Month: December 2023

Is Palladium a Good Investment?

Posted - December 29, 2023
Is palladium a good investment for your portfolio? Palladium is among the newest precious metals discovered by humans. While the first Read More

Selling Gold Bars: 5 Things Every Investor Should Know

Posted - December 28, 2023
Selling gold bars can be a hassle, but it doesn’t have to be. Dealers like Hero Bullion offer competitive buyback rates for your Read More

The Best Silver Dollars for Investors

Posted - December 27, 2023
While modern silver dollars contain no actual silver, this wasn’t always the case. In the beginning years of the United States Mint, Read More

How to Grade Silver Dollars: 5 Tips For Coin Collectors

Posted - December 26, 2023
If you’re an avid coin collector, you probably already know the basics of how silver dollars are graded. Long story short, coin Read More

An Inside Look at the New King Type Maple

Posted - December 22, 2023
Following the death of Queen Elizabeth II and the coronation of King Charles III in 2023, mints around the world were asked to release Read More

Costco Gold Bars Spark Buying Craze

Posted - December 21, 2023
As a reputable wholesale dealer, Costco is in a unique position to offer gold bars at a lower premium than your average distributor. The Read More

What is 24k Gold Worth?

Posted - December 20, 2023
When you go to shop for gold jewelry, you’ll see the term “24k gold” quite a bit. For new investors, this can be daunting. What Read More

Comparing Numismatic Vs Bullion Coins: What’s the Better Investment?

Posted - December 19, 2023
When we talk about silver coins, we usually split them into two main categories: numismatic coins and bullion coins. Even veteran Read More

Morgan Silver Dollar Mint Marks – An Illustrated Guide

Posted - December 18, 2023
Morgan Silver Dollars are a popular way to invest in circulated silver. These coins were minted from 1878 to 1904, with a small restrike Read More