Peace Silver Dollars

Peace Silver Dollars keep the legacy of American silver dollars alive. Available at competitive prices and featuring brilliant obvers and reverse designs, think about adding Peace Dollars to your silver stack today! 

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Peace Silver Dollar Coin – VG

For investors who want to put their cash into Peace Silver Dollars without overspending, our VG Peace Silver Dollar is an excellent choice. Generally, coins are considered VG (Very Good) condition if at least three of the seven letters in the word “LIBERTY” are clearly readable and unobstructed by damage. These coins aren’t perfect, but some collectors actually prefer the weathered look of a VG coin to the shining newness of a BU Peace Silver Dollar. Plus, these coins are usually sold at a lower markup compared to our BU pieces. 

Peace Silver Dollar Coin – BU

Finding Peace Silver Dollars in Brilliant Uncirculated (BU) condition is exceedingly rare. For the collector who wants to celebrate the legacy of the Peace Silver Dollar in style, our BU Peace Silver Dollars are a fantastic bargain. These coins have been preserved in their original BU grade since their initial release from the U.S. Mint. Collectors who want the very best that the Peace Silver Dollar has to offer should consider our BU Peace Silver Dollars. 

Peace Silver Dollars For Sale – Hero Bullion

Silver dollars are a fantastic way to diversify your portfolio. Unlike modern silver bullion pieces, silver dollars are generally circulated. Their long history in the hands of actual consumers gives the coins a unique appeal and numismatic value. For investors who have decided to put their money on silver bullion, diversifying with numismatics is always a smart choice. 

The Peace Silver Dollar was the successor to the classic and massively popular Morgan Silver Dollar. Peace Silver Dollars feature two iconic American designs that pay homage to some of America’s most important symbols: Lady Liberty and the bald eagle. 

Hero Bullion offers a range of options for investors who want to start collecting Peace Silver Dollars. At the top of this webpage, you’ll find a list of our current in-stock Peace Silver Dollars for sale. 

But if you still want to learn a bit more about this integral part of American coinage history, keep reading for an in-depth look at Peace Silver Dollars – the hidden treasure of numismatic silver. 

What Are Peace Silver Dollars?

Most seasoned numismatists already know about the Peace Silver Dollar. But if you’re new to stacking silver, you might want a bit more information about the origins of this classic silver coin. 

Modern silver dollar coins don’t actually contain silver – at least, not in the United States. But this wasn’t the case back in 1921, when the Peace Silver Dollar made its debut from the United States Mint. Back then, these coins were minted using an impressive silver fineness of .90. Although this might be unheard of to modern circulation coin collectors, our country’s coinage used to contain real silver! 

The Peace Silver Dollar wasn’t the first silver dollar manufactured and circulated by the U.S. Mint. It follows directly in the footsteps of the Morgan Silver Dollar, which ended its second minting run in 1921. 

Like the Morgan Dollar that preceded it, the Peace Silver Dollar features an obverse portrait of Lady Liberty, as well as a reverse image of the American bald eagle. 

Before we get into the pros and cons of buying Peace Silver Dollars, we’ll need to explore the history and background of this historic coin. 

History and Design of the Peace Silver Dollar

The first official, standardized silver dollar coin minted in the United States was the Morgan Silver Dollar. This groundbreaking coin became immensely popular, both among collectors and average citizens who used it for trade. 

After the massive success of the Morgan Silver Dollar, the U.S. Mint had firmly established that the silver dollar would become a staple of American currency. Even though the Morgan Dollar wasn’t used all that often as an actual currency 

At the urging of both numismatists and government officials, the U.S. Mint felt pressured to release a new coin to celebrate humanity’s victory in World War I against the Axis powers. 

The result of their work was a brand new silver dollar coin, the Peace Silver Dollar. This coin premiered in 1921 – and it was an instant hit. 

Peace Silver Dollar Coin - VG
Peace Silver Dollar – VG

Putting a new spin on the classic obverse and reverse designs of the classic, beloved Morgan Dollar, mint artist Anthony de Francisci was tasked with designing the Peace Silver Dollar. On the obverse, he reimagined Lady Liberty, this time allowing her hair to flow in the wind and a crown to sit atop her head. 

On the reverse, the bald eagle looks more powerful than ever. It perches on top of a rock overlooking a rising sun. 

Who is Lady Liberty on the Peace Silver Dollar? 

Unlike the relatively unknown model depicted on George T. Morgan’s silver dollar, Francisci decided to go with a familiar face for his portrait of the new Lady Liberty. 

The ‘Lady Liberty’ on the Peace Silver Dollar is modeled after Teresa de Francisci, Anthony de Francisci’s wife. Her stunning portrait helped to bring Lady Liberty to life once again, and collectors today have her to thank for the beautiful artwork on their Peace Silver Dollars. 

Reasons to Buy Peace Silver Dollars

There are several big reasons why investors around the world continue to stack silver using the Peace Silver Dollar, even one-hundred years after its initial release. Namely, Peace Silver Dollars are a great way to diversify your silver portfolio with beauty and numismatic value. 

But there are also some notable cons to investing in Peace Silver Dollars. Hero Bullion is here to help you make the best decisions possible about your precious metals purchases. Stick with us as we explain the pros and cons of buying Peace Silver Dollars. 

Pros of Investing in Peace Silver Dollars

We’ll start with the many advantages of buying Peace Silver Dollars. Investors typically find 4 main reasons to invest using Peace silver Dollars: pure silver content, historical and collectable value, classic designs, and the opportunity for portfolio diversification. 

Pure Silver Bullion 

One of the biggest reasons to invest in Peace Silver Dollars is their pure silver bullion content. These coins were minted during a time when the U.S. Mint used actual silver in all circulation silver dollars. This particular series is struck using .90 fine silver bullion. 

For silver stackers, this is great news. Peace Silver Dollars don’t offer the .999 fineness associated with modern coins. However, these coins do offer pure silver in a relatively high percentage. 

Peace Silver Dollar Coin Cull Obverse
Cull Peace Silver Dollar – Cull

The advantages of Peace Silver Dollars become even clearer when you remember that these coins offer value aside from their silver content. 

Historical and Collectable Value 

In addition to containing pure silver bullion, Peace Silver Dollars offer the distinct advantage of holding numismatic value. Numismatic value and collectability go hand-in-hand. Coins like the Peace Silver Dollar are popular with collectors for more than just their pure silver content. In a sense, numismatists view these coins as a look into the history of American coinage. 

When we pair this with the brilliant, classic designs on the obverse and reverse of Peace Silver Dollars, the result is a must-have investment for any silver stacker. 

Classic Designs

Its designs help to give Peace Silver Dollars the numismatic value that collectors have enjoyed for nearly a century. While modern coins might offer more intricate, detailed designs via their advanced minting technology, the classic designs of the Peace Silver Dollar might be its biggest advantage to investors. 

From the detailed, beautiful reimagining of Lady Liberty on the obverse to the proud, perched bald eagle sitting on the reverse, the Peace Silver Dollar is a certified American coinage treasure. 

These designs are important for more than just their beauty. For leading numismatists and coin experts, the Peace Silver Dollar helped to establish a framework for the future of American coinage. Take a look at modern coins like the American Silver Eagle, and you’ll see the indelible influence of Anthony de Francisci’s masterpiece, the Peace Silver Dollar. 

All of these benefits lead us to what might be the single biggest reason to invest in Peace Silver Dollars: portfolio diversification. 

Portfolio Diversification 

Portfolio diversification is one of the most important benefits of investing in Peace Silver Dollars. Ask any financial expert what they think is the most essential component of building a strong investment portfolio, and they’ll likely say diversification. 

Peace Silver Dollar – BU Condition

How do Peace Silver Dollars make your silver collection more diversified? The answer has a lot to do with the coin’s history of numismatic appreciation. Most modern silver coins from the U.S. Mint are valuable primarily for their silver content. That means that a portfolio filled with bullion coins is value-dependent on the current spot price of silver. 

But when you dedicate some of your investment budget toward quality circulation coins with numismatic value, you give yourself (and your silver stack) another source of profit. Even if the spot price of silver decreases, Peace Silver Dollars might still gain value to collectors. 

Ultimately, this is the most important reason why people buy Peace Silver Dollars. Unlike modern coins, the Peace Silver Dollar is valuable both for its silver content and its incredible history. The classic look and feel of a Peace Silver Dollar just can’t be replicated, even using the impressive modern minting technology boasted by the U.S. Mint. 

Cons of Investing in Peace Silver Dollars

Although we recommend Peace Silver Dollars as a method of diversifying and expanding your precious metals portfolio, these coins aren’t perfect. Just like any other silver coin, the Peace Silver Dollar comes with several notable downsides. 

2 of the main disadvantages of buying Peace Silver Dollars include their low silver purity and the high premiums over spot they’re often saddled with. 

Lower Silver Purity 

Compared to modern coins like the American Silver Eagle, Peace Silver Dollars include a lower percentage of pure silver bullion. Coins currently offered by the U.S. Mint usually include .999 fine silver, which is .99 purer than the Peace Silver Dollars for sale on the Hero Bullion website. 

This isn’t a big deal for some investors. After all, the actual silver content by weight doesn’t change all that much. Additionally, these coins are a bit more durable and hard to damage compared to the highly pure .999 silver coins currently for sale by the U.S. Mint. 

Still, a lower silver percentage can be a tough pill to swallow, especially when we pair this deficiency with one of the other major downsides of investing in Peace Silver Dollars. 

High Premiums Over Spot

Another con of buying Peace Silver Dollars is the premiums over spot they usually come saddled with. You’ll pay a premium whenever you buy silver, regardless of which coin or bar you choose to buy – this is unavoidable. 

But for many silver stackers, the goal is to get as much silver as possible without overpaying on premiums. Especially if you plan to buy Peace Silver Dollars in Brilliant Uncirculated (BU) condition, expect to pay a hefty premium over spot. 

2023 Morgan & Peace Silver Dollar Set PCGS MS70
2023 Morgan and Peace Set – MS70

In a way, this makes sense. The high numismatic value of these coins means that they’re just worth more than coins that are only valuable because of their silver content. Still, it’s pretty bad news for stackers who are focused primarily on getting as much silver as they can for the cheapest price. 

To some investors, the elevated premiums associated by Peace Silver Dollars is well worth paying. These coins add diversity to your portfolio, giving you yet another way to profit during a down silver market. Even more importantly to numismatists, these coins are part of a larger historical tradition. To some, holding a piece of American history in your hands is worth paying a few bucks more than you’d pay to get a brand new American Silver Eagle. 

Final Thoughts: Buy Peace Silver Dollars with Hero Bullion!

Hero Bullion is excited to offer an extensive inventory of in-stock Peace Silver Dollars for sale. We work hard to secure competitive prices on all of our silver dollar coins. Our secure and affordable shipping process helps ensure you get the coins you need for your collection without breaking the bank on unnecessary fees. 

Scroll up to the top of this page to see the Peace Silver Dollars we currently have in stock. And, as always, please reach out to our customer service team with any questions you may have.