Month: August 2023

What Makes a 1964 Kennedy Half Dollar Rare?

Posted - August 31, 2023
The Kennedy Half Dollar is one of America’s most popular numismatic circulation coins. Even today, over fifty years after the coin was Read More

Platinum as a Commodity – A Brief History

Posted - August 30, 2023
The Platinum Play in the Commodities MarketThose new to the precious metals game might want to take a closer look at platinum and how it Read More

What Makes a 1974 Silver Dollar Rare?

Posted - August 29, 2023
Despite only being minted for seven years, the Eisenhower Dollar remains a premier investment vehicle among collectors around the world. Read More

Silver Quarter Vs Regular Quarter

Posted - August 28, 2023
With their shiny appearance and beautiful obverse/reverse designs, it’s easy to understand why some consumers mistakenly believe that Read More

How Much is a 12 kg Gold Bar Worth?

Posted - August 25, 2023
Most investors will never even see 12 kilograms of gold bullion in one place, much less purchase one for their portfolios. Regardless of Read More

How Much is a 100 oz Silver Bar Worth?

Posted - August 24, 2023
While gold has dominated much of the global bullion trade, silver’s historical value is undeniable. For thousands of years, humans Read More

The History of Gold As Money

Posted - August 23, 2023
The When and Where of Gold’s First Play as MoneyGold was not always thought of as currency. It is believed that gold was initially Read More

How Much is a Gold Double Eagle Coin Worth?

Posted - August 22, 2023
Despite massive changes to minting technology and innovation, old American gold coins remain popular investment vehicles for collectors Read More

How Much is 10 lbs of Copper Pennies Worth?

Posted - August 21, 2023
Especially during times of intense global economic and infrastructural development, copper is a core commodity in many precious metal Read More