caliber and the Autocannon. These items are highly collectable and add some much-needed variety to your traditional coin, bar, and round precious metal portfolio. While these copper bullets can not be used as genuine ammunition for a weapon, they look great in any collection. 

Final Thoughts: Buy Copper Bullets from Hero Bullion

Hero Bullion is excited to offer our selection of copper bullets. Too many collectors focus solely on coins, rounds, and bars to build their silver, gold, or platinum stacks. In addition to offering an impressive .999 fineness, these copper bullets are unrivaled in their attention to detail. Both of our copper bullets pay homage to some of the most important guns and pieces of ammunition in American military history. 

Are you interested in learning more about how to invest in quality copper bullets from Hero Bullion? We’re happy to answer any questions you might have about this fascinating and unique bullion product.