What is a Pocket Piece Coin?

Posted - March 29, 2023
What is a Pocket Piece Coin?

A Pocket Piece Coin is Everything You Want it to Be

What exactly is a pocket piece coin? This term is generally reserved for those who value a coin for something beyond its actual face value. A pocket piece coin is a coin that is kept on one’s person for the sake of sentimentality or even luck. In fact, many who embrace their pocket piece coins have it on them or in their pocket most everyday of their lives. 

What is a Pocket Piece CoinWhat Makes a Good Pocket Piece Coin?

Those who love their pocket piece coins tend to prefer larger, heavier coins, but this is all based on the perspective of luck and sentimentality and sometimes the proverbial ‘lucky penny’ does the trick. Other preferred pocket coins like the Morgan or Peace dollar coin are very popular. Generally speaking, the weight and size of a coin like this makes it harder to mistake it for other loose change you might also have in your pocket. 

Many also choose their pocket piece coin based on a year, a date that reflects the birthday or anniversary of the holder or someone he or she might hold dear. Some like to pocket coins that feature a year that has some historical significance such as a favorite president’s first year in office. Some also appreciate the location of a mint as it might be a hometown for the holder. Whatever the array of reasons, pocket piece coins are a big part of what makes coin collecting fun and personal. 

Will Keeping Pocket Piece Coins Damage the Coin?

If not properly protected, pocket piece coins will wear down over time. The wear appears first on the edges and then eventually affects the face or center of the pocket coin. So, it’s more likely than not that a pocketed coin’s appearance will drastically change over the course of many years. 

A number of factors contribute to the wear. To start with, denim or cotton can create a bit of friction which will have an effect on the pocket coin. As well, oils and other chemicals on your skin or hand will contribute to a coin’s decay. Yes, a protective case might be the answer but the added bulk of protection like that might take away from the feel and sentimentality of having a pocket piece coin to begin with. 

This is why we highly advise against using valuable or rare coins as a pocket coin. Coins that appraise well should be stored away in an environment that protects it from both the elements and sticky fingers. The ideal choice for a pocket piece coin is one that is monetarily expendable but personally priceless.

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