How Much Are Peace Silver Dollars Worth?

Posted - July 11, 2023
How Much Are Peace Silver Dollars Worth?

Like many coins, the Peace Silver Dollar can range from relatively inexpensive to extremely valuable. The value of a Peace Silver Dollar depends on a number of factors, including the rarity of the coin, its condition, and the pure silver bullion that it contains. Investors often want to know if old numismatic coins are worth purchasing – or if their own antique coins would fetch substantial money at an auction. 

In today’s Bullion Academy guide, we’ll be walking readers through the many considerations involved in the valuation of a Peace Silver Dollars. As one of America’s most recognizable and beloved collectible coins, the Peace Silver Dollar has long been considered one of the best circulated coins the U.S. Mint has ever produced.

So let’s take a closer look at today’s question: how much are Peace Silver Dollars worth?

Understanding Peace Silver Dollars

Evaluating collectible circulated coins requires investors to develop a solid understanding of the history and variations of a given piece. The Peace Silver Dollar occupies a special place in American coinage history, so we’ll do a deep dive into this coin’s story and various designs in this section. Given their unique historical context, how much are Peace Silver Dollars worth? We’ll take a deeper look below. 

Historical Significance and Specifications 

First released by the United States Mint in 1921, the Peace Silver Dollar was the mint’s solution to the ratification of the Pittman Act by Congress. The Pittman Act attempted to respond to the surplus of silver; it mandated that the U.S. Mint began striking millions of dollar coins using pure silver bullion. Because the passage of the act came so soon after the conclusion of World War One, popular opinion held that the U.S. Mint should use the coin’s design to commemorate peace. 

The bid by coin collectors was successful, and Congress released the Peace Silver Dollar, a coin struck with .900 pure silver bullion featuring Anthony de Francisci’s beautiful depiction of Lady Liberty. Because of the coin’s unique spot in American history, as well as its intentional peace-oriented design, it remains an exceptionally popular collector’s item. How much are Peace Silver Dollars worth historically? Understanding the origin of these popular coins is an important part of evaluating them. 

Design Variations and Mint Marks

As with most circulation coins in the U.S., each Peace Silver Dollar includes a small letter on its reverse to tell collectors where the coin was minted. This is known as a mint mark, and it has become an important factor for collectors looking to assess the value of their silver dollar. All Peace Silver Dollars feature the same design – Lady Liberty on the obverse and a perched eagle on its reverse side.

Peace Dollar 1 oz Silver Round
Peace Silver Dollar Obverse

Three mints were responsible for the production of the Peace Silver Dollar. The Denver Mint included a small D. above the eagle’s tip on the reverse side of the coin. San Francisco’s mint mark, S., is located in the same place. The only mint for which there is no mint mark is the Philadelphia Mint. How much are Peace Silver Dollars worth from rare mints? We’ll take a closer look at how mint marks influence Peace Silver Dollar values later in our guide. 

Factors Influencing Value

If you already have a Peace Silver Dollar, several factors can impact its ultimate resale value. Silver content and spot price, the grade and condition of your coin, and its rarity all play important parts as we attempt to determine how much a Peace Silver Dollar is worth. 

Silver Content and Spot Price

How much are Peace Silver Dollars worth in silver melt value? Unlike modern circulation coinage, the Peace Silver Dollar was minted using .900 pure silver. The only exception for this rule, which persisted for fourteen years (1921-1935) is the modern Peace Silver Dollar, a commemorative bullion coin which uses .999 pure silver. Because of the high silver content of all Peace Silver Dollars, they aren’t just historical collectibles – they also hold intrinsic silver value

Because of this, the current spot price of silver helps to determine their value on the open market. If the price of silver is especially high, then Peace Silver Dollars. Don’t worry – we’ll cover how to determine the melt value of Peace Silver Dollars later. For now, you need to know that the value of silver is directly linked to the cost of a Peace Silver Dollar. 

Condition and Grading 

The condition of a coin affects its value. Coins are rated for their condition using a method known as ‘grading.’ Typically, sellers of expensive or rare coins will have their coins professionally graded by a company, using this quote to help get an appropriate price for their silver piece. 

How much are Peace Silver Dollars worth if they are damaged? If your coin is super scuffed, heavily circulated, or damaged by water, it’ll be worth quite a bit less than a coin that is still in near-perfect condition. 

Rarity and Collectability 

While many Peace Silver Dollars were minted in the millions, some coins are far rarer than others. A good example of a rare Peace Silver Dollar is the 1928-P Peace Silver Dollar. These coins, even when in less-than-great condition, can be worth $300 or more to collectors. Other Peace Silver Dollars might even go for more – some Peace Silver Dollars are sold for thousands of dollars! How much are Peace Silver Dollars worth in exceptionally rare and fine condition? The answer is that they can get expensive fast!

The rarity of a coin has to do with both its mint mark and the number of Peace Silver Dollars from that minted distributed during that particular year. Coins minted from mints in years where circulation was exceptionally low might have additional resale value to collectors. 

Determining the Value

How do you determine the value of a Peace Silver Dollar? The process involves a bit more than just looking your coin up in a pricing guide. In this section, we’ll cover how to calculate melt and numismatic value, as well as how you can take advantage of pricing guides to get a more accurate estimate of your coin’s value. If you’re still wondering, “how much are Peace Silver Dollars worth,” keep reading! 

Calculating Melt Value Based on Silver Content

Because of their high silver content, Peace Silver Dollars are valued intrinsically for their silver content. The price of silver therefore helps to determine the total value of any high-purity silver dollar, including the Peace Silver Dollar. Calculating melt value for your coin is relatively easy. Take the silver percentage of your coin (.900) and multiply it by the current spot price of silver. The figure you have is now the dollar value of the silver alone in your Peace Silver Dollar. 

The full answer to, “how much are Peace Silver Dollars worth” requires some additional work, though. To figure out how much your coin is worth, you’ll need to understand its numismatic value? 

Assessing Numismatic Value Based on Rarity and Silver Content

The evaluation of a Peace Silver Dollar doesn’t end at melt value. Some of these coins are worth only their melt value, but others have a price tag much higher than their silver content would suggest. For these coins, determining value can be a bit harder. Before you turn to online guides, try looking up the mint numbers for the year and mint mark your coin has. If the number of circulated coins is now, then this is a good sign that you might have an expensive Peace Silver Dollar on your hands. Remember: all Peace Silver Dollars have at least some numismatic value because of their unique place in American history.

Peace Dollar 1 oz Silver Round Reverse
Peace Silver Dollar reverse

How much are Peace Silver Dollars worth numismatically? This depends primarily on both the rarity and the condition of your silver coin. 

Utilizing Price Guides and Online Resources

Making use of online resources and price guides can help answer your question: how much are Peace Silver Dollars worth? Once you’ve done the work to figure out exactly which Peace Silver Dollar you have, a pricing guide can help you take the next step in determining your coin’s value. Online price guides are extremely common and can be especially helpful for new bullion coin collectors who don’t know what their coin is worth.

Before plugging your coin into a price catalog, be sure to note its condition, year, mint mark, and any other qualifying factors, such as errors or strange additional markings on the Peace Silver Dollar. 

Factors Affecting Premiums 

The premium paid on a Peace Silver Dollar refers to the additional price over its silver content. Premiums on these coins are relatively high because of their historical and collectible value, but the premium paid for a Peace Silver Dollar will change from day to day. This section will cover the factors that help to determine the premium cost over spot for your Peace Silver Dollar. How much are Peace Silver Dollars worth? Premium costs are determined by three things: collector demand, grading and condition, and historical significance. 

Collector Interest and Demand 

Collector interest in Peace Silver Dollars has always been relatively high, but the number of buyers looking for this particular silver coin can change over time. To gauge collector demand, take a look at how many people are looking to buy Peace Silver Dollars. How much are Peace Silver Dollars worth right now? Because of the new 2021 bullion Peace Silver Dollar, the sector might see a shift in demand for older silver dollars. Make sure you have a good understanding of the present demand for Peace Silver Dollars before calculating premium values. 

Grading and Condition 

After you already have the coin, this is likely the biggest factor that will determine its price. Luckily, it’s also the only element of your coin that you can influence. The condition of the coin, or the amount of wear and tear on it, helps to determine what collectors are willing to pay. Some coin collectors are very picky about the condition of their coins and will only pay top-dollar for the most uncirculated or pristine coins on the market. 

Maintaining your coins and protecting them from damage is an important way to retain value on your investment. You can also clean a coin thoroughly before sale to help maximize the amount of money you’re likely to get from it. How much are Peace Silver Dollars worth in pristine condition? This depends on various factors, but you can anticipate that your coin is worth quite a bit more if it’s kept in near-perfect condition. 

Historical Significance 

All Peace Silver Dollars are minted with designs that invoke a fascinating time in both world and American history. The historical significance of your coin also influences its going rate in the collector market. Research the history of your coin’s mint mark and year to figure out if it was released during a particularly interesting time period. Historical significance goes hand-in-hand with rarity. Coins might sometimes be released during silver shortages, which negatively impacts circulation numbers and drives up the resale value of the piece. 

How much are Peace Silver Dollars worth historically? Their popularity throughout American history lends them significant additional value. 

Resources for Valuation 

You’re not alone as you search for the actual value of a Peace Silver Dollar. Below, you’ll find some helpful tips for how to use online resources when trying to evaluate and sell your Peace Silver Dollar coins. In other words, the internet is your best friend as you try to answer: how much are Peace Silver Dollars worth? 

Online Platforms and Coin Dealers

Both coin dealers and online platforms can help you determine a fair price for your coin. We tend to appreciate online catalogs more than selling platforms, but the latter does give you a better idea of what coins are actually selling for. In other words, using online selling platforms helps you gauge not only the raw value of your coin, but also collector demand for similar pieces. You shouldn’t just want to know: how much are Peace Silver Dollars worth?

Instead, you should want to know how much investors tend to actually pay for your particular coin. We recommend going to several different websites or catalogs, cross-referencing their estimates to get a broader picture of your Peace Silver Dollar’s fair value. 

Coin Grading Services and Certification Agencies

If you’re dealing with an average, non-rare coin, it might not be worth it to pay for a professional coin grading service. But people who are looking to sell exceptionally rare and expensive Peace Silver Dollars should strongly consider working with an expert. Certification agencies evaluate a coin to test its legitimacy and provide sellers with certificates that explain the coin’s authenticity and condition. How much are Peace Silver Dollars worth in perfect condition? This question should be directed at licensed bullion experts, who can help you grade and value your coin. 

Selling and Buying Peace Silver Dollars

When it’s time to buy or sell a Peace Silver Dollar, investors need to make sure they’ve done all their research before hitting the open market. How much are Peace Silver Dollars worth, and how can you get the most cash possible out of your coin? 

Considerations when Selling 

When you sell your coin, you should have a clear understanding of its rarity, silver melt value, and condition. We included some helpful information about how to determine these elements of a coin’s value in the above sections, so feel free to return to this area of our guide if you’re struggling. Before you sell a coin, ensure that you’ve thoroughly researched the going price for your piece. The worst case scenario for a new coin seller is to lose money because they didn’t check multiple sources prior to executing a deal. 

Peace Silver Dollar Coin Cull Obverse
Cull Peace Silver Dollar

How much are Peace Silver Dollars worth to reputable collectors? You’ll get far more for your silver piece if you work to find the right buyer before selling. 

Tips for Buying at Fair Prices

Buyers should follow the same general process as sellers. For buyers, it’s important to ask for as many assurances as possible from your seller – particularly when it comes to condition and coin authenticity. Asking for professional grading is always a good idea, especially if the coin you’re buying is very expensive or historically rare. Buyers should also consult catalogs to make sure that their quoted price matches the average asking price for the coin they want to buy. It isn’t just sellers who want to know: how much are Peace Silver Dollars worth? Buyers also need to have a way to evaluate prices for fairness and reasonability. 

Ensuring Authenticity 

Don’t be afraid to ask for a certificate of authenticity! Cheaper, average Peace Silver Dollars might not come with these certificates, but it’s perfectly reasonable and smart to request that rarer coins be professionally evaluated for authenticity. Without a certification from a professional, you might end up buying a counterfeit or inauthentic coin. 

Factors Decreasing Value

There are several things that can decrease the value of a Peace Silver Dollar. While you can’t control the circulation or commonality of your coin, you can take steps to protect its value by preventing heavy damage and wear.

Damage and Wear

Over time, coins become worn and damaged. This is unavoidable. But coins that are in especially poor condition might have trouble finding new homes on the collectors market. Like we mentioned earlier, most collectors are very picky and prefer that their collection be populated only by coins in the best possible condition. Before selling your coin, consider cleaning it to make sure it’s in a better condition before showing it to the buyer.

Common or Heavily Circulated Coins

Some Peace Silver Dollars are rare, but others were minted in the tens of millions. Check your coin to determine its mint mark and year, and then use this information to find out how rare the coin is. Common coins aren’t likely to fetch more than their melt value in silver, so don’t expect that your common Peace Silver Dollar will sell for thousands to a numismatic coin collector.

Market Conditions and Preferences

This element of a coin’s devaluation is largely out of your control. The collective silver coin market decides how valuable a given coin is. During certain periods, Peace Silver dollars just aren’t worth very much to collectors and might only be valued for their pure silver content.

Final Thoughts: How Much is a Peace Silver Dollar Really Worth? 

Peace Silver Dollars off a glimpse into an exciting and interesting period of world history and U.S. coinage. Some of these coins can be worth thousands of dollars, while others are really only worth the .900 silver bullion they contain. It can be tough for new investors to figure out: how much are Peace Silver Dollars worth?

Luckily, we’re happy to help. If you have questions or concerns about selling or buying Peace Silver Dollars, contact our Hero Bullion customer support team. 

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