Kilo Gold Bars

Kilo Gold Bars are a popular way for institutional investors to put their money on gold. If you want to cut down on premiums and begin stacking with confidence, investing in Kilo Gold Bars is a fantastic choice. 

1 Kilo Gold Bar – Any Mint, Any Condition 

For Kilo Gold Bar investors, efficiency is the name of the game. If you’re looking to go big and cut down on premiums, our Any Mint, Any Condition (AMAC) Kilo Gold Bars are an option with no parallel. These gold bars will be shipped in a variety of possible conditions and will rarely be near BU. They also come from one of several of our mint partners around the world, ensuring a little bit of randomness in your next big investment. Using this model, we’re able to provide collectors one of the lowest premiums over spot price on the Hero Bullion website. 

Buy Kilo Gold Bars – Hero Bullion

Most investors will never have quite enough of a budget to afford the biggest gold bars and coins on the market. With gold prices rising daily, it’s no surprise that many collectors aren’t willing to spend tens of thousands of dollars on a single gold product. 

For a select few gold stackers with deep pockets, however, Kilo Gold Bars represent the absolute gold standard of investing in precious metals. Traded for centuries between elite financial titans, Kilo Gold Bars have finally made it into the mainstream. While these bars are certainly expensive, they also offer some of the lowest premiums over spot in the industry. 

Hero Bullion sells a variety of Kilo Gold Bars to help you build your stack in style. If you’ve got the cash and are looking to get as much gold as you can for your portfolio, there’s really nothing like the classic, unrivaled Kilo Gold Bar. 

At the top of this webpage, you can find our current available and in-stock inventory of Kilo Gold Bars. Below, we’re taking an in-depth look at Kilo Gold Bars as an investment. Even if you don’t think you’ll ever purchase such a massive gold product from us, it’s never a bad thing to learn more about one of the coolest gold products on the market. 

What is a Kilo Gold Bar?

Kilo Gold Bars are exactly what they sound like. Weighing an exceptional one kilogram each, Hero Bullion’s Kilo Gold Bars are minted with a gold fineness of at least .999. Most of our Kilo Gold Bars max out with a purity of .9999, meaning that they’re almost entirely made out of the world’s most popular precious metal, gold. 

Most people don’t know that, for a long time, Kilo Gold Bars weren’t something that the average consumer could consider buying. Even today, they find their main place in transactional business. Kilo Gold Bars are often traded between businesses and large institutions because of their low premium costs. 

But today, even the most average gold stackers on the planet might consider investing in Kilo Gold Bars. For thousands of years, large gold bars have been used to store the wealth of the richest people on the planet. With careful planning and saving over time, some investors take advantage of the low premiums of Kilo Gold Bars to build an unbelievably large gold stack. 

How Big Are Kilo Gold Bars? 

Kilo Gold Bars weigh one kilo each. This doesn’t tell the full story, though. To get a feel for just how large Kilo Gold Bars are, let’s compare them to a more common gold bar denomination. 

I Kilo 9999 Fine Gold Bars
1 Kilo Gold Bar – Any Mint, Any Condition

We assume that most of our customers have held, seen, or owned a 1 ounce gold bar in the past. One kilo contains just over 32 troy ounces – 32.1507, to be exact. This means that a Kilo Gold Bar typically weighs over 32 times a traditional one ounce gold bar. Talk about a big financial decision! 

Pros and Cons of Buying Kilo Gold Bars

With the size and cost of Kilo Gold Bars, investors should think very carefully before buying one of these behemoth gold investments. Like any other gold product, Kilo Gold Bars come with both pros and cons. Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of investing in Kilo Gold Bars below. 

Pros of Investing in Kilo Gold Bars

For this page, we’ll start with the positives. Naturally, there’s no shortage of pros when it comes to reasons to buy Kilo Gold Bars. For thousands of years, the most powerful and wealthy people on the planet have bought and sold Kilo Gold Bars to safeguard their wealth and assets. 

The 3 main benefits of buying Kilo Gold Bars include their low percentage premiums, positive historical price trends, and straightforward value. When we combine these benefits, it becomes pretty clear why so many wealthy investors put their money into the massive Kilo Gold Bars for sale on the Hero Bullion website. 

Low Percentage Premiums

Low premiums are the biggest pro of investing in Kilo Gold Bars. As the size of your gold products get larger, premiums tend to go down. This relationship becomes very clear when you take a look at premium prices for Kilo Gold Bars. 

Investors who are serious about cutting down on premiums should strongly consider checking out our Any Mint, Any Condition (AMAC) Kilo Gold Bars. Because these bars aren’t kept in perfect condition and can come from any mint in the world, they come with some of the lowest premiums you’ll find anywhere on the gold market. 

Most stackers simply don’t have the funds to afford a full 1 Kilo Gold Bar. If they did, then there would be no question that this is the best way to invest in gold. After all, paying a premium eats into your profits, especially if you plan to buy a large amount of gold over time. 

Argor-Heraeus 1 Kilo Gold Bar
Argor-Heraeus 1 Kilo Gold Bar

Historical Price Trends 

Historically, people who buy Kilo Gold Bars tend to profit quite a bit more than investors who stack smaller 1 oz gold bars. There’s a reason for this, and it has a lot to do with the low premiums associated with these massive gold investments. 

Everybody knows that gold is one of the most consistently profitable investments in the world. There’s a reason why even the most traditional economists and financial advisors recommend gold as a safe haven investment. 

But nobody benefits from gold’s price action more than the large-scale investors who can afford to buy the premium-cheap Kilo Gold Bars from dealers like Hero Bullion. 

Straightforward Value 

When you buy numismatic gold coins or bars, you have to worry about more than just the price of gold. Gold’s spot price makes up the bulk of a gold product’s value, regardless of the product’s size. However, factors like numismatic value, demand for specific gold coins, and mintage figures for rare products complicate the process of determining how much the average gold bar or coin is actually worth. 

This isn’t the case with Kilo Gold Bars. One advantage to Kilo Gold Bars is that their value is always relatively clear. By figuring out the melt value of a Kilo Gold Bar, you can reliably predict how much that product is worth on the secondary market. 

Cons of Investing in Kilo Gold Bars

Kilo Gold Bars come with cons as well. Namely, these massive investments are extremely expensive and generally offer very few of the beautiful designs you’d see on smaller gold bullion bars. 

Extremely High Cost

Do we even need to spend time explaining this point? Kilo Gold Bars are one of the most expensive ways to invest in gold. Even when gold prices are extraordinarily low, a single Kilo Gold Bar will cost around $55,000 or more. Because gold prices are currently hovering at around $2,000 per troy ounce, expect to spend about $67,000 for one of our Any Mint, Any Condition Kilo Gold Bars (AMAC). 

Some investors consider this a positive, though. Because of their prohibitive price and relatively low demand from non-institutional investors, premiums for Kilo Gold Bars are far cheaper than the smaller gold bars available for sale on the Hero Bullion website. 

PAMP Suisse 1 Kilo Cast Gold Bar
PAMP Suisse 1 Kilo Cast Gold Bar

Limited Design Variety 

Because Kilo Gold Bars are expensive and primarily traded by institutions and institutional investors, they offer very little variety when it comes to designs. If you’re looking for beautiful artwork on your gold bars, you’d be better off choosing a small gold bar like a 1 oz or some of the fractional gold bars from Hero Bullion. 

Simply put, most Kilo Gold Bar investors just don’t care all that much about the artwork on their bars. To them, the benefit of getting gold near spot price is well worth sacrificing aesthetic appeal. 

Are Larger 1 Kilo Gold Bars a Good Investment? 

Kilo Gold Bars can be one of the best ways to invest in gold. While most investors can’t afford to stack with Kilo Gold Bars from Hero Bullion, those that do can save thousands of dollars on premiums while getting beautiful, valuable, high quality gold bullion. 

Ultimately, you’re the only one who can decide whether 1 Kilo Gold Bars are a good choice for your portfolio. To figure out if you should be buying Kilo Gold Bars, consider your investment budget, time horizon, and safe storage capacity. 

Final Thoughts: Kilo Gold Bars For Sale

Hero Bullion is excited to be able to offer Kilo Gold Bars for sale. Our inventory is always expanding, so be sure to check back to see if we have your favorite large gold bars in stock. 

Most of the investors in this space will never be able to build their stack kilo by kilo. But for stackers who can afford our 1 Kilo Gold Bars, they offer the beauty of gold with an unparalleled bargain where premiums are concerned.