Top 5 Underrated Gold Coins in 2023

Posted - December 6, 2023
underrated gold coins

Most coin collectors already know about the world’s most popular gold coins. Coins like the American Gold Eagle, Canadian Gold Maple, and British Gold Britannia will always occupy an important place in gold stacks around the world. 

But these aren’t the only coins worth collecting. Because just a few mints tend to dominate global coin sales, there are quite a few amazing coins that you might not know about. If you identify the right coins, you can put your money on some of the most underrated gold coins on the market. 

Today, Hero Bullion is walking readers through the top 5 underrated gold coins. To compile this list, we combed through our extensive inventory of gold coins from around the world. By the end of this guide, you’ll learn about some of the best gold coins that most investors might not even know about

Best Underrated Gold Coins 

We’ll get into our list of the top 5 underrated gold coins later in this guide. But for now, we should take just a few paragraphs to explain how to find the best gold coins. Additionally, it’s important that new investors have at least some idea of what makes a gold coin valuable. 

Below, we’ll give you a few tips on how to find hidden gem coins and how you can identify valuable gold coins from around the world. 

How to Find Hidden Gem Coins

Before we spend some time discussing the top 5 underrated gold coins in the world, readers should develop tools to help them find what we call the “hidden gems” of the bullion market. 

A hidden gem gold coin is a coin that offers considerable value. But more importantly, hidden gem coins aren’t especially well-known among investors. For this reason, you might be able to buy these gold coins at a much lower price than you’d find coins like the American Gold Eagle or British Gold Britannia. 

2023 1 oz American Gold Buffalo Coin
1 oz American Gold Buffalo Coin

To find underrated gold coins, look for gold coins with beautiful designs, historical context, and a high percentage of pure gold bullion. 

What Makes a Gold Coin Valuable? 

So what makes a coin an underrated gold coin? The term itself is subjective. We find the coins on our list of the top 5 underrated gold coins to be extremely valuable. To some investors, however, these coins might not be better investment choices than classic coins like the American Gold Eagle. 

Still, we find that three things help make a gold coin valuable: gold content, numismatic value, and historical/cultural significance. If a coin meets all of these standards and is not especially popular, then we’d call it an underrated gold coin. 

Gold Content 

Gold content should always be an important consideration when investing in gold bullion coins. Gold purity figures can vary from coin to coin. Pieces like the American Gold Eagle contain a fineness of .9167, but some other coins from the U.S. Mint catalog instead top out at .9999. 

For our list, we’ve focused on a combination of coins with different purity levels. Some of the best underrated gold coins have maximum purities of .9999, but others clock in at a much lower fineness. 

Numismatic Value 

Numismatic value helps us determine the most underrated gold coins on the market. As a quick refresher, numismatics refers to a coin’s value in addition to its precious metal value. When a coin has numismatic value, that means that it will improve in total value over time. This is especially true for coins that are limited in their mintage numbers. 

When we looked for candidates to crown the top 5 underrated gold coins, we tried to focus on pieces with extreme numismatic value. These gold coins should be worth quite a bit of money to the right collector, but you may be able to find them at a sizable discount if you do the right research and bargain comparison. 

Historical and Cultural Importance

Historical and cultural significance also help determine the most underrated gold coins on the market. Not all collectors are interested in gold coins that are culturally important, but these aspects of some gold coins make them more valuable to potential buyers in the future. 

Buying underrated gold coins requires investors to look for products that might have unanticipated value. On our list, you’ll find a selection of rare numismatic gold coins that can expand and diversify your gold coin portfolio. 

How to Find Underrated Gold Coins 

How did we identify which gold coins are underrated? To find underrated gold coins, collectors need to do two things: research the perfect gold coins for their needs and compare premiums on popular gold coins. 

Researching the Perfect Coin

Research should be your best friend as you shop for your next gold coin investment. This is true for every investment choice you make – even if you’re not looking for underrated gold coins specifically. 

To find underrated gold coins with real value, look outside of the traditional, dominating mints. While the U.S. Mint and Royal British Mint are powerhouses, some of the world’s lesser known mints may offer you more bang for your buck. 

Comparing Premiums on Popular Gold Coins

Premiums have always been an important part of investing in gold coins. When you pay a premium, your money isn’t going directly toward gold. Instead, you’re paying an additional fee over the melt value of a gold coin or bar. For this reason, many investors hate the idea of having to pay a premium over spot for their gold coins. 

Buying underrated coins can help you save on premiums. This isn’t always the case. Some coins with high numismatic and collectable value might actually come saddled with higher premiums over spot. 

But for the most part, investors who identify valuable and underrated gold coins might save quite a bit of money. We recommend comparing prices for the coins on our list against the most popular gold coins in the world. If you can save on premium costs while buying some of the best gold coins on the market, why not give it a shot? 

France 20 Franc Gold Coin - Napoleon
France 20 Franc Gold Coin

Top 5 Underrated Gold Coins

Finally, it’s time to unpack our picks for the top 5 underrated gold coins of 2023. We’ve chosen five coins: the American Gold Buffalo Coin, France 20 Franc Gold Napoleon Coin, American Gold Spouse Coins, Single Sourced Canadian Gold Maple Coin, and the Canadian Gold Klondike Coin. 

American Gold Buffalo Coin 

The American Gold Buffalo Coin is a certified American classic. This coin takes its obverse and reverse imagery from the classic American Buffalo Nickel, which was a popular coin minted from 1913 to 1938. 

The American Gold Buffalo Coin pays homage to this classic coin, but with a twist. Instead of a regular nickel, this bullion coin is minted with 1 oz of .9999 pure gold. On the obverse, you’ll find the portrait of a Native American man. This portrait stays true to the vision of the original mint artist behind the Buffalo Nickel. 

On the reverse, you’ll celebrate a classic American icon: the buffalo. This beast stands on top of a grassland. While modern American Gold Eagles are minted using .9167 fine gold, this coin actually offers four-nines fineness (.9999). 

France 20 Franc Gold Napoleon Coin 

This is truly one of the top underrated gold coins on the market right now. We’ll start with the main downside, since there’s so much to love about the coin that we want to get to. This coin might come with some of the highest premiums in the gold industry. This is largely due to the coin’s historical nature. Unlike modern coins, the France 20 Franc Gold Napoleon Coin was only minted from 1852 to 1870. 

The coins contain a lower gold percentage than many of the other coins on our underrated gold coins list. Clocking in at .1867 troy ounces of .90 fine gold bullion, these coins still offer quite a bit of gold for your money. 

As the name suggests, these coins celebrate Napoleon III, former President of France. It is his portrait that decorates the obverse of this historically significant French coin. On the reverse, you’ll find the coin’s year and denomination surrounded by a wreath. 

American Gold Spouse Coins

It isn’t often that we see American commemorative gold coins make it onto lists celebrating the top gold coins. When we do see these coins promoted, the focus is usually on the Presidential gold coins, which emphasize the legacy of United States leaders. 

The Gold Spouse coin series is something entirely different, though. These coins celebrate the influence of the First Ladies that helped shape our country. The obverse of each coin includes the portrait of a different spouse of a former U.S. President. 

Spouse Gold US Mint 1_2 Ounce Coin
Spouse Gold US Mint 1/2 oz Coin

On the reverse, these coins emphasize the ‘key issue’ that helped characterize that woman’s term as First Lady. These coins are a unique addition to any collection. While the Presidential Gold Coins produced by the United States Mint are exceedingly popular, we find that most investors underestimate the cultural significance and value potential of the American Gold Spouse Coin series. 

Single-Sourced Mine Canadian Gold Maple Coin 

Canadian Gold Maple Coins should be nothing new to seasoned investors. Even brand new gold stackers know at least something about this world-famous gold coin series. But this coin is something different. 

The Single-Sourced Mine Canadian Gold Maple Coin is minted using .9999 fine gold sourced from a single mine. This might not matter much to the majority of consumers, but it definitely makes this one of the most unique gold coins on the market. 

Additionally, these coins aren’t minted every year. We sell the 2022 version of the Single Source Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Coin, and it’s hard to imagine that they’ll release this limited edition coin many more times. 

Top 5 Underrated Gold Coins in 2023
Single Sourced Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Coin

Canadian Klondike Gold Coin 

Let’s round off our list with another underrated coin from the Royal Canadian Mint. This coin is actually the purest gold coin on our list – and potentially in the world. That’s right. Very few minutes have figured out how to make gold coins using .99999 fine gold, and the Royal Canadian Mint has done just that with their Canadian Klondike Gold Coin

On the obverse, you’ll find Britain’s current monarch. For the 2023 version of the Canadian Klondike Gold Coin, this was Queen Elizabeth II. Future coins will instead feature the portrait of Britain’s new King, Charles III. 

On the reverse, note an important historical depiction. The reverse side of the Canadian Klondike Gold Coin celebrates the Klondike Gold Rush, in which hundreds of thousands of people descended on the Canadian mountains in order to mine for gold. 

Top 5 Underrated Gold Coins in 2023
Canadian Gold Klondike Coin

A train blazes past a group of workers who are shoveling silt into a filtering machine. At the end of the machine, gold seems to drip onto the top of a miniature Gold Maple Leaf Coin. 

How We Ranked the Top 5 Underrated Gold Coins

We used several metrics to determine our picks for the top 5 underrated gold coins in 2023. Value, collectability, and gold content all played their own roles in our choices in this guide. 

Value is especially important to consider when searching for the best gold coins to buy. Value and price aren’t the same thing. Some coins might have a low cost, but also offer very little actual value. Other coins are pricey, but provide a higher degree of value than other comparable coins. 

The collectability of a coin is also an essential factor to keep in mind when you look for the best coins in the world. Collectable coins can help you diversify your portfolio. Even if the spot price of gold falls, you might remain profitable if your coins offer numismatic value beyond their pure gold melt value. 

Final Thoughts: Ranking the Top 5 Underrated Gold Coins 

We’re happy to bring you today’s ranked list of the top 5 underrated gold coins on the market. Getting creative with your research is one great way to diversify and expand your precious metals portfolio. Too many investors target only the world’s most popular coins from the largest mints. 

But if you do the right research and leave no stone unturned, you might find some of the hidden gems of the gold coin market. 

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