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Is It Illegal to Own Gold in 2024?

Posted - March 20, 2024
At a Glance:It is not illegal to own gold - private citizens can purchase and store as much gold bullion as they'd like. Read More

5 Facts You Might Not Know About the American Gold Eagle

Posted - March 19, 2024
The American Gold Eagle is the U.S. Mint’s most popular coin. Over 1,000,000 ounces of America’s national gold bullion coin shipped Read More

When Was Gold Cheapest? | Historical Gold Price Charts and Analysis

Posted - March 15, 2024
When was gold cheapest? If prices are adjusted for inflation, the lowest gold spot price in the past 100 years happened in September Read More

History Lesson: What is the Crime of 1873?

Posted - January 31, 2024
For a period in United States history, silver stackers could have their bullion converted into legal tender silver coins by the United Read More

History Lesson: What Happened to the Gold Standard?

Posted - January 26, 2024
For thousands of years, economists have puzzled over one core question: what gives paper money its value? Also called ‘fiat’ money, Read More

The Untold Story of How Isaac Newton Saved British Coinage

Posted - January 4, 2024
Isaac Newton is known primarily for his contributions to the scientific world. His achievements are too numerous to count. The brilliant Read More

Facts of the Gold Rush

Posted - August 9, 2023
Various gold rushes form the cornerstone of the historical precious metal trade. Explosive discoveries of gold and silver in California, Read More