5 Gram Gold Bars

5 Gram Gold Bars are one of the most affordable ways to invest in pure gold on the market. Check out our deals on .9999 pure 5 Gram Gold Bars below! 

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Argor-Heraeus 5 Gram Gold Bar (New in Assay) 

We’re always impressed with the gold bars that come from the Argor-Heraeus Mint. Since their founding, this Swiss mint has produced some of the most high quality and expertly crafted gold bars on the market. Their 5 Gram Gold Bar is one of our favorites. Minted with .9999 fine gold bullion, this bar features a relatively simple obverse and an intentionally blank reverse. The front of the bar includes the mint’s logo, as well as its country of minting, weight, material, and fineness. Below this information, you’ll also find the bar’s individualized serial number – an added layer of security to help you stay safe while stacking. 

Royal Mint Britannia 5 Gram Gold Bar (New in Assay)

Among gold collectors, there are few symbols more recognizable than Lady Britannia. For centuries, Britannia has been the feminine personification of Great Britain. She appears for the first time on a gold bar here. On the obverse of the Royal Mint 5 Gram Gold Bar, you’ll find her in exceptional detail. She wears her traditional war helmet and carries both a trident and the shield of Great Britain. The Royal Mint pays homage to their famous Gold Britannia Coins on the reverse, bringing back the classic wave design that helped popularize them. The mint’s logo sits above the bar’s weight, purity (.9999), and material. At the bottom of this side of the bar, you’ll find a repeating wave pattern, which adds a bit of texture and uniqueness to the small gold bar. 

Buy Affordable 5 Gram Gold Bars – Hero Bullion!

To most consumers, gold bars seem like an impossibly expensive way to invest your money. For those in the know, however, buying pure gold bars has never been easier and more affordable than today. 

That’s because of the increasing popularity of fractional gold. Fractional gold bars and coins make buying gold extremely affordable and accessible. By purchasing 5 Gram Gold Bars, you can save thousands of dollars. 

While a 1 oz gold bar might cost $2,000 or more, some of Hero Bullion’s quality 5 Gram Gold Bars will only run you a small fraction of what you’d pay for a larger gold investment. 

This is what we’re all about. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for new investors to get their hands on the gold bars and coins they love. We’re beyond excited to reveal our current stock of 5 Gram Gold Bars from some of the most respected mints in the world. 

If you’re interested in checking out our in-stock inventory, scroll up to the top of this page. For investors who need a bit more information about how to buy the best 5 Gram Gold Bars, keep reading! 

Understanding Fractional Gold Bars

Fractional gold refers to gold coins and bars that weigh less than a full troy ounce. Because the troy ounce is the standard measuring unit we use to track the value of gold, you’re buying fractional gold every time you purchase a gold coin or bar weighing less than 1 troy oz. 

Fractional gold bars like the 5 Gram Gold Bars for sale on the Hero Bullion website are an increasingly popular choice for investors. Let’s take a quick glance at some of the biggest benefits of going small when investing in gold. 

Benefits of Buying Small Gold Bars

We’ll spend some time discussing the advantages of buying 5 Gram Gold Bars later. But for now, why should you invest in small gold bars? 

For most investors, the allure of a fractional, small gold bar comes down to one thing: affordability. With gold prices through the roof, the average investor is looking for a way to invest in gold that doesn’t require them to spend thousands of dollars at one time. 

But small gold bars come with an additional benefit that most investors might not even consider. Because of their small size, 5 Gram Gold Bars and other fractional gold products are highly liquid. In other words, you can sell these products if you need cash without having to part with thousands of dollars in gold at one time. 

Perth Mint 5 gram Gold Bar Front Assay
Perth Mint 5 Gram Gold Bar

Why Buy 5 Gram Gold Bars?

This page isn’t just about small gold bars. Today, we’re taking a look at one of the most popular ways to invest in gold on a budget: 5 Gram Gold Bars. The 5 Gram Gold Bars at the top of this page come from some of the world’s most respected and reputable mints. Argos-Heraeus, the Royal British Mint, Perth Mint, and PAMP Fortuna all produce stunning 5 Gram Gold Bars using .9999 fine gold bullion. 

Below, we’re taking a deep dive into the pros (and cons) of investing in 5 Gram Gold Bars. 

Pros of Investing in 5 Gram Gold Bars

5 Gram Gold Bars are much smaller in size than the full 1 oz gold bars that investors love. This smaller frame provides three core benefits. Low entry cost, ease of sale, and creative, beautiful designs help to make 5 Gram Gold Bars one of the best methods of stacking gold on a budget. 

Low Entry Cost

The low entry cost of investing in 5 Gram Gold Bars is really what draws investors to this product category in the first place. Traditionally sized 1 oz gold bars cost slightly more than the spot price of gold. Right now, that means that you’ll pay around $2,000 for a single gold bar if you choose to go with a larger product. 

But 5 Gram Gold Bars are different. These fractional gold bars sell for under $400 – which is a fifth of the current market price for 1 oz gold bars. This low entry cost makes it easy for new investors or collectors on a budget to keep on stacking without breaking the bank. 

Easy to Sell 

These 5 Gram Gold Bars are also easy to sell. When we say a product is easy to sell, we usually mean one of two things. First, some gold bars and coins are so recognizable that it’s always easy to find a buyer when you’re ready to sell. But perhaps more importantly, ease of sale helps us to quantify a gold product’s liquidity

Argor-Heraeus 5 gram Gold Bar
Argor-Heraeus 5 Gram Gold Bar

When a product is easy to sell quickly, we say it has high liquidity. Liquidity isn’t just about how quickly you can hock your bar at a pawn shop or online marketplace. Investors should also consider how much gold a product contains in order to figure out its future liquidity. 

5 Gram Gold Bars are usually worth $350 to $400. Compare these products with 1 oz gold bars, which offer a resale value of nearly $2,000 or more. When you’re ready to cash out on a portion of your investment to pay some bills or settle debt, the last thing you want is to have to sell several thousands of dollars worth of gold at one time. 

This is why investors love the liquidity of small gold bars. 

Creative and Beautiful Designs 

In addition to being a cheap and highly liquid way to invest in gold, 5 Gram Gold Bars are beautiful. Like their larger counterparts, these bars come with incredibly intricate artwork on the obverse. Some bars, such as the Perth Mint 5 Gram Gold Bar, even come with beautiful repeating designs on the reverse. 

Cons of 5 Gram Gold Bars

5 Gram Gold Bars are not the perfect investment. To the contrary, investors often have a couple of key complaints when it comes to putting their money into cheap 5 Gram Gold Bars. Namely, the high percentage premiums and limited variety of the 5 Gram Gold Bar market is troublesome for some collectors who want to maximize their profits and portfolio diversity. 

High Percentage Premiums 

All precious metal products come with premiums. Unfortunately, you’ll pay some percentage of premium on any gold, silver, or platinum product you buy. 5 Gram Gold Bars are saddled with some of the highest percentage premiums in the industry. 

As a general rule, premiums for gold bars tend to decrease as the size of your gold bar increases. The lowest premiums by percentage of total sale will likely come when you buy large 1 kilo gold bars. Because 5 Gram Gold Bars are so small, premiums for these products tend to be high. 

Limited Variety 

5 Gram Gold Bars have become quite a bit more popular than they used to be. In the past decade, we’ve seen a number of mints begin offering cheap 5 Gram Gold Bars to appease the growing class of budget investors who want to put money into the world’s preferred safe haven asset, gold. 

Royal Mint Britannia 5 gram Gold Bar Obverse
Royal Mint Britannia 5 Gram Gold Bar

However, 5 Gram Gold Bars still aren’t quite as popular or commonly traded as 1 oz gold bars. If you’re looking for gold bars from a specific mint, you might find more variety by investing in a larger weight of gold bar. 

How to Buy Cheap 5 Gram Gold Bars

Buying 5 Gram Gold Bars for cheap shouldn’t be difficult. Hero Bullion offers competitive pricing on our in-stock 5 Gram Gold Bars. When we offer 5 Gram Gold Bars for sale, our goal is to keep prices as low as possible to allow new investors to start building their financial futures using gold. 

Final Thoughts: Quality 5 Gram Gold Bars from Hero Bullion!

We’re excited about the future of fractional gold bars. By investing in fractional gold bars, investors can diversify their portfolios with gold without overspending on massive chunks of the precious metal. 

At the top of this page, you’ll find our current selection of 5 Gram Gold Bars for sale. Offering low prices, fair shipping costs, and a dedicated team of experts to support you, we hope you’ll consider Hero Bullion as your gold dealer!