Palladium Bars

Palladium is one of the most useful precious metals on the planet. Over the past decade, palladium prices have risen over 40 percent. Are you ready to add palladium bars to your growing bullion collection? 

Argos-Heraeus 1 Gram Palladium Bar (New in Assay)

The Argor-Heraeus Mint is one of the most famous private mints on the planet. For years, they’ve been releasing some of our favorite gold, silver, and platinum bars and rounds. The mint has now expanded into the growing market for palladium bars with their 1 gram palladium bar. This piece comes in its original Assay card, which provides an additional layer of security for our cautious customers. Boasting simple designs, the images on this palladium bar invoke the classic bar look that collectors have come to love. Oh, and did we mention a palladium fineness of .9995? 

Buy Palladium Bars with Hero Bullion!

There’s a rising star in the precious metals market – and its name is palladium. Compared to the other precious metals on the Hero Bullion website, palladium is extremely new. Its discovery and isolation as an element didn’t happen until 1802. Since then, the metal has become one of the most useful compounds in the world. 

Palladium bars are a popular way to invest in palladium. In the past few decades, the metal has come to replace platinum in the manufacture of several popular products. To some savvy investors, this makes palladium the up-and-coming precious metal. As its value continues to climb, palladium bars have become an extremely lucrative way to put your money on a useful, beautiful precious metal. 

Hero Bullion is excited to offer an expanded inventory of some of the best palladium bars from mints around the world. Scroll up to the top of this page for an updated list of our stock and best deals on palladium bars. If you still want to learn a bit more about this special precious metal, keep reading! 

We sell palladium bars from some of the world’s most popular mints. One particularly famous example is the Argor-Heraeus 1 gram palladium bar. This mint has won a reputation as a formidable producer of beautiful gold, platinum, and silver products. Recently, they released an all-new line of palladium bars to help capitalize on the precious metal’s explosive popularity. 

Below, we’ll take a closer look at what palladium is, as well as its history and important industrial applications. 

What is Palladium?

Palladium is a silvery white precious metal first discovered in 1802. It looks a bit like platinum but might offer a stronger shine. Since its initial discovery and subsequent isolation, palladium has slowly become one of the most important precious metals because of its use in essential electronics, technology, medical devices, and scientific tools. 

History of Palladium 

The history of palladium bars isn’t quite as long as gold, platinum, or silver. The metal was only discovered around 220 years ago, when chemist William Hyde Wollatson. At the time, scientists had no idea how important palladium would eventually become. 

Usually, precious metals like platinum or gold have thousands of years of use under their belt before they’re traded as bullion products. Comparably, the history of palladium bars is short and sweet. It wasn’t until a couple hundred years after its discovery that palladium’s industrial applications became clear to modern researchers. 

Palladium’s Industrial Uses

In the modern era, palladium has found uses in all sorts of important sectors. Palladium is used to make car parts, cell phones, fuel cells for vehicles, jewelry, and more. Palladium is even used in the dental fillings you get if you have cavities in your teeth! If you walk through a busy street, we bet that you’re likely to come across at least a dozen objects that use palladium. 

This development is rather new. For decades, platinum was the primary metal used for many of these things. Catalytic converters, for example, often used platinum – that’s what makes that part of your car so frustratingly expensive to repair. Nowadays, a growing number of car manufacturers are instead using palladium.

PAMP Fortuna 1 oz Palladium Bar
PAMP Fortuna 1 oz Palladium Bar

Why is palladium so expensive? The high price tag of palladium bars has a lot to do with the metal’s industrial applications. Because there’s high demand for palladium outside of the bullion market, prices tend to increase as global industry expands and grows. 

Why Buy Palladium Bars?

Why should you buy palladium bars? We’re going to take some time on this page and discuss both the pros and cons of investing in palladium bars. Namely, we want our readers to understand what makes palladium bars such a unique and important investment opportunity. 

Are Palladium Bars a Good Investment? 

Palladium bars are considered a great investment for a few different reasons. We’ll talk more about the pros of investing in palladium bars below. For now, you should understand that palladium bars offer high industrial demand, beautiful designs, historical value appreciation, and play an important role in the diversification of your precious metals portfolio. 

Pros of Palladium Bars

There are 4 main reasons why investors love palladium. Palladium bars offer impressive industrial demand, beautiful designs, promising price trends, and diversification benefits. Let’s take a look at how palladium bars stack up to other investment options. 

High Industrial Demand 

We’ve already spent a bit of time talking about the industrial demand for palladium. Palladium bars are usually sold at a significantly lower premium than palladium coins of a similar size. This means that investors who are bullish on the future value of palladium should try to stack palladium bars instead of coins or rounds. 

The high industrial demand for palladium can also be referred to as its “use-cases.” When an investment opportunity has a large number of use-cases, this means that its value is determined by more than just scarcity. If palladium was only valuable because of its beauty and rarity, it wouldn’t trade at nearly the prices that it does in 2023. 

Instead, palladium is an essential component of some of the most important technological innovations in the world. Groundbreaking scientists, automobile manufacturers, and even dentists rely on palladium every single day. If you’re wondering whether palladium bars are a good investment, we think taking stock of the metal’s industrial use-cases is a great way to do your pre-investing research. 

Beautiful Designs 

Palladium is beautiful, and palladium bars capitalize on the unique shine of the metal to deliver genuine art to consumers. In fact, we tend to find that a growing number of investors are settling on palladium rather than platinum to diversify their precious metal portfolios.

PAMP Fortuna 1 oz Palladium Bar Back
Reverse – PAMP Fortuna 1 oz Palladium Bar


At the top of this page, you can check out Hero Bullion’s platinum bars. We source our bars from some of the most respected and technologically advanced mints in the world, so we’re excited to give you a look at some of the coolest palladium bars around. 

Beauty isn’t everything, and we encourage you to take a look at all of the bullion bars we offer. Taste varies from collector to collector, so we wouldn’t fault you if you don’t have the love for palladium we do. But as for us – we’re huge fans of the beautiful palladium bars being produced on the scene in 2023. 

Historical Palladium Price Charts

According to the NYMEX price chart for palladium futures, the precious metal has increased in value by around 43% since the market opened in 2012. At the time of writing this page, prices have dropped considerably since hitting an all-time high of nearly $3,000 in March of 2022. 

Even considering a lackluster performance in the last few quarters, palladium has proven itself as one of the most impressive performances among all precious metals. 

The thing that impresses us most about palladium is the litany of actual industrial uses that the metal offers. Palladium bars are valuable for their beauty and intrinsic value of the precious metal they contain, sure. But there’s something else to this metal – it’s useful in a way that some precious metals are not. 

Perhaps this explains palladium’s meteoric rise in popularity. Will palladium prices go higher? Only time will tell. But because the precious metal is so useful and in-demand, we anticipate that this is only the beginning of palladium’s rise to fame. 

Portfolio Diversity

We won’t spend too much time talking about portfolio diversity. If you’re a regular reader of our blog, you probably already know how important it is to diversify your portfolio using a wide variety of precious metals. 

Palladium bars are excellent for portfolio diversity. Because they offer a higher degree of industrial demand than most other precious metals, portfolios with palladium bars might thrive – even when other metals flounder and fizzle out in value. 

Cons of Palladium Bars

The last thing we want is for our readers to think palladium is not a risky investment. Like all precious metals, palladium prices can be volatile. Just take a look at the recent price charts for palladium, which we took a look at earlier in this guide, to know what we mean. 

While palladium bars have certainly become more valuable in the last eight years, recent price charts suggest a downward trend in demand for the industrious precious metal. 

What are the downsides of investing in palladium bars? We’ll highlight 2 cons to palladium bars below: limited selection and volatile price trends. 

Limited Selection 

Hero Bullion always tries to keep our virtual shelves full with quality bars from around the world – and palladium bars are no exception. Still, there’s no denying that palladium bars don’t offer the same variety and selection as gold, silver, and platinum bars. 

The number of mints that offer palladium bars seems to be increasing, at least anecdotally. When we look around, we find that some of the most popular mints in the world are beginning to view palladium bars as a genuine product that people want. 

Argor-Heraeus 1 gram Palladium Bar Reverse
Argor-Heraeus 1 Gram Palladium Bar

But even as the popularity of palladium bars increases, you just won’t find the diversity of designs and artwork on palladium bars that you’ll note in the markets for silver, gold, or even platinum bullion bars. 

Volatile Price Trends

Volatility is one of the things that makes investors nervous about palladium bars. This isn’t unique to palladium; all precious metal markets are exceptionally volatile. When we talk about volatility, we’re generally referring to how chaotic the market for these metals is. If a precious metal is likely to rise and fall considerably in price without warning, then that investment is volatile. 

Palladium had been on a steady rise in value until March of 2022. At this point, the metal hit an all-time high at nearly $3,000. Since then, prices have slowly fallen, although they still remain quite a bit higher than they were nearly a decade ago. 

Investors who want to buy beautiful palladium bars should understand that this market is volatile, and that the spot price of palladium is likely to change from quarter to quarter. 

How to Buy Palladium Bars

Still interested in buying palladium bars? Our entire inventory of palladium bars is at the top of this page – scroll up to see what Hero Bullion has to offer for your palladium stack! 

Below, we’ll give you a couple tips about how to buy palladium bars for cheap. 

Finding Cheap Palladium Bars

Cheap is a relative term. If you’re looking to invest in palladium without spending too much money on premiums, palladium bars are an unbeatable choice. By shopping around and looking for deals from reputable bullion dealers, you can buy cheap palladium bars. 

Protecting Your Investment

Once you have palladium bars for your collection, your next big step is to make sure you’re taking the right steps to keep this investment safe. Investing in a temperature controlled safe is always our recommendation. While this purchase might eat into your profits from investing in precious metals, it can save you thousands in the long run. In our experience, it’s always better to be safe than sorry when your palladium bar stack is on the line. 

Palladium isn’t quite as established as gold and silver. This means that you may have to do just a bit more research to make sure your palladium investments are secure. Luckily, this is starting to change. Now, you can even include select palladium products in your precious metals IRA! 

Final Thoughts: Quality Palladium Bars for Sale

If you couldn’t tell by now, we’re a pretty big fan of palladium bars. The precious metal offers everything we love in a precious metal: beautiful designs, value appreciation, and diversification benefits. But palladium is also one of the most useful precious metals in the world – you’ll come across hundreds of products using palladium while walking through a busy street. 

Because of this, we’re beyond excited to add palladium bars to our growing precious metals inventory. To check out our current stock or see what we’re offering for your palladium bars, check out the top of this page!