King Charles Coronation Silver

British Coronation Silver Coins celebrate the ascension of King Charles III to the throne of Great Britain. We’re excited to offer these coins at some of the most competitive prices around. 

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1 oz British Coronation Britannia Silver Coin 

The British Coronation Britannia Silver Coin combines the classic look of the Britannia with a historically significant moment. The coin features the new King of Britain, Charles III, on the obverse. Turn the coin over, and you’ll find the depiction from which it gets its name. Lady Britannia, the feminine personification of the British Empire, appears. She wears a flowing gown and carries both the shield of Britain and her signature trident. Investors have long appreciated the look and feel of the Britannia, and the new Coronation Britannia puts a new spin on the classic coin. 

2023 1 oz King Charles Royal Cypher Silver Coin

Our King Charles Royal Cypher Silver Coin features yet another image closely related to the royal family. This time, it’s the royal cypher. The cypher includes the initials of king Charles III, as well as the British crown and a wreath surrounding the cypher. Like the Coronation Britannia, this coin features .999 fine silver. The royal cypher has been a popular symbol representing the British monarchy for hundreds of years, and its appearance on a new British silver coin helps to cement and celebrate King Charles III’s new status as the King of England. Cypher coins have historically been very popular among collectors, and we’re beyond excited to bring this coin to our customers. 

British Coronation Silver Coins

On May 6th of 2023, King Charles was officially crowned as the King of Great Britain. This follows the death of Queen Elizabeth in September 2022. The long-lived monarch had ruled England for nearly seventy years, having accepted the crown in 1952. This momentous occasion has had a tremendous impact on bullion products. Coins from the British Royal Mint, Perth Mint, and Royal Canadian Mint regularly feature obverse depictions of Britain’s monarch. As Charles II is now the King of England, his image will replace hers on hundreds of coins around the world. 

But the British Royal Mint also released its own unique coin to celebrate the coronation of King Charles III. Our British Coronation Silver Coins commemorate the ascension of King Charles III to the British throne. Investors in these popular coins can put their money into a certified piece of British history, as well as pure silver bullion. 

Scroll up to see our selection of British Coronation Silver Coins. If you keep reading, you’ll find a full guide to the historical significance, specifications, and investment potential of British Coronation Silver Coins. 

Royal British Mint

The Royal British Mint is frequently cited as one of the world’s oldest active government mints. It was founded in 886 AD, making it well over 1,000 years old. The sovereign mint’s extensive history has helped to establish its impressive reputation among buyers. To this day, the British Royal Mint remains one of the most profitable and publicly recognized mints on the planet. 

One notable duty of the Royal British Mint is to manufacture coins that celebrate the royal family that runs the country. This brings us, of course, to the British Coronation Silver Coin, which commemorates King Charles III’s ascension to the British throne. 

Historical Significance

It’s almost impossible to deny the historical significance of this bullion coin. The pieces aren’t part of a larger series. Because the coins celebrate the coronation of a new British monarch, we won’t obtain another coin like this for many years. Queen Elizabeth II was given her own set of coronation coins way back in 1953 when she took power. In other words, don’t expect that we’ll see another set of coronation coins in the near future. This makes these products both a limited mintage investment – and an important moment in bullion history. 

Key Features

Silver stackers should always understand the key features of the coins they buy. Like with all of the other coins from the British Royal Mint, our British Coronation Silver Coins features the same brilliant designs and attention to detail that the mint is known for. We’ll address key design elements and silver content below. 

Reverse and Obverse Designs 

Like we mentioned above, two different coins have been released in the British Coronation Silver Coins series. We’ll discuss the designs of both below. 

British Coronation Britannia Silver Coin

Investors should understand that there are two different types of British Coronation Silver Coins available on the market right now. The first should appear familiar to silver stackers around the world. Also known as the British Coronation Britannia Silver Coin, this piece features a reverse-side depiction of Britannia, the female personification of the British Empire. She wears a flowing gown, as well as a war helmet. In her hands, she carries both the shield of Britain and a trident. 

2023 1 oz British Coronation Britannia Silver Coin
1 oz Silver Britannia Coronation Coin

On the reverse, the British Coronation Britannia Silver Coin highlights the new King of Great Britain. He’s rendered in exceptional detail and wears the royal crown. We’ve come to expect this kind of detail from the British Royal Mint; investors already love the unique look and feel of this new take on the mint’s classic Britannia coin. 

King Charles Royal Cypher Silver Coin

The cypher is another classic element of coronation coinage in Great Britain. The King Charles Royal Cypher Silver Coin features the same depiction of King Charles III that we noted in the subsection above. He wears his crown, and his official title is listed above his head. 

2023 1 oz King Charles Royal Cypher Silver Coin
Coronation Cypher Silver Coin

On the reverse, you’ll find the cypher of King Charles III. The “royal cypher” includes his initials surrounded by a wreath and capped by the British royal crown. We love the unique look of this coin’s reverse side. For fans of British history and the monarchy, this is an undeniable opportunity. 

Silver Content and Specifications 

Similarly to most bullion silver coins from the British Royal Mint, these coins feature .999 fine silver bullion. While it’s not quite the .9999 fineness you’ll find on some rare silver bullion coins, we tend to prefer .999 fineness because of its increased durability. 

Why Buy Coronation Silver Coins? 

Why should you invest in British Coronation Silver Coins? For modern collectors, these coins provide a unique opportunity. By putting your money on this limited series, you can invest directly in the numismatic and historical value that the coins offer. Like we mentioned toward the beginning of this guide, we won’t get another opportunity to invest in British Coronation Silver Coins for quite some time. 

Numismatic and Collectable Value

The numismatic value of a British Coronation Silver Coin is undeniable. In addition to coming from a wildly popular mint, these coins are part of a limited release and celebrate one of the most important moments in recent British – and global – history. In addition to their high silver fineness, these coins provide exceptional historical significance and potential numismatic value. 

Silver Market Outlook 

The general investment outlook for the silver should also play a role in your silver stacking strategies. The baseline value of a British Coronation Silver Coin is determined primarily by the current spot price of silver. If you plan on investing in some of our British Coronation Silver Coins, it’s a good idea to track and follow silver’s numerous market movements. 

Buy British Coronation Silver with Hero Bullion!

Hero Bullion is excited to commemorate the coronation of King Charles III with our brand new British Coronation Silver Coins. We’re always happy to help you as you continue to build your silver portfolio with quality British Silver Coins. 

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