Asahi Gold Bars

Asahi Gold Bars are minted with .9999 fine gold bullion and offer a timeless design. The reputation of the world-renowned Asahi Refinery is undeniable. Shop Asahi Gold Bars at competitive prices with Hero Bullion!

Asahi 1 oz Gold Bar (New in Assay)

Asahi’s classic 1 oz Gold Bar is a great way to invest in gold bullion. Minted with .9999 fine gold bullion, this bar hits all the right notes to make it a perfect choice for new and seasoned investors alike. The obverse leans toward classic tastes. On the front of this bar, you’ll find the mint’s logo, as well as the bar’s weight, material, and fineness. At the bottom of the bar, note the individualized serial number. Asahi Refiners added a bit of flair to the reverse, colorizing the interior third of their repeating logo design to give it a darkened appearance. 

2024 Asahi Lunar Dragon 1 oz Gold Bar (New in Assay)

The reverse of this bar is perfect for people who want to enter the new year with some style. 2024 is the Year of the Dragon, and Asahi knows how to celebrate. The obverse of this bar is nearly identical to their original Asahi 1 oz Gold Bar. On the reverse, though, buyers are treated to a brilliantly detailed dragon, as well as the English and Chinese inscriptions for the “Year of the Dragon.” 

Asahi Gold Bars For Sale – Hero Bullion

For gold stackers, there’s nothing better than a high quality gold bar. Gold bars offer numerous advantages over coins. For one thing, most gold bars are sold at lower premiums than gold bullion coins. The classic, simple designs featured on modern gold bars allow savvy stackers to build their gold portfolio without paying exorbitant, unnecessary fees. 

Asahi Gold Bars offer a new twist on the ancient method of storing wealth. The intricate, beautiful designs decorating Asahi Gold Bars make them a great way to stack gold while still offering investors the low premiums that gold bars are known for. 

Shop Hero Bullion’s full inventory of pure Asahi Gold Bars by scrolling up to the top of this page. For investors who need more information, we’ve got you covered. Below, you’ll find a full guide explaining everything you need to know about investing in Asahi Gold Bars. 

Asahi Refinery Explained 

Asahi is a refinery based out of Salt Lake City, Utah. They’re known primarily for their gold and silver bullion bars. Since the company’s founding in 1952, Asahi Refinery has been one of the world’s most respected producers of quality silver and gold bars. 

Asahi also produces beautiful silver rounds, which are another popular way to stack silver without breaking the bank. Asahi Gold Bars remain one of the best ways to put your money on pure gold bullion. 

Let’s take a look at the history behind the Asahi Refinery, as well as the major moves that helped make them a giant on the gold bar market. 

History of the Asahi Refinery 

In 1952, Asahi acquired the Johnson Matthey Refinery, which allowed them to mass produce gold and silver rounds and bars. As a private refinery, Asahi Refinery is not able to produce gold or silver coins. Coins generally refer to circular bullion pieces created by the mints of sovereign governments. 

But even without the gold and silver coins that make mints like the United States Mint, the Asahi Refinery has been incredibly successful in the past few decades. With the help of their intricate gold and silver bar designs and impeccable reputation for consistent purity, Asahi Gold Bars have become a staple in the collections of precious metal stackers around the world. 

Today, Asahi is one of the biggest names in the precious metals market. Offering a variety of designs and a consistent gold fineness of .9999, Asahi Gold bars are now a must-have for many investors. 

Asahi Gold Bars: Are They a Good Investment? 

Are Asahi Gold Bars a good investment? We tend to think so. Like almost all of the gold bullion bars we sell, Asahi bars are minted using .9999 pure gold bullion and come in various different sizes. But unlike some gold bars, they feature a wide range of beautiful designs. 

Whether you’re stacking gold bars to save money on precious metal premiums or just looking for beautiful products to add to your home safe, Asahi Gold Bars are an excellent choice. 

But like any other investment, Asahi Gold Bars come with both pros and cons. Let’s spend some time looking at some of the major benefits and downsides to investing in Asahi Gold Bars with Hero Bullion. 

Asahi 1 oz Gold Bar

Pros of Buying Asahi Gold Bars

There are 3 main pros to buying Asahi Gold Bars: creative designs, exceptional gold fineness, and international recognizability. When we combine these three core features, it becomes clear why so many investors choose Asahi for their gold stacking needs. 

Creative Designs 

Right now, Hero Bullion has two separate Asahi Gold Bars in stock. Both varieties showcase the intricacy of Asahi’s gold bar designs, combining beauty and fineness in a way we don’t often see on gold bullion bars. 

Asahi’s classic gold bar features a simple obverse minted with an unparalleled level of detail and creativity. Here, you’ll find the Asahi Refinery company name and logo at the top. Below that, the standard fare for gold bars: material, fineness (.9999), weight, and an individualized serial number. 

On the reverse, viewers will note an alternating pattern consisting of the Asahi logo. They’ve even created a distinct coloring scheme that separates the middle third from the rest of the gold bar’s reverse. 

Looking for something a bit more flashy? Asahi’s got you covered with their 2024 Asahi Lunar Dragon 1 oz Gold Bar. This bar brings the creativity of Asahi’s artists to an entirely new level. The obverse of this bar looks just like the classic Asahi Gold Bars we discussed above. 

But when you flip the gold bar over, you’ll find a real treat. To celebrate the 2024 Year of the Dragon, the Asahi Refinery gives collectors a full body portrait of a powerful dragon. The beast covers almost the entirety of this side of the gold bar. The Chinese and English phrases for the “Year of the Dragon” and the year of minting (2024) are also depicted on this limited edition gold bar. 

Exceptional Gold Fineness

No gold bar would be complete without an exceptional gold purity. As with most of Hero Bullion’s gold bar brands, Asahi Gold Bars feature a total gold fineness of .9999. With the exception of a couple coins produced by the Royal Canadian Mint, four-nines is about as pure as it gets for gold bars. 

International Recognizability 

The final big pro of investing in Asahi Gold Bars is their instant recognizability. Because of the refinery’s impeccable reputation among consumers, Asahi has become a household name for gold stackers. 

When you pick a gold bar to add to your collection, we highly recommend considering the resale reputation of your favorite brands. Some smaller gold bar brands might come with lower premiums over spot price. But this affordability comes at a price; these lesser known brands may be harder to sell when you’re ready to cash in down the line. 

For Asahi Gold Bars, this isn’t a concern. Asahi’s reputation as a refiner is nearly unmatched among collectors, so we don’t imagine you’ll ever have a problem finding someone willing to buy your Asahi Gold Bar once it becomes time to sell. 

Cons of Asahi Gold Bars

There’s only one major con to investing using Asahi Gold Bars: limited weight variety. While smaller Asahi Gold Bars are sometimes sold, we find that the majority of the company’s sales come from larger 1 oz weights. 

2024 Asahi Lunar Dragon 1 oz Gold Bar
2024 Asahi 1 oz Lunar Dragon Gold Bar

Let’s take a look at the major downside of investing in Asahi Gold Bars. 

Limited Weight Variety 

All of our available Asahi Gold Bars weigh one full troy ounce. As a general rule, we recommend that stackers stick with large 1 oz gold bars if they want to cut down on premiums. This is because premiums tend to decrease as the size of your investment gets bigger. The smallest premiums on the market for gold come from massive 1 kilo gold bars. 

But for collectors who can’t afford to spend thousands of dollars on one gold bar, this is a bit of a problem. If you shop around and compare prices across multiple dealers and brands, you might be able to save big money when buying 1 oz Asahi Gold Bars. Still, investors who are working on a small budget should consider other gold bar brands with a wider weight variety, such as Valcambi Suisse. 

Review of Asahi Gold Bars

We find Asahi Gold Bars to be a fantastic choice for investors of all budgets and experience levels. While the lack of weight variation might be a problem if you’re working on a shoestring budget, Asahi Gold Bars offer beautiful artwork, pure gold bullion, and one of the most stellar reputations in the entire industry. 

Final Thoughts: In-Stock Asahi Gold Bars For Sale!

Hero Bullion is proud to offer a full inventory of Asahi Gold Bars to help you expand your gold bullion portfolio. Whether you’re a newbie to precious metals or a seasoned stacker, you can’t go wrong doing business with one of the most respected refineries on the planet. 

Shop Asahi Gold Bars with Hero Bullion, and take a look at some of our best deals on these beautiful pure gold bars at the top of this page.