An Inside Look at the New King Type Maple

Posted - December 22, 2023
new king type maple

Following the death of Queen Elizabeth II and the coronation of King Charles III in 2023, mints around the world were asked to release new coins commemorating the new monarch of Great Britain. As one of the oldest former subsidiary mints of the British Royal Mint, the Royal Canadian Mint recently responded with their brand new King Type Maples. 

The Maple Leaf Coin itself is one of RCM’s most profitable products, with investors around the world grabbing up these coins each year to build their stacks. 

The brand new King Type Maple designs are being released for 2024 in silver, gold, and platinum. In addition to offering a stunning new take on the classic bullion coin, this new design gives us a glimpse into the fascinating traditions behind royal coinage. 

What Are the New Canadian Maple Coin Designs? 

The Royal Canadian Mint is responsible for producing the popular Canadian Maple series in silver, gold, and platinum. The coins generally share a common design. On the obverse, you’ll find Great Britain’s current monarch. The reverse, of course, is where this famous coin gets its name. There, you’ll note a stunningly detailed depiction of the Canadian maple leaf, an important national and cultural icon for Canada. 

Starting in 2024, the coins will feature their first major conceptual design change since being unveiled for circulation in 1979. The new King Type Maples will feature an obverse depiction of King Charles III, who assumed the throne of Great Britain in 2023 after the death of Queen Elizabeth II. 

Charles III on King Type Canadian Maple Leaf Coins

The gold, silver, and platinum King Type Maples will now feature the portrait of Charles III. On these coins, he’s pictured wearing a suit and looking pensively toward the left side of the coin. We’ll talk a bit about why the RCM chose to have him face left instead of right later in this article. 

Along with his portrait, the obverse of the coin will now depict Charles III’s name, as well as a classic Latin title: Dei Gratia Rex. The phrase is translated to mean “by the grace of God, King” and appears abbreviated to D. G. Rex on this coin. 

A New Era For the Royal Canadian Mint

The release of new King Type Maples is an important day for all of the coin collecting community. Since the Canadian Maple Leaf Coin always features the current monarch of Britain, it’s been decades since we’ve seen a face on these coins other than Queen Elizabeth II. 

An Inside Look at the New King Type Maple
New 2024 King Type Gold Maple 

We’ve been waiting all year to see how the RCM would handle Britain’s transition of ruler, so it’s exciting to finally catch a glimpse of the new King Type Maples and their stunning designs. 

Details on the New Maple Leaf Designs 

Let’s take a closer look at the designs that make new King Type Maples such a unique collector’s item. Whether you’re buying gold, silver, or platinum Canadian Maples, 2024 is set to be one of the busiest years on record for the Royal Canadian Mint. 


Obverse Designs 

The obverse is where the magic happens on our new King Type Maples. Each coin features the new King of England, Charles  III. Traditionally, these coins included an obverse depiction of Queen Elizabeth wearing her pearl earrings and necklace. 

In 2024, the new King Type Maples will instead feature King Charles III, who assumed power in 2023. He wears no jewelry and is also without his crown. Instead, Britain’s new monarch wears a suit and tie. His hair is nearly combed, and he looks pensively toward the left side of the coin. 

On his lapel, you’ll note the initials of the RCM artist who coined the design, renowned portrait artist Steven Rosati. Rosati’s design is an instant classic, reminding collectors of the majesty and reserved power of King Charles III. 

Reverse Designs 

While the basic concept of the reverse remains unchanged on our new King Type Maples, the coin does get a bit of an update with the newest release. We note an enhanced level of detail on the reverse of the new King Type Maples. The maple leaf has long been an important part of Canadian culture and symbolism, so it’s nice to see the enhanced artistry on the reverse of the RCM’s latest release. 

An Inside Look at the New King Type Maple
New 2024 King Type Silver Maple

At a Glance: New Canadian Maple Artwork

While we’re excited to get our hands on the new King Type Maples, the designs also shed light on some important traditions within the Royal mint system. Remember, the Royal British Mint isn’t the only bullion dealer that uses royal imagery on the obverse of their coins. 

In fact, both the Perth Mint in Australia and Canada’s Royal Canadian Mint pay homage to their royal history by including Britain’s current ruling monarch on the obverse of their most popular bullion coins. 

The Left-Facing Portrait 

For decades, Queen Elizabeth II faced the right side of Canadian silver, gold, and platinum maple leaf coins. However, the new release from the Royal Canadian Mint reminds us of an oft-ignored – but important – tradition within the royal coinage system. 

As the RCM explains in a press release, it is a long-standing tradition to make the portrait of a new ruler face the opposite direction of their predecessor on coinage. This tradition actually dates all the way back to Charles II, who ruled Britain around 350 years ago! Each new ruler faces the opposite way of their predecessor. 

Who would have guessed that such an obscure historical tradition would make it into the new King Type Maples? 

Who Designed the New King Type Maples?

These coins were designed by portrait artist Steven Rosati. The Royal Canadian Mint leverages a complicated application process to determine which talented artist will be given the honor of designing their next coin. 

An Inside Look at the New King Type Maple
New 2024 King Type Platinum Maple

Rosanti’s reputation is impressive. As a portrait artist, he’s won numerous awards and been assigned to the Portrait Society of Canada. His acumen for designing beautiful portraits showcasing the personality of their subject makes itself abundantly clear on the new King Type Maples. 

Looking to the Future: What’s Next for Canadian Maple Leaf Coins? 

We imagine that these coins will remain unchanged, at least for the next few years. If the Canadian Royal Mint follows the same traditions they used for Queen Elizabeth II, Charles III’s portrait will likely age as he does. Over time, the design on the obverse of new King Type Maples will change to reflect the advanced age of its subject. 

It’s hard to ignore the centuries of history that led to the design choices on our brand new King Type Maples. As collectors begin to put their money into these brand new coins, we’re reminded once again of the vast historical roots underscoring the bullion coinage industry. 

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