100 Gram Gold Bars

If you’ve got the funds, 100 Gram Gold Bars are an excellent way to build your portfolio while slashing premium costs. Shop our full inventory of 100 Gram Gold Bars below. 

Argor-Heraeus Kinebar 100 Gram Gold Bar

Known for its inventive, creative versions of popular gold products, Argos-Heraeus has become a favorite for collectors everywhere. The Argor-Heraeus Kinebar 100 Gram Gold Bar is a unique, fun way to invest in the gold bullion you love. On the obverse, you’ll find the standard fare for gold bars. The mint’s logo, country of minting, weight, purity, and material all appear above the bar’s individualized serial number. Flip the bar over for something really special. You’ll find a beautiful, colorized hologram of the Argor-Heraeus logo. The Argor-Heraeus 100 Gram Gold Bar is one of the most unique large gold bars on the market, and investors love it for a reason! 

100 Gram Gold Bars For Sale – Hero Bullion

If you’re looking to take your gold stacking game to the next level, Hero Bullion’s 100 Gram Gold Bars for sale could be the investment you’ve been searching for. Gold bars of this size aren’t for the faint of heart; 100 Gram Gold Bars are an expensive way to invest in gold. 

However, investors around the world use 100 Gram Gold Bars to invest in gold bullion while slashing premiums. Because of their large size, these gold bars offer some of the lowest premiums over spot price on the market. 

Are 100 Gram Gold Bars a good investment? To some collectors, the inflated total cost of these gold bars is worth it because of their low premiums. Perhaps even more importantly, investors who buy 100 Gram Gold Bars can enjoy some of the best artwork ever produced by public or private mints. 

At the top of this page, you’ll find Hero Bullion’s full inventory of in-stock 100 Gram Gold Bars. If you’d like to learn a bit more about this unique way to invest in gold, keep reading for a full guide to buying and selling large gold bars. 

Why Buy 100 Gram Gold Bars? 

Why should you consider putting your money into massive 100 Gram Gold Bars? These gold products are very expensive, so it’s natural for investors to be cautious before spending $6,000 or more on a single investment. 

For the most part, we tend to find that many large-scale gold stackers like the low premiums afforded by 100 Gram Gold Bars. When you buy a small, fractional gold bar, you’ll save on total cost but pay a higher premium over spot price. For many collectors, premiums are a terrible reality in the world of investing in precious metals. 

When you pay a premium, you’re really paying for the mere privilege of buying a gold coin or bar. Once you decide to sell your investment in the future, you can’t get that premium back. In short, paying a high premium for a gold bar or coin means that you’ll eat into your own profits. For this reason, 100 Gram Gold Bars have become a popular way to invest in gold bullion. 

Pros and Cons of Investing in 100 Gram Gold Bars

100 Gram Gold Bars are one of the most expensive products for sale at Hero Bullion. While we do think these gold products are a fantastic choice for investors who like low premium gold bullion, there are considerable downsides to buying these massive gold bars. 

Below, we’ll dive into the pros and cons of investing in 100 Gram Gold Bars from Hero Bullion. 

Pros to Buying 100 Gram Gold Bars

There are 3 main advantages to purchasing investment-grade 100 Gram Gold Bars. Low premiums over spot price, high gold purity, and impressive artwork helps to make 100 Gram Gold Bars a favorite investment vehicle for gold stackers all over the world. 

Low Premiums Over Spot Price

We’ve talked a little about this already, but low premiums are one of the biggest reasons why so many investors love 100 Gram Gold Bars. These large gold bars contain the equivalent of 3.21507 troy ounces of .9999 fine gold bullion.

But despite their size and high total cost, these bars are actually more affordable than many of the other gold bars and coins on the market. The reason for this has to do with precious metal premiums. As a general rule of thumb, you’ll pay the highest premiums over melt value on small, fractional gold bars. 1 gram gold bars, for example, have some of the highest premiums out of any product on the market. 

Valcambi 100 gram Gold Bar
Valcambi 100 Gram Gold Bar

If you can afford to get your hands on a 100 Gram Gold Bar, expect to pay a far lower premium over spot price. In the long run, this means more profit for you, as premiums eat into your long-term profit margins. 

High Gold Purity Gold Bars

Another important pro of buying 100 Gram Gold Bars is their exceptional gold fineness. The Gold Bars we sell at Hero Bullion usually feature a purity of .9999. As far as gold bars go, this is as pure as it gets. While we occasionally see gold coins made with five-nines gold (.99999), gold bars tend to top out at .9999. 

Impressive Artwork 

The final big advantage to buying 100 Gram Gold Bars is the impressive artwork these products feature. We realize that stackers aren’t just buying gold bars for their gold content. Many investors also want to be able to appreciate the artistry and beauty associated with modern gold bullion bars. 

We sell 100 Gram Gold Bars from some of the most popular and reputable mints in the world. Some of these gold bars feature a classic, basic design. Others, however, are impressive works of art with an exceptional degree of intricacy. 

Cons of Investing in 100 Gram Gold Bars

There are also disadvantages to buying 100 Gram Gold Bars. The two main cons of investing in 100 Gram Gold Bars are their extremely high cost and their low liquidity and divisibility. 

Extremely High Total Cost

The first main downside to 100 Gram Gold Bars should be pretty obvious: they’re expensive! Minted with 3.21507 troy ounces of .9999 fine gold bullion, our gold bars will cost over three times the price of a single 1 troy ounce gold bar. 

This cost is prohibitive for some investors. If you’re stacking on a budget, we’d recommend staying away from the massive 100 Gram Gold Bars on this page. 

However, investors who can afford to put their money into large gold bars will note their low premium costs. For the investor who’s concerned with getting as much pure gold for their money as possible, bigger is better. In this respect, it doesn’t get much better than the 100 Gram Gold Bars for sale at the top of this page. 

Low Liquidity and Divisibility 

Liquidity measures how easy a product is to quickly sell. While 100 Gram Gold Bars aren’t particularly difficult to sell on the secondary market, they present another important liquidity problem that investors need to understand. 

Argor-Heraeus Kinebar 100 gram Gold Bar Reverse
Argor-Heraeus Kinebar 100 Gram Gold Bar

When you’re prepared to cash out on some of your gold stack to pay bills or unexpected expenses, having your entire portfolio filled with large gold bars can create problems. Namely, having large gold bars means that you would have to part with $6,000 or more of gold bullion at one time. 

When you invest in smaller gold bars, by contrast, you can pick and choose how much gold you’re willing to sell in order to pay your bills. 

Are 100 Gram Gold Bars a Good Investment? 

Are 100 Gram Gold Bars a good investment for you? This is ultimately a question that only you can answer. A couple of things to consider include your budget and your gold preferences. Some investors have a large budget and don’t care about the liquidity of their portfolio. If this is you, then 100 Gram Gold Bars are an unparalleled way to invest in cheap gold. 

However, investors working with a low budget should steer clear of the large 100 Gram Gold Bars for sale on the Hero Bullion website. Fractional gold bars might be a better option for low budget investors who are just now starting their stacking journey. You should also consider smaller gold bars if you’re someone who anticipates needing to sell their gold in the future. 

The high liquidity and easy divisibility of smaller gold bars makes them a better choice for investors who might need to quickly liquidate their gold stack in the next few years. 

How To Find Cheap 100 Gram Gold Bars For Sale

To find cheap 100 Gram Gold Bars for sale, take some time to compare prices across dealers. Hero Bullion offers some of the web’s most competitive premiums on the market, which can help you stack gold without breaking the bank. 

Argor-Heraeus 100 gram Gold Bar
Argor-Heraeus 100 Gram Gold Bar

Also be sure to factor premiums and shipping charges into the total cost of your gold investment. High shipping fees, like premiums, eat into your potential profits. 

Final Thoughts: Affordable 100 Gram Gold Bars From Hero Bullion

Hero Bullion’s expansive inventory of gold bars has something for everybody. Whether you’re a high budget stacker or you’re only working with a few hundred dollars, we have gold bars suited to your needs and situation. 

100 Gram Gold Bars are one of our favorite ways to invest in gold. These beautiful .9999 fine gold products help our customers slash through unnecessary premiums to build their stacks without breaking the bank. 

Still have questions? Scroll up to the top of this page to see our inventory, or reach out to our customer service team for personalized guidance.